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上海市同济医院整形美容中心上海市第六人民医院 绣眉多少钱上海复旦大学附属闵行医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 To test the nasal spray device, scientists at the University of Oslo worked with Optinose, a Norwegian biotechnology company.为了测试鼻腔喷雾器的性能,来自奥斯陆大学的科学家和挪威生物科技公司Optinose一起进行了研究。;The patient inserts the device into the mouth and into one nostril. The patient takes a deep breath, closes the lips around the mouthpiece, and exhales into the device. The airflow carries the drug particles deep into the nose.;;病人把喷雾器一端插入嘴里,一端插入一个鼻孔中。然后深呼吸,闭上嘴,用嘴唇固定吹口,然后向内部吹气。气流就会把药物带入鼻子内部。;This means the oxytocin can get into the central nervous system faster, making it more effective.这意味着催产素可以更快的到达中枢神经系统,大大的提高了效率。;A lot of mental illnesses are characterized by deficits in social dysfunction, such as autism and schizophrenia. But there aren#39;t any actual treatments which specifically target social dysfunction. So oxytocin has actually generated a lot of interests in its potential to treat social dysfunction.;;社交方面存在缺陷是许多精神病,例如自闭症和精神分裂症的特征。但是目前并没有任何专门针对性治疗社交缺陷的药物。因此,催产素因其具有改善社交障碍的功效而引起了人们对它的极大兴趣。;Previous research shows that even with just a single dose of oxytocin, people are more likely to look directly at someone, rather than avoid their gaze.以往的研究表明,即便是使用了一剂量的催产素,人们也更倾向于直视某人而非回避别人的目光。;And this is really important as most information, when it comes to how others are thinking and feeling, is transmitted through this eye region. So by improving gaze to the eye region, you improve your ability to understand how others are thinking and feeling.;;这是十分重要的。尤其是当试图了解别人的想法和感受时,大多数的信息都是通过眼部交流来传递的。因此,当人们提高了眼神交流能力时,他们便能更好的了解对方的思维和感受。;The scientists in Oslo showed volunteer patients photos of people#39;s faces to see how they would react.奥斯陆的科学家向志愿患者展示了一些人类面部的照片,观察他们的反应。;Some of these faces were angry, some of them are happy or some of them had neutral expressions. And in our experiment, we asked people to write how angry or how happy these people were. In our experiment, we found that people who were administered a low dose of intranasal ocytocin rated the neutral faces as less angry, compared to when they were given the placebo spray.;;有些是愤怒的表情照,有些是高兴的,还有些是自然的中性表情。实验中,我们要求志愿患者写下这些表情照中人们的的愤怒或者高兴的程度。通过实验我们发现,那些注射了微量鼻内催产素的志愿者会认为那些中性表情图片中人的生气程度比较低。而与之相比,那些注射了无效对照剂的志愿者则会认为中性表情的人更加生气。;The team will be continuing the research by giving people with autism a low dose of ocytocin twice a day.研究团队会每天给那些自闭症患者注射两次微量的催产素,以此继续其研究。 /201607/455239第六人民医院金山分院割双眼皮价格费用

上海市东方医院南院隆鼻多少钱The Meaning of Qingming清明的含义Qingming (Pure Brightness) is a traditional festival highlighted by worship at ancestral graves. Usually it falls between April 4-6. The festival marks the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, which divides the year into 24 such terms according to the position of the earth as it orbits the sun. The names of the terms are used as guideposts for agriculture and certain Chinese festivals in China. Qingming marks the start of spring plowing in China#39;s north and of spring sowing in the south. At this time people also customarily make offerings to family ancestors,go on outings and flying kites.清明是一个传统节日,强调拜祭祖坟。通常它落在4月4-6日之间。这个节日标志着传统的中国农历的第五个节气,根据地球的位置,它共分为24个节气,因为它围绕太阳旋转。在中国,这些节气的名字被用作农业和某些中国节日的路标。清明标志着在中国北部春耕和南部春播的开始。这时人们也习惯供奉家庭的祖先,出外旅行和放风筝。 /201606/451614上海市去咖啡斑多少钱 上海新华医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

上海东方医院去痘印多少钱In its latest installment, YouTube dating and travel series Dating Beyond Borders looks at female beauty standards across countries to show how vastly they vary and asking: #39;how far do we go to look beautiful?#39; The displays informative stats about cosmetic procedures in different countries.  最新一期YouTube约会旅游节目《跨国界约会》审视了各国美女标准,看看差异有多巨大,并提出了问题“追求美貌我们做了多少努力?”视频显示了不同国家整容手术的数据信息。  Each of the models is chosen as an embodiment of their country#39;s beauty standards.  模特们都被选出来代表其各自国家的美女标准。  Starting in the UK, a young tanned brunette poses in a simple white tank top and jeans with a full face of make-up.  头一个是英国,一名皮肤黝黑深褐发色的年轻女子穿着简单的白色背心和牛仔裤,整张脸都上了妆。  The American standard is said to be focused on #39;larger assets#39; thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashian family.  据说是因为珍妮弗·洛佩兹和卡戴珊家族等名人的关系,美国标准关注“丰乳肥臀”。  The standard for Brazilian women is #39;smaller breasts and a round bottom#39;.  巴西女性的标准是“胸小臀大”。  In Jamaica, however, a woman with a #39;healthy body#39; is the most sought after.  然而在牙买加,最受追捧的是女性“健康形体”。  French women are #39;considered the most underweight in Europe#39;.  法国女性被视为“欧洲体重最轻”。  A model in a sparkling outfit with plenty of jewelry represents India, where skin bleaching is popular.  一位着装闪耀、穿金戴银的模特代表了印度,那里流行漂白肤色。  Venezuala is the country that has produced the most winners of international beauty pageants.  委内瑞拉盛产国际选美模特冠军,全球之最。  The Chinese model shows off the #39;melon seed face#39; - an oval shape with a pointed chin - that is considered the height of beauty in the country.  中国模特炫出“瓜子脸;,即椭圆脸型尖下巴,代表美的最高水平。  For both women and men in Iran, nose jobs are considered a status symbol.  在伊朗,无论男女,鼻子整形手术都是社会地位的象征。 /201604/435515 Traditional Divorce Process传统离婚程序In traditional Chinese society,there are three major ways to dissolve a marriage.在中国传统社会有三种解除婚姻的主要方式。The first one is no-fault divorce.第一种是无过失离婚。According to the legal code of Tang Dynasty (618-907),a marriage may be dissolved due to personal incompatibility, provided that the husband writes a divorce note.根据唐代律法(618-907),如果丈夫写了休书,双方可以因个性不合而离婚。The second way is through a state-mandated annulment of marriage.第二种是通过国家下达的婚姻无效。This applies to when one spouse commits a serious crime (variously defined, usually defined more broadly for the wife) against the other or his/ her clan.这种方法适用于夫妻其中一方触犯了严重的不利于他/她所属宗族的条规(定义广泛,通常对妻子那方更广义)。Finally, the husband may unilaterally declare a divorce.最后一种是丈夫可以单方面要求离婚。To be legally recognized,however,it must be based on one of the following 7 reasons:法律上的承认需要基于以下七条原则:The wife lacks filial piety towards her in-laws. This makes the in-laws capable of breaking a marriage against both partner’s will.女方不孝敬她的姻亲。因为姻亲足以在违背双方意愿的情况下强行解除婚约。She fails to bear a son.女方生不出儿子。She is vulgar or lewd/adulterous.女方粗俗、淫荡、通奸。She is jealous. This includes objecting to her husband taking an additional wife or concubine.女方吃醋。这包括不同意男方娶妾。She has vile disease.女方有难治的病。She is gossipy.女方闲言碎语。She commits theft.女方盗窃。Obviously, these reasons can be stretched quite a bit to suit the husband and his family.明显地,这些原则的延伸更利于男方及他的家族。However there are 3 clearly defined exceptions, under which the unilateral divorce is disallowed :然而有三种明确的例外使单方面离婚无效。She has no family to return to.女方没有娘家。She had observed a full 3-year mourning for an in-law.女方曾为一位姻亲过三年丧。Her husband was poor when they married, and now is rich.女方嫁过去时男方一贫如洗,如今富有。The above law about unilateral divorce was in force from Tang Dynasty to its final abolition by the government of Republic of China in 1930.以上关于单方面离婚的法律从唐代开始施行,直至1930年新中国才最终废除。 /201605/445049上海东方医院整形美容科上海市中山医院激光祛痘多少钱



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