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Ill order us a beer shall I?我来点瓶啤酒,好吗?Id prefer an orange juice please.我更想喝橙汁。Oh really? OK then.真的吗?好吧。Err, Garcon. Je mappelle un beer et citron juice thing. Au revoir!(错误的法语)No Tom!不是的,汤姆!Pardon, Je voudrais une grande biere et du juice dorange sil vous plait.劳驾,请给我们一大杯啤酒和一杯橙汁。Oui Madame.好的,女士。Well, she likes you!她喜欢你。Well, actually everyone likes you Anna.事实上,大家都喜欢你,安娜。I like you because…我喜欢你,因为……I like you too Tom but dont you think I should call Paul and update him on whats going on… keep him in the picture?我也喜欢你,汤姆,但你不认为我该给保罗打电话告知他最新的进度吗?I dunno. Lets just enjoy this moment shall we?我不知道,让我们好好享受这一刻吧?And besides, hell be at his biscuit appreciation class by now.另外,他现在正在上他的饼干欣赏课呢。No. I would be happier just to call him.不,我想给他打电话更好一些。Could I borrow your mobile phone please?我能借你的手机用用吗?My battery has run out.我的没电了。Yeah sure. Youll find his number under Attila the Hun.当然,他电话号码的名字是匈奴王阿提拉。Attila the Hun?匈奴王阿提拉?Just my little joke!只是我的一个小笑话!Cheeky! But hold on… what am I going to say to him?厚脸皮!但稍等,我要跟他说什么? /201705/507584。

  • Do you want to fly business or economy?你想飞商务舱还是经济舱?Do you want a fixed or flexible ticket?你想要固定机票还是弹性机票?Would you like a window or aisle seat?你想要靠窗还是靠过道的座位?Have you got a frequent flyer number?你有常用飞行会员号吗?There you go you two, your e-tickets.给你们电子票。Now dont forget your passports.别忘了你们的护照。Thanks Denise.谢谢,丹尼斯。Hey Anna, Im so pleased that were on this trip together.安娜,我很高兴能一起旅行。Itll be nice to spend some time with you.和你在一起很好。Yes and to do some business and really show Paul we are his best employees.是的,完成订单,让保罗看看我们是他的最佳员工。Oh yeah, of course… I just wondered… Yes?是的,当然……我只是在想……什么?Is there any chance I could sit in the aisle seat?我能坐靠过道的座位吗?Ive got a feeling Annas in for a bumpy ride.我有预感安娜这次会是一场坎坷之路。Find out how their trip goes next time on English at Work. See ya!下次来职场英语里看看他们的旅途怎么样了吧,再见! /201705/506753。
  • KING: How long since you were all together, Alan, how long since?ALAN THICKE: When we did the wraparound, the intros, et cetera for the DVD we all got together. They treated us to dinner and a little barbecue and a lot of reminiscing and that was, what, maybe six months ago?JOANNA KERNS: Six months and before that the reunion.THICKE: Then we did two reunion movies, yes.KING: Joanna, when you saw the script what were you doing, what did you think of this?KERNS: I was -- I was one of those actresses that was out auditioning for every pilot out there and I -- I really, really liked the script but I actually auditioned and tested twice for this, once with many, many Jasons and then the second time with only two and it was with Mr. Thicke over there and we started the next day.KING: Did you think it would be a hit?KERNS: I had no idea. I prayed it would be a hit but I didn't know. I mean I was terrified. I was about to get divorced at that time. We were both going through divorces at that time.THICKE: But you told me you were aly divorced.KING: Jeremy, you were the youngest?JEREMY MILLER: Yes, I was, eight years old.KING: How did they -- were you a child actor?MILLER: Yes, I had started acting when I was about five and did a few guest spots on different -- different TV shows, "Charles in Charge" and "Diff'rent Strokes" and a lot of the -- lot of the different sitcoms back then.KING: How did you get this one?MILLER: They said they gave it to me because of my dolphin calls but we went in and it was a big audition, probably 300 or 400 kids and went in and just sat there and really talked to them. I don't even remember if we got to rehearsing the lines. I just went in and started telling jokes, just kind of being myself and they thought it would work.KING: Tracey Gold, what were you doing?TRACEY GOLD: Well, mine's a little complicated because I auditioned for "Growing Pains" when, you know, the pilot was being shot and I didn't get it. They cast somebody else. So, I kind of like knew that everybody was doing the pilot and had heard about "Growing Pains" and I knew that I had auditioned, hadn't gotten it. And then probably about two months later I heard that they were going to recast the part of Carol Seaver and they called and asked if I would come back in and for it and I'm like, no, you aly saw me and didn't like me.KING: We're showing the original Carol now.GOLD: Oh, there she is, yes.KING: Who was she?GOLD: Elizabeth Ward, Elizabeth Ward and she was the original Carol Seaver. And, we were in Chicago kind of vacationing and they were like, well can you -- my dad was going to come back early and they're like, "Well, can you take her back with you and she'll audition?" I'm like "I don't want to go back."So, I finally ended up going back and I auditioned because I was like, well I'm not going to get it. They saw me. They didn't like me. But I went back and auditioned. I auditioned with Kirk. I went to network and it was a long process and then I eventually got it and I was really glad because I remember like ing about it in the paper and going, "That's one I would have liked to have done."KING: Kirk, did you like it right away?KIRK CAMERON: Yes, I did. I almost didn't get the part of Mike because I didn't want to go to the audition. I was 14 years old and I was wanting to hang out with my friends and play basketball, so I was dragging my feet. I was late for the audition, ran up, knocked on the door and said "Please let me in." I did an audition and then I asked the producer "Now is this a comedy or what?" And he looked at John Pasquin, the director, and said "He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I think this could work," and came back and got the part.KING: And, Alan, how did it come to you?THICKE: I was just coming off one of the great failures in the history of talk shows, thanks for bringing it up, Larry, and that was "Thicke of the Night" and I was just so thrilled to -- I didn't care if the script was any good. I was just happy to have something to do for a week.And, in fact, I was in doing what I had started my career doing and that was as a writer. I was in pitching a show to A and they were developing it. They liked the idea and they said, you know, "By the way, we have this other show that we haven't found a male lead for yet" and they could maybe like use an Alan Thicke type. And, I said, "Well, I happen to be available."KING: You're a perfect Alan Thicke type.THICKE: Otherwise, I was going to be driving the Zamboni for the Kings that year, so I was very happy to get the call. And I remember when I finally got the part bursting into tears in the parking lot and phoning my two young boys...KING: Really?THICKE: ...instantly and basically feeling that now I'd be able to take care of them.KING: You also write (INAUDIBLE) right?THICKE: I do. In fact, I was admiring your tie which says, I believe, show me that smile again. That was so nice of you to wear that for us.KING: I can't it (INAUDIBLE). But you wrote the themes for "Diff'rent Strokes," "Facts of Life" and "Wheel of Fortune."THICKE: I did, yes. Yes, I did.KING: So you get money all the time.THICKE: We get a little taste every time those things appear on Nick at Nite, yes.KING: "Wheel of Fortune" you get every night right?THICKE: No, no because I wrote the original theme that ran for eight years on N and then when it went into syndication Merv Griffin, who owns the show wanted to buy the rest of the Bahamas, he replaced my music with his own but I was privileged to be on that for several years.(End)200809/47302。
  • 60 Years After Israel's Founding, Palestinians Are Still Refugees以色列建国60年 巴难民处境   Sixty years ago, May 8, 1948, Israel declared its independence - following a decision by the ed Nations to partition the area known as the British mandate territory of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states. Israelis celebrate their independence, but for Palestinians the anniversary is known as al-Naqba or the catastrophe. In the war that ensued, many Palestinians fled to the West Bank, which became part of Jordan and then was seized by Israel in the 1967 war. For these Palestinian refugees, and for others in the surrounding Arab countries, the anniversary of Israel's founding is an annual reminder of the homes they lost many years ago.  六十年前的五月八号,以色列宣布独立。在这之前,联合国决定把所谓的英国托管巴勒斯坦地区划分为阿拉伯和犹太两个部分。犹太人为此举行欢庆,但是,对巴勒斯坦人来说,这个日子却是一场灾难。每年这个日子都让他们想起多年前失去的家园。The old men of the Jalazone refugee camp near the West Bank city of Ramallah have plenty of time to think of the past. Many have been here for 60 years - ever since they fled their former homes in what became Israel. 在约旦河西岸城市拉马拉附近的贾拉佐尼难民营里有一些老人在打牌,他们有许多时间来思考过去。自当年他们逃离了现在是以色列的家园后,许多人在难民营里已经住了六十年了。Sixty years after Israel's founding, more than four million Palestinians are still refugees. Many live in crowded refugee camps like Jalazone on the West Bank, which Israel seized in 1967.  以色列建国六十年后,依然有四百多万巴勒斯坦难民。许多人住在约旦河西岸类似贾拉佐尼的拥挤的难民营里。以色列在1967年的阿拉伯和以色列战争中占领了这块领土。Often, they survive on international donor assistance. Mohammed Ghawanmeh and his mother Hajar have lived in Jalazone for more than 50 years. Mohammed was born in this house. His only other address was an Israeli prison, where he served time for being a leader of the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad.  穆罕默德.加瓦曼和他的母亲哈贾尔居住在难民营里已经50多年。穆罕默德.加瓦曼就出生在难民营。他唯一的另一个住址是以色列的一个监狱。他曾经被关押在那里,因为他担任巴勒斯坦激进组织伊斯兰圣战组织的领导人。The lives of Mohammed and his mother are defined by exile. Hajar says this key is all the family has of their house in their native village, Dawayima. The family fled in the 1948 war that followed Israel's independence. Hajar says she still longs to go back, "If I had my way after 60 years I would go back right now and nothing here means anything to me. The only thing that means anything is my village. I can't go back and I am frustrated. I will only be a total human being if I can go back."  哈贾尔.加瓦曼说,他们一家逃离代瓦伊迈村的家时,留下唯一的就是那里的家门钥匙。哈贾尔.加瓦曼一家在以色列独立后发生的1948年战争中离开。哈贾尔说,她仍然盼望回去。“六十年后的今天,如果我有办法,我还是想立即回家,这里所有的一切对我来说都没有意义。唯一对我有意义的就是我的家乡。我无法再回去,我很失望。只有回去,我才能成为一个完整的人。”In 1948, as their state was declared, Israelis were joyous. But Arab armies almost immediately attacked the new state. Israel fought a desperate battle for survival. In the process 700,000 Palestinians lost their homes and fled to surrounding Arab countries and to the West Bank.  1948年,以色列宣布建国时,以色列人欢呼雀跃。但是,阿拉伯的军队立即对这个新生国家发动攻击。以色列为生存而进行殊死战斗。在这个过程中,有70万巴勒斯坦人失去了家园,逃到了临近的阿拉伯国家、以及约旦河西岸和加沙地带。Dawayima was attacked by Israel's 89th battalion. About 100 villagers were killed. Everyone else fled, never to return.  代瓦伊迈村遭到以色列军队第89营的袭击。大约100位村民被打死,剩下的人都逃走了,从此之后再也没有回去。This is all that now remains of Dawayima. The olive groves are now deep inside Israel and no one lives here anymore.  村庄也没有留下任何痕迹,现在是以色列境内的一块农田。Some Israeli leaders have said that Israeli soldiers forced Palestinians to leave their villages. But Israeli leaders say the Jewish state would be doomed if Palestinian refugees are allowed to return.  以色列领导人说,如果允许巴勒斯坦难民返回他们原先在以色列的家园,以色列国家就会消亡。Issam Arruri Directs the Jerusalem Legal Aid Center in the West Bank city of Ramallah. He says the refugee issue is central to the Palestinian cause, "The issue of refugees is the essence of the conflict. Before 1967 the West Bank and Gaza were not occupied and there were no settlements, no barrier, but there was a conflict because of the issue of refugees."  阿萨姆.阿鲁里是约旦河西岸城市拉马拉的耶路撒冷法律援助中心主任。他说,难民问题是巴勒斯坦问题的核心问题。“难民问题是冲突的根本问题。1967年前,约旦河西岸和加沙没有被占领。那里没有定居点,没有安全障碍,但是由于难民问题而产生了冲突。没有巴勒斯坦行政当局会在这个问题上作出根本的让步,因为这个问题刻在巴勒斯坦人的内心深处。”Back in the Jalazone refugee camp the refugees are bitter after 60 years of exile.  再回到的贾拉佐里难民营,在经历了六十年的流亡生活后,难民们怨声载道。A man says he will never give up the dream of returning to his old home, "All the people in the camp and not just this camp have two things that are important to them; their land and their honor. These two are inseparable." But Mohammed Ghawanmeh says while he would like to return to Dawayima he realizes he probably never will, "The right of return is the right of refugees to go back to their towns but is it possible I do not think so."  穆罕默德.加瓦曼说,他很想回到代瓦伊迈村,但是他也意识到这也许永远不可能。“回去的权利就是每一个难民回到他们自己家乡的权利,但是这可能吗, 我想不可能”。Mohammed says, if a Palestinian state is created in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, he will accept it as his new home. He says Palestinians will drop their resistance to Israel once they have a state of their own.  穆罕默德.加瓦曼说,如果能在约旦河西岸和加沙地带建立巴勒斯坦国,他愿意接受它成为自己的新家园。他说,一旦巴勒斯坦人有了自己的国家,他们就不会再抵抗以色列。 200805/38057。
  • OECD Downgrades US Economic Outlook经济发展与合作组织对美经济悲观The Paris-based Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) published a grim assessment Thursday of the ed States economy, saying it was close to recession. However, the OECD suggested European economies will likely fare better this year. 设在巴黎的经济发展与合作组织星期四对美国经济发表了一份悲观的评估报告,认为美国经济濒临衰退的边缘。但是该组织估计今年欧洲国家的经济状况很可能有所改善。The OECD downgraded its estimates for U.S. growth to just 0.1 percent for the first quarter of this year. Overall, the organization predicted the American economy would grow just 1.4 percent in 2008, far below its previous estimate in December of a two percent growth. 经济发展与合作组织估计,美国经济今年第一季度的增长率仅为0.1%。该组织预计,2008年美国经济的全年增长率为1.4%,大大低于去年12月作出的2%的预测。The OECD is an international economic research organization based in Paris.  经济发展与合作组织是设在巴黎的国际经济研究机构。OECD chief economist Jorgen Elmeskov says it might be premature to declare a recession in the ed States. But at a press conference in Paris, Elmeskov said the U.S. economy would be extremely weak for at least the first half of this year, hampered by a credit crunch and the collapse of the U.S. housing market. 该组织首席经济学家埃尔姆斯克夫说,现在就认为美国进入经济衰退还为时过早,但是他在巴黎举行的一次记者会上说,美国经济在信贷紧缩和住房市场崩溃的影响下,至少在今年上半年将极其衰弱。"It's hard to say how far advanced we are in the U.S. housing construction adjustments," he explained. "The share of GDP housing construction is probably down now to around somewhere like 3.8 percent of GDP. Which correspondents to the average level in previous slumps. But it is clear that this slump has got further to go. There are no signs from any indicator of construction activity that things are about to change."  埃尔姆斯克夫说:“还很难说美国住房建设调整究竟取得了多少进展。住房建设在美国国内生产总值中所占比例现在可能下降到3.8%左右,这和以前几次房市暴跌的平均水平相符。但是显然这次暴跌还有进一步向下的趋势,任何有关住房建设的指数都没有显示有出现转机的迹象。”The OECD said the so-called euro-zone economies - those European Union economies using the euro as their currency - have brighter prospects, and kept the prediction of 1.5 percent growth unchanged.  经济发展与合作组织表示,所谓欧元区经济体,也就是那些使用欧元的欧盟成员经济体的经济前景却比较光明,这些经济体的增长率仍然保持在原先做出的1.5%的水平。While a strong euro makes European exports more expensive, it also makes the price of oil cheaper. Still, the organization has raised alarm about possible inflation for the euro-area. 虽然欧元强劲使得欧洲出口商品的价格更加昂贵,但是同时也导致石油价格变得低廉,但是经济发展与合作组织依然对欧元区可能发生的通货膨胀做出警告。The OECD also issued a somewhat downbeat prognosis for Japan, predicting only a 1.5 percent growth rate for 2008, down from its earlier prediction of 1.6 percent growth. 该组织还对日本的经济前景发表了比较悲观的预测,认为日本2008年的经济增长率仅为1.5%,低于先前预测的1.6%。200803/31663。
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