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What makes a women sexy? Is it her body? Is it the clothes she wears? Is it her voice? Well guess what, the secret that makes a woman sexy is out here. Here are 8 simple things that will make you sexy.是什么让女人性感?是性感的衣还是性感的声音?你知道么,这些都是肤浅的性感。现在教你8招,做到真正性感。1. Give your tongue some rest1. 让你的舌头休息一下吧!Women are believed to be jabber mouths. This is one trait that most men dislike about them. Talking non-stop will only make you seem like a total bimbo. If you can actually listen sometimes instead of only going on talking, you will be such a breath of fresh air to any man. And as sexy as it seems, you not talking so much will actually want every man to know more about you.大家对女人的印象总是“叽叽喳喳”,这一点是大多数男人不喜欢的。说个不停只能让你显得不够档次。如果你能倾听,而不是总要说个不停,你对大数男人来说就像一缕清新的空气。这会让你性感,因为你越是不说话就越会让男人有想要了解你的欲望。2. Be a little mysterious2. 保持神秘感Predictable is so damn boring. Don’t just be like any other woman out there. Don’t be so open about yourself and you will find others more interested in getting to know you. You will become a hot topic that men talk about. A mysterious woman is very sexy.可预见性会让人感到无聊。不要和其他女样一样,不要轻易将自己的一切都暴露于人前,这样你会发现越来越多的人想要了解你。你会成为男人之间最常聊到的话题。有神秘感的女人总是很性感。3. Give out a nice laugh3. 笑是女人的秘密武器Laughter is the best medicine. Not only will it increase your face value, but it will also make you look so sexy. We’re not talking about a fake laughter with lots of grunting in the middle. We’re talking about a smooth nice laughter, the way they show in movies. This doesn’t mean that you use your sexy laugh for any and everything. Use it at the right time, and it will drive all the men crazy.笑是一剂良药。它不仅仅会让你的脸更美丽,更会让你变得性感。我不是指那些夹杂着咕噜声的假笑,而是美好优雅的笑。这也并不意味着任何事情任何场合下都要笑,而是在合适的时间使用性感的笑,这会让男人们为你疯狂。4. Be hard-to-get4. 不要轻易投降An independent woman who is able to look after herself, is like a challenge for every man. Also a woman, who is strong and not easily driven by sweet talks, appears smart. If you are too easy-to-get, men will find you boring. Men prefer women who pose like a challenge.一个能够照顾自己的独立女人对任何一个男人来说都是一个挑战。同时,不容易被花言巧语迷惑的强势女人是智慧的体现。如果你太容易被得到,男人就会觉得无聊。男人都喜欢征。5. Focus on your gait5. 注意你走路时的仪态Gait refers to the way a women walks. The manner in which a woman makes her grand entrance can make a man fall in love with her. Drooping shoulders and stomping feet furiously while walking looks very bad. However a woman who maintains the right posture and is able to carry her body beautifully as she walks, can make herself look really sexy.Gait是指女人走路时的仪态。女人走进来时的宏大气势会让一个男人拜倒她的石榴裙下。走路时双肩下垂,用力跺脚是非常不好看的。然而,如果一个女人走路时可以保持正确的仪态,优雅协调着身体可以让她看起来非常性感。6. Maintain eye contact6. 眼神接触Maintaining good eye contact is very important. It shows confidence. Again maintaining eye contact doesn’t mean staring. Don’t scare a man off by staring at him as if you are some kind of a psycho. Maintain eye contact when he’s talking to you. With that dreamy look on your eyes, it will make him want to take you somewhere away with him.良好的眼神接触是非常重要的。这彰显了你的自信。但眼神接触并不是要你盯着他看。不要因为盯着他看,让让他误认为你心里有问题而落荒而逃。当他与你说话的时候保持目光接触。用轻柔的目光看着他, 这会让他无论走到哪里都想带着你。7. Flaunt your confidence7. 彰显你的自信A woman who is comfortable in her own skin and gives a damn about the whole world, is sexy. Confidence is shown by the way a woman talks, smiles and maintains an eye contact. However also make sure that you understand the difference between confidence and overconfidence. A confident woman appears sexy, while an overconfident woman may appear stupid. So make sure that you know where to draw the line.一个对自己皮肤感觉良好,完全不在乎整个世界的想法的女人是性感的。自信无处不显,微笑、说话、保持目光接触。然后,你必须要了解自信和过分自己的区别。一个自信的女人显得性感,而一个过度自信的女人显得愚蠢。因此,不要逾越那条线。8. Show your intelligence8. 彰显你的才智It is said that sexiness starts in the mind. The person with the correct set of mind can be really very sexy. This doesn’t mean that you behave like a total wonk. You don’t have to show-off your intelligence all the time. Just show it when the time is right and he will surely notice it.有人说性感始于头脑。一个拥有正确思维的人是可以非常性感的。这并不意味你要表现的像一个书呆子。也不要总是炫耀你的智慧,只要在适当的时候适当的展示,他就一定会注意到。Last but not the least don’t be so obsessed about your looks and you will find yourself looking sexier than ever.最后但并非最不重要的一点,不要总是纠结你的外表,这样你会发现你比任何时候都性感。 /201305/239628

  Cow#39;s milk is the primary source of vitamin D for children, but dairy products can interfere with the absorption of iron. Pediatricians have never known how much milk a child should drink. Now researchers have established that for most children, two cups a day achieves the right balance.牛奶是儿童获取维生素D的主要来源,但是乳制品会阻碍铁的吸收。一直以来,儿科医师并没有明确了解儿童牛奶的饮用量应为多少。如今,研究人员发现,对于大多数儿童而言,每天两杯牛奶便可以达到合理的平衡。Canadian scientists studied more than 1,300 healthy 2- to 5-year-olds, collecting data on diet and physical activity. They took blood samples to measure iron and vitamin D levels.加拿大科学家调查了1300多名两岁到五岁的健康儿童,收集了他们的饮食和运动数据,并且抽取了儿童血液样本来测量铁和维生素D的含量水平。The study, published online in the journal Pediatrics last week, found that after adjusting for other factors, two cups a day was enough to maintain sufficient vitamin D (more than 30 nanograms per milliliter of blood) without affecting iron levels. But bottle use, season of the year, skin pigmentation and body mass index had significant effects on the optimal amounts of milk. Children with darker skin, for example, needed three to four cups of milk to get sufficient vitamin D in winter. Those who used only a bottle failed to maintain sufficient stores of vitamin D and iron.这项研究于上周在《儿科》(Pediatrics)期刊的在线版刊登。该研究发现,在调整其他因素之后,每天两杯牛奶的摄入量完全可以维持充足的维生素D储备(每毫升血液中超过30微克),同时不影响铁含量。但是奶瓶的使用、季节、肤色和体重指数对于牛奶的最摄入量有着非常大的影响。例如,肤色较深的儿童在冬天需要饮用3到4杯的牛奶才能保充足的维生素D摄入量。那些只喝一瓶奶的儿童则难以维持足够的维生素D和铁含量水平。The lead author, Dr. Jonathon L. Maguire, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Toronto, said that children over 2 should not be given a bottle. ;It#39;s easy to give children the bottle to pacify them,; he said, ;but in terms of these two nutrients, there#39;s no benefit in it.;多伦多大学(University of Toronto)儿科学副教授、该研究第一作家乔纳森·L·马奎尔士(Dr. Jonathon L. Maguire)指出,两岁以上的儿童不应再使用奶瓶。他说,“家长喜欢拿奶瓶来安抚孩子。但是就这两种营养物质的吸收而言,奶瓶喂奶是没有益处的。” /201301/221565



  It#39;s often said that happiness is achieved once passion collides with skill. In other words, people thrive when they#39;re doing the things they love. Naturally, getting paid to do those things is what many people consider a dream life. Unfortunately, most people consider such a life just that: an unobtainable dream. That doesn#39;t have to be the case, though. Many hobbies and passions can - and do - lead to lucrative careers and fulfilling lives.常言道,快乐是与技艺擦的结晶。换句话说,人们做自己喜欢的事情容易成功。自然,因从事所爱之事而获得报酬是许多人梦寐以求的生活。可惜,多数人都觉得这种生活可望而不可及。其实未必如此。许多兴趣和能够而且也确实缔造了美好的事业和完满的人生。 /201208/196811

  Do you believe in life after death?; the boss asked one of his employees.;Yes, Sir.; the new recruit replied.;Well, then, that makes everything just fine,; the boss went on. ;After you left early yesterday to go to your grandmother#39;s funeral, she stopped in to see you.“你相信人死后仍有生命吗?”老板问他的一个员工。“是的,先生。”这个新员工回答说。“哦,那么,这样说来一切就很正常了,” 老板继续说,“在你今早离开,去参加你奶奶的葬礼,她来看你了。”

  The typical first-time bride is now 30-years-old when she walksdown the aisle, according to UK#39;s national statistics. They alsoshow that the number of marriages is at its lowest level since1895.英国国家数据显示,如今大部分头婚新娘年纪都在30岁。数据还显示,年婚姻数目已下降到自1895年来的最低点。Women today are on average nearly eight years older than theirmothers were when they married for the first time. In 1970 thetypical first-time bride was 22. By 1991 she was 25, and by 2000the average age rose to 28.平均而言,当今女性头婚时年纪几乎比她们母亲头婚的年纪大了8岁。1970年时头婚新娘才22岁,1991年是25岁,到2000年平均年龄为28岁。Men are also older before they tie the knot. The typical groomis now just past his 32nd birthday when he marries for the firsttime. In 1970 the average groom was 24, in 1991, he was 27 and in2000 he was 30.男人们结婚时的年龄也偏大。现今的新郎头婚时平均年龄为32岁,1970年为24岁,1991年为27岁,2000年则是30岁。Royal weddings reflect the age trend. When Kate Middletonmarries Prince William this month, she will be 29, and he will be28. By contrast, when Diana Spencer became the Princess of Walesshe was just 20.皇家婚礼也反映了这种趋势。本月凯特和威廉大婚,届时凯特29岁,威廉28岁。相比之下,戴安娜成为王妃时仅有20岁。Anastasia de Waal, deputy director of the Civitas think-tank,said many women were putting off marriage till their 30s to developtheir careers. ;In the past, achieving #39;adulthood#39; for women wasabout setting yourself up for family life whereas now it#39;s aboutsetting yourself up first.; The cost of the wedding could also be afactor in the delay, she said.阿纳斯塔西娅是英国智库机构Civitas的副主任,她称许多女性为了事业将婚姻推迟到了30多岁才举行。“过去,‘成年’就意味着女人们能为家庭独当一面,而如今则意味着自立自强。”她还称婚姻的高成本也成为晚婚的一个因素。 /201208/196180

  There are still a lot of ladies out there who believe it is, well, unladylike to ask out a man. Why is this still a thing? We can be strong and career-driven but we still have to wait around and hope a man asks us out in order to go on a date? That#39;s just crazy talk. If you#39;ve ever wanted to ask out a guy, or you ever do in the future, here are six reasons you should go for it.现在还有许多女性坚信,主动约男生是不够淑女的表现。为什么这还算个事儿呢?我们可以坚强,可以发展自己的事业,但我们还必须左顾右盼,指望男生来约我们出去约会?这简直是无稽之谈。如果你曾经想约一个男生,或者你以后可能会这么做,下面就是你应该这样做的6大原因。1. What doesn#39;t kill us makes us stronger.那些没有打败我们的,只会让我们更强大So it#39;s a little scary. So you#39;re afraid of rejection. And yes, getting rejected might make you a little sad. But in the end, getting rejected will just make you realize that it#39;s not a big deal. You lived through it, time to move on and ask out some more guys!这是有点害怕,你害怕被拒绝。是的,被拒绝也许会让你有点难过。但最终这会让你意识到,被拒绝没什么大不了的。你会挺过去,继续生活,再去约更多的男生!2. Because you want to.因为你想约他Unfortunately we can#39;t always get what we want. But you#39;ll never know unless you try. You should always go after the things you want, because they might not realize that you want them.不幸的是我们不能总是得到我们想要的。但如果不试你永远不知道。你应该去追求你想要的,因为他们也许根本不知道你想要约他们出来。 3. Because he#39;s been flirting with you and it#39;s driving you crazy.因为他一直在跟你调情,你快要发疯了Girl, listen. If this guy is flirting with you incessantly, he either likes you or he#39;s an asshole. If you ask him out and and he says yes, congratulations. I hope you guys end up being super compatible and have lots of babies together. If you ask him out and he says no, but continues to flirt with you, now you know he#39;s an asshole. You#39;re welcome.听好了女孩。如果这个男生总是跟你调情,他要么喜欢你,要么就是个混蛋。如果你约他出来,而他答应了,那么恭喜你。我喜欢你们最后能和睦相处,生很多孩子。如果你约他出来他却不答应,而且还继续和你调情,那么你现在就知道他是个混蛋了。别谢我。4. He might not even realize.他也许根本没有意识到Much like you are sitting there, have a good time with your friend who you#39;ve been pining after for years (or that guy you met tonight who is just SO cute and funny), over-analyzing everything, thinking if he hasn#39;t made a move by now he can#39;t possibly be interested, I#39;ve got a news flash for you: The guy could be thinking the same exact thing. Crazy, right? But true. So just ask. Or make your move. Because otherwise…像这样,你坐在那儿,和这个你喜欢了几年的朋友(或者是那个你今晚才认识,但是特别可爱有趣的人)度过一段美好的时光,把每件事都过度分析,想着如果他现在还不采取行动,他一定对你没有兴趣。我告诉你一件事吧:这个男生也许和你的想法完全一样。听上去很不可思议,对吗?但这是真的。所以问问他。或者你采取行动,不然的话……5. You#39;ll regret it if you don#39;t.如果你不主动会后悔的If you just keep flirting with him (or worse, just kind of existing near him) hoping he#39;ll ;get the hint; and nothing ever happens, you#39;ll regret it. You#39;ll always wonder. There is no hint quite as strong as, ;Do you wanna go out some time?;如果你只是继续和他调情(或者更糟糕的话,只是出现在他身边),希望他能够“明白你的暗示”,然而却什么都没有发生,你会后悔的。你会一直怀疑自己。没有什么比“你愿意和我一起出来玩吗” 更强烈的暗示了。6. You#39;ll probably never see him again, anyway.你也许再也不会见他了This doesn#39;t apply to every situation, but it does apply to most adult situations. So honestly, what could you possibly have to lose?并不是所有的情况都会如此,但对于大多数成年人的情况来说确实是这样。所以坦白说,你能有什么损失呢? /201307/249769。




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