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奉贤区治疗黄褐斑多少钱交通大学医学院附属仁济医院割双眼皮手术价格费用But other leading Nazis were not so full of praise for Hitler.有些纳粹高官对他并不是满口称赞。Gregor Strasser, still an important figure in the party,thought that Hitler was stupid to hold out for the Chancellorship.仍在纳粹身居要位的格雷戈尔·史特拉斯觉得希特勒延误总理任期的做法很愚蠢。He had had enough.他忍无可忍。He should realise that he has been consistently refused this post by everybody.他应意识到他一再拒绝出任此职位。Im not prepared to wait for the Fuehrer to be appointed Reich Chancellor as, by then, our movement would have collapsed.我不打算等元首被任命为总理,界时,我们的政府像散沙一盘。Im at the end of my tether, Ive resigned from the Party and Im now going to the mountains to recuperate.容忍已到了极限,我已退党,我现告老归田。But some in the German elite were beginning to think that appointing Hitler as Chancellor might be one way out of Germanys problems.但在德国精英阶层中有人相信任命希特勒做总理一职或许是解决德国问题的方法。The aristocratic Franz von Papen, a former Chancellor himself,thought Hitler could be a useful figurehead.弗朗茨·冯帕彭是德国贵族之一,曾任总理,他认为希特勒会成为有价值的傀儡。He didnt find Hitler charismatic,but curiously unimpressive.他不但不觉得希特勒有领袖魅力,而且极不起眼。What they were most frightened of was not Hitler,but the Communists.他们最怕的不是希特勒,而是共产主义者。And so, von Papen and his friends,backed an idea to make Hitler Chancellor,as long as there were only a few other Nazis in the cabinet.于是冯帕彭和朋友决定,只要内阁中纳粹党占席不多,就持希特勒出任德国总理。On 30th January 1933, after lobbying from von Papen and others,Hitler was appointed Chancellor by President Hindenburg.1933年1月30日,在冯帕彭和其他人游说后,兴登堡总统任命希特勒为德国总理。For Hitlers supporters,this was the strongest proof yet of his power as a charismatic leader.对于希特勒的持者而言,这无疑是其领袖魅力的强有力明。When it had looked impossible that he would become Chancellor,and many had doubted him, he had asked them to have faith.因为他与总理一职无缘时,众人都满腹疑问时,他告诫要有信念。And now, he WAS Chancellor.现在,他已然登上总理高位。Von Papen, who was happy to see democracy disappear,became Vice Chancellor.民主力量削弱,使冯帕彭如愿以偿,担任副总理职务。He still thought he and his friends could control Hitler.他还相信自己和幕僚能掌控希特勒。He would shortly discover that hed made one the most monumental misjudgements in history.很快他发现,这将是史上教训最惨痛的误判之一。 译文属201512/413622上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院做抽脂手术价格 上海复旦大学附属华山医院激光祛斑多少钱

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崇明县镭射去痘印价格Jolting the nerves of residents in the earthquake region of south-central Alaska, a magnitude-6.8 earthquake knocked items off shelves and walls of homes and businesses. 阿拉斯加中南部地区发生6.8级地震,牵动着居民的神经,地震将物品从货架震落。There were no immediate reports of injuries, however. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 然而,目前没有人员受伤报道。据美国地质调查局,the earthquake struck about 1:30 a.m. Alaska time and was centered 53 miles west of Anchor Point and 160 miles southwest of Anchorage. 地震发生在阿拉斯加时间凌晨1时30分左右,中心点以西53英里,安克雷奇西南160英里。In its initial report, the agency had classified the earthquake as a magnitude-7.1 event.在最初的报告中,该机构曾测量地震为7.1级。The Anchorage and Valdez police departments say they have not received any reports of injury or significant damage. 安克雷奇和瓦尔迪兹警方称,目前没有接到任何伤亡或重大破坏报道。译文属。201601/423992 Now, a few tens of thousands of years ago, wolves and people started becoming friendly species.时至今日,数万年前,狼和人便慢慢演变成进化成为可以友好相处。You can imagine a person tossing a bone to a friendly wolf from time to time.你可以想象人们会时不时地向一只温顺的狼扔块骨头。But “friendly” is the key.但是“温顺”一词至关重要。Nobody ever gets close to a hostile wolf.没人会靠近一只充满敌意的狼。So over many thousands of years we would have been gradually selecting for certain behavioral traits-playfulness, low hostility, the ability to bond.因此,实际上,成千上万年以来,人类都在渐渐地、有意识地进行着选择,选择具有特定行为特征的狼群。这些特征包括爱嬉戏玩闹,温顺,合群。Very puppy-like behaviors! See whats happening?这些行为难道不像小吗?A species that resembles a wolf puppy that never grows up may have slowly evolved in this way.现在明白这是怎么回事了吗?就像这样,一种类似于狼崽的物种开始慢慢的进化着。That species would retain its puppy-like behaviors, such as barking, but never grow into growling, howling adult wolves.这一物种保留了那些幼崽般的行为特征,比如吠叫,它们也不会进化为嚎叫的成年狼。That species We would now call that species “dogs.”这一物种便是我们现在把它称之为“”的动物。201503/364092上海复旦大学附属浦东医院打美白针的费用上海市第一人民医院口腔美容中心



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