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襄樊耳科医院支持报销吗Thousands of African migrants are stuck in Central America, and local aid workers are concerned it could become a humanitarian crisis. 成千上万的非洲移民被困在中美洲,当地救援人员担心这可能成为一场人道主义危机。The migrants are seeking asylum in the U.S. and travel first by boat or plane to Latin America. 移民们在美国寻求庇护,并乘船或飞机前往拉丁美洲。But its difficult to get asylum in Costa Rica, and Nicaragua closed its borders last year, making it hard for people to travel farther north. 但在哥斯达黎加很难得到政治庇护,去年尼加拉瓜关闭了边界,使人们很难再往北前行。The result is makeshift camps, like this one in the town of Penas Blancas, where people are living with scarce resources. 结果是临时搭建营地,像这个在佩尼亚斯的小镇,那里的人生活资源稀少。The migrants typically dont carry any identification, so its difficult to deport them. And it would cost the Costa Rican government a lot of money to detain or deport that many people. 移民通常不携带任何件,所以很难将他们驱逐出境。而且这将花费哥斯达黎加政府很多钱扣留或驱逐那么多人。译文属。201610/473040在襄阳中药治过敏性鼻炎去哪好 【视频讲解】The camel trade is increasingly lucrative.骆驼贸易越来越获益。Increasing 逐渐增加的-He was finding it increasingly difficult to make decisions. 他发现决策越来越困难了。Promise 承诺 》Promising 前景很好的-the most promising former students最有前途的学生Strike 击打 》 Striking 显著的-a strikingly handsome man一个异乎寻常地英俊的男人lucrative 获利丰厚的-Thousands of ex-army officers have found lucrative jobs in private security firms.成千上万的退役军官在私人保安公司找到了薪水丰厚的工作。“Allahu akbar!” the boys shout gleefully from atop their camels, the reins of others held in their raised fists, their backs to the setting sun.“真主至大!”一群男孩坐在骆驼背上开心地喊着,高举的拳头里攥着其它骆驼的缰绳,背向夕阳而行。Gleefully 高兴地; 幸灾乐祸地-He took an almost gleeful delight in showing how wrong they can be.他感到高兴,几乎是幸灾乐祸看他们出大错。Atop 在...上-Under the newspaper, atop a sheet of paper, lay an envelope.报纸下面的一张纸上,放着一个信封。Rein 缰绳(通常作复数)the setting sun 落日;夕阳西下Beside them a metal-fenced racing track cuts through the pancake-flat desert.不远处,金属栅栏围起的赛道穿过薄饼般平坦的沙漠。Beside 在…旁边 (不是 besides !!!)-On the table beside an empty plate was a pile of books.桌上的空碟子旁摆着一摞书。Fence1. 障碍物, 栅栏-The horse fell at the last fence.这匹马在最后一道障碍那里跌倒了。2. 保持中立-They are sitting on the fence and refusing to commit themselves.他们保持中立,拒绝明确表态。Every dawn and dusk the camels are trained to run on this plain outside Kassala, a city in eastern Sudan.这块大平地位于苏丹东部城市卡萨拉的城外,那些骆驼每天早晚都在这儿接受赛跑训练。dawn and dusk 》 一天Dawn1. 黎明2. 开始-A new century was dawning.一个新的世纪开始了。Dusk黄昏-The dusk is gathering.暮色渐浓。Their owners hope they will catch the eye of the wealthy Emiratis who visit several times a year to buy the fastest mounts for multi-million-dollar prize races in Dubai.养骆人都希望自家的骆驼能够吸引一些富有的阿联酋人的注意,那些有钱人一年会来这好几次,购买跑得最快的骆驼去参加迪拜的百万美元骆驼赛。catch the eye of 引起注意,吸引眼球 (经济学人,杂志常用的语言)-This means that only the biggest firms catch the eye of big institutional investors.这意味着只有大公司才会引起机构投资人的兴趣Mount1. 骑2. 增加-The uncollected rubbish mounts in city streets.城市街道中未被收集的垃圾增多。3. 组织; 发动-The ANC announced it was mounting a major campaign of mass political protests.非国大宣布正在发动一场大型群众性政治抗议运动。The Rashaida, a tribe that migrated to Sudan and Eritrea from Saudi Arabia in the mid-19th century, are renowned for breeding some of the world’s speediest racing camels.拉舍达是19世纪中叶从沙特阿拉伯移居到苏丹和厄立特里亚的一个部落,以培育世界上跑得最快的比赛骆驼而闻名。Renown名望; 声誉-She used to be a singer of some renown.她过去是个小有名气的歌手。Speedy迅速的-We wish Bill a speedy recovery.我们祝比尔早日康复。They are also in famous for trafficking Eritreans who cross the border, around 30km (20 miles) from Kassala, in the hope of eventually reaching Europe.他们也因贩卖厄立特里亚人而臭名昭著,那些被拐的人原本是想穿越卡萨拉30千米(20英里)外的边界并最终抵达欧洲。Trafficking 非法交易-drug trafficking 毒品贩卖in the hope of 怀着...的希望-He was studying in the hope of being admitted to an engineering college他努力学习,希望能被一所工程学院录取。Emiratis buy between 100 and 300 young camels a year from the village of Abu Talha, some for as much as ,000, says Hamed Hamid, a mustachioed patriarch.大胡子族长Hamed Hamid称,阿联酋人每年从Abu Talha村中购买100到300匹小骆驼,有些卖到8万美元一匹。Mustachioed大胡须的Patriarch(男性)家长; 族长; 酋长-The patriarch of the house, Mr. Jawad, rules it with a ferocity renowned throughout the neighbourhood.那户人家的家长贾瓦德先生治家严苛,名闻乡里。There are around 800 racing beasts in a settlement of 1,200 people, he estimates, and many more are being raised for slaughter.据他估算,1200户人口的村子里约有800匹比赛骆驼,供宰杀的骆驼数量更多。Settlement1. 居住地2. 协议-Our objective must be to secure a peace settlement.我们的目标必须是确保达成一个和平协议。3. 清偿-ways to delay the settlement of debts拖延债务清偿的办法。Slaughter 屠宰,屠杀-“I could not give my name to aid the slaughter in this war, fought on both sides for grossly material ends”(Sylvia Pankhurst)“我不能用自己的名义去帮助这场双方为谋取巨额物质利益的战争中的大屠杀”(西尔维亚#8226;潘克赫斯特) “The camels are everything. They give us milk, meat and trade,” Mr Hamid says, as his wife brews tea and coffee over hot coals under a starry sky.Hamid说:“骆驼就是一切。它们为我们提供骆驼奶、骆驼肉,并带来贸易机会”,他说这话时,他的妻子正在热炭上煮着茶和咖啡,头上是满天的繁星。Everything1. 一切-She says everything is going smoothly. 她说一切进展顺利。2. 至关重要的事物-I love him. He is everything to me. 我爱他。他对我来说比什么都重要。Brew1. 酿酒2. 酝酿;行将发生(impede)-“storms brewing on every frontier”(John Dos Passos)“在每一个边境地区都酝酿着的风暴”(约翰#8226;道斯#8226;帕索斯)201706/510410襄阳市第四人民医院治疗鼻炎多少钱

东风襄樊医院鼻炎治疗的价格【视频讲解】Greater equality for women might seem to render male-courtship displays redundant. But mating preferences evolved over millennia and will not change quickly. If diamonds were to cease being a way to signal a man’s marriageability, what might take their place?随着女人地位的提高,男性的求偶表演似乎愈显多余。但择偶观经由千年而成,且不会迅速改变,倘使钻石不再是一名男子适婚性的象征,那又有什么将取而代之呢?render v.使成为 (to cause to/become)- Depression can render a person helpless.redundant adj.多余的- Avoid redundant expressions in your writing.mate v.交友millennia n.一千年cease v.停止marriageability n.适合结婚A different gift, perhaps. In China skewed sex ratios mean that a prospective bridegroom must own an apartment and shower his future in-laws with cash. But a glittering stone goes to the woman, not her family. And it is more than a gift: it is a status symbol, demonstrating that even as a man approaches the expenses of married life, he can still splash out on a bauble. Or a man could rely on more generic forms of display, such as a fancy degree, good job or sharp suit.或许是一样新的礼物。在中国,男性人口远超女性。这就意味着一位理想新郎要有一套房还要给女方家属一大笔现金。但是钻石是给新娘的,而不是她的家人。另外,钻石不单单是礼物,它还是地位的象征。它代表新郎不但能负担得起结婚的费用,还能在珠宝上挥金如土。或许,男性还能用更普通的事物来求婚,例如高学历、好工作或者得体的西装。skewed adj.歪曲的,不公平的- skewed dataratio n.比例prospective adj.未来的- A prospective motherbridegroom n.新郎in-laws n.岳父母glittering adj.闪耀的- glitter v.发光splash out 挥霍bauble n.小饰品 (trinket)But these can impress one woman as easily as another, or several simultaneously. He must show commitment—a need not unique to courtship. Salvadoran gangsters get extravagant tattoos; Japanese yakuza cut off a fingertip. These visible signs of allegiance make it hard to defect, and impose heavy costs. But as marriage proposals they would fall short. Few women would feel proud to carry around their fiancé’s severed pinkie.但是这些东西能够打动任何一个女性,或同时打动几个女性。男性必须显示出他的诚意。而除了求婚,还有许多场合需要人们显示诚意,形式多样。萨尔瓦多黑帮会在身上纹精美的纹身。日本黑帮会切下自己的指尖。这些表忠心的直观方式使人们不会轻易叛变,且束之以惨重代价。但这些行为却不适于求婚——鲜有女性会满怀自豪感地随身携带未婚夫的小指。simultaneously adv.同时地- simultaneous adj.同时的gangster n.黑帮yakuza 日本黑帮fingertip n.指尖visible adj.可见的allegiance n.忠诚defect v.背叛- The reporter defected to another network.impose v.施加fall short 不足,失败sever v.切断pinkie n.小手指Many millennial women seek a mate who is creative, charitable and earns enough not to live with his parents. The millionaire founder of a startup that makes an app to teach yoga to orphans would be ideal. As a token of his commitment, a suitor might offer the object of his affections 51% of his shares—so much nicer than a joint bank account.许多千禧一代的女性的择偶标准是要富有创造力,富有爱心,经济独立,不用和父母住一块。以这个标准,如果有一位亿万富翁,他创立一家致力于教孤儿们瑜伽的新兴软件公司,那这个人一定就是她们的理想型了。为了显示诚意,他还要把51%的公司股份给女方,这可比共享账户要好多了。charitable adj.有爱心的startup n.创业公司orphan n.孤儿ideal adj.理想的token n.象征suitor n.追求者- suit v.合适,取悦(please)affection n.爱joint bank account 共同账户Less eligible men could offer instead to link Uber accounts, thus entwining the couple’s reputations: their joint five-star rating would be at risk if either misbehaved. Uber-linking would also allow each tokeep track of the other’s whereabouts, discouraging infidelity. Whatever ultimately replaces diamonds, it will surely be digital, not worn on a digit.条件差一点的男性可以把俩人的优步账户绑定在一起,这样俩人的信誉就会紧密联系在一起。一旦一方有什么不良行为,他们俩人的五星信用度就会面临降星的风险。这一做法还能相互知道另一方的行踪,防止发生出轨行为。最后取代钻石的一定是一样数据产品,而不是戴在手指上的实物。eligible adj.合格的entwine v.缠绕纠结在一起 (twist together)- twine v.缠绕misbehave v.不良作为whereabouts n.行踪infidelity n.不忠- fidelity n.忠诚 (allegiance)ultimately adv.最终地- ultimate adj.最终的digit n.指头 (finger or toe)201705/509089 Still gripping on,but thats just nerve reflex there.See, even on my lip. Look.还是紧紧吸着 但这只是神经反射 还吸住我的嘴唇了 看Probably the sucker sticks to the throat.still got a lot of suction power.可能是触角上的吸盘吸住了咽喉 吸盘的吸力依然很强Thats gripping down my gullet.But this is a good find for me.Get the guts out of it as well.就是这样吸附着我的食道 但对我来说 这是个不错的收获 得把它的内脏清理掉Because, really, this bit of the hood is the bit thats really nice to eat.因为章鱼的这一小块头部 味道非常鲜美Raw octopus is extremely nutritious,but its vital its eaten only when very fresh.生章鱼的营养极其丰富 但必须在刚杀掉的时候马上食用Save some for later and bacteria thriving on the dead flesh can make you so sick.要是放上一会 死章鱼肉上滋长出来的细菌 可能会让你一病不起Worth coming in this rust bucket to get that,but the tide is coming in fast.来这一趟吃到一只章鱼还是很值得的 但很快就要涨潮了Its time to get out of here.Thats might work.我得离开这里 这个看上去不错Its gonna be lighter bois in this.Going to be lying on it.这是比较轻质的木材 我会躺在上面Ill use the power of the waves to take me through the current.我会用海浪的力量穿过这片水流Im gonna throw that when current coming in.海浪来了的话我就扔下去Sometimes in survival,its all about thinking smart.有时候 野外生存 关键就在于善于思考Well, that worked.Some time when in grief,what really encourages me is water成功了 有时候身处危险 能够激发我生存本能的 是水As I continue my desert journey,I take what little it has to offer.继续我的沙漠之旅 我会好好利用那少得可怜的资源I have really learned to hate that taste.我真的非常讨厌这个口感201611/479794襄樊市妇幼保健中医院看耳朵疾病哪家医院最好襄阳哪个治疗鼻喉科治疗得好




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