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顺德第一人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗顺德区妇幼保健院治疗生殖感染价格President Bush Attends Reopening of the National Museum of American HistoryTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Laura and I are thrilled to be here. We are honored you would invite us to reopen one of the country's great civic institutions -- the Smithsonian's Museum of American History. This building is home to many of our national treasures. It is a reminder of our country's proud heritage. And today we're witnessing the beginning of an exciting new era in its history. And I would urge all our citizens who come to Washington, D.C.: Come to this fantastic place of learning. Wayne, thank you for serving; proud to be with you. Roger Sant, the Chair of the Smithsonian Institute's Board of Regents, and Vicki. I appreciate Brent Glass, the Director. I want to thank Dirk Kempthorne -- Mr. Secretary, thank you for being here. Jonathan Scharfen, Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as Congressman [sic] Doris Matsui from California. I want to thank Governor Martin O'Malley of the great state of Maryland for coming here today. I am honored to be with Judy Woodruff, the esteemed Master of Ceremony -- Mistress of Ceremony, MC. I thank David McCullough for joining us -- a great historian and a fine American. Ever since President James K. Polk laid the Smithsonian's cornerstone in 1847, it has been one of our nation's greatest centers of knowledge. And since it opened nearly 45 years ago, the Museum of American History has been one of the Smithsonian's most popular institutions. The items on display here are as diverse as our nation. Visitors can see George Washington's military uniform, one of Thomas Edison's early lightbulbs, the desk on which Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence -- even Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves, which he modestly predicted would become the most famous thing in this building. (Laughter.) Another item on display here is one of our nation's proudest symbols of patriotism. The icon's fame dates to the war of 1812. In that conflict, the British Navy bombarded Baltimore's Fort McHenry with rockets and mortar fire. And as the battle raged, a young American was detained on a ship in Baltimore Harbor, unable to join the fight. The next morning, he was anxious to see whether his country had resisted the invasion. He discovered the answer when he saw the stars and stripes of the ed States waving defiantly above Fort McHenry. That young American, of course, was Francis Scott Key. He referred to the moment he saw the flag as an "hour of deliverance and joyful triumph." He recorded those emotions in a poem called "The Star-Spangled Banner." Today, nearly two centuries after they were composed, his words are written on the heart of every American -- and written into our law as our country's national anthem. And the flag that inspired them is preserved here, thanks to the generosity of some fine citizens, to remind us of the sacrifices that have been made to ensure our freedom. There have been hours in our nation's history when that promise of freedom looked uncertain. One of them took place 145 years ago today, when President Abraham Lincoln arrived in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to dedicate a cemetery at one of the Civil War's bloodiest battlefields. By that day, the war had raged for more than two and a half years, and claimed hundreds of thousands of casualties. Many were convinced that a peace that preserved slavery would be better than a war that was pitting brother against brother. President Lincoln understood that liberty is a gift given by the Almighty -- and that peace must not be purchased with injustice. That day, President Lincoln called the nation together in the pursuit of "a new birth of freedom." He urged Americans to honor the dead by carrying out the cause for which they gave their lives. With only 10 sentences, he strengthened the bonds of our Union -- and rededicated our nation to the proposition that all men are created equal. At the time, President Lincoln said that the world would "little note, nor long remember" his words. The verdict of history has been quite different. Over the years, the Gettysburg Address has been memorized by generations of schoolchildren -- including me and Laura -- stands as the greatest presidential speech of all time. Nearly 50 years, one of the only handwritten copies of this speech has been kept at the White House. For the next several weeks, it will be on display here at the Museum of American History. And Laura and I are delighted that this important piece of our country's heritage will be available for all to see. Among those inspired by the principles in the Gettysburg Address were four African American college students in Greensboro, North Carolina. In 1960, they sat at a lunch counter inside a Woolworth's department store and asked to be served. Their request was denied -- because the counter was designated as "whites only." When they were asked to leave, those brave students refused to give up their seats. The single act of courage helped power a national movement that culminated with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And today, that lunch counter is preserved here at the Smithsonian -- in an honored location just down the hall from the Gettysburg Address. In the lives of Francis Scott Key, Abraham Lincoln, and those brave students in Greensboro, we see the best of America. We see men and women of character who refused to surrender to adversity. We see hope, courage, and a devotion to universal values. And we see a nation constantly moving toward greater freedom and greater opportunity. Throughout our history, these ideals have called out to those beyond our shores. They have beckoned those who love liberty from every nation. They have made countless generations of men and women across the world long for the pride that comes with calling yourself an American citizen. Today, I'm delighted to congratulate five of you who will be taking your oath of citizenship in just a few moments. Though you are originally from France, Germany, Guyana, Lebanon, and Peru, today you're becoming members of the American family. We welcome you with open arms. I will be proud to call you fellow citizen. The Museum of American History is a wonderful place to begin your journey as an American. These halls reflect both the duties and privileges of citizenship. They remind us that America's highest ideals have always required brave defenders. They remind us that our liberty is a precious gift from God. Thank you for having Laura and me here. May God continue to bless the ed States of America. (Applause.) 200811/56650南海经济开发区人民医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱 Presidents Radio AddressTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Congress will soon vote on legislation to fund our troops serving on the front lines of the war on terror. This is an opportunity for Congress to give our men and women in uniform the tools they need to protect us, and Congress should approve these vital funds immediately.Congress has had this funding request for more than a year, and there is no reason for further delay. This money is urgently needed to support military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. I put forward some reasonable requirements this bill must meet. First, this bill must give our troops the resources they need to defeat the terrorists and extremists. Second, the bill must not tie the hands of our commanders. Third, the bill must not exceed the reasonable and responsible funding levels I have requested. Congress has had 16 months to decide how they will meet these requirements, and now the time has come for them to support our troops in harms way. If Congress does not act, critical accounts at the Department of Defense will soon run dry. At the beginning of next month, civilian employees may face temporary layoffs. The department will have to close down a vital program that is getting potential insurgents off the streets and into jobs. The Pentagon will run out of money it needs to support critical day-to-day operations that help keep our Nation safe. And after July, the department will no longer be able to pay our troops -- including those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.Our men and women in uniform and their families deserve better than this. Around the world, our troops are taking on dangerous missions with skill and determination. In Afghanistan, they are delivering blows to the Taliban and al Qaeda. In Iraq, theyve helped bring violence down to its lowest point since late March of 2004. Civilian deaths are down. Sectarian killings are down. As security has improved, the economy has improved as well, and political reconciliation is taking place at the grassroots and national levels. The Iraqi security forces are becoming more capable, and as they do, our troops are beginning to come home under a policy of return on success.Each day, the men and women of our Armed Forces risk their lives to make sure their fellow citizens are safer. They serve with courage and honor. Theyve earned the respect of all Americans. And they deserve the full support of Congress. I often hear members of Congress say they oppose the war, but still support the troops. Now they have a chance to prove it. Congress should pass a responsible funding bill that gives our men and women in uniform the resources they need -- and the support they have earned.Thank you for listening.200806/41927Remarks by the President and the Vice PresidentTo the national governors associationState Dining RoomTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Everybody, please have a seat.First of all, thanks for not breaking anything last night. (Laughter.) Thank you also for waiting until I had left before you started the Congo line. I don't know whether Rendell was responsible for that -- (laughter) -- but I hear it was quite a spectacle. Michelle and I just had a wonderful time last night and I hope all of you enjoyed it. It was a great kick-off of what we hope will be an atmosphere here in the White House that is welcoming and that reminds everybody that this is the people's house. We are just temporary occupants. This is a place that belongs to the American people and we want to make sure that everybody understands it's open.Almost three months ago, we came together in Philadelphia to listen to one another, to share ideas, and to try to push some of our ideology rigidity aside to formulate a recovery plan that would bring some relief to your states and to the American people.And I want to thank so many of you who were active throughout this process to get the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act done. I don't want to single out too many folks, but Governor Rendell, Governor Douglas, worked tirelessly. We had people like Governor Patrick and Governor Schweitzer, Schwarzenegger, Crist, who were out there consistently promoting the plan. And as a consequence we got this passed through Congress in record time.Because of what we did together, this plan will save or create at least 3.5 million jobs in every state across the country. It will keep your police officers on the beat, your firefighters on the job, your teachers in the classroom. It will provide expanded unemployment insurance and protect health care for your residents who have been laid off. And beginning April 1st, it will put more money back into the pockets of 95 percent of your working families.So this plan will ensure that you don't need to make cuts to essential services that Americans rely on now more than ever. And to show you we're serious about putting this recovery plan into action swiftly, I'm announcing today that this Wednesday, our administration will begin distributing more than billion in federal assistance under the Recovery Act to help you cover the costs of your Medicaid programs -- I know something that is going to be of great relief to many of you.That means that by the time most of you get home; money will be waiting to help 20 million vulnerable Americans in your states keep their health care coverage. (Applause.) Children with asthma will be able to breathe easier, seniors won't need to fear losing their doctors, and pregnant women with limited means won't have to worry about the health of their babies. So let me be clear, though: This is not a blank check. I know you've heard this repeatedly over the last few days, but I want to reiterate it: These funds are intended to go directly towards helping struggling Americans keep their health coverage, we want to make sure that's what's happening and we're going to work with you closely to make sure that this money is spent the way it's supposed to.We will get the rest of this plan moving to put Americans to work doing the work America needs done, making an immediate impact while laying the foundation for our lasting growth and prosperity.These are the steps we're taking to help you turn this crisis into opportunity and pave the way for future prosperity. But I know that many of you, rather than wait for Washington, have aly made your states. You are innovators and much of the work that you've done has aly made a lasting impact and change in people's lives. Instead of debating the existence of climate change, governors like the seven of you of you working together in the western climate initiative, and the 10 of you who are working together on the regional greenhouse gas initiative are leading the way in environmental and energy policy. Instead of waiting around for the jobs of the future, governors like Governor Gregoire and Governor Granholm have sparked the creation of cutting-edge companies and tens of thousands of new green jobs. And instead of passing the buck on accountability and efficiency, governors like Martin O'Malley and Governor Kaine, have revolutionized performance management systems, showing the American people precisely how their governments are working for them.The point that I made yesterday, or last night, is something that I want to reiterate, though. You shouldn't be succeeding despite Washington; you should be succeeding with a hand from Washington, and that's what we intend to give you in this administration. In return, we'll expect a lot from you as the hard work of making the recovery plan's promise a reality begins.And that's why I'm announcing today that I'm asking my Vice President, Joe Biden, to oversee our administration's implementation efforts. Beginning this week, Joe will meet regularly with key members of my Cabinet to make sure our efforts are not just swift, but also efficient and effective. Joe is also going to work closely with you, our nation's governors, as well as our mayors and everyone else involved in this effort, to keep things on track. And the fact that I'm asking my Vice President to personally lead this effort shows how important it is for our country and our future to get this right, and I thank him for his willingness to take on this critical task. (Applause.)02/63041佛山市一医院男科大夫

顺德新世纪医院医生如视频未出现,请稍候,因为FLASH播放器正在加载中…… 08/81868禅城区妇幼保健院治疗男性不育多少钱 Good afternoon ,honorable jusges,ladies and gentlemen :下午好,尊敬的评委,女士们,先生们:I have admit that when I first saw the title of the speech I was at a loss as to how to begin.我必须承认当我第一次看到演讲的题目时,我真不知道如何开始.The meaning of Beijings bid for the 2008 Olympic Games,this is certainly too big a topic to be covered in five minutes.申办二零零八年奥运会的意义,是一个很大的主题,无法在五分钟内面面俱到.Then I remembered a bid I myself took serveral months ago .At the time ,I was bidding against 18 other candidates to be chairperson of a debate contest held in my university .于是我想起了几个月前我自己参加的一个比赛,当时,我正参加大学里举行的辩论赛,与其他十八名选手角逐冠军的宝座.It was a challenge,but could also be a good opportunity to better myself in many ways ,I thought.那是一个挑战,但我想也是一个在很多方面提高自己自我的好机会.So I set high standards for myself to follow.I had a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of myself and the other candidates.于是我为自己设立高标准,按此标准办事.我对自己和其他选手的优势和劣势作了全面的分析,I decided on a good strategy to bring out my own strengths.I made a full preparations.定下了一个好策略,以显示出我的实力,这样我做了充分的准备.I presented myself to the best of my ability,giving full play to my strong points.我充分发挥了我的优势,把强项完全表现出来.And eventually I won the bid,and I did turn out a better self.最后我赢得了比赛,训练出一个更优秀的自己.In a sense , I think ,the same is true of Beijings bid.在某种意义上,我想,北京申办奥运会也一样.The bidding itself is also a process of self-appraisal and selfimprovement .To ensure the sucess of the bid,Beijing has to be very clear about its own strong and weak points as compared to the other four candidate cities.申办奥运会本身也是一个自我评估,自我提高的过程.为了确保申办的成功,与其他四个候选城市相比较,北京必须非常清楚自己的优势和劣势.To my knowledge ,much of the world is quite familiar with the western culture embodied by Paris or Tornto,two formidable rivals of Beijing .据我所知,世人很多都对体现西方文化的巴黎和多伦多相当熟悉,这两个可是北京的强劲对手.Now it is time for us to explore the beauty and richness of our Chinese culture and proudly present it to the world .现在是时候把我们中国美丽和富饶的文化挖掘出来,自豪地向世人展现出来.It is time for us to rekindle the magnificence of the Forbidden City ,to revive the vigor of the dancing dragons and reaffirm our love for the 5000-year -old civilization flowing behind them .是时候重新振作紫禁城的雄风,恢复威力无比的舞龙和重申和我们对跟随他们后面的五千年文明的爱.Fortunately ,Beijing has grasped the meaning of the Olympic bid.From an international airliner of Air China,an attractive pair of eyes of a Beijing opera actress are overlooking the vast ground beneath them.很幸运,北京已抓住了申办奥运的意义:从一个国际航班,中国航空公司的飞机上,一位京剧女演员用迷人的双眼看着广阔的土地.And Beijings bidding emblem ,an abstract figure playing Taiji,speaks the loudest of all.最能体现北京申办奥运的意义的标志是一个抽象的人正在打太极.For Beijing,to proclaim to the world its dertermination to host the 2008 world sports gala means the beginnig of a new era in its development.对于北京,向全世界宣布她主办二零零八年的世界体育盛事的决心意味着她发展的新篇章的开始.Mr.LiuJingmin,vice executive chairman of Beijings bid committee,once said Beijing has less advantage in sports and facilities,北京申奥委常务副主席刘敬民曾经说过,北京在体育设施和环境方面缺乏优势,but this also gives us boundless potential for development.Herein ,I think ,lies part of the meaning of the bid.但也给了我们发展的无限的潜力.我认为这里就包含了申奥的部分意义.New Beijing ,Great Olympics ,this is not only a slogan that fires the imagination of the people but also a battle cry that rallies the whole Chinese nation .;新北京,新奥运;不仅仅是激发了人们想象力的口号,更是团结整个中华民族的呼声.Beijing has aly made great strides both in its sport facilities and in the municipal infrastructure in general.北京已经在体育设施和总体市政基础设施方面向前跨了一大步,Green Olympics,together with hi-tech Olympics and the peoples Olympics has become a catchword.绿色奥运,科技奥运和人文奥运已经成了申奥的主题.With these high standards Beijing sets for itself ,by the year 2008 ,our capital city will take on a fresh new look and a hi-tech and a green Beijing will be y to welcome sportsmen and visitors from all over the world.按照这些高标准,在二零零八年,北京,我们的首都将会向来自世界各地的运动员和来访者展示一个崭新的面貌,一个高新技的,绿色的北京.The bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games is a great chance for Beijing ,a chance to promote its popularity both as an ancient oriental capital and a modern metropolis,申办二零零八年的奥运会对北京来说是一个巨大的机会,那就是把它作为古典名都和现代大都市的结合体推广开来,and to develop itself into a more beautiful and more environment friendly (place)to inhabit and work in .把它发展成一个适合居住和工作的更美丽,更环保的城市.The bidding is also a great chance for China,a chance to share with the rest of the world its splendid culture ,申奥对于中国也是一个大好机会,是向世界展示辉煌文化的时机,to learn from the other countries the cream of their civilization and to further integrate itself into the world community .汲取其他国家文明的精髓,加速融入世界大集体的步伐.Beijing 2008 ,the meaning of the bid is symbolized by bidding emblem ,harmony ,vitality, mobitily ,unity ,cooperation ,exchange and development .Thank you .北京2008年:申奥意义之我见的象征由申奥的标志体现者:和谐,生机,灵活,团结,合作,交流和发展.谢谢.Judge:Competitor number twenty-one ,thank you very much indeed for that .评委:第二十一号选手,真的非常感谢你.Im sorry to take you back from controlling the world to just bidding for the Olympics and ,and ,you painted ,很抱歉把你从掌控世界带到申办奥运,你描绘,a, a wonderful picture of ,um ,how life would be in,in Beijing when the Olympic bid is successful and all, all ,so on .一幅精的图画,即你为申办奥运成功后北京的生活等的图画.But I wonder if you can think of any disadvantages there might be to putting so much energy into achieving success in the Olympic bid .但我想知道你是否想过花如此大的精力以取得申奥成功会存在着弊端.Are there any down sides?是否存在着负面影响?Xie Xue chao:Thank you .Uh, I believe that with everything there are always advantages and disadvantages.解雪超:谢谢.我相信任何事物总有好处和坏处之分,So,in this bid there will also be disadvantages.But,I think generally speaking ,uh ,since we are contributing a lot to support Beijings bid.所以这次申奥也会存在着弊端.但是我想,总的来说,既然我们已经为北京申奥付出了那么多,We are making great efforts to ensure that Beijing can win the bid.So ,this means that ,uh the people throughout China now that the advantages of this bid outweight the disadvantages of this bid.我们正在花大力气去确保北京能够申奥成功.所以这意味着全中国人民都知道这次申奥的好处胜于坏处,So ,thats why we are paying so much attention to this bid .And thats why we are having such high expectations about this bid .那就是我们对这次申奥有如此高的期望的原因。And ,I ,I believe that if Beijing can win this bid,um ,it will be a gret opportunity for people throughout the world to have a better understanding of our Chinese culture ,我相信如果北京这次申奥,那将是全世界人民更好地理解中国的文化.of our Chinese people ,and also it will be a good opportunity to call the people throughout the world to pay much attention to what friendship and unity .号召全世界人民关注友谊和团结的大好时机.Um,concerning the disadvantage ,if you really want to say that there is a disadvantage,有关坏处,如果你一定要说存在着坏处的话,I believe the disadvantages is that Beijing is too enthusiastic about this Olympic bid and is going all out for this Olympic bid.那就是北京对于申奥太热情了,太过于全力以赴了.But you have to understand that this is the way that our Chinese people used to do things.但你必须明白那是我们中国人办事的方式,Were very diligent .Were fully devoted to everything we do .And that is our ,uh ,inborn characteristics.我们非常勤快,我们做每一件事都不遗余力,那是我们的天性.So I believe that in this sense that advantages,uh ,can outweight disadvantages.And I believe that,uh,by making full use of this advantages to,uh,make up for all the disadvantages,所以我相信在这种意义上好处大于坏处.我相信通过充分利用这些优势,弥补所有这些不足,we will ensure that Beijing can win this bid and I hope so .Thank you.我们坚信北京申奥一定会成功,我也希望如此.谢谢.Judge:Thank you very much .Thank you contestant number twenty-one.Um,Im going to give you back your power .Youre now评委:非常感谢.谢谢第二十号选手,我打算再给予你权力,你现在again the Secretary General.又是秘书长了.Xie Xuechao:Thank you .解雪超:谢谢.Judge:Power is fleeting as we know ,and ,um,I want to focus a little bit more on your idea of having representatives from various coutries get together ,not VIPs,but ordinary folks.评委:我们都知道,权位常在变,我想以你从不同国家选拔代表参加聚会为焦点,那些不是重要人物,那是平民百姓.Cause you had mentioned that its important ,uh ,for such ,uh ,a meeting to take place in order to have an exchange of ideas and ask questions and hopefully deal with some misunderstandings that may ,um,be out there.因为你提过召开这样的会议很重要,是为了交流思想,提出问题和满怀希望能解决存在的问题.So ,my question ,uh ,deals with what you consider to be,um,uh ,a misunderstanding that a lot of ,um ,people outside of China have about Chinese poeple .所以我的问题是,为了解决你考虑到的问题那就是国外的人对于中国人的看法.What would you consider to be perhaps the most misunderstood thing about Chinese culture,Chinese people ,either one?有关中国文化,中国人民,两者中任何一个,你认为什么可能是最让人误会的?Xie Xuechao:Thank you .This is a very good question .Uh,I believe that,uh, a lot of people from the outside world used to think that China is quite a backward country.解雪超:谢谢.这是一个非常好的问题.我相信国外很多人都认为中国是一个落后的国家,Uh, in China all people walk very straight ,uh, on the street.They seldom smile .Uh,and they always wear very ,uh ,they wear clothes of very dark color.在中国,街上所有人都笔挺着身子走路,他们很少微笑.他们总是穿着非常黑的衣,And they seldom laugh at each other .They seldom,um,show their dynamic are energetic set.他们很少笑脸迎人,他们很少表现他们的精神和活力.But ,actually Chinese people ,I believe that, uh, um ,after our foreign guests have come to China ,但实际上我相信,外国客人参观中国后,you have seen that China is not like this.China is a very dynamic country and everyone in China is having high spirit in plunging into our economic,会明白中国人,中国人不是这样的.中国是一个充满生机的国家,每一个中国人都情绪高昂地致力于我们的经济uh, development,uh, in carrying out social reforms ,etc.,and especially in supporting Beijing for this 2008 Olympic bid.发展,实施社会改革等,特别是持北京申办二零零八年奥运会上.And also ,people throughout China are very optimistic about the future ,uh ,about the further progress that we have ,中国人民也对将来,对于我们将来会取得的发展非常乐观.we can make in the future.Uh, besides all the dramatic improv..uh progresses that we have made in past decades,除了在过去几十年我们取得的巨大发展,I believe that,uh by this bid,by exerting our enthusiasm to communicate with people throughout the world,我相信,通过这次申奥,通过我们满腔热情地与全世界人民的交流,to give more people the chance to come to China ,and to give more Chinese people the chance to go outside world to communicate with each other .让更多人的有机会来到中国,让更多中国人有机会走出去与国外彼此交流.This kind of misunderstanding about the ,uh,pessimistic attitude of Chinese people will be eliminated very soon.Thank you .这种有关中国的消极态度,误会就会很快消除.谢谢.Judge:Thank you.评委:谢谢.09/85374佛山男子医院怎么样

高明区治疗男性不育哪家医院最好21世纪爱立信杯全国英语演讲比赛 第六名 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200809/47614 暂无音频President Bush Participates in Press Availability with Afghanistan President Karzai in Afghanistan PRESIDENT KARZAI: (Not translated.) Most welcome, Mr. President; most welcome. PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, sir. Thanks, Mr. President, it's good to be with a dear friend. You and I have spent a lot of time together and we have done a lot of work together, all aiming to give the people of Afghanistan a better life. I'm glad to be with you. I hope you understand why it is important for me to get back to Washington -- and that is because my wife expects me to be back in Washington. (Laughter.) We have a holiday reception at the White House and so I'm going to have to hustle back -- after all, I did sneak out of town under the dark of night. And now I'm going to go back home having visited this important country. So thanks for having me. And she sends her best. As you well know, that Laura's -- one of her great passions is to stand with the courageous women in Afghanistan. And I can assure you, Mr. President, that after our time in Washington, we both look forward to continuing to stay in touch and to continuing to stay engaged with the people of Afghanistan. So Laura sends her deep respect and great affection for the people of Afghanistan. You know, I was thinking when I -- right before we landed, how much Afghanistan has changed since I have been the President. Sometimes it's hard when you're in the midst of a difficult situation, it's hard to get perspective. In 2001, the Taliban were brutally repressing the people of this country. I remember the images of women being stoned, or people being executed in the soccer stadium because of their beliefs. There was a group of killers that were hiding here and training here and plotting here to kill citizens in my country. Right after the attacks I made it abundantly clear that we would bring people to justice for our own security; and made it abundantly clear that if a group of people harbored a terrorist, they were equally as guilty as a terrorist. And we gave the Taliban an opportunity to respond. They didn't. And American troops proudly liberated the people of Afghanistan. That's what life was like. And we could have replaced one power person with another. That would have been, I guess, the easy route, and then just left it behind, say we've done our duty and we've upheld the doctrine -- and said, okay, we're now going to take this group, replace them with this group -- and just got out of the way. But that's not -- that, one, didn't learn the lessons of the '80s and the '90s. And secondly, the interest is to build a flourishing democracy as an alternative to a hateful ideology. And it's not easy work. Afghanistan is a huge country. The road system is not nearly as well developed as a lot of other countries. You're just beginning to develop your resource base in a way that I hope benefits the people of Afghanistan -- after all, it's their resources. It's difficult because extremists refuse to accept the beauty of democracy. They've got a different vision, and so therefore they're willing to kill innocent people to achieve their objectives. There has been a lot of progress since 2001 -- after all, girls are back in school. I happen to believe that's important. As a father of twin girls, I couldn't imagine living in a society where my little girls couldn't have a chance to realize their God-given potential. You've got boys flying kites again in Afghanistan. You've got health clinics up all across the country. The President was telling me of a health clinic in the remote northeast region of Afghanistan -- a place where it had been unimaginable. The economy has more than doubled in size -- it needs to double in size again, and then double in size again, no question. But it has doubled in size. Security forces are growing stronger. You've got good people in Afghanistan who are -- you know, want to work to provide security so that a political process can grow behind it. There's been good progress made, but there are a lot of tough challenges. One of the great, interesting things that I'll be watching -- since I believe so strongly in democracy -- are the upcoming elections. And I've talked to General McKiernan, he said -- told me that -- about the strategy, along with Ambassador Wood, about the strategy to help the Afghan folks, the military, and political leaders; get the elections up and running. It's going to make signing time for the people of Afghanistan -- to go to the polls and be able to express their opinion. And I'm sure the press corps, the Afghanistan press corps is looking forward to covering the elections. It'll give you something to do in a very important part of your country's history. I told the President that you can count on the ed States -- just like you've been able to count on this administration, you'll be able to count on the next administration, as well. It's in our interest that Afghanistan's democracy flourish. It's in America's interest that we forever deny safe haven to people who still want to kill our citizens. So Mr. President, I come bringing the greetings of the country. It has been a privilege to work with you over these years. I have come to admire you, I appreciate your service, and I wish you and the people of Afghanistan all the very best. 200812/58901祖庙石湾张槎桂城街道治疗前列腺炎多少钱顺德区妇幼保健医院治疗男性不育哪家医院最好



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