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大理妇幼保健医院做血常规检查大理顺产医院People always want to sell something when it comes to weight loss and health, right!当提到减肥和身体健康 人们总想着去销售些什么 对吧So they reinvent the wheel for that reason.这就是为什么人们一直徒劳无功I#39;m sure you#39;ve seen a variety of fad diets whether it#39;s oh, you know, right now we are going vegan.我相信你一定见过各种流行一时的减肥食谱 像是我们现在马上要做素食主义者Wait! no! We#39;re going paleo Wait! No!等等 不 我们要复古饮食 等等 不It#39;s thirty-thirty-forty equal portions of everything. Wait a second!要不按照30-30-40的百分比等额分配 等等!We can do everything but eat beans.我们都可以做到 但是毫无用处It just, it always goes on and on and on.因为体重仍然在继续增加And the reality is that weight loss, weight maintenance, is simple science.事实上 减肥 保持体重是一个简单的科学道理It#39;s eat less, move more... Food that you consume has calories in it.那就是少吃多动 你吃的事物含有卡路里Calories are units of energy.卡路里是能量单位Energy that does not get burned, gets stored as fat. Fat is stored energy.没消耗的能量以脂肪形式储存 脂肪就是储存的能量And then obviously use common sense with your food choices.然后运用我们的常识来挑选食物We all know not to eat things in our food that is not food.我们都知道食物中有很多不算是食物的食品Fake fat, fake flavor, fake sugar, and so on.假脂肪 假香料 假糖 等等So, in reality if it#39;s this simple being healthy,那么 如果在现实生活中保持健康就这么简单why do so many struggle with it?为什么这么多人还在为减肥苦恼呢And that#39;s because people utilize food for a variety of emotional reasons.那是因为人们会受到某些情绪的影响而去吃某些食物Whether it#39;s a coping mechanism or whether it#39;s affording them a deeper connection with another individual in their lives.不管这是一种处事方式还是在生活中让他们与他人有更紧密的联系And that#39;s what we have to get to the bottom of.而这也是我们所要探寻的And I remember somebody once said to me people are fat because they want to be fat.我记得某人曾经对我说过 人们发胖是因为他们想变胖And I remember going what an a-hole you are.我记得我当时的反应就是 你好蠢And the more I thought about it the more I realized it was true.但我越去思考这个问题就越觉得他说的很对The more I began to work with people who were overweight, the more I began to see what it meant to them.当我开始和更多的超重的人共事 我就越开始看出这对他们意味着什么And it could#39;ve been a connection with a parent.这可能和你的父母有关It could#39;ve been a connection to grieving the loss of somebody and feeling like if you stop eating like this也可能是因人去世而伤心然后觉得如果你不以这种方式进食you#39;ve moved on with your life and you#39;re no longer connected to them.你就在人生中翻过了这一章 你和死去的他们已经没有了任何关系It could be a sense of control.这可能是一种控制欲It could be a defense machianism against being vulnerable and getting hurt in relationships.这也可能是一种针对被伤害和在人际关系中受伤的防御机制But that is one of the reasons that losing weight or getting healthy is so difficult,但这就是减肥或者变得健康这么难的原因之一because it requires us to give up something that has been providing comfort因为这要求我们放弃那些一直以来为我们提供舒适and defense against hurt for a very long time.并且在很长一段时间里保护我们不受伤的东西It#39;s not because people are weak, or stupid, or lazy, or genetically fat.这并不是因为人们很脆弱 或是愚蠢 懒惰 又或者是天生肥胖It#39;s funny I asked people a lot of times,很有趣的是 我经常问人们right and if I was to ask you right now就像我现在问你们一样why is it that you want to be healthy?你为什么想要变得健康?And I would always ask contestants on The Biggest Loser, first day right.我也总是会在节目的第一天去问超级减肥王的参赛者们And they would show up然后他们就开始揭露and they would get on the scale- because they would get on the scale踏上磅秤称体重before they ever had their first workout and they would be like I#39;m changing my life.在他们开始第一次试验之前他们就表现得像是 我正在改变我的人生!I#39;m never going to see this number again.我再也不会看到这个数字了!I#39;m changing the world.我正在改变世界!I#39;m changing my neighborhood, my school, my family and my partner, my.. so on and so forth , right?我正在改变我的邻里 我的学校 我的家庭 我的伴侣我的……等等 对吧?Five minutes into the first workout they are rolling on the floor, they are crawling for the door, they are crying...第一次试验的五分钟后他们就在地板上打滚 他们向门爬去他们哭泣They#39;re throwing up.他们呕吐And in that moment I was like okay, so now why did you come here?那个时候我的反应就是 行 那么现在你是为什么而来?Why…did you want to come to this place?为什么……你想来到这个地方?This place is not easy. Being healthy is hard work. What is it?这地方不简单 保持健康是个很难的事情 为什么And they would say well I would, I just want to be healthy. And I would go great,然后他们就会说我 我只是想要变得健康 然后我就可以变得更好What does that mean to you?这对你来说意味着什么?And then I would get like the Scooby- Doo.know-wow!然后我就可以开始喜欢上史努比嗷呜And people don#39;t think about it.人们从来不去思考这个They really don#39;t know.他们真的不知道If I was to ask you right now what does health look like in your life?如果我现在问你 健康在你的生活中是什么样子的What#39;s your answer?你的会是什么Is it I want to wear a two piece instead of a one piece at spring break because I#39;m 22.是 我想在春假的时候穿两件式套装而不是连衣裙 因为我22岁了 吗?Or is it I want to see my grandchildren graduate from college, because I#39;m 62.或者是 我想看到我孙子大学毕业 因为我62岁了 吗?Or is it you know what? I want to have sex with the lights on.又或者是 你知道吗 我想开着灯啪啪啪吗Which by the way, I think it#39;s tremendously overrated顺便一提 我觉得这个被高估了but nevertheless, it#39;s not dark all the time.但是虽然如此 这也不可能一直是关着灯的Whatever your motivation is that#39;s what#39;s critical.无论什么样的动机都是你减肥成功的关键And it could be that you are a new mom.它可能是你成为了一位新任妈妈It could be that you wanna wear skinny jeans.也可能是你想穿紧身牛仔裤It could be that you wanna run a marathon.也可能是你想跑马拉松You need to think about what ways health will improve the quality of your life,你需要考虑的问题是 健康如何提升你的生活质量because I#39;m gonna tell you right now that getting healthy usually is displeasurable.因为现在我要告诉你 使自己变得健康这个过程很艰苦Most of us would rather be watching our favorite TV show than sweating it out at the gym.我们大多数人比起去体育场运动得大汗淋漓更喜欢看我们喜爱的电视节目Most of us, not all, but most.虽然不是所有人都这么想 但也占大多数Most of us would prefer pizza to grilled salmon.我们中的大多数比起烤鲑鱼 更喜欢披萨And so, in order for these behaviors in the moment而且 为了变得自制that are less than pleasurable to become managable这些看起来没那么愉快的行为是必须的you#39;ve got to have perspective and a long-term goal that#39;s worth it.因为你的愿景和一个长期的目标值得你那样去做And we call that finding your why.我们把这个称作寻因Um..there#39;s a great e.恩……有一句很棒的熟语If you have a why to live for, you can tolerate the how如果你为了某个目标而活 你就能忍受你是如何达到这个目标的整个过程The how is the work and the sacrifice associated with the goal.如何 就是你为了这个目标的努力 牺牲和付出And so this is where you need to ask yourself some really powerful questions of这时你就要问自己一个强有力的问题what is it that I want for myself in detail?具体地说 那到底对我来说意味着什么What do I want for my future?我对我的未来有什么期望How do I see this improving the quality of my life?我对这种提高生活质量的事情怎么看And you might find in the beginning, you draw a complete blank.最初你就会发现你什么都记不起And the reason for this is because so many of us live in the way that we think we should,造成这种情况的原因是我们大都以一种我们自认为应该的方式活着that we#39;ve forgotten what it is we really want.我们忘记了我们真正想要的是什么So I have an exercise for you.所以我给你准备了一个练习I want you for the next two weeks to set your alarm on the hour every hour, waking hours only.我希望你在接下来的两个星期里在你醒着的时候每个小时定一个闹钟I#39;m not a complete monster.我也不是一个完全没人性的怪兽And when it goes off I want you to ask yourself what you#39;re doing right now in the moment.当闹钟响的时候 我希望你能自问一下你在这个时刻正在做什么And then subsequently, how does it make you feel?接下来 它让你感觉如何And by teaching yourself to become present通过教会你自己变得现实you#39;re better able to start identifying the things that you do want,你能开始更好的定位你真正想要的东西that you are passionate about, and that will help you start to cultivate your why.你真正热衷于的东西 而这些将帮助你开始完善你的原因 Article/201706/514168大理东方不孕不育咨询 Many women take diet pills to keep themselves from gaining weight.许多女人吃减肥药来防止体重增加。diet pill,减肥药。 /200802/27214Steady there, hover.He#39;s nearly at the bottom.稳住 继续盘旋 他快落地了I#39;ve got a pilot saying to me,Dave, I#39;ve got to go now. I#39;ve got to go now.我边上的飞行员不停跟我说 戴夫 我们该走了 再不走不行了I#39;m like, ;you can#39;t go now #39;cause we#39;ve got two people hanging off these ropes而我说 我们走不了啊 还有两个人 在绳子上吊着呢I didn#39;t know at the time just how close things had been to going seriously wrong.我那会儿还不知道 情况已经岌岌可危Ropes and lava do not mix.Bear is on the volcano.绳子和熔岩就是死对头 贝尔已经在火山上了Thankfully, we pulled it off, but that was it.There was no more flying around.谢天谢地 我们做到了 飞机立刻飞走了The pilots were out of there -- gone.Back to base, never to be seen again.飞行员丢下我们 跑得远远的 回大本营去了 后来我们再也没见过面In at number 12 is my most memorable night#39;s sleep ever.排在第12位的 是我此生最难忘的一夜I mean, he#39;s not just Mr. Action.他不仅仅是动作明星You know, he#39;s got some bushcraft skills, as well,that he puts into play.还知道不少野外生存的技巧 并付诸于实践It#39;s ingenious.Guatemala provided another great moment.他很有创造力 在瓜地马拉的这一程也极为惊险After getting off the volcano,I headed deep into the jungle.从火山下来后 就深入丛林Now, the plan is to get myself way up high off the ground.我的计划是睡在高处 远离地面And the reason for that is jaguars.这是为了躲避美洲虎Jaguars are the Americas#39; biggest and most dangerous wild cat.美洲虎是美国最大 也是最为危险的野生猫科动物I didn#39;t want to take any chances,especially at night.我可不想冒险 尤其是在夜晚To sleep safely out of their reach,my plan was to construct a hanging bivouac.为了远离美洲豹的魔爪 我要做一个吊床All I need from this to make a triangle of a bed frame.用这些东西 做一个三角形床架 Now, that#39;s our shape.And then we#39;ll cross one like that.就是这个形状 然后像这样交叉We need to get our wiggle on with this.It#39;s getting dark, and fast.我们的摇摆床就靠它了 天快黑了 要快点儿So, it was just another great demonstration of what you can do in these situations to make your life safer.这又是一次很好的演示 教你在这种情况下 如何保持安全I#39;ve included this because it#39;s ingenious bushcraft,and I love ingenuity.我选中这一片段 因为这是独创的丛林求生技 是我最引以为傲的首创Let#39;s see if this vine- this vine holds.看看这根蔓藤是否结实You know, nothing#39;s ever easy in the jungle, is it?在丛林之中 就没有轻而易得的事Feels a bit precarious, this.But at least I#39;m out of reach ofy jaguars.感觉这有些不太稳固 但至少远离美洲豹的魔爪了And, actually,it#39;s not too uncomfortable.Mad day.其实 这太不舒了 疯狂的一天啊 Article/201612/483416大理解放军第六十医院引产多少钱

大理哪家医院做引产好大理最好的妇科 I found a lot of goodies in the stockings.我发现长袜里装有许多糖果。goody是比较口语的说法,表示好吃的东西,糖果,吸引人的东西。Each child here can take a bag of goodies home.这里的每位孩子都能拿一袋糖果回家。 /200803/28756大理市妇幼保健院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗

大理打胎到哪个医院好 英语口语1+1:A wolf in sheep's clothing【1+1英文】Angela: "I want you to stay away from that boy. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing. 【1+1中文】安吉拉:“我想让你离那男孩远点。他是一只披着羊皮的狼” 【1+1】A wolf in sheep's clothing" is a dangerous person pretending to be harmless.中文意思:披着羊皮的狼 /200605/7036大理哪里做流产好大理白族自治州治疗尿道炎多少钱



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