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三山镇妇女医院如何福清特色肛肠医院Britain's lawyers and judges are to break with centuries-old tradition and cease wearing white horse-hair wigs in non-criminal cases, the head of the country's judiciary announced on Thursday.The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, said new dress rules would mean the wigs, which British legal professionals have worn since the 17th century, would not be needed in civil or family court cases.Wing collars and bands -- white cotton strips worn round the neck -- can also be dispensed with in such cases according to the reforms, while judges will need just one gown in future instead of a variety of colorful outfits currently required.The wigs will still be worn in criminal courts."At present High Court judges have no less than five different sets of working dress, depending on the jurisdiction in which they are sitting and the season of the year," Phillips said in a statement."After widesp consultation it has been decided to simplify this."A review carried out in 2003 found that more than two thirds of respondents wanted to eliminate the wigs in civil cases, although most said criminal court judges should still wear them.Opponents of wigs thought they were anachronistic, as well as uncomfortable and expensive.A shoulder-length wig costs more than 1,500 pounds (,000) while the shorter ones worn by lawyers cost about 400 pounds each.However, the idea of abolishing them has met with disapproval from some lawyers who feel the wigs give them an air of authority."While there will never be unanimity of view about court dress, the desirability of these changes has a broad measure of agreement," Phillips said. 英国司法界领袖上周四宣布,英国的律师和法官们将告别一个沿袭了几个世纪的传统,在出庭审理非刑事案件时不用再戴白色的马鬃假发。高等法院首席法官、沃斯麦特勒佛的菲利普斯勋爵说,这一新的着装规定意味着从17世纪起司法界专业人士开始戴的假发在今后的民事或家庭纠纷案件中不需要再佩戴了。根据新规定,翼形领和围在脖子上的白色棉质饰带在此类案件中也不需要戴了;此外,今后法官在审理案件时不用再穿现在那一套五颜六色的法官了,而只需穿一件法官袍。但在出庭审理刑事案件时,还需要佩戴假发。菲利普斯在一份声明中说:“现在,英国高等法院的法官至少有五套不同的工作,他们根据不同的司法场合和季节着装。”“经过广泛征询意见后,我们决定对此进行简化。”2003年开展的一项调查发现,三分之二的受访者希望废除民事案件中佩戴假发的规定,同时大多数人称法官在审理刑事案件时还是应该佩戴假发的。反对佩戴假发者认为假发已过时、戴着不舒适而且价格昂贵。一个齐肩的假发需要1500多英镑,律师们佩戴的短假发则需大约400英镑。然而,废除假发的规定遭到一些律师们的反对,他们觉得假发能让他们看起来有一种权威感。菲利普斯说:“对于法庭着装,从来不会有一致的意见。目前的这些改革得到了广泛持。” /200803/28881平潭中医院是什么时候成立的 德国研究人员近日研究实,交通污染会引发儿童过敏性疾病。German researchers say they have found some of the strongest evidence yet linking traffic pollution to childhood allergies.The risk of developing asthma, hay fever(花粉症),eczema(湿疹) or other allergies is about 50 percent higher for children living 50 meters (yards) from a busy road than for those living 1,000 meters away, they said in a study released on Friday.Previous research has linked pollution to allergies, but to date observational studies in the field have been inconsistent, said Joachim Heinrich, an epidemiologist at the Helmholtz Research Centre for Environment and Health in Munich."We consistently found strong associations between the distance to the nearest main road and the allergic disease outcomes," Heinrich, who led the study, wrote in the American Journal of Respiratory(呼吸的) and Critical Care Medicine.The study followed 3,000 healthy children from all over Munich for six years from birth to determine rates of allergy-related diseases and exposure to traffic pollution.The researchers mapped each residential address and the distance to busy roads, then developed a model to calculate exposure to pollution at birth and age two, three and six. A busy road was considered one used by 10,000 cars each day."We developed a model to predict air pollution concentration at one point in a metropolitan area," Heinrich said in a telephone interview.This allowed the researchers to monitor more than one site as well as follow a large group of children over a long period of time, things many other studies did not do, Heinrich said.The researchers will continue monitoring the children over the next few years to determine whether moving to a less-polluted area can reverse any of the traffic pollution-related problems, he added. /200806/42585According to MyHeritage.com, everyone has a little celebrity(1) inside. Largely meant for charting family trees(2) and as a genealogy(3) community, the Web site also boasts an addictive(4) face recognition technology that blurs(5) the boundary between the great unwashed(6) and the thoroughly groomed(7).To find out which celebrity you most resemble(8), download a photo of yourself, and you'll quickly receive a list of stars with similar facial features. The results, which can include men and women, are often surprising.In one trial, a white, goateed(9), middle-aged man came up as most resembling the young black comedian Chris Tucker — and onlookers(10) exclaimed, "You know, I can see that."The Israel-based site uses algorithms(11) to compare faces. From a database of 3,200 celebs, ten ranked results are provided, which can be quite disparate(12).This writer's famous twins included the comedian Ben Stiller, the economist John Maynard Keynes and the painter Georgia O'Keeffe. Which makes sense, since many of my friends think of me as a comedic (if womanly) painter, with a strong penchant(13) for governmental interventionist(14) fiscal policy(15).Whatever our differences, though, MyHeritage suggests we at least share some superficial(16) similarities. The lesson, as always, is that machines know us better than ourselves.In this way, MyHeritage resembles the music Web site Pandora.com, which functions as a personal DJ. Pandora can lead a listener to music they might not know, but are predisposed to(17) like.On Pandora, you plug in a band or artist — for example, Beck. After listening to his "Fourteen Rivers," Pandora next cues up Jackson C. Frank's "(Tumble) in the Wind," and continues with songs by the Microphones, Iron amp; Wine and Travis.And if Beck sounds like Travis, then I might as well look like Georgia O'Keeffe. 根据网站MyHeritage.com,每个人都多多少少有些明星相。MyHeritage.com之前主要帮助网民绘制家谱,是一个宗谱社区,现在推出了一项有趣的面部鉴定务,模糊了平民百姓和明星大腕之间的界限。为了找到和你相似的明星,你需要向网站发送一张自己的照片,很快你就能收到一张和你长相相似的明星列表。结果通常会令你震惊,里面也许有男有女。在一次尝试中,一位白皮肤、山羊胡子的中年男子的对比结果竟然是年轻的黑人喜剧演员克里斯·塔克。旁观者们惊呼:“你知道么,我觉得你们挺像的。”这家以色列网站利用计算程序对比脸部特征。它会从3200个风格迥异的名人中为你挑出前10名最相似的。与本文作者最为相似的明星有喜剧演员本·斯蒂勒、经济学家约翰·梅纳德·凯恩斯和画家乔治娅·欧基夫。这样的结果也不无道理,因为我的很多朋友都认为我是有女性气质的幽默画家,同时又有强烈的财政政策政府干涉主义倾向。无论我们有多么不同,MyHeritage说我们总还是有一些相似的。通常机器比我们自身更加了解自己。这样说来,MyHeritage和音乐网站Pandora.com很相似。Pandora就好像私人DJ,为听众选择可能陌生但多半会喜欢的音乐。你可以输入一个乐队或者艺术家的名字,例如贝克。听完他的《十四条河》,Pandora会为你播放杰克逊·C·弗兰克的《风中翻腾》,之后是麦克风、铁与酒和崔维斯乐队的歌曲。如果贝克听上去的确很像崔维斯,那么我长得也的确像乔治娅·欧基夫。 /200805/38137福建中医学院附属人民医院做血常规检查

福建省福清妇幼保健医院检查多少钱关于学习:In college you can get a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. but that doesn't mean you're going to get a J.O.B.大学里你能拿到B.A.(学士学位), M.D.(医学士), or Ph.D.(士学位),但这不意味着你能拿到J.O.B.(工作)。That "F" You Got In English Does Not Mean Fantastic, So You Should Worry.英语课上拿了F,不是说你Fantastic(棒极了),你得上点心。Don't Schedule 8am classes! 早晨8点的课不能选!!If you plan on not attending class, make sure you have a buddy that will sign u in.要是你打算逃课,先保有个家伙能帮你签到。Do your homework amp; study. And by study I mean STUDY A LOT! 好好学习,完成作业,我说好好学习是真的要努力!内容来自: /201105/135412福清市第一人民医院的费用 1.如果他(她)爱浪漫——情侣手套Keep you hands and your heart warm with Smittens. Designed to allow two people to hold hands inone mitten, Smittens are the perfect gift for your spouse, loved one or favorite couple. Eachset comes with one pair of regular size mittens, and one oversized mitten for hand-holding.Smittens情侣手套可以温暖你俩的手,也可以温暖你俩的心。有了它,两个人就可以在一只手套里拉着手了。情侣手套是送给爱人的最好礼物。每幅情侣手套都由一双标准大小的手套以及一个超大型的供两只手插入的手套组成。 /200912/91691福清三山镇那个男科医院好

福清海口镇治疗软下疳好的医院导读:本季的各大品牌秀上,罗马鞋(gladiator shoes)、连体裤、短袜配凉鞋成为大热的潮流范本。令人眼花缭乱的T台搭配以及街拍真人秀使得时尚追随者蠢蠢欲动。但这些混搭及饰并不是时尚灵药。倘若穿着不当,它们很可能将你变成时尚“杯具”。British rapper M.I.A. was caught wearing sweat socks and metallic gold sandals last month. She was trying to follow this summer’s socks-and-sandals trend, promoted by top fashion houses, including Burberry and Prada. Unfortunately, somebody called the fashion police because M.I.A.’s socks-and-sandals combo was tragic – not trendy.上个月,英国说唱歌手M.I.A.以一身运动袜搭配金属质感金色凉鞋的装扮出现在公众视野中。今夏,包括Burberry和Prada在内的很多时尚大牌都推崇短袜配凉鞋的流行趋势,而M.I.A.正是该潮流的追随者。但不幸的是,这引起了“时尚警察”的注意,因为M.I.A.这身短袜配凉鞋的搭配实在是一个大“杯具”,毫无时尚可言。 /201008/111437 第一名:牡羊座代表观点:牡羊座的人总会在最关键时刻显示出他的智慧!Aries:They always show their wisdom in key moments. /200911/89722福清市中山医院妇产中心福清做无痛人流医院哪个好




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