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靴脚陆龟喂养养殖指南Ni Lu takes things one step at a time. ;It#39;s most realistic to set yourself targets for the next three or five years ; longer periods of time you can#39;t control,; the Shanghai girl says.倪璐(音译)按部就班地计划着自己的生活。这位上海姑娘说:;给自己设定一个未来3年或5年的目标,是最现实的事情;;再长就无法控制了。;Ms Ni#39;s short-to-medium term goals include working less, travelling a lot; finding a man to marry and having a baby.她的中短期目标包括少工作一些、到处旅游;找个人结婚然后生孩子。With her ambitious agenda, the 24-year-old office worker at Shanda, an internet company, is an emblem of China#39;s young generation. Markedly different from their parents and grandparents, under-30s in the world#39;s most populous nation have grown up in a relatively stable society and experienced increasing, if modest, prosperity, so they have certain expectations.这位志向远大、在互联网公司盛大(Shanda)任职的24岁白领是中国年轻一代的写照。与他们的父辈和祖辈明显不同,在这个全球人口最多的国家,30岁以下的人群是在一个相对稳定的社会中长大的,他们经历了越来越富裕(即使富裕程度还有限)的生活,因此会怀有一定期望。;These people have what I call middle class anxiety,; says Li Chunling, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Science in Beijing. ;They all strive for a decent standard of living which makes other people respect them.;;这些人患有我所说的中产阶级焦虑症,;位于北京的中国社科院(Chinese Academy of Social Science)研究员李春玲说道。;他们都追求高品质的生活,想让其他人尊敬自己。;It is a familiar picture.这种现象很常见。As continuously growing demand makes China the world#39;s largest market for everything from mobile phones to cars, and as the country develops a voracious appetite for luxury goods, the plans and expectations of young people also seem increasingly to resemble those of their western peers: and, it seems, they share the same status symbols and desires.随着持续扩大的需求让中国成为全球一切商品的最大市场(从手机到汽车),加之中国人对奢侈品产生了强烈兴趣,中国年轻人的未来规划和期望也似乎越来越像西方靠拢,他们似乎有着同样的社会地位象征和愿望。But the path to realising these seemingly simple dreams in China is very different from what it might be in Europe or America.但在中国,实现这些看似简单的梦想的道路与欧美截然不同。China#39;s society and economy are changing rapidly. The countryside is urbanising at a dizzying speed, the job market is being transformed overnight, and the media and entertainment landscape is undergoing sweeping changes.中国的社会和经济正迅速发生变化。农村正以惊人的速度城市化,就业市场日新月异,媒体和业格局正在经历彻底变革。While these conditions offer many opportunities to strike it rich, they also create huge hurdles for young people to attain their desired state of a middle class goal.这些环境造就了很多暴富的机会,但也给年轻人实现期望中的中产阶级目标制造了巨大障碍。;As a result, they feel a lot of pressure,; explains Mr Li.李春玲表示:;因此,他们感受到很多压力。;To be sure, the lives of the young can differ vastly, depending on whether they were born in a big city or in the countryside and whether they come from an affluent or well-connected family or a simple peasant household.无可否认,年轻一代的生活千差万别,这取决于他们出生在大城市还是农村,是来自富裕或是有着良好社会关系的家庭还是简单的农民家庭。Mr Li says: ;It is broadly felt that one#39;s family background is an increasingly important factor in one#39;s future, that social mobility is somewhat decreasing in China.;李春玲表示:;人们普遍认为,一个人的家庭背景对于他的未来是一个越来越重要的因素,在中国,社会阶层的流动性正开始有所减速。;But what young people across all social groups share is the expectation of a good life and the sobering realisation that getting there can require a rather uncomfortable struggle, if it does not turn out to be impossible altogether.但各个社会群体中的年轻人所共有的是,对美好生活的期望以及对一件事实的清醒认识:实现这一理想可能需要相当痛苦的奋斗,甚至有可能完全失败。;For young people in the cities, a home is probably the biggest issue,; says Wang Xiaodong, a researcher at the China Youth Research Centre. ;Property prices are too high,; he says.对于城市中的年轻人而言,房子或许是最大的问题。;中国青少年研究中心(China Youth Research Centre)研究员王晓东表示,;房价太高。;For young men and women who grew up in a small town or village, making a fresh start often seems easy.对于在小城镇或农村长大的年轻男女而言,白手起家通常似乎相对容易。Especially in the poorest rural regions, the young increasingly leave school early to go to the more developed coastal regions to work there.特别是在最贫困的农村地区,越来越多的年轻人辍学,到更为发达的沿海地区工作。;At the beginning, I was dazzled that I#39;d have my own cash every month,; says Zhuo Hong, a 25-year-old from Sichuan, one of China#39;s most populous western provinces. He left his rural home at 15 to work in a factory in Dongguan, an export manufacturing hub close to Hong Kong.;一开始,每月都能有自己的钱这件事让我激动不已,;现年25岁的四川人卓宏(音译)说道。四川是中国人口最多的西部省份。他15岁离开农村老家,在出口制造业中心东莞的一家工厂工作。But Mr Zhuo now finds it hard to get by. He has been saving his wages for marriage, but he is no longer sure he wants to go back to the village where all the young people have left, where the roads are muddy and where there is no work.但卓宏现在发现生活很难继续下去。他一直在攒钱准备结婚,但他已不再肯定自己希望回到那个所有年轻人都已离开的村子,在那里,道路泥泞,也没有工作。Staying in Dongguan would be difficult too, because he does not earn enough to buy a flat there. ;But I#39;m too old to start again, so maybe I made the wrong decision 10 years ago,; he says.留在东莞也很困难,因为他赚的钱不够在那里买房。他说:;但我已过了重新开始的年纪,或许我10年前出来的决定是错误的。;Those younger than him who leave the countryside now often do not wish to work in a factory. ;They can#39;t eat bitterness,; says Mr Zhuo, using a common expression for enduring hardship.那些现在离开农村、比他更年轻的人通常不希望在工厂工作。卓宏表示:;他们不能吃苦。;Many younger migrant workers try to find jobs in the service industries instead of construction and factories.很多更年轻的农民工设法在务业找工作,而非建筑业和工厂。Although young people in cities have more options, they often share the same sense of confusion. ;I don#39;t know in what direction the future will take me, I haven#39;t thought about that thoroughly,; says Ms Ni.尽管城市中的年轻人有着更多选择,但他们经常感到同样的困惑。倪璐表示:;我不知道自己的未来在何方,我还没有认真地考虑过这个问题。;She has taken up religion, something unthinkable in Maoist China a few decades ago. Once a month, she visits the Jing#39;an Temple in Shanghai to ;have a chat with the Buddha. I think it#39;s a good thing when people have some faith.;她现在信教,几十年前,在毛泽东时代的中国,这种事情还是不可想象的。她每月去一次上海的静安寺,;与佛祖聊聊天。我认为,有些信仰是件好事。;译者/梁艳裳 /201202/169878东部箱龟精品幼犬鬼多少钱一只The world#39;s most widely followed faith is gathering persecutors, even non-Christians should worry about that.世界上最流行的宗教信仰正在各处受到压制,即使非基督徒也应对此关切。CHRISTIANITY is growing almost as fast as humanity itself, but its 2.2 billion adherents cannot count on safety in numbers. That is partly because the locus of the world#39;s largest religion is shifting to hotter (in several senses) parts of the world. According to a report published by the Pew Forum in December, the Christian share of the population of sub-Saharan Africa has soared over the past century, from 9% to 63%. Meanwhile, the think-tank says, the Christian proportion of Europeans and people in the Americas has dropped, respectively, from 95% to 76% and from 96% to 86%.基督教徒的数量几乎和世界人口数量同步增长,但是,22亿信徒的众多数量并不能自然地保障他们的安全。部分原因是,这个世界上最大宗教的地域越益向世界更热的地方扩展(这里;热;字有多种含义)。据Pew论坛今年12月发表的一份报告,黑非洲(撒哈拉以南)的基督教人口占总人口的比例,在上个世纪中从9%猛增至63%。与此同时,欧洲和美国人口中基督徒的比例却分别从95%和96%降到76%和86%。But moving from the jaded north to the dynamic south does not portend an easy future. In Nigeria scores of Christians have died in Islamist bomb attacks, targeting Christmas prayers. In Iran and Pakistan Christians are on death row, for ;apostasy;;quitting Islam;or blasphemy. Dozens of churches in Indonesia have been attacked or shut. Two-thirds of Iraq#39;s pre-war Christian population have fled. In Egypt and Syria, where secular despots gave Christianity a shield of sorts, political upheaval and Muslim zeal threaten ancient Christian groups. Not all Christianity#39;s woes are down to Muslims. The faith faces harassment in formally communist China and Vietnam. In India Hindu nationalists want to penalise Christians who make converts. In the Holy Land local churches are caught between Israeli encroachment on their property and Islamist bids to monopolise Palestinian life. Followers of Jesus may yet become a rarity in his homeland.但是,基督教从疲惫的北方向富有活力的南方扩展,并不能预示基督徒在南方的安宁生活。在尼日利亚,几十名基督徒在针对圣诞节祈祷者的伊斯兰炸弹袭击中死亡。在伊朗和巴基斯坦,基督徒因为;变节;(放弃原来的伊斯兰信仰)或;亵渎;罪被判死刑。在印尼,几十座教堂被袭击或关闭。在伊拉克,战前基督教人口的三分之二已逃离那里。在埃及和叙利亚,虽然世俗的独裁者多少给了基督徒一些保护,但政治动荡和穆斯林的狂热在威胁着那里历史悠久的基督教团体。此外,穆斯林并不是基督徒遭受磨难的唯一根源。基督教信仰在形式上的共产主义国家中国和越南也受到烦扰。在印度,印度教民族主义者要求惩罚那些变换信仰转为基督徒的人。在耶路撒冷圣地,当地的教堂受到两方面的夹击:以色列人对基督教财产的侵蚀和巴勒斯坦人独占耶路撒冷的要求。耶稣的家乡可能会罕见基督徒了。Compared both with the wars of religion that once tore Christendom apart and with various modern intra-faith struggles, such as those within Islam, little blood is being spilt. But the brutality matters. Even if Western powers no longer see promoting Christianity#39;s interests as a geopolitical priority, it is hard to imagine American evangelicals ignoring a full-scale clampdown on house churches in China. And whatever their own beliefs, Western voters have other reasons to worry about the fate of Christians. Regimes or societies that persecute Christians tend to oppress other minorities too. Sunni Muslims who demonise Christians loathe Shias. Once religion is involved, any conflict becomes harder to solve.与历史上那些基督教徒之间的宗教战争和现代的宗教内部冲突(如伊斯兰)比较起来,目前对基督教的烦扰还不算太血腥,但仍然是残酷的。即便西方大国已不再把扩展基督教作为地缘政治的优先目标,仍然很难想象美国的传教士们会漠视中国对家庭教堂的全面禁止。不管他们自己的宗教信仰是什么,西方的选民们有其它原因对基督教徒的命运感到关切。因为,压制基督教的政权或社会通常也会压制其他少数人群。把基督徒视为魔鬼的逊尼派穆斯林同样诅咒什叶派穆斯林。只要宗教问题缠绕进来,任何冲突都变得难以化解。Just don#39;t call it a crusade绝非十字军运动[注2]Among liberal values, the freedom to profess any religion or none has a central place. America#39;s government is bound by law to promote that liberty. In line with its own ideals, America is rightly as concerned by the persecution of Muslims of any stripe as by the travails of Christians in China or Jews and Bahais in Iran. And it objects when Christian lands, like Belarus, practise persecution. Other more secular Western countries should do more to defend that right.在自由主义的价值观念中,信教或不信教的自由有着极为重要的地位。美国政府有促进宗教自由的法律义务。基于它自己的理念,美国理应对所有形式的宗教压制感到关切:不管是穆斯林受到的迫害,还是中国的基督教徒、伊朗的犹太教徒和巴黑伊教派经受的磨难,都是一样。当基督教占统治地位的国家(如白俄罗斯)发生压制其他宗教现象时,美国同样表示了反对。其它宗教色较淡的西方国家也应当在保护宗教自由上承担更多责任。What about those who see persecuting other religions as part of their calling? No faith is blameless: from Delhi to Jerusalem many of those stirring up hatred are men of God. But there is a specific problem with Islam. Islamic law (though not the Koran) has often mandated death for people leaving the faith. There are signs of change. The 57-member Organisation of Islamic Co-operation has, with American encouragement, toned down its bid to outlaw ;blasphemy; in various UN resolutions. It also condemned the attacks in Nigeria. But more Muslim leaders need to accept that changing creed is a legal right. On that one point, the West should not back down. Otherwise believers, whether Christian or not, remain in peril.有些人把迫害其他宗教看做是自己的使命,这在各个宗教里都不少见:从德里到耶路撒冷,很多煽动宗教仇恨的人自称为神意的执行者。但伊斯兰的问题更大一些。依照伊斯兰法(不是可兰经),对于改变信仰的人通常必须执行死刑。不过,现在已经有改变的迹象。有57个成员国的伊斯兰合作组织,已不再要求把一些联合国决议中的词句视为;亵渎伊斯兰;和非法,这个态度得到了美国的鼓励。这个组织还谴责了尼日利亚发生的袭击基督教徒的事件。但是,更多的穆斯林领导人需要承认人们改变信仰的权利。在这一点上,西方不应退缩。不然的话,宗教信徒们(不管是不是基督教徒)仍然难以摆脱困境。[注1]在基督教早期受到的迫害中,曾有古罗马把基督徒喂给狮子的酷刑。[注2]这里是说反对迫害基督徒并不是像十字军东征那样站在基督教立场上反对异教,而是要反对一切形式的宗教压制。 /201201/167625A long time ago, when Hercules fought the monster Hydra, a huge crab bit Hercules’ feet but was finally defeated. The crab fell onto an island in the Aegean Sea. Because the crab did not finish the task given by Hera, the Queen of Athens was affected by the curse. As a result, when the princess of Athens Meriot was born, a prophet foretold that the day the princess got married was the day the Queen would die. Therefore, the Queen made sure the princess did not marry.在很久很久以前,赫五力大战蛇妖许的时候,从海中升出一只巨蟹为帮助蛇妖咬了赫五力的脚踝,后来这只巨蟹被赫五力打死,落在了爱琴海的一座小岛上。巨蟹没有完成女神赫拉的任务,因而被诅咒,这诅咒便波及到了雅典王后的身上。在雅典公主美洛出生的时候,就有一位预言家预言,公主结婚的时候就是王后死亡的时候。为着这个预言,王后一直没有叫公主嫁人。When Meriot was 20 years old, a prince named Sa came to Athens. He admired Meriot’s beauty and wanted to marry her. And when Meriot saw Sa, she fell into love at first sight. But the curse was still valid and she could not pursue her own happiness by sacrificing her mother’s life. Meriot tried her best to control her emotions by arranging nine impossible missions for him to complete. Only by finishing these tasks could he marry her. However, Sa managed to complete them eventually, putting the princess in a great dilemma. Eventually her mother agreed to their marriage for the happiness of her daughter.直到美洛二十岁的时候,雅典城来了一位王子,名叫所飒。所飒是慕名而来,他一心想娶美洛为妻,而美洛在第一眼见到所飒时也深深的爱上了他。然而诅咒是可怕的,公主也不希望只为了自己的幸福去牺牲母亲的生命。于是她想尽办法阻止所飒也阻止自己的欲望。他定下了九关,就如同九个不可能完成的任务一样,除非所飒一一做到,他才可以迎娶美洛。然而,英勇无比的所飒竟一一做到了!公主陷入了两难的境地。伟大的母亲为了女儿的幸福,毅然决定把美洛嫁给所飒。On their nuptial day, the Queen did not go to the ceremony, as she did not want anything terrible to happen. The Queen went to the beach and jumped into the Aegean Sea. When the Queen drowned, a huge crab appeared in the sea and embraced her as if a shell of protection.在美洛和所飒举行婚礼的这一天,王后并没有到场,她不希望宴会上出现什么意外来破坏气氛。王后一个人悄悄走向海边,迎接着爱琴海的浪涛,蹈水自尽了。当人们怎么也找不到王后时,在海上发现了一只巨大的蟹,它的双臂环绕在胸前,仿佛缺乏安全感,又像是一位善于保护的母亲。When Hera found out about her mother’s death, she was full of regret and transformed the crab into a constellation in the sky called Cancer.女神赫拉知道这件事情以后也有些后悔,于是让那温柔而敏感的母亲在天上成为一个星座,它的形象就是一只巨蟹。 /201108/150278金平苗族瑶族傣族自治县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养

麝香龟好养吗价格收藏推荐磐石市花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养It's the new riddle of the Sphinx: “Why didn’t he call me back?” You have a great first date with a promising guy. You think it went well and expect to see him again… but then poof! He vanishes inexplicably. You sit around with your girlfriends and debate why he didn’t call you back. What happened in between “I’ll pick you up at 8pm” and “poof?” You speculate, you obsess, you rationalize, you justify. You want to know why. When your friends tell you, “It’s not you, it’s him,” you want to know if they’re trying to be nice or telling you the truth. “他为什么不给我打电话呢?”这可是一个难解之谜哦。他是个好小伙,你们俩的第一次约会也十分美满,你很想跟他继续交往下去,可是……他却“噗”的一声人间蒸发了,真是莫名其妙呀。你跟你的闺蜜们聚在一起,争论着他不给你打电话的原因——在他决定说出“八点钟我来接你”和“噗”的一下消失之间到底发生了什么事?你们想啊,猜啊,推理啊,判断啊,就是想把原因弄个明明白白。可是到最后,朋友们对你说“不是你的错,是他不好”的时候,你却不知道她们是在安慰你呢,还是说的实话。Guess what? There is someone who does know the truth about what really happened on your date. But it’s not you. It’s not your friends. And it’s certainly not your mother. It’s the guy you went out with. So I decided to ask him for you! In fact, I asked 1,000 “hims.” During the past ten years as a dating coach and matchmaker, I conducted “exit interviews” with 1,000 single guys to find out why you never heard from him again after a date, or after he flirted with you online or at a party. And I got some real answers. It turns out there are clear, consistent reasons why men show initial interest and then disappear. Sure, sometimes the issue is all his—who hasn’t gone out occasionally with a real jerk? But it turns out that many times we’re sending out signals we might not be aware of. And the good news is that most of these signals are easy to fine-tune.   你想不到吧,的确有人知道事件的真相,可是这个人不是你,不是你的朋友,当然也不是你的老妈,他就是另一个当事人——跟你约会的那个家伙;所以我决定替你亲自“审问”他。呃,事实上,我审问了1000个“他”;在过去的十年里,身为一个约会指导师兼红娘,我总共对1000名单身小伙作过“分手后的调查”,目的就是找出其中缘故——为什么他会在初次约会之后就杳无音信、为什么他在网上或者聚会上给你送了一吨“秋波”之后却没了人影儿。我查到了很多真相,在男人们先是热情如火、接着却偃旗息鼓的背后,确实存在着清晰且一致的理由。有时候的确是对方脑子进水了,那种约会中的“傻X”男人,女人们都或多或少遇到过;但另一些时候,是咱们自己没注意,给他发送出去的是错误的“信号”。令人欣慰的是,这些误会是很容易纠正过来的。Men essentially confessed that when they first meet you, they have several “female stereotypes” floating around in their mind. They quickly try to peg which stereotype you are and then look for evidence to back up their hunch. You know who you are deep down, but he doesn’t yet. So he will decide whether to call you again based on his perception of you, not the reality. In the early stage of dating, perception is reality. Here are three of the most common reasons men revealed why they aren’t calling women back (get the other 7 reasons - and what you can do about all of them - in my new book).  男士们都承认,在初次见面之前,他们早就在脑海中将女人分了几个类型,接着他们会迅速地将你归类,然后在约会中寻觅各种信息、信号,来明他们的预想。你了解自己,可他不了解啊,所以他就根据对你的印象、而不是你的“真我”来决定是否再次约你、跟你交往下去。在两人约会的初期,男人是把“直觉中的你”当做“真的你”来对待了。下面列出的是三个最常见的原因,导致了男人的急流勇退(其余七条以及应对措施,请参看拙著)。 /201012/120254Negotiate a Better RaiseA CEO told me a story about a salesperson who asked for a raise. She asked the salesperson, "Why do you deserve a raise?""Because I made less this year than I did last year," explained the salesperson."That's because you sold less this year than you did last year," said the CEO."I know. And I want you to make it up to me," said the salesperson.This salesperson is no longer working for this organization.So how and when should a salesperson ask for a raise? Understanding your boss's point of view will help you position your raise as a good thing for the company, instead of a good thing for you. Here are seven points to consider before negotiating a better deal:1. Make Sure You Have Clout.The salesperson in the example above didn't have clout. Coming off a bad year or quarter is the wrong time to test your value. With clout, you could find yourself with a better offer from the company or on the free agent market.A better offer from another firm validates your claim that you're worth more to the company you're working for. If your boss wants to keep you, you have the clout to establish the parameters of your raise. However, if you use the "here's-what-I'm-worth-to-another-company" ploy, you have to be willing to leave.2. Watch Your Timing.Don't even think about asking for a raise until you've been there a year or more. Your value to the company increases when you have some customer relationships that you can leverage for increased sales and referrals.3. Ask for Small Increases in Your Base Salary Based on Inflation.If it's been a while since your base pay was adjusted, this ploy might work. However, the trend today is for lower bases and increased incentives. This lets companies reduce fixed expenses while rewarding you for meeting company expectations. /200905/70634巴塘县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养LIKE a tired marriage, the relationship between libraries and publishers has long been reassuringly dull. E-books, however, are causing heartache. Libraries know they need digital wares if they are to remain relevant, but many publishers are too wary of piracy and lost sales to co-operate. Among the big six, only Random House and HarperCollins license e-books with most libraries. The others have either denied requests or are reluctantly experimenting. In August, for example, Penguin will start a pilot with public libraries in New York.就像是一个令人疲惫的婚姻,图书馆和出版商之间长期存在着无聊的关系。然而,电子书的出现引起了它们的心痛。图书馆知道,如果它们想保持自己存在的价值,就需要数字化的设备,但对于许多出版商而言,由于在盗版和失去销量问题上太过谨慎的态度,而不予合作。在最大的六家出版商中,只有兰登书屋和哈珀?柯林斯出版社授予了绝大多数图书馆电子书的许可。其它出版社或是拒绝了这项要求,或是在勉强进行试用。例如,在八月份,企鹅出版社将在纽约的公共图书馆开始试验。Publishers are wise to be nervous. Owners of e-ers are exactly the customers they need: book-lovers with money (neither the devices nor broadband connections come cheap). If these wonderful people switch to borrowing e-books instead of buying them, what then?出版商感到紧张是明智的。电子阅读器的所有者们恰恰是他们需要的顾客:有钱(而既不是设备或是便宜的宽带连接)的爱书人。如果这些了不起的人们由借阅电子书而变为购买电子书,将会怎样呢?Electronic borrowing is awfully convenient. Unlike printed books, which must be checked out and returned to a physical library miles from where you live, book files can be downloaded at home. Digital library catalogues are often browsed at night, from a comfy sofa. The files disappear from the device when they are due (which means no late fees, nor angst about lost or damaged tomes).电子借阅非常方便。与印刷版书籍不同,电子书籍文件在家就可以下载,而不需要去离家几英里外的实体图书馆借阅和还书。人们常在晚上在舒适的沙发里浏览数字图书馆目录。当文件到期时,它们将自动从设备上消失(这意味着没有滞纳金,也无需担心丢失或损坏煌煌巨著)。Awkwardly for publishers, buying an e-book costs more than renting one but offers little extra value. You cannot resell it, lend it to a friend or burn it to stay warm. Owning a book is useful if you want to savour it repeatedly, but who s ;Fifty Shades of Grey; twice?这对出版商而言却很尴尬。购买一本电子书比租用一本的花费更多,然而带来的收益增加却相当微小。你不能把电子书二次售出或是借给朋友,甚至不能将它烧了以取暖。如果你想重复品味一本书,那么拥有一本书是非常好的,但谁愿意读第二遍《格雷的50道阴影》?E-lending is not simple, however. There are lots of different and often incompatible e-book formats, devices and licences. Most libraries use a company called OverDrive, a global distributor that secures rights from publishers and provides e-books and audio files in every format. Some 35m titles were checked out through OverDrive in 2011, and the company now sends useful data on borrowing behaviour to participating publishers. Yet publishers and libraries are worried by OverDrive#39;s market dominance, as the company can increasingly dictate fees and conditions.然而电子借阅并不简单。电子书的格式、设备和许可之间有极大不同,并常常不能互相兼容。大多数图书馆所采用的是OverDrive公司提供的电子书,这家全球性经销商确保了来自出版商的版权,并提供所有格式的电子书和音频文件。2011年,高达三亿五千万的条目通过OverDrive公司借出,这家公司现在正通过输出借阅行为相关的有用数据参与到出版商中来。OverDrive的市场占有率让出版商和图书馆担忧,因为这家公司可以提高授权费用和条件。Publishers were miffed when OverDrive teamed up with Amazon, the world#39;s biggest online bookseller, last year. Owners of Amazon#39;s Kindle e-er who want to borrow e-books from libraries are now redirected to Amazon#39;s website, where they must use their Amazon account to secure a loan. Amazon then follows up with library patrons directly, letting them know they can ;Buy this book; when the loan falls due.去年,当OverDrive公司与世界上最大的在线图书销售商——亚马逊合作之后,出版商们有点恼火。亚马逊Kindle阅读器的所有者们现在如果想从图书馆借阅电子书,就将被带入到亚马逊的网站上,在那里,他们必须使用他们的亚马逊账户来为他们的借阅提供担保。亚马逊还进一步与图书馆的老主顾们直接交涉,告诉他们若是借阅过期,则他们可以直接;购买这本书;。This arrangement nudged Penguin to end its deal with OverDrive earlier this year. The publisher#39;s new pilot involves 3M, a rival distributor that does not yet support the Kindle. ;Ultimately Amazon wants to control the library business,; says Mike Shatzkin, a publishing consultant.这一约定迫使企鹅出版社在今年早些时候终止了它和OverDrive的合约。这家出版商的新合作者包括3M公司,OverDrive的竞争对手之一,一家尚未持Kindle的经销商。;亚马逊最终想控制图书馆事务。;出版业咨询师麦克?肖特金说。Library users-nearly 60% of Americans aged 16 and older, according to Pew, an opinion researcher-are a perfect market for Amazon. It woos them by making loans on the Kindle uniquely easy. Late last year Amazon also unveiled its Kindle Owners#39; Lending Library, which lets its best customers (called ;Amazon Prime; members) borrow free one of thousands of popular books each month.根据民意调查研究机构皮尤的数据,16岁以上并占美国人口数近60%的图书馆使用者,是亚马逊最好的市场。它通过在Kindle上极其便利的借阅程序,从而取悦了他们。去年晚些时候,亚马逊还推出了Kindle所有者的借阅图书馆,这个图书馆允许亚马逊最好的客户(被称为;亚马逊会员;的成员)每月在上千本畅销书中免费借阅一本。Library boosters argue that book borrowers are also book buyers, and that libraries are vital spaces for ers to discover new work. Many were cheered by a recent Pew survey, which found that more than half of Americans with library cards say they prefer to buy their e-books. But the report also noted that few people know that e-books are available at most libraries, and that popular titles often involve long waiting lists, which may be what inspires people to buy.图书馆的持者认为,借阅图书者也就是购买图书者,而图书馆则是这些读者发现新作品的重要根据地。许多人为皮尤研究机构最近的调查而感到欢欣鼓舞,这项调查发现,超过一半拥有图书馆卡的美国人说,他们更喜欢购买他们的电子书。但是这项报告也指出,几乎没有人知道电子书在大多数图书馆都是可借阅的,而那些畅销书籍常常有着很长的等候借阅名单,这也许将促进人们的购买行为。So publishers keep tweaking their lending arrangements in search of the right balance. Random House raised its licensing prices earlier this year, and HarperCollins limits libraries to lending its titles 26 times. Penguin plans to keep new releases out of libraries for at least six months, and each book will expire after a year. Hachette is engaged in some secret experiments, and the others are watching with bated breath. In Britain the government will soon announce a review of the matter. The story of the library e-book is a nail-biter.因此出版商在不断微调他们的借阅合约以找到最恰当的平衡点。兰登书屋在今年早些时候提高了授权价格,哈珀?柯林斯出版社限制图书馆借阅条目的次数为26次。在企鹅出版社的计划中,新书从出版后到进入图书馆,至少要等六个月的时间,且一年后就到期。阿歇特出版社正在进行一些秘密实验,而其它出版社则在屏息观望。在英国,政府不久将宣布一份这一事项的报告。电子图书馆的故事实在是一个令人高度紧张的故事。 /201208/193704红腿象龟品种介绍种类区别

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