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It was 10 p.m. Fritz said good night to his wife. She was watching TV. He went to bed. Tomorrow was a big day. It was his last day of work. Thirty years with the federal government. Thirty years of flying out of town for weeks on end. Thirty years of interviews, meetings, and heavy briefcases. Tomorrow it would all be over. Not that he didn’t like it. He had enjoyed his career.Fritz felt blessed. His father had had a tough life as an unskilled laborer. Whenever Fritz was a bit discouraged or upset, he thought about his overworked and underpaid father. He thanked God for his own good life, and for the fact that he had been able to make his dad’s last years comfortable.His two children were married and had their own careers. His wife Paige kept busy with, among other things, her bridge club. She had tried to get him interested in bridge, but without success. Fritz was content with his own Friday night poker group.Friday morning, he went to work for the very last time. Those who knew him well would miss him. Fritz was a genuinely nice guy. He never had a bad word to say about anyone. Some people might have thought he was a little dull, but he was intelligent, a hard worker, and a team player. He had taken only three weeks of sick leave in 30 years.A small group took him out to lunch. When he returned from lunch, the whole office gathered around for cake, ice cream, a farewell card, and a few short speeches. They presented him with various going-away gifts, including a big, paperback US atlas. It listed all the motels, campgrounds, national parks, tourist spots, and other information to help guide a leisurely traveler throughout the good old USA. He had told his friends that he and Paige were going to spend a couple of years visiting all the places that he never had gotten to explore while there on business. As a final gift, his supervisor told him to take the rest of the day off.Paige’s car wasn’t in the driveway when he got home. She was probably shopping for some traveling clothes. Maybe she was out arranging a dinner at a restaurant that evening for just the two of them. That would be nice.But something was wrong. When he hung up his jacket, he saw that the bedroom closet was half empty. Paige’s clothes were gone. Her shoes were not on the closet floor. Confused, he looked around the bedroom.He saw an envelope on the lamp stand. Inside it were two pieces of paper. One notified him of a divorce proceeding. The other was a hand-written note from Paige. “I’m so sorry,” it began. She said that her lawyer had told her to wait until today. If she had sought divorce a year earlier, like her boyfriend had suggested, she would not have been able to qualify for 50 percent of Fritz’s pension. She hoped that he would find it in his heart to forgive her. She felt terrible about this, she wrote, because “you’ve been so good to me. But I can’t ignore my own heart.”Fritz sat immobile on the edge of the bed. Her note was in his hand; her words were burning in his brain.Maybe an hour later, the phone rang. He picked it up on the fifth ring. It was Bob, wondering if Fritz was going to play poker later that night. Article/201108/147101On her first day in Tehran, Courtney went to the US Embassy and told an official who she was and why she was there. The assistant to the deputy ambassador told her that she should return to the US, and leave the investigation to “professionals.” She politely refused, saying that the “professionals” had so far discovered absolutely nothing. He said that these things took time. He told her that her efforts would interfere with official efforts, and might even put her life in danger. She told him that she would gladly risk her life in order to find her husband. He said he had to go to a meeting. "Go home," he ordered. Frustrated, she walked out of the embassy and sat down on the steps outside. With her head in her hands, she wondered what her next step would be.Minutes later, a well-dressed Iranian man walked over to her and asked, in fluent English, if he could be of any assistance. He offered Courtney a handkerchief. He sat down next to her. She looked at a kind, caring face, and felt hope for the first time in almost a month. She explained her situation to the man. He frowned. He told her that cigarette smugglers tolerated no one who got in their way. He said he would talk to some people he knew. He gave her his business card and the name of a good hotel to stay in. He said he would contact her at the hotel the next day. He squeezed her hands in his, and then said goodbye. Article/201105/138086He was in his 60s. He was short, fat, and arrogant. He was the plant manager, the supervisor, the boss! His name was Tom. He relished every minute of his power. He yelled at the employees. He called them names. He smoked daily, even though it was against the law to smoke in the workplace. He didn’t care. As the license plate on his car said, he was The Boss.California is an “at will” state. That means that your employer can let you go for no reason (“You’re fired!”) or almost any reason ("You’re fired because you’re too tall!”). You can take your firing to court if it involves discrimination—sexism, racism, or ageism. However, even if you were discriminated against, proving it in court is difficult.Tom considered himself a macho man. He did not know that his employees considered him a jerk. They made fun of him behind his back. They called him Tommy Troll because he was short and mean and had no manners. Never once had anyone heard Tom use the words Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, or I’m Sorry.Everyone wanted to attend his funeral. But that wasn’t going to happen soon. After his last physical, he presented his blood test report at a weekly staff meeting. Every item on that report was within the acceptable range. “The doctor said I'll live to be 100,” he said proudly, immediately depressing most of the employees.Tom played golf every Sunday with some other supervisors. He was a bad golfer, but he thought he was good. He liked to joke around and make fun of other golfers. On the first tee last Sunday, Tom joked about a golfer who had just teed off: “Look at that guy. He swings like a girl.” Tom laughed heartily at his own joke. His buddies were silent.“What did you say?” asked the golfer angrily. He had overheard Tom’s remark. He was a mean-looking man.“Uh, nothing,” Tom said.“Yes, you did. You said I swing like a girl. Now I’ve got something to say. You apologize like a good little girl, or I’ll give you a fresh knuckle sandwich.”In front of his golf buddies, Tom meekly apologized. After only nine holes, during which Tom was unusually quiet, he excused himself and went home. He said he had a headache. But his friends thought it was shame that was eating at him. The next day, Tom was still upset. He told Bill to report to his office. He had never liked Bill. He always wondered why he had hired him in the first place.“I’m letting you go. I don’t need you here. Your last day is Friday."Bill wasn’t surprised. Saying nothing, he spat on Tom’s desk and walked out. Article/201107/145779

有声名著之螺丝在拧紧 Chapter16英文原著:《螺丝在拧紧The.Turn.of.the.Screw》文本下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200810/53465

有声名著之永别了武器 Chapter22《永别了,武器》是美国诺贝尔文学奖获得者海明威的主要作品之一。美国青年弗瑞德里克·亨利在第一次世界大战后期志愿参加红十字会驾驶救护车,在意大利北部战线抢救伤员。在一次执行任务时,亨利被炮弹击中受伤,在米兰医院养伤期间得到了英国籍护士凯瑟琳的悉心护理,两人陷入了热恋。亨利伤愈后重返前线,随意大利部队撤退时目睹战争的种种残酷景象,毅然脱离部队,和凯瑟琳会合后逃往瑞士。结果凯瑟琳在难产中死去。海明威根据自己的参战经历,以战争与爱情为主线,吟唱了一曲哀婉动人的悲歌,曾多次被搬上银幕,堪称现代文学的经典名篇。英文原著:永别了武器PDF文本下载I don’t really have a hero. There are many people I respect, but they are not really my hero. Some people choose very strange heroes. My friends have rock stars and football players as heroes. Of course, these people are very good at what they do, but they’re not really heroes. They get lots of money for doing what they love. When they’re not singing or playing football, I wonder what they’re doing. I think most of the world’s heroes are unsung heroes. People who work to help others every day. We generally don’t notice these heroes. Then there are those who put their lives on the line for others. Fire fighters, police officers and soldiers are heroes. Without them, the world would be less safe. Article/201105/13528417Jehoshaphat his son succeeded him as king and strengthened himself against Israel. 2He stationed troops in all the fortified cities of Judah and put garrisons in Judah and in the towns of Ephraim that his father Asa had captured. 3The Lord was with Jehoshaphat because in his early years he walked in the ways his father David had followed. He did not consult the Baals 4but sought the God of his father and followed his commands rather than the practices of Israel. 5The Lord established the kingdom under his control; and all Judah brought gifts to Jehoshaphat, so that he had great wealth and honor. 6His heart was devoted to the ways of the Lord ; furthermore, he removed the high places and the Asherah poles from Judah. 7In the third year of his reign he sent his officials Ben-Hail, Obadiah, Zechariah, Nethanel and Micaiah to teach in the towns of Judah. 8With them were certain Levites-Shemaiah, Nethaniah, Zebadiah, Asahel, Shemiramoth, Jehonathan, Adonijah, Tobijah and Tob-Adonijah-and the priests Elishama and Jehoram. 9They taught throughout Judah, taking with them the Book of the Law of the Lord ; they went around to all the towns of Judah and taught the people. 10The fear of the Lord fell on all the kingdoms of the lands surrounding Judah, so that they did not make war with Jehoshaphat. 11Some Philistines brought Jehoshaphat gifts and silver as tribute, and the Arabs brought him flocks: seven thousand seven hundred rams and seven thousand seven hundred goats. 12Jehoshaphat became more and more powerful; he built forts and store cities in Judah 13and had large supplies in the towns of Judah. He also kept experienced fighting men in Jerusalem. 14Their enrollment by families was as follows: From Judah, commanders of units of 1,000: Adnah the commander, with 300,000 fighting men; 15next, Jehohanan the commander, with 280,000; 16next, Amasiah son of Zicri, who volunteered himself for the service of the Lord , with 200,000. 17From Benjamin: Eliada, a valiant soldier, with 200,000 men armed with bows and shields; 18next, Jehozabad, with 180,000 men armed for battle. 19These were the men who served the king, besides those he stationed in the fortified cities throughout Judah. Article/200901/60537

I was sound asleep. My grandfather appeared in a dream. He asked why I had never visited him and grandma at the cemetery. He said that even my mom hadn’t visited since October 4 (grandma’s birthday). He told me that, when I was young, I had walked out into a pond and slipped under water. He had rescued me. He said grandma was supposed to be watching me, but that she had gotten sick all of a sudden and was throwing up. It was probably the fresh blackberries they had picked and eaten earlier. Grandma had a bad stomach.My parents were out on a boat in the pond. They did not know that grandpa had saved me until they got back to shore. I was in a towel and my clothes were drying on bushes. My brown and white Buster Brown shoes were also soaked. I was only three years old, grandpa said. My parents were angry at first, but when they saw that grandma was still feeling sick, they forgave her.Grandpa told me that we had a picnic after that. The four of us ate some chicken, potato salad, and homemade cookies. We drank lemonade. Then grandpa took me for a walk in the woods (I sat on his shoulders). I saw some daisies, and we picked them. When we returned, I presented three daisies to mom and three to grandma, who was finally feeling better. Grandpa said to bring some daisies to the gravesite. Then I woke up. Article/201104/133259At three-thirty that afternoon, Harry, Ron, and the other Gryffindors hurried down the front steps onto the grounds for their first flying lesson.下午三点半,哈利、罗恩,还有其它同学,怀着兴奋的心情准备上他们的第一堂飞行训练课。It was a clear, breezy day, and the grass rippled under their feet as they marched down the sloping lawns toward a smooth,他们跑下楼梯,穿过草地,来到禁林外边。今天的天气可真好,清朗于爽,flat lawn on theoppositeside of the grounds to the forbidden forest, whose trees were swaying darkly in the distance.草地上绿色的小草微微地漾着细浪,轻轻地拂过他们的脚踝,让人感觉舒极了。不远处,禁林里的树木也在随风摆动。The Slytherins were aly there, and so were twenty broomsticks lying in neat lines on the ground.史林德林的学生早已到齐。地上整整齐齐地摆放着二十大扫帚。Harry had heard Fred and George Weasley complain about the school brooms,哈利曾经听过弗雷德和乔治·威斯里抱怨学校里的大扫帚质量不大好。saying that some of them started to vibrate if you flew too high, or always flew slightly to the left.他们说有些扫帚会在你飞到高空的时候发颤,有些扫帚则总爱往左偏。Their teacher, Madam Hooch, arrived. She had short, gray hair, and yellow eyes like a hawk.这时,他们的老师胡施夫人来了。她长着一头灰色的短发。她的一双黄色的眼睛,就好像鹰的眼睛一样锋利。Well, what are you all waiting for? she barked. Everyone stand by a broomstick. Come on, hurry up.嘿,你们呆呆地站在那儿干嘛?她大喝道,每一个人都给我站到扫帚边上去!快,快点!Harry glanced down at his broom. It was old and some of the twigs stuck out at odd angles.哈利低头看了看自己的扫帚。好旧呀,还有许多枝条突了出来,丑死了!Stick out your right hand over your broom,called Madam Hooch at the front, and say Up!把你们的右手伸到扫帚上方,;胡施夫人站在队伍前面说,;然后大声说:起来!UP,everyoneshouted.起来!大家一齐叫道。

5 My son is born第5章 我儿子的出生Next morning, Darnley came to see me. He was afraid.;What#39;s the matter,husband?;I said.;Why are you crying?;第二天早晨,达恩利来见我。他显得很害怕。“怎么了,丈夫?”我问道。“你干吗哭?”;Oh Mary, Mary!;he said. ;I#39;m sorry! I was wrong! I helped those men to kill Riccio, and now the Earl of Moray is back here with them!He hates me!I am afraid they#39;re going to kill me, and you too. Think of our child, Mary, here inside you!;“噢玛丽,玛丽!”他说。“对不起,我错了!我帮助那些人杀死了里奇奥,现在马里伯爵回来了,和他们在一起!他恨我!我怕他们会杀了我,还有你。玛丽,为你肚子里的我们的孩子想一想吧!”He took me in his arms again.I was very angry. I am sorry, James, that this man was your father. He was a stupid boy, not a man. He was tall and strong and beautiful but he could never think like a man or a king.他又一次抱着我。我很生气。很抱歉,詹姆斯,这人就是你的父亲。他是个愚蠢的男孩,不是个男子汉。他高大健壮又漂亮,可是他从来没想过要让自己像个男子汉或一个亲王。I said,; You know these men, Henry. What do they want?;我说,“你了解这些人,亨利。他们想要什么?”;They—they want our child, Mary. They don#39;t want us.They#39;re going to put you in prison. They don#39;t want you to be Queen—they want your child to be King or Queen. I—I don#39;t know what they want to do with me.;“他们——他们想要我们的孩子,玛丽。他们不要我们。他们要把你关进监狱,他们不想让你做女王——他们想让你的孩子做国王或女王。我——我不知道他们要怎样处置我。”;Perhaps they want you to be King, too, without me,; I said quietly. ;Then you can do what they say, like a little boy.;“或许他们也想让你做国王,而不要我。”我很平静地说。“然后你就按他们说的去做,像个乖男孩。”;Perhaps,Mary.They said that,yesterday.But now that Moray#39;s here—I don#39;t know. I#39;m afraid. Please help me!;He began to cry again.;What can we do?;“也许吧,玛丽。他们昨天是这样说的。不过现在马里回来了——我不知道。我很害怕,请帮帮我吧!”他又开始哭了起来。“我们该怎么办?”;We can run away,;I said.;We can leave Edinburgh quick-ly and quietly, before Ruthven and his men stop us. Be quiet for a minute. I want to think.;“我们可以逃走,”我说。“我们可以在鲁斯温和他们的人阻拦我们之前迅速而不声不响地离开爱丁堡。安静一会儿,让我想一想。”I walked up and down for two or three minutes, then I said:;Henry, go back to these men. Tell them—;我来来回回徘徊了二三分钟,说:“亨利,回到那些人那里去。告诉他们——”;No! Mary, please! I can#39;t! I#39;m afraid of them!;“不!玛丽,请别这样!我办不到!我怕他们!”;Listen to me,Henry!And try to be a man. Go and tell them I#39;m ill, because of the child.Say I#39;m not angry with them. Tell them anything—lie to them. Then,tonight, bring some men and horses here, behind the castle…;“听我说,亨利!试着做一个男子汉。去告诉他们,我病了,是因为怀的缘故。说我不对他们生气。再跟他们说些什么——骗骗他们。然后,今天晚上,带上这里的一些人和马,从城堡后……。” Article/201204/177137For the rest of the lunch hour I very carefully kept my eyes at my own table. I decided to honor the bargain I#39;d made with myself. Since he didn#39;t look angry, I would go to Biology. My stomach did frightened little flips at the thought of sitting next to him again.  午饭剩下来的时间,我都非常小心地把目光一直放在自己桌上。我决定尊重我跟自己达成的那个协议。既然他看上去不生气,我就去上生物学。一想到又要坐到他的旁边,我的胃,的的确确可怕地翻腾了几下。  I didn#39;t really want to walk to class with Mike as usual — he seemed to be a popular target for the snowball snipers — but when we went to the door, everyone besides me groaned in unison. It was raining, washing all traces of the snow away in clear,icy ribbons down the side of the walkway. I pulled my hood up, secretly pleased. I would be free to go straight home after Gym.  我并不想像往常那样跟迈克一起去上课——他似乎是雪球狙击手们喜欢的目标——不过我们走到门口时,除了我以外,大家都不约而同地唉声叹气。天下雨了,把所有的积雪都冲刷一空,像一根明净、冰冷的缎带似的顺着人行道流走了。我把帽兜拉了上来,心中窃喜。下了体育课,我可以直接回家去喽。   Mike kept up a string of complaints on the way to building four.  迈克在去4号楼的路上一直抱怨个没完。  Once inside the classroom, I saw with relief that my table was still empty. Mr. Banner was walking around the room,distributing one microscope and box of slides to each table. Class didn#39;t start for a few minutes, and the room buzzed with conversation. I kept my eyes away from the door, doodling idly on the cover of my notebook.  进了教室后,我看见我的桌子还空着,舒了一口气。班纳先生正在教室里来回走动,在给每张桌子发一个显微镜和一盒玻璃片。课还没开始上,还要过几分钟,教室里嗡声一片。我克制着不往门口的方向看,漫不经心地在笔记本的封面上乱涂一气。  I heard very clearly when the chair next to me moved, but my eyes stayed carefully focused on the pattern I was drawing.  旁边的椅子挪动时,我听得非常真切,但我的目光依旧小心地集中在手头正在画的图案上。  ;Hello,; said a quiet, musical voice.  ;你好,;一个轻轻的、悦耳的声音说道。  I looked up, stunned that he was speaking to me. He was sitting as far away from me as the desk allowed, but his chair was angled toward me. His hair was dripping wet, disheveled — even so, he looked like he#39;d just finished shooting a commercial for hair gel. His dazzling face was friendly, open, a slight smile on his flawless lips. But his eyes were careful.  我抬起了头,惊呆了,他在跟我说话。他坐得离我远远的,只差没坐到桌子外边去了,不过他椅子的一角冲着我。他的头发湿得滴水,凌乱得很——即使这样,他看上去也像刚刚拍完发胶广告似的。他那张光夺目的脸,友好而又单纯,完美无瑕的两片嘴唇上挂着一丝淡淡的笑意。不过他的目光里却充满了谨慎。  ;My name is Edward Cullen,; he continued. ;I didn#39;t have a chance to introduce myself last week. You must be Bella Swan.;  ;我叫爱德华·卡伦,;他继续说道,;上个星期没机会向你作自我介绍。你肯定是贝拉·斯旺。;  My mind was spinning with confusion. Had I made up the whole thing? He was perfectly polite now. I had to speak; he was waiting. But I couldn#39;t think of anything conventional to say. 我有点晕头转向了。难道整个这件事都是我凭空想出来的?此刻,他是礼貌得没法说了。我得说话;他在等待。但是我想不出任何的客套话。  ;H-how do you know my name?; I stammered.  ;你——你是怎么知道我的名字的?;我结结巴巴地说道。  He laughed a soft, enchanting laugh.  他露出一个温柔而又迷人的笑容。  ;Oh, I think everyone knows your name. The whole town#39;s been waiting for you to arrive.;  ;噢,我想每个人都知道你的名字。全镇的人都在盼着你的到来。;  I grimaced. I knew it was something like that.  我做了个鬼脸。我知道事实也差不多是这样子。  ;No,; I persisted stupidly. ;I meant, why did you call me Bella?;  ;不,;我傻傻地追问,;我的意思是说,你怎么叫我贝拉?;  He seemed confused. ;Do you prefer Isabella?;  他似乎被我问蒙了:;你喜欢叫你伊萨贝拉?;  ;No, I like Bella,; I said. ;But I think Charlie — I mean my dad — must call me Isabella behind my back — that#39;s what everyone here seems to know me as,; I tried to explain, feeling like an utter moron.  ;不,我喜欢人家叫我贝拉,;我说,;不过我想查理——我是说我爸爸——肯定背着我叫我伊萨贝拉——这里的每个人似乎都知道我叫这个名字,;我试图解释,感觉自己像个十足的低能儿。  ;Oh.; He let it drop. I looked away awkwardly.  ;哦。;他放下了这个话题。我尴尬地望到一边去了。  Thankfully, Mr. Banner started class at that moment. I tried to concentrate as he explained the lab we would be doing today.The slides in the box were out of order. Working as lab partners, we had to separate the slides of onion root tip cells into the phases of mitosis they represented and label them accordingly. We weren#39;t supposed to use our books. In twenty minutes, he would be coming around to see who had it right.  谢天谢地,就在这时,班纳先生开始上课了。我努力集中精力听他讲我们今天要做的实验。盒子里的玻璃片的顺序是打乱了的。作为实验伙伴,我们得把洋葱根尖细胞的玻璃片按照它们所代表的有丝分裂阶段分开,并把相应的阶段标出来。不允许我们看书。20分钟后,他将来回检查,看谁做得正确。  ;Get started,; he commanded.  ;开始,;他吩咐道。 Article/201204/179134But the HEPA filter for Oliver’s Vibe got dirty very quickly. And, it was not cleanable—it was simply replaceable. When it turned filthy brown, Oliver went back to Target to buy a new filter.Oddly, Target sold the F15 belt for the Vibe, but not the filter. He informed the store manager. She said she would e-mail this discrepancy to Target headquarters. She told him to try Sears or Wal-Mart. If they didn’t have it, he could try the Dirt Devil web site. He drove to Wal-Mart and to Sears, but neither carried the filter. The Sears salesman told him to try the vacuum cleaner repair shop on East Colorado.Oliver drove to the address, but the shop was closed. A note on the door said, “Because of car problems, the store is not open today. We will be open on Monday, if we can get the car fixed.” If they had car problems, how did they leave the note on the door, Oliver wondered.When he got home, he went online to Dirt Devil. The F15 filter was only .99. But shipping (5-7 days) was an extra .95. Express shipping (1-2 days) was .70.Including driving time, Oliver figured that he had spent two irritating hours that day looking for one stupid filter. He wondered how much of his life he had wasted just searching for things. Article/201108/149241

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