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You are about to hear the sound of the past, In fact It#39;s the sound of a ghost, it#39;s a haunting magnetic pulse -which is all that#39;s left of a mighty star that we can still hear today, thanks to the Centre for Astrophysics at Jodrell Bank.远古的声音实际上是幽灵的声音,那是挥之不去的磁脉冲波——一个巨大的恒星仅存的残余。感谢坐落于周德尔堤(Jodrell Bank)的天体物理学研究中心,我们今天依然能够听到这个磁波。The explosion that killed this star was so intense, that it was seen in broad daylight across Europe, North America and China in the summer of the year 1054; at least that#39;s what the year was called in Europe. So what was our world up to, when men and women, however they counted the years, were gazing up to the heavens at this dying star, which they could see and we can still hear?时值1054年的夏天,至少欧洲纪年法如是说,导致这颗恒星陨落的爆炸如此剧烈,以至于横跨欧洲、北美以及中国的居民在光天化日下见了这一幕。这颗恒星他们看得到,我们听得到,那么,忽略各种纪年方式,当那些古人仰视苍穹中这颗即将陨落的恒星时,我们的世界何去何从?What were they doing, making, thinking? Well, a thousand years ago in America, pyramids are taking shape on the Mississippi river; the world#39;s first bank notes are circulating in China; a magnificent Baghdad is the largest city in the world; in West Africa, Ghana rules a vast empire and, on a chilly island in northern Europe, there#39;s a nasty surprise on the horizon for a king called Harold.他们在从事什么,制作什么,思考什么?1000年前,美洲密西西比河上金字塔日将成形,在中国世界上首批纸币开始流通,雄伟的巴格达城在世界上首屈一指,西非的加纳统治着泱泱帝国,欧洲一个冰冷的小岛上正酝酿着一次针对哈罗德(Harold)国王的卑鄙奇袭。In these programmes, I#39;m travelling back in time and across the globe, to see how we humans, over two million years, have shaped our world, and been shaped by it. And I#39;m going to tell this story exclusively through the #39;things#39; that humans have made ... all sorts of #39;things#39;, carefully designed and then either admired and preserved or used, broken and thrown away.在这一系列节目中,我将追溯时光,纵横全球,探索200多万年来我们人类如何塑造世界并为世界所塑造。我将仅仅通过各种各样精心打造的“人造物”——或为人敬仰、保存,或为人使用、损坏、丢弃,来讲述这个故事。I#39;ve chosen just a hundred objects from different points on our journey -from a cooking pot to a golden galleon, from a Stone Age tool to a credit card, and in each programme I#39;m going to be talking about one object from the British Museum#39;s collection.在这次时空之旅中,我从不同的点上选取了正好100件物品——从一个烹饪罐到一艘金帆船,或从一个石器时代的工具到一张现代的信用卡。每期节目中,我将谈论大英物馆馆藏中的一件展品。#39;When I see it, I immediately think of the mastery of technology and art, the welding of the two ...#39; #39;I just thought it was beautiful to look at, that it made me feel that it was used, and used again and again ...#39; #39;It#39;s a beautiful object, and it#39;s fascinating, of course, because it#39;s probably quite accurate ...#39; #39;Holding this I can feel what it was like to be out on the African savannahs ...#39;A history of the world in a hundred objects-the Mummy of Hornedjitef . A wooden coffin from Thebes in Egypt(third century ).“看见它,我便想到精湛的技术和圆熟的艺术,以及二者的紧密结合……”“我就是觉得它看上去很美,让我联想到它曾被人们反反复复使用……”“这件展品很精美,也很迷人,当然啦,因为它可能相当精确……”“握着它时,我仿佛感受到了非洲大草原上的野外生活……” Article/201402/275829




  Investors digesting figures out of China Frederic Neumann of HS discusses how inflation is impacting China#39;s economy.Inflation numbers for many years now have actually shown very tame inflation,but the experience of people on the ground is obviously quite different as we#39;ve just just heard.And there are difficulties in measuring it so the numbers,they don#39;t fully reflect the cost of living and I think some of these frustrations just came through in the report,you just highlighted it.I wanna talk about trade data that came out yesterday because to me it is pretty interesting when you look at the swings between July and June.July exports were up more than 5% year on year,imports were up almost 11%.Both were pretty much,very high and above expectations.As I mentioned,it#39;s quite drastic from what we saw in June,when we saw exports dropping 3%.Are you weary some of these official trade numbers with exports and imports?Well,we know now that last six months for example the numbers have been very volatile and that has to do with some technical aspects in the way trade is registered at the border.So we are not putting too much emphasis.This is obviously encouraging to see exports accelerate,but we know,for example from companies in China,from surveys,that they have not seen their new export orders rise,so I think the latest trade data should be taken with a bit of a pinch of salt.And we still need more evidence,actually,trade is reviving.So what is your outlook for the rest of the year,not just the next five months or so,but also into the next year until 2014?Well,it#39;s a challenging time for China.There is no doubt about it.As I said,the economy is decelerating.Possibly we need more stimulus measures to actually help arrest the slowdown,more by way of infrastracture spending,public construction,but that doesn#39;t sovle the underlying problem for China.We do need far-reaching reforms to put things on a more sustainable basis further out.In the short run,stimulus is needed to stablize the economy over two or three horizon.You certainly need those economic reforms to start today to actually help to improve things. /201308/252744

  ETRADE为美国著名线上交易平台,提供适合家庭的理财顾问务。选择ETRADE理财顾问,为孩子提供最好的未来。广告幽默诙谐,值得一看。 以下是中英对照:Dad: I look at her and I just wanna give her everything.父亲:我看着她就想把一切都给她。Baby Son: You know everything can cost upwards of wuuuuw小儿子:你知道的,一切都至少需要有“哔——”(意指金钱)Dad: I did not want to think about that.父亲:我不想想这个问题。Baby Son: Relax. Relax. Relax. Look at me. 3 words Dad, E-Trade Financial Consultants.小儿子:放松。放松。放松。看着我,爸爸,只需要几个字,E-Trade金融顾问。Dad: So I can just go and talk to them?父亲:所以登录个网站就行了?Baby Son: Just walk right in and talk to them.小儿子:只要进去跟他们谈话就行。Dad:Dude those guys are pros?父亲:他们专业吗?Baby Son: They’ll hook you up with a solid plan -- Wait -- wait -- wait a minute -- Bobby! What are you doing’ man?小儿子:他们会给你介绍可靠的方案——等——等——等一下——波比!你在干什么?Bobby: I’m speed dating.波比:我正闪电配对呢。Get investing advice for your family at E-TRADE.在E-Trade为你的家庭咨询投资建议。广告结束语:E-TRADEWorks Beautifully 干得漂亮 Article/201405/300382

  Until little more than a century ago, this place was unknown outside China.直到一个多世纪前 这里还是个未为人知的世外桃源。But then news reached the West of a mysterious, hidden world of the orient. Hidden among the mountains, a lost Shangri-la paradise.然而有关这个神奇隐秘的东方世界的传言,却不胫而走传至西方。隐匿在群山中遗落人间的最后天堂 ——香格里拉。Western high society, in the grip of a gardening craze, was eager for exotic species from faraway places. This gave rise to a new breed of celebrity adventurers, intrepid botanist-explorers known as ;the Plant Hunters;.当时西方上流社会盛行园艺,渴望获得遥远国度的稀有物种。这也造就了新物种的探险家,无畏的植物探索家,世称“植物猎人”。Yunnan became their Holy Grail. The most famous was Joseph Rock, a real life Indiana Jones.云南成为了他们的圣杯 (Holy Grail是Jesus在最后的晚宴上使用的餐具 据称有不可思议的神奇力量)。其中最出名的便是Joseph Rock 真人版的 Indiana Jones(电影 ;迷失方舟的侵入者; 中的英雄)。Remarkable film footage captured his entourage on a series of expeditions, as they pushed into the deepest corners of Yunnan.胶片出色的记录了他与随行人员的一系列,深入云南腹地的探险远征。In glorious colour he recorded the plant life he found on special photographic glass plates.他发现了千姿百态的植物,并将其记录于特制的玻璃质感光片上。Sending thousands of specimens back to the West, the Plant Hunters changed the gardens of the world forever.通过将成千上万的标本送回西方,植物猎人永远的改变了世界园艺。Rock#39;s success was born of a massive effort.Rock的成功源自其不懈的努力。For, to find his Shangri-la, not only had he to traverse endless mountain ranges, but some of the deepest gorges in the world. The Nujiang is called The Angry River.为了找到他的香格里拉,他翻越了无尽连绵的山脉,征了世界上最深的峡谷。怒江之名意为愤怒的河流。This 300-kilometre stretch of raging rapids is as much a barrier to life as are the mountains above.绵延三百公里的急流如同那些巍峨群山,成为了保护野生生命的天然屏障。 /201404/286551


  You#39;ve got pomp, circumstance, and a gown that breathes less than asbestos-lined plastic wrap. Stay comfortable under your drapery with the nicest outfit no one will ever see.你即将迎来隆重的毕业典礼,穿上比石棉塑料膜更不透气的毕业礼。在毕业礼里面搭配舒适的织物,打造其他人闻所未闻的形象。You Will Need你需要A light, dress-code appropriate outfit较轻的,符合着装规定的外套Good footwear舒适的鞋子A manicure and pedicure修剪指甲和趾甲Steps步骤STEP 1 Unless you#39;re graduating from winter school in Moscow, opt for something airy. Polyester gowns can make a sunny day feel like an inferno, so a light fabric like cotton is your best bet.1.除非你是从莫斯科冬季学校毕业,最好选择比较透气的装。聚酯纤维礼会让阳光灿烂的天气感觉像是地狱。所以,棉等比较轻的布料是最好的选择。STEP 2 If you#39;ve got a light-colored gown, you#39;ll want to steer clear of a bright t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of your favorite band -- it could show through. If your gown#39;s dark or black, all bets are off.2.如果你的礼是浅色的,里面可以搭配颜色比较亮丽的T恤,绣有你最喜欢的品牌的标志——如果可以看得到的话。如果你的礼是深色或黑色的,所有颜色都可以。STEP 3 Unless your ceremony is super formal or casual, guys should wear a suit, or a collared shirt and tie with slacks. A nice dress or cute outfit will work for girls. Don’t wear stockings. You want natural fibers that breathe.3.除非你的毕业仪式超级正式或随便,男生最好穿套装,或者有领衬衣,搭配领带和宽松的裤子。女生穿漂亮的裙子或可爱的外套都可以。不要穿长袜。透气的天然纤维最好了。STEP 4 If you#39;re really hell-bent on wearing your bathing or birthday suit, remember you#39;re going to be cloaked in an itchy, hot, rented, synthetic gown for a while... and that you#39;re just asking to get kicked out.4.如果你不顾一切地想要穿泳衣或生日套装,记住,你会被奇痒,炎热,租来的合成材料礼包裹很长时间,会让你忍不住想逃跑。STEP 5 For all that preparation, the only part of you people will really see are your feet. Wear some nice, recently shined shoes. Ladies, if you#39;re going with an open toe, spring for the pedicure -- and get a manicure while you’re at it, so your nails look good when you reach for that diploma.5.尽管你做了很多准备,人们能够看到的只有你的脚。穿一双漂亮的,最近刚刚擦过的鞋子。女生们,如果你想露出脚趾,修剪一下趾甲,同时修一下指甲,接过文凭时双手会更漂亮。If the ceremony is outside, ladies may want to opt for a flat shoe. Heels don#39;t mix well with grass, dirt, or mud.如果毕业典礼是在室外举行的,女生最好穿平底鞋。高跟鞋踩在草坪,尘土或泥泞上不合适。STEP 6 If your school is strict, they may boot you from the ceremony if you#39;re not following the dress code. Respect the rules, and if you#39;ve just got to wear a costume, try not to get caught.6.如果你的学校非常严格,不按照着装规定的话,他们可能不准你参加毕业典礼。尊重学校的规定,如果你刚好穿了节日装,尽量别被抓住了。Graduation caps are often called mortarboards because they resemble tools used by bricklayers.毕业方帽是模仿砖匠使用的工具制成的。视频听力译文由。 Article/201405/300072


  In January 2011,2011年1月Steve Jobs announced another leave of absence,乔布斯宣布再次请病假but be appeared at the launch of iCloud in June 2011.不过之后他在2011年6月的iCloud发布会中亮相It was the last product release那次是他作为苹果行政总裁he would attend as CEO.出现的最后一个产品发布会Two months later,两个月后in a short online letter,他透过一封简短的电邮he stepped down as CEO of Apple.宣布他正式辞任行政总裁Here was someone他是那种不工作who seemingly couldn#39;t hold himself back from work.便不自在的人To see this person actually所以看见他决定辞职step down was a bit shocking.我真的有些愕然For four decades,超过40年Steve Jobs has been at the forefront of personal computing.乔布斯一直站在个人电脑发展的前端His enthusiasm, perfectionism,他的热诚,他对完美的追求creativity and entrepreneurial spirit他的创造力和领导企业的能力come together in a career and a life令他的职业生涯和生命发出异that made a huge impact on the technology world.同时为科技世界带来极大影响I have a word,我有个词语想说but I care about this word,但是我要很小心运用cause it s a dangerous word.因为这是个很危险的词语And it#39;s called ;visionary;而且经常被滥用and it#39;s overused.就是很有远见But that#39;s what he is, a visionary.但乔布斯真是个很有远见的人 /201310/262748

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