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Were living during one of the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.我们处在世界上最严重的人道主义危机之中。Being able to affect as many people as we have here, thats just powerful.能够影响和我们同样多的人,是非常强大的。I was part of the emergency unit that the IRC sent to Greece我是国际红十字会派驻希腊的应急小组的一员,to assess and provide life-saving support to refugees.来给难民评估并提供求生持。This is 30 days worth of arrivals on this gigantic mound, can you imagine eight months?这一大堆是30天内到达这里的人积攒下来的,你能想象八个月是种什么情况吗?There were boats coming in day or night carrying 50, 60, 70 people each,有很多船只昼夜不停地抵达这里,每只载有50,60,70人不等,having survived this hellish trip, to face chaos.他们从地狱般的旅途中幸存了下来,却到这里来面对动荡。We were a handful of volunteers and some NGOs trying to provide basic stuff我们是一些志愿者及非政府组织,尝试提供一些基本的物品,such as food, dry clothes, medical attention and these people were totally helpless.比如食物,干燥的衣,医疗照顾。这些人们真的非常无助。Information was so scarce, they were full of anxiety of what comes next.信息不足,他们对未来充满了焦虑。You know, they had this first big step achieved, and then uncertainty.要知道,他们实现了这关键的第一步之后,接下来就不知所措了。It was incredibly important to be here and to see what was happening on the ground.来到这里亲眼看到这片土地发生了什么真的是非常重要。There were people carrying their children, a few of their personal belongings,有人带着孩子以及他们的一些私人物品,but what was interesting to see that many of them were holding phones, mobile phones.但是非常有意思的是他们中的很多人都带着电话,移动电话。And we thought, well maybe we could use our technology, with the IRC and Mercy Corps understanding of the crisis itself所以我们就想,或许可以利用我们的技术,配合国际红十字会及慈善组织对于危机本身的理解in order to give the refugees the information to stay safe.来给难民提供保持安全的信息。So together we made Refugee InfoHub.所以我们一起创办了难民信息中心。Its a mobile site that gives refugees information like where to get medical attention,它是一个给难民提供信息的移动门户。用他们的母语告诉他们哪里可以获得医疗照顾,how to find refugee camps and anything else needed all in their own language.怎样找到难民收容所,以及其他任何需要的信息。- When we went live, it was powerful.这些功能上线的时候非常强大。What would take a few days, now its a matter of minutes.之前需要几天才能做到的事情现在几分钟就可以了。What we started here – delivering life-saving information through technology我们从这里开始——通过技术传递拯救生命的信息。I think thats going to be done more in the future.我想这项技术在未来会有更进一步的发展。And the amount of people that weve touched is, its incredible.我们所接触的人数是令人难以置信的。201706/515078吉大二院挂号网上预约【新闻精讲】The sharing economy was hardly inspired by the needs of the rich. But in some ways it suits them perfectly. The whole idea depends on people having spare assets that they are willing to rent out to total strangers. Who has more idle assets than the super-rich? And who loves extra income more than people who have spent their lives accumulating money?分享经济并非由富人的需求所催生,但在某些方面,这一经济模式却完全贴合其需求。这一模式的整体理念是基于人们拥有空闲资产且愿意出租给陌生人。谁能比超级富豪拥有更多闲置资产?谁又会比这些终生金钱挂帅的人更爱额外收入?suit v.适合spare adj.空闲的idle adj.空闲的accumulate v.积累On the other side of the market, bustling plutocrats are an ever-present source of demand for temporary accommodation and bursts of luxury. The system can even have a strange public-relations benefit. A wealthy boss who makes use of NetJets won’t need to explain to his shareholders why he bought a jet, even as he treats the one he flies on as though it were his own.在市场的另一边,在商界忙碌的小富豪们对临时租用住所和时不时的豪奢生活总有需求。分享经济甚至能带来一种奇特的公关效益。豪阔的老板们可以通过NetJets享用如同自有私人飞机的务,而无须向股东解释为何斥资购买私人飞机。bustling adj.繁忙的- bustle v.忙碌plutocrat n.富豪- plutocracy 财阀统治accommodation n.住宿burst n.爆发- a burst of speed- the burst of a bubbleUber, a ride-hailing firm, and Airbnb, an accommodation-sharing service, are prominent in the luxury market as well as the mass market. Uber offers yacht trips in Dubai (UberYacht) and helicopter commutes in S#227;o Paulo (UberCopter). Airbnb does a booming trade in luxury apartments in London, Hong Kong and the Caribbean. There are providers in almost every cranny of the luxury landscape.网约车公司优步及住宿分享务公司Airbnb除了在大众市场大行其道,在奢侈品市场的务也很突出。优步在迪拜提供游艇旅行务(优步游艇),在圣保罗推出直升机接送务(优步直升机)。Airbnb在伦敦、香港、加勒比海的豪华公寓业务兴旺。富豪生活的方方面面几乎都有公司在提供务。hail v.呼叫- hail a taxi- ride-hailing 一键叫车 (a person who hails a car and is immediately picked up and driven to their destination for a time and distance-based fee.accomodation n.住宿commute n./v.通勤往返booming adj.繁荣增长的cranny n.缝隙landscape n.地形,领域GetMyBoat, a San Francisco-based company, gives customers access to motorboats, luxury houseboats, yachts and jet skis in 7,100 places around the world. Stratajet sells tickets on empty legs on private jets for the price of a business-class ticket or even less. Staller, which describes itself as the “Airbnb for horses”, helps horse-owners rent stalls near equestrian competitions. A home-sharing club called ThirdHome.com allows people with just a couple of homes to live as if they have a dozen.总部位于旧金山的GetMyBoat在全球7,100个地方向顾客出租托艇、豪华船屋、游艇及水上托。Stratajet以等同甚至低于商务舱的票价出售私人飞机的空驶航段机票。Staller自称是“务马匹的Airbnb”,帮助马主在马术竞赛场地附近租借马厩。名为“ThirdHome.com”的房屋共享俱乐部让仅拥有三两套房子的人们像是十多套房子的主人那样到处旅行居住。empty leg 空腿/空驶包机 (因客户“单程包机”产生“空驶包机”机会)stall n.马厩equestrian adj.马术的The same constraints that affect the wider sharing economy—NIMBY pressure groups who put their interests above the common good and regulators who fail to adapt to new technology—find echoes in the luxury market. With its helicopter service from Manhattan to the Hamptons, Blade has immeasurably improved the life of those New Yorkers who weekend on Long Island. That hasn’t prevented curmudgeons in Battery Park and Brooklyn Heights from complaining about the occasional whump-whump-whump over their heads.但奢侈市场同样面临更大范围共享经济所面对的制约——将自己利益置于大众利益之上的邻避压力群体及无法适应新技术的监管者。Blade提供从曼哈顿到汉普顿的直升机务,大大方便了到长岛度周末的纽约人,但无法阻止炮台公园和布鲁克林高地的倔老头们抱怨头顶偶尔出现的直升机轰鸣声。constraint n.限制NIMBY 邻避症 反对 (an acronym for the phrase ;Not In My Back Yard;)echo n.共鸣immeasurably adv.无限制地weekend v.度过周末- The family weekends in Beijing.curmudgeon n.坏脾气的人occasional adj.偶尔的whump-whump-whump n.轰隆声201703/498338长春妇幼保健医院在那栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/460576Radio waves have been produced by stars and planets for billions of years.几十亿年来 恒星和行星不断制造着无线电波Now physicists use electric currents to produce them at will: Morse code.如今物理学家利用电流 创造出自己想要的无线电波: 莫尔斯电码Where once we communicated face-to-face,now we can send messages across the planet.曾经我们面对面才能交流 如今却能够全球发送信息On board the Titanic: 1,316 passengers,More than half crammed into third-class cabins.泰坦尼克号上载客1316人 其中一半以上挤在三等舱Men like Theodor de Mulder,a peasant farmer dreaming of a new life in a new world.这些人都是像西奥多·马尔德 那样梦想在新世界开启新生活的乡下农民He left his wife and children in Europe.西奥多把妻子儿女留在了欧洲His ticket: the equivalent of a years income.买船票花光了他一年的收入The amazing thing about humans is were never satisfied,人类最不可思议的地方就是我们永不知足were incredible risk-takers,were always exploring,我们是无畏的冒险者 不管生活有多美好and no matter how good life is,theres always some effort to see我们总是要不断探索 总是想瞧一瞧whats past the next mountain or around the next corner.翻越下座山 绕过下个弯会有什么With mass production comes mass transportation.大规模生产带来大规模迁移Steamships power the greatest migration in human history.汽船的出现促使了人类史上最大规模的迁移201605/440941长春做人流好的医院是哪家

通辽第一人民中医院好吗长春阳光女子医院人流多少钱They said I was too pretty to fight.他们说我长这么美不可能打拳击的;Aw she cant fight.; ;Youre going to mess up that beautiful face.;“哦她没办法打拳的”、“你会毁了你美丽的小脸蛋”They said that I was too fat. Only skinny girls can dress well.他们说我太胖,只有苗条的女孩才能穿得美美的They look at me head to toe. How can she be a lawyer?他们从头到脚地打量我:“她怎么可能是律师?”They said I didnt dress for my age.他们说我的打扮与年纪违和They said my nose was too prominent.他们说我的鼻子太突出了They said that I was too masculine.他们说我太有男子气概了They thought the cat calling was a compliment.他们觉得在街头被吹口哨是种恭维He said ;you can fix those teeth quite easily.;他说你为什么不去矫正牙齿Boyish and ugly. When they were talking about female, they werent talking about me.“太像男人、很丑”。他们认为我跟女性搭不上边This was not pretty. They would holler from across the street.“这样不美”。他们会隔着街叫喊Look sophisticated. Embarrassing nose. Too chubby. Just too skinny.“太老练了啦”、“鼻子简直丢人现眼”、“太肥了”、“太瘦了”Manly. Crazy hair. Never look good.“男人婆”、“钢丝头”、“看起来一直很丑”Too wild. Too cute. Too beautiful. Too fat.“太野了”、“太可爱了”、“太漂亮了”、“太胖了”He Said. They Said. She said. I said: ;No way!;他说、他们说、她说...我说:“想都别想!”You arent me. Im me. Im not going to be defined by anyones expectations.你不是我,我才是我。我不用被他人的预期限制住自己I dont dress my age. I dress myself the way I am.我不因应年纪来打扮,我要打扮成“我自己”的样子Cause my face has nothing to do with my boxing.我的长相跟我能否打拳击是两码子事Im ranked No.1 in the country and No.2 in the world.我在全国排名第一、世界排名第二As a fashion blogger, my style is 100% unapologetic.身为时尚主,我对我的造型感到自豪I dont wanna change my teeth.我不想要改变我的牙齿My looks have nothing to do with my capabilities.我的外表与能力完全无关This is me, this is my hair.这就是我,这是我的头发My beauty. My beauty. My beauty. My say.我的美丽。我的美丽。我的美丽。我说了算。201703/500464Since diving headlong into the middle of the Sahara Desert it has been a wild ride.从头部向前 跳入撒哈拉大沙漠的中心地带开始 我进行了一次危险之旅From miles of baking sand and an abandoned well,to the fury of the Atlantic Ocean.从绵延数英里的荒漠 和废弃的水井 一路到波涛汹涌的大西洋And the truly indescribable breakfast.还有不可思议的早餐This place has tested me to the limits while showing you how to survive on one of the harshest environments on earth.这片土地挑战了我的极限 同时也向你展示如何 从地球上最荒芜的环境中逃出生天Its about 20 foot down there.大约有20英尺高Now I have reached the most precious thing any desert survivor can ever find-- water.现在我找到了对沙漠求生者来说 最珍贵的东西 水源Nearly smacked into the bottom.But that is so nice险些撞到池底 这真是太棒了You cannot underestimate the feeling for a survivor come across water like this.能找到水源 求生者的欣喜难以言表Just so nice.With your mouth parched, you dry.Just like liquid gold.太棒了 现在我是 口干舌燥 就如同液体黄金Theres nothing youd trade for it.In the desert, water really is the difference between life and death.任何东西都无法取代水 沙漠中 生与死的区别 在于是否能找到水源This water is fresh,but there is no guarantee its clean.水是淡水 但不保它很干净Look at all of this.Black, stinking goo.看看这些 又黑又粘But there is a way of improvising a filter if you just come up the slope of it,如果遇到这样的斜坡 就有办法 把池水进行过滤start digging down and dig whats called a gypsy well.要向下挖 挖出一种吉普赛式的水井Its just a very simple way of filtering the water.这种过滤水的方法 非常简单You see the water beginning to seep in.You see, pretty murky the water fills that way.水开始渗进去了 浑浊的水充满了这个坑洞Clear all of that out now and then let it fill up again.把浑浊的水清理出来 等坑洞再次充满水201611/480744农安县做人流价格A Colorado mom rescued her son from the jaws of a mountain lion near Aspen on Friday.周五,在科罗拉多州艾斯平附近,一名母亲从美洲狮口中救出儿子。According to The Aspen Times, one sheriffs deputy called the mom a ;hero; for rescuing the 5-year-old boy from the attack, which happened while he was playing outside with his older brother.据艾斯平时报,5岁儿童遭袭时正与兄长在外面玩耍,一名副警长称这位母亲是英雄。The mother told the Pitkin County Sheriffs Office she ran outside when she heard screaming and was able to get her son away from the mountain lion. A deputy later said the cat had the boys head in its mouth.这位母亲告诉皮特金县警长办公室,当她听到叫声时赶紧跑出屋外,从美洲狮那里夺回儿子。一位代表随后说,美洲狮口里咬着孩子的头部。The mother had minor injuries from the attack but was released from the hospital in good condition. The 5-year-old is currently receiving treatment for injuries to the head and neck and is reportedly in fair condition.母亲受了轻伤,已经出院情况良好。5岁儿童因头部和颈部受伤正在接受治疗,据称情况尚好。The U.S. Forest Service killed the mountain lion believed to be the one that attacked the boy.美国森林务局猎杀了袭击男孩的美洲狮。译文属。201606/449918乾安县妇女医院医生的QQ号码

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