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Made in Spain西班牙制造A pressing issue迫在眉睫The government frets about foreign hands on the nations olive-presses外国人插手本国橄榄油产业让政府很不安These are Spanish, not Italian这些是产自西班牙的橄榄,不是产自意大利的THE French government once scuttled a possible foreign bid for Danone, a big dairy firm, on the ground that it was a national industrial “jewel”. If yogurt is strategic for the French, olive oil has the same exalted status inSpain. Four savings banks wanted to sell their combined 31% stake in Deoleo, the countrys largest producer, and under Spains stockmarket rules anyone buying such a large stake has to bid for the whole company. Earlier this month, when it emerged that all the bidders were foreign, ministers said they would prefer that it remained in Spanish hands, and raised the possibility of the state taking a stake in the firm.达能集团是法国一家大型乳制品公司。法国政府曾以它是法国工业的“瑰宝”为理由,否决一项可能达成的国外买家对它的收购案。如果把酸奶产业看作是法国的战略产业,那么橄榄油产业在西班牙拥有同样高的地位。Deoleo是西班牙最大的橄榄油生产商,四家储蓄想抛售他们所持有共计31%的Deoleo股份,而根据西班牙股市交易规则,不论是谁购入如此大额的股份,他都必须向整个公司股东发出收购要约。本月初,当发现所有的竞购者都来自国外,部长们表示他们更希望Deoleo公司的所有权留在西班牙手中,随即提出了国家参股的可能性。On April 10th a British private-equity firm, CVC Capital, won the backing of Deoleos board after making the highest offer, valuing it at 439m. But given the controversy over selling to foreigners, two of the four would-be sellers now look like keeping their stakes. CVC will end up owning 30% of Deoleo but will later seek to buy the rest.4月10日英国一家私募股权公司CVC Capital以4.93亿欧元的最高价竞投,赢得了Deoleo董事会的持。但考虑到买家是外国人而引发的争议,现在四家储蓄中的两家看来要拒绝出售他们所持有的股份。CVC公司最终将拥有Deoleo 公司30%的股份,但之后将寻求购买其余股份的机会。Olive oil accounts for a mere 0.8% ofSpains exports. Yet it is an extra-sensitive matter. The country is the worlds largest producer of the oil, but one-third of its exports are sent in bulk toItalywhere it is bottled and sold, often for a significant markup, under Italian labels. Some of the oil sold with the Bertolli brand, one ofItalys andAmericas favourites, is in fact pressed by Deoleo from the fruits of Spanish olive groves.橄榄油出口额仅占西班牙出口额的0.8%。然而它却是一个特别敏感的问题。西班牙是世界上最大的橄榄油生产国,但是其出口的橄榄油有三分之一是批量发送到意大利的,在那里橄榄油以装瓶出售,通常带着明显的意大利标签,以意大利自有品牌进行销售。Bertolli是意大利人和美国人最青睐品牌之一,然而,有些冠以Bertolli的品牌出售的橄榄油,实际上是使用产自西班牙橄榄园的橄榄,由Deoleo公司压榨的。It is a similar story for wine.Spainhas overtakenFranceandItalyto become the worlds largest producer, but sells almost half of its exports in bulk to markets likeFrance, some of which is retailed under French labels. French- and Italian-labelled wines typically fetch higher prices than Spanish-labelled ones, though the gap is narrowing. And despite the global success of Spanish fashion retailers such as Inditex and Mango, the fancy handbags turned out by artisans in the small Andalusian town ofUbriqueare sold under French and Italian labels. Stuart Weitzman, an American shoe designer who makes his products inSpain, says the country produces the worlds best footwear, but its domestic labels have barely left a footprint on the world stage.对于葡萄酒,情况也类似。西班牙已经超过法国和意大利,成为世界上最大的葡萄酒生产国,但其出口的葡萄酒有几乎一半都批量送往国外零售市场,如法国零售市场,其中一些葡萄酒被冠以法国品牌出售。被冠以法国和意大利品牌标签的葡萄酒通常比西班牙品牌的葡萄酒售价更高,但这一差距正在缩小。尽管西班牙快时尚零售商在全球取得了成功,例如Inditex集团和芒果饰,但是由乌夫克里的安达卢西亚小镇中的工匠所制作的高档手袋,却被冠以法国和意大利的品牌销售。美国的鞋设计师斯图尔特.威兹曼在西班牙生产他的产品,他说:西班牙出产全世界最好的鞋,但其本土品牌却鲜有在世界舞台上留下足迹。Spainhas come a long way, compared with the relatively closed economy it had before joining the European Union in 1986. More recently, rising exports have helped pull the country out of a deep recession, with the economy returning to growth in the third quarter of 2013. Exports are now 34% of Spains GDP, up from 24% in . Its olive oil is winning new customers in places likeChinaandMexico. Prominent chefs like Ferran Adria have raised the profile of Spanish cuisine and attracted foodie tourists. But the country clearly has some way to go in raising the prestige of the “Made inSpain” label.1986年加入欧盟前,西班牙还是个相对封闭的经济体,到如今,它已取得很大进展。最近,出口的增长已帮助西班牙走出了深度的经济衰退。随着2013年第三季度经济回暖,日益增长的出口逐步拉动西班牙走出大萧条的泥沼。年,西班牙的出口额仅占国内生产总值的24%,如今已增长到34%。其橄榄油产品正在赢得中国和墨西哥等国顾客的青睐。像Ferran Adria这样的著名厨师提高了西班牙美食的知名度,也吸引了美食游客的到来。但显然,对于提高“西班牙制造”的声望,西班牙还有一段路要走。 /201404/293152

Beneath the surface of a pond or stream its a fish-eat-fish world, and the tiny minnow is often lunch for larger fish such as pike. 在池塘或溪流的下面是一个鱼吃鱼的世界。小米诺鱼通常都是大鱼的午餐。Youd think a tasty minnow would try to remain inconspicuous, but this isnt always the case.也许你认为美味的小米诺鱼应该藏起来,不被发觉才对,然而事情并非总是如此。If a minnows skin is damaged by an attacking pike, it releases a chemical that attracts more pike. 如果一条小米诺鱼被一条梭子鱼攻击划破了皮,它就会释放出一种化学物质吸引来更多的梭子鱼。Why would a minnow thats aly beingattacked want to attract more trouble? 为什么一只已经被攻击的小米诺鱼想要引来更多的麻烦呢?Do injured minnows have some kind of crazy deathwish?难道那些受伤的小米诺鱼们有某个疯狂的想死的念头吗?This seemingly suicidal behavior is actually a clever survival strategy. 这个看似自杀性的行为实际上却是一个聪明的生存策略。The minnows chemical has two distinct functions. 小米诺鱼释放的化学物质有两大显著的功能。First, it warns other minnows about the danger. 首先,它能警告其他小米诺鱼这里有危险。Minnows travel inschools with close relatives, so this chemical alarm warns the others away from potentially dangerous waters. 通常小米诺鱼和自己的近亲们成群的游动,于是这种化学警钟就可以警告其他米诺鱼远离那些潜在的危险水域。Even if the original minnow is eaten, its brothers and sisters will live tore produce. 即使原先的小米诺鱼被吃了,它的兄弟们也可以活下来繁殖后代。From a genetic standpoint, this self sacrifice makes sense.从遗传学的角度来看,这种自杀式牺牲是可行的。You might wonder about the chemicals other function though–to attract more pike. 也许你会好奇这个化学物质的另一大功能—吸引更多的梭子鱼。A minnows skin is most likely to be damaged in an attack from a relatively small pike. 小米诺鱼被相对较小的梭子鱼袭击时更容易被划伤皮肤,而大个儿的梭子鱼则会将米诺鱼们一口吞下。Larger pike simply swallow their minnows whole. 也就是说,这种化学物质将会引来比眼前攻击者还要大的梭子鱼。Pike have no qualms about eating other pike, so if a bigone sees a smaller pike chasing a tiny minnow, that big pike will go after the larger mouthful,allowing the minnow to escape.梭子鱼对于吃自己的同类完全毫无顾忌,所以如果一条大梭子鱼看到一条小梭子鱼正在捕食一条小米诺鱼,大梭子鱼则会追赶小梭子鱼一饱口福,而让小米诺鱼获得一线生机。Its much like the end of Jurassic Park. 这一切很像《侏罗纪公园》的结局。The humans were about to be eaten by evil velociraptors,when the noise of their struggle summoned a bigger predator: 人类眼看着就要被可怕的暴龙们吃掉,正在这时,他们激烈的争斗声召唤出了更大的捕食者:Tyrannosaurus Rex. 雷克斯霸王龙。T-rex ate the raptors, allowing the humans to escape.雷克斯霸王龙吃掉了多伦多暴龙,而让人类逃出生天。 201407/312941Anyone who has vacationed in the higher elevations of Colorado, such as Vail and Estes Park, will tell you altitude sickness can be a real problem. Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness, and difficulty sleeping can plague those visiting areas over eight thousand feet.任何在科罗拉多的高海拔地区如韦尔和洛杉矶国家公园等旅游胜地度过假的人都会告诉你,高原反应真的是要命的问题。食欲不振,恶心,呕吐,身体虚弱,头晕,入睡困难等症状可能折磨那些在海拔超过8000英尺区域旅游的人们。Altitude sickness results from the lack of oxygen at high elevations. At thirteen thousand feet, every lungful of air holds only sixty percent of what it would at sea level. Despite that fact, many indigenous people live in areas of low oxygen concentration with few adverse effects. The big question is, how do they survive?由于海拔较高而缺氧造成高原反应。在13000英尺高的地方,肺仅能容纳海平面高度时60%的空气。尽管如此,许多在低氧地区的原居民很少有不良反应。那么值得我们思考的是,他们是怎样存活的呢?The body can adapt to low oxygen levels by making more hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying molecule in red blood cells. But too much hemoglobin over a long period of time can put a person at risk of blood clots, stroke, or chronic mountain sickness. Scientists wondered how mountain people can remain healthy living at high altitudes. To see if genes contribute, scientists analyzed the genomes of three ethnic groups living at altitudes over twelve thousand feet, two from Ethiopia, and Tibetans.在氧气稀薄的情况下,身体能够产生一种适应环境的血红蛋白,这种血红蛋白即是红细胞的氧气载体。但是太多的血红蛋白长时间存在可能导致人体产生血液凝块,患上中风或者患慢性高原病。科学家想知道在高原生活的人们怎样维持健康。科学家们为了实基因是否有关,他们对3组生活在超过12000 英尺区域种族群体做了染色体分析,其中有两组人来自埃塞俄比亚,另外一组来自西藏。One Ethiopian group, the Oromo, cope the same way lowlanders do, by making more hemoglobin. The Amhara and Tibetans, on the other hand, have hemoglobin levels ten percent lower than the Oromo. Does genetic variation account for this?其中一组的埃塞俄比亚奥罗莫人与其他地方人一样,他们的身体产生更多的血红蛋白抵抗低氧环境。阿姆哈拉人和西藏人的血红蛋白含量比奥罗莫人低10%左右。是基因变异导致这种情况吗?Scientists found that both the Amhara and Tibetan highlanders possessed genetic variants associated with low hemoglobin levels.科学家发现阿姆哈拉人和西藏人都有基因变异以维持低血红蛋白水平。But they were not the same genes. It appears that each group took a different evolutionary path to achieve the same outcome of dampening the usual response of increased hemoglobin.但是他们的基因却不同。看起来他们走了不同的进化历程,却达到了相同的结果,那就是抑制人体在患高空症时血红蛋白的增长。How about all those vacationers in Colorado? They will have to make do with their own lowland genes, for now.在科罗拉多度假的人们怎么办呢?目前只能用他们的低地基因来勉强应付了。 /201308/253869

This is an infomercial I saw over the summer,Im promising you, this is real,the Parakeet,so beautiful,great to look at,and what a wonderful companion.接下来给大家放一段我在暑假看过的广告 我保 这个广告绝对是真的 鹦鹉 不仅漂亮 赏心悦目 而且还是人类的好朋友But like birds can be a lot of work.well,now you can share that beauty without the mess,with perfect polly,the singing parekee.可是他们会为你带来很多繁琐的家务 现在 有了perfect polly牌鹦鹉 你再也不用担心那些麻烦了Perfect Polly is so live.Its the worlds perfect pet.perfect polly是如此逼真 是世界上最完美的宠物Watch as perfect pollys head moves back and forth,along with its tail feathers.Its actually live-size,and so amazing live-size.看那可爱的小脑袋摆来摆去 尾巴一动一动的 而且还和真的鹦鹉尺寸一摸一样Youll almost believe its real.In fact, even this live parakeet cant tell the difference.完全可以以假乱真 即使这位小伙伴也分不清Perfect Polly even makes a great companion for your other pets.perfect polly甚至可以为你的其他宠物带来慰藉live parakeets need a cage,food and multiple accessones,but pefect polly ,complete with perch,is yours for only .99饲养鹦鹉需要鸟笼 鸟食 还要各种备品 但是我们的perfect polly只要.99哦 还附赠栖木 绝不坑爹 亲Oh wow.Well really?Are they sure the parakeet couldnt tell that it was fake? I dont know.哇 天哪 真的吗 他们确定那只小鹦鹉看不出来 它的小伙伴是假的吗 我怎么有点不相信呢Its so amazingly lifelike,look at this...I got one, and it really is...hey perfect polly,are you sure you worth .99.它看起来是挺逼真的 大家来看看 我买了一个 它还真的挺 嗨 你确定你值.99吗No? I dont...I agree.Alright ,so...不值? 恩 我也这么觉得 好啦It does save a lot of time and hassle...Ah, hours of fun...I hate to put it down.它的确能给大家省去不少时间和麻烦的 啊 百玩不厌啊 我都舍不得放手了So...I came up with my own product,and heres my informercial:所以呢 我自己也构想出来了一个新产品 接下来就是我的广告 大家请看Babies, they are so wonderful.婴儿们 他们简直太完美了They are cute,they smell good,and they are so much fun to make,but boy,are they a lot of work?他们不仅可爱 闻起来香喷喷 连制作过程都能让人笑翻天 可是 老天 照顾他们可真麻烦啊Well, now you could have all the joy of a beautiful bouncing baby without the muss of fuss with the better baby.但现在 better baby牌宝宝 帮你免去照顾孩子的麻烦 让你体验拥有漂亮宝宝的幸福Better Baby is so lifelike.Its the worlds perfect choice in offspring.better baby 是如此逼真 是婴儿中的完美选择Watch as better babys head moves back and forth.Its actually life-size.In fact,better baby is so realistic,even this pediatrician cant tell the difference.看他那可爱的小脑袋转来转去 完全遵照真人尺寸 事实上已经逼真到了 连这位儿科医生都看不出拉力和他的真宝宝有什么不同with the Better Baby, you could say goodbye to whine time,and hello to a wine time.有了be tter baby 你就可以告别烦恼时光 迎来欢醉时段BetterBaby makes a great companion for your mother-in-law,so she will finally stop bugging you about real grand kids.不仅如此 better baby还能成为婆婆们最好的陪伴 这样她们就不会整天催你生宝宝了plus,you could even use the better baby to legally drive in the car pooling,and better baby folds away for easy storage.还有 你从此就可以合法的 在合驾车道上开车了 而且 他还可以折叠易携Real babies need food,multiple accessorise,and a lot of attention.婴儿们需要食物 各种玩具或衣物 还需要你经常关心她们Plus,youll have to save up for college. But better baby can be yours for just .99.更别忘了 你还得为他们将来上大学存钱 但是better baby只需要14.99哦And ,if you order now,well throw in a Terrific Teen,who will never talk back,or get on sidely piercings.现在购买 我们还会赠送terrific teen 牌完美少年 他永远不会跟你拌嘴 也不会往身上穿各种钉Have the family youve always dreamed of with the better baby and the terrific teen.有了better baby牌宝宝和terrific teen牌完美少年 你可以轻松拥有梦寐以求的幸福家庭Order now.Alright,well be right back.赶快拿起手中的电话订购吧 好的 马上回来继续精注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/261996

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