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U.S. President Barack Obama spoke out against religious prejudice Monday at a White House dinner celebrating the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.美国总统奥巴马星期一在白宫举办的伊斯兰斋月餐会上发表讲话,谴责宗教偏见。Several members of the diplomatic community, lawmakers and Muslim Americans were on hand for a traditional Iftar dinner, which follows daily fasting from dawn to sunset.一些外交官、议员和美国穆斯林出席了传统的斋月餐会。在斋月中,穆斯林从日出到日落禁食。Mr. Obama said the Iftar dinner is a reminder of ;the freedoms that bind us together as Americans,; including the ;inviolable right to practice our faiths freely.;奥巴马说,斋月餐会提醒“我们,是自由将我们美国人连结在一起”,包括自由遵行每个人信仰的不可侵犯的权利。He condemned a number of recent deadly incidents involving religion, including last weeks mass shooting at an African American church in Charleston, South Carolina. ;When our values are threatened, we come together as one nation,; the president said. ;As Americans, we insist that nobody should be targeted because of who they are, or what they look like, who they love, how they worship. We stand united against these hateful acts.;奥巴马谴责了近来一些与宗教有关的致命事件,包括上星期南卡罗来纳州查尔斯顿市一座黑人教堂发生的击案。奥巴马说:“当我们的价值观受到威胁时,我们整个国家团结一致。作为美国人,我们坚信没有人应当由于族裔、相貌、爱好和信仰而受到攻击。我们团结一致,反对这种仇恨行为。”来 /201506/382301。

Saudi King Salman at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh on January 27, 2015 (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb)20157日,沙特国王萨尔曼在雅加达哈立德国王国际机场(法新社)Riyadh (AFP) - Saudi Arabias new King Salman on Thursday further cemented his hold on power, with a sweeping shake up that saw two sons of the late King Abdullah fired, and the heads of intelligence andother key agencies replaced alongside a cabinet reshuffle.法新社雅加达报道--沙特新国王萨尔曼在周四辞退了老国王阿卜杜拉的两个儿子,情报部门和其他关键部门的负责人,进一步巩固了他的权力;Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud issued a royal order today, relieving Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, Chief of General Intelligence, ofhis post,; the official Saudi Press Agency said.沙特官方通讯社说,“两圣地的监护人萨尔曼·本·阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹·沙特陛下今天颁布圣旨,解除哈立德·本·班大尔·本·阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹·沙特王子的总情报局主管职务。”The announcement came a week after Salman acceded to the throne following the death of Abdullah, aged about 90.这一命令是在萨尔曼继承了90岁的老国王阿卜杜拉的王位后一个星期颁布的。A separate decree said Prince Bandar bin Sultan,a nephew of Abdullah, was removed from his posts as Secretary General of theNational Security Council and adviser to the king.另一份圣旨解除了阿卜杜拉的侄子班大尔·本·苏丹王子的国家安全理事会秘书长和国王顾问职务。Two sons of the late monarch were also fired:Prince Mishaal, governor of the Mecca region, and Prince Turki, who governed the capital Riyadh, according to the decrees broadcast on Saudi television.据沙特电视台播出的圣旨,老国王的两个儿子的职务也被罢免:分别是掌管麦加地区的米莎乐王子和掌管首都利雅得的图尔其王子。Another of Abdullahs sons, Prince Miteb,retained his position as minister in charge of the National Guard, a parallel army of around 200,000 men.阿卜杜拉的另一个儿子,米太波王子,保留其职务,继续掌管独立00000人的国防军的国民警卫队。Salman, 79, a half-brother of Abdullah, also named a 31-member cabinet whose new faces included the ministers for culture and information, social affairs, civil service, and communications and information technology, among others.阿卜杜拉同父异母的兄弟,79岁的萨尔曼,还任命了一1名成员的内阁,其中的新面孔包括文化信息部大臣,社会事务部大臣、内政部大臣、通讯与信息技术部大臣。Oil Minister Ali al-Nuaimi, Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, and Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf kept their postsin the cabinet of the worlds leading oil exporter.石油大臣阿里·怒艾米,外交大臣沙特·费萨尔和财政大臣易卜拉欣·阿萨夫继续在这个世界领先的石油出口国的内阁中留用。Hours after Abdullah died early on January 23,Salman appointed his son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as defence minister.13日,阿卜杜拉死后数小时,萨尔曼就任命他的儿子,默罕默德·本·萨尔曼王子作为国防大臣。Powerful Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef became second in line to the throne, while Deputy Crown Prince Moqren,69, was elevated to king-in-waiting.实权的内政大臣默罕默德·本·纳伊夫王子变成了王座下的二号人物,而代理王9岁的Moqren王子被提升为王储。Moqren would reign as thelast son of the kingdoms founder, Abdul Aziz bin Saud, leaving bin Nayef asthe first of the ;second generation,; or grandsons of Abdul Aziz.Moqren是王国创始人阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹·本·沙特的最小的儿子而本·纳伊夫成为阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹的孙子一辈“也就是第二代”的第一个。In March 2014, King Abdullah named Moqren to thenew position of deputy crown prince with the aim of smoothing successionhurdles.2014月,阿卜杜拉国王为了实现平稳的权利传承任命Moqren为准王储。Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, even before he became interior minister, was in charge of a crackdown on Al-Qaeda following a wave of deadly attacks in the Gulf state between 2003 and 2007.默罕默德·本·纳伊夫王子在成为内政大臣前就负责镇003年和2007年中海湾国家的随着一波致命攻击而来的基地组织。London-based analyst Abdelwahab Badrakhan said Nayefs background implies that as king he would ;prioritise security,; a fact that ;comforts foreign partners, especially the ed States,; he said.伦敦的分析师AbdelwahabBadrakhan说,纳伊夫的背景暗示作为国王他会优先关注安全,“安抚外国伙伴,特别是是美国”。The appointment helps to solidify control by thenew kings Sudayri branch of the royal family, named after Hissa bint Ahmadal-Sudayri, the mother of Salman and his late brother, Nayef.这一任命有利于通过新国王的外戚Sudayri家族巩固统治,Sudayri家族是以萨尔曼和他哥哥的母亲Hissa bint Ahmad al-Sudayri命名的。Their influence had waned under King Abdullah.在阿卜杜拉国王的统治下他们的影响力被削弱了。Regional heavyweight Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and home to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.沙特阿拉伯的地区地位来自于作为伊斯兰的诞生地和麦加、麦地那两圣地。Along with other countries in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia has joined a US-led air campaign against the Islamic State extremist group that has seized parts of Syria and neighbouring Iraq.沙特阿拉伯和海湾其他国家一起加入了美国领导的对侵入叙利亚和邻居伊拉克的伊斯兰国极端组织的空袭。来 /201502/358403。

Around 35,000 peopleattended the rally that was jointly organised by the state government of Saxonyand the city of Dresden大约三万五千人参加了此次由萨克森州德累斯顿市政府组织的集会。A rally againstracism and xenophobia on Saturday drew tens of thousands of people in theeastern German city of Dresden, which has become the centre of anti-immigration protests organised by a new anti-Islam movement called PEGIDA.不久前一个名; PEGIDA ;的新兴反伊斯兰运动组织以德国东部城市德累斯顿为中心,组织了数起反移民抗议。而在周六,一场旨在反对种族主义和排外的集会吸引了德累斯顿的上万人参加;We wont permitthat hate will divide us;, Dresdens mayor Helma Orosz said in front ofthe 18th-century Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady).“我们不会让仇恨分化我们,”德累斯顿市长奥罗茨8世纪的圣母大教堂前说道。Around 35,000 people attended the rally that was jointly organised by the state government of Saxonyand the city of Dresden, officials said.据官员称,约有三万五千人参与了此次由萨克森州德累斯顿市政府组织的集会。The movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) is holding weekly rallies in Dresden with a record number of 18,000 people attending last Monday.“反对欧洲伊斯兰化的欧洲爱国者(PEGIDA)每周都会在德累斯顿举行集会,上周一集会人数达到了一万八千人之多。Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the anti-Muslim demonstrations, urging Germans to turntheir backs on the movement and calling their organisers racists full of hatred.德国总理默克尔对这一反穆斯林游行予以谴责,并呼吁德国民众不要参与这一运动,称该运动的组织者们是充满仇恨的种族主义者。A recent survey,conducted before Wednesdays deadly attack on a French satirical magazine,showed that an increasing majority of non-Muslim Germans feel threatened by Islam.近期的一份调查显示,在周三法国讽刺杂志遇袭之前,德国的大部分非穆斯林居民就感觉到他们受到了伊斯兰势力的威胁,且有此感受的人数还在不断扩大。The Paris attack has fuelled fears that it could boost anti-immigration movements around Europe and inflame a culture war about the place of religion and ethnic identity in society.随后巴黎的袭击事件更是滋长了人们的恐惧,引发了反移民运动在欧洲的一轮狂潮,还令宗教和民族认同问题的文化战争愈演愈烈。Speaking after aparty meeting of her Christian Democrats (CDU) in Hamburg earlier on Saturday,Merkel stressed the need for intercultural dialogue and warned against prejudice.周六,在进行了基督教民主联盟的党派会议发言后,,默克尔总理强调了不同文化间对话的必要性,并警告人们不要陷入偏见;We have made clear that the events in France, this barbaric terrorist act, are a challenge for all of us, for the values that we advocate, to fight for them,; she said, adding that people must differentiate between Islam and religious fanatics.“我们要明白,发生在法国的这个野蛮的恐怖主义行径,是对我们所有人,对我们所倡导并为之奋斗的价值观的挑战。”默克尔说道,并指出人们应该分清伊斯兰和宗教狂热分子之间的区别。Merkel who will take part in a silent march in Paris on Sunday also welcomed a decision by leading Muslim groups in Germany to organise a vigil in Berlin next week默克尔将出席定于周日举行的巴黎反恐静默游行,她也对德国几大穆斯林团体计划在下周于柏林组织守夜活动的决定表示了欢迎。来 /201501/353345。

Republicans have overwhelmed Democrats in sweeping election victories across the US to win a solid majority in the Senate and take full control of Congress for the final two years of Barack Obama’s presidency.共和党在美国中期选举中大胜民主党,稳稳赢得参议院多数席位。在巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)总统任期的最后两年,共和党已并完全控制美国国会。The rebuke to Democrats in Congress was reinforced by a wave of Republican victories in key governorsraces, in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.此外,共和党还在几个关键州的州长选举中获胜,包括佛罗里达、伊利诺伊、马塞诸塞、马里兰、密歇根、俄亥俄以及威斯康辛,让民主党在国会的挫败雪上加霜。The Republicans also increased their majority in the House of Representatives, with the three results collectively giving the party a significant psychological boost after scarring defeats in the last two presidential elections.共和党在众议院的多数席位也有所增加。这三项结果,让经历过去两届总统大选惨败的共和党,在心理上获得巨大提振。“We’re excited about what this night is going to bring the party,said Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican National Committee. The party last held both houses of Congress in 2006.美国共和党全国委员会(Republican National Committee)主席雷恩#8226;普瑞巴斯(Reince Priebus)表示:“我们对于今夜(美国时间)将带给共和党的结果感到兴奋。”共和党上一次夺得参众两院控制权是在2006年。Mr Obama, mindful that he will need to find ways to work with a Republican-controlled Congress, invited congressional leaders to a meeting in the White House on Friday, before he heads to Asia for eight days.考虑到自己将需要设法与共和党控制的国会合作,奥巴马在启动亚日之旅之前,于上周五邀请国会领导人参加了在白宫举行的一次会议。John Boehner, the Republican House speaker, said he was committed to working with Mr Obama, but struck a combative tone, calling on the president to disavow reports that he planned to launch “a ‘counterattackon the new majority.”美国国会众议院议长约翰#8226;纳(John Boehner)表示,他将致力于与奥巴马合作,但他的口吻有些不客气,他呼吁奥巴马否认有关他计划对新的多数党发动“反击”的报道。Almost bn is expected to be spent on the midterm elections, a record amount, according to the Centre for Responsive Politics, the watchdog group, with Republicans spending slightly more than Democrats. The total includes nearly bn by outside campaign groups not formally attached to the candidates and parties.监督机构美国政治研究中心(Center for Responsive Politics)称,预计美国此次中期选举花费将达到创纪录的近40亿美元,共和党的出略多于民主党。其中包括与候选人和两党没有正式关联的外部竞选组织花费的0亿美元。Mr Obama is suffering from the same kind of slump that has hurt many second-term presidents. Even though the US economy is growing at its fastest rate in a decade, wage and salary earners are not feeling the effects of the benefits.和很多连任的美国总统一样,奥巴马在第二任期中也遇到了麻烦。尽管美国经济正0年来最快速度增长,但工薪阶层认为没能分享经济增长的好处。The White House has also come under fire for its faltering responses to the Ebola outbreak, Russian aggression in Ukraine and the Islamist militants of Isis, adding to voterssense of vulnerability in a dangerous world, say pollsters.此外,民调机构显示,美国政府因对埃Ebola)疫情、俄罗斯入侵乌克兰以及“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)伊斯兰激进分子的回应不力而受到批评,这加大了选民在这个危险世界的脆弱感。来 /201411/340974。

New U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter will hold talks on Monday in Kuwait with top U.S. commanders and diplomats on U.S. efforts to fight the Islamic State group.美国新任国防部长卡特星期一将在科威特会见美军高层指挥官和外交官,讨论美国打击伊斯兰国的行动。Carter flew to Kuwait City from Afghanistan to chair the meeting at the U.S. Army base of Camp Arifjan. In addition to military officers, U.S. ambassadors from Jordan and elsewhere in the Middle East will participate in the talks.卡特从阿富汗乘飞机前往科威特城,在美国陆军阿瑞坎军营主持会议。除美国军方官员外,美国驻约旦以及中东其他国家的大使也将参与讨论。Officials say the meeting is not expected to produce a new strategy to fight the Islamic State, but to allow Carter to better understand the range of efforts being pursued to defeat the militant group.有关官员说,预计此次会议不会制定打击伊斯兰国的新战略,但卡特可以通过这次会议更好地了解目前为击败这个激进组织而采取的行动范围。On Sunday, Carter visited southern Afghanistan to review plans to withdraw U.S. troops from the country within two years. He met with U.S. soldiers at the American base in Kandahar and received briefings on the status of coalition efforts to train, advise and assist Afghan forces.卡特星期日访问阿富汗南部,审查美国两年内从阿富汗撤军的计划。他在坎大哈的美军基地与美国军人见面,并听取了有关训练、咨询以及援助阿富汗军队的联合行动的介绍。来 /201502/360721。

Housekeeping is crucial to safe workplaces. It can help prevent injuries and improve productivity and morale.打扫卫生对工作场所的安全至关重要,它有助于预防受伤,提高生产力,提振士气。The practice extends from traditional offices to industrial workplaces, including factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants that present special challenges such as hazardous materials, combustible dust and other flammables. Here are 11 tips for effective workplace housekeeping.无论是传统办公室,还是工业生产车间,比如含特别风险(危险品、易燃粉尘和其他易燃物)的工厂、仓库和制造厂,打扫卫生都很重要。以下是高效清洁工作场所1个技巧. Prevent slips, trips and falls预防滑倒、绊倒和掉落Report and clean up spills and leaks.有物体溢出、泄露时应报告上级并清理干净。Consider installing mirrors and warning signs to help with blind spots.考虑在盲区旁放置镜子、张贴警示标志。Replace worn, ripped or damage flooring.地板破损、裂开或有损坏时应更换。Use drip pans and guards.使用滴油盘和防护装置. Eliminate fire hazards消除火灾隐患Keep combustible materials in the work area only in amounts needed for the job. When they are unneeded, move them to an assigned safe storage area.在工作场所只存放工作需要量的易燃物品。不需要时,将易燃品移至指定的安全储藏区。Store quick-burning, flammable materials in designated locations away from ignition sources.将速燃、易燃物品存储在远离火源的指定地点。Avoid contaminating clothes with flammable liquids. Change clothes if contamination occurs.避免衣物沾染易燃液体。一旦沾染,赶快换掉衣.Control dust控制粉尘Dust accumulation of more than 0.8 millimeters covering at least 5 percent of a rooms surface poses a significant explosion hazard. Vacuuming is the ;preferred; method of cleaning. Sweeping and water wash-down are other options. ;Blow-downs; using compressed air or steam is allowed for inaccessible or unsafe surfaces.粉尘沉积超过0.8毫米,覆盖房间表面达5%或以上时,会有重大的爆炸隐患。吸尘器是清理灰尘的最佳选择。清扫和洒水也是可选的。对于接触不到或不安全的表面,可用压缩空气和蒸汽进行排气清理. Avoid tracking materials避免留下痕迹Work-area mats should be kept clean and maintained.工作场所里的垫子应保持干净并加以保养。Separate cleaning protocols may be needed for different areas to prevent cross-contamination.不同场所应有独立的清理规定,以防交叉污染。If the materials are toxic, industrial hygiene testing, uniforms and showering facilities might be needed.如果这些物质有毒,需要进行工业卫生检测,穿戴工作,安装淋浴设备. Prevent falling objects避免物体掉落Protections such as a toe board can help prevent objects from falling and hitting workers or equipment. Other tips include stacking boxes and materials straight up and down to keep them from falling. Place heavy objects on lower shelves, and keep equipment away from the edges of desks and tables.趾板等防护物品有助于预防物体掉落,以免击中工人或设备。其他的建议包括:整齐堆放堆垛箱、物避免掉落;将重的物品放在低架子上;设备应远离桌边. Clear clutter清理杂物Keep aisles, stairways, emergency exits, electrical panels and doors clear of clutter, and purge untidy areas. Empty trash receptacles before they overflow.过道、楼梯、紧急出口、配电板和门口处禁止堆放杂物,脏乱场所应清理干净。垃圾箱装满前应清空. Store materials properly正确储藏物品Storage areas should not have an accumulation of materials that present hazards for tripping, fire, explosion or pests. Unused materials and equipment should be stored out of the way of workers. Remember to put everything back in its proper place. Keeping a storage space nearby so workers are encouraged to use it.储藏区不应堆放可能绊倒人、引发火灾和爆炸、招致害虫的物品。未使用过的物品和设备应放在不影响工人的区域。谨记所有物品用完后应放到合适的地方。储藏区应设在附近,以方便工人使用. Use and inspect personal protective equipment and tools使用并检查个人防护装备和工具Wear basic PPE such as closed-toe shoes and safety glasses while performing housekeeping. Determine what type of PPE to don based on the potential risks. Regularly inspect, clean and fix tools. Remove any damaged tools from the work area.打扫卫生时穿戴基本的个人防护装备,如包头鞋、安全眼镜。根据潜在的风险来判断穿戴哪种类型的个人防护装备。定期检查、清理和修补工具。将所有损坏工具移出工作区. Determine frequency确定清洁频率All workers should participate in housekeeping, especially in terms of keeping their own work areas tidy, reporting safety hazards and cleaning up spills. A company should have a mixture of deep cleaning and more frequent, lighter cleaning that involves sweeping and responding to spills.打扫卫生人人有责,特别是个人工作区应保持干净,上报安全隐患并清理泄漏液体。公司应既有全面大扫除,又经常做一般性清扫,如扫除垃圾,清理泄漏液体0. Create written rules制定书面规则Housekeeping policies should be put in writing. Written protocols could specify which cleaners, tools and methods should be used.清洁卫生制度应以书面形式呈现出来。书面协议可以明确规定应该使用哪种清洁剂、工具和方法1. Think long-term着眼长远Housekeeping should be more than a one-time initiative. Keep records, maintain a regular walkthrough inspection schedule, report hazards and train employees to help sustain housekeeping.清洁卫生不应该只是三分钟热度。应该做记录,定期做全面检查,汇报隐患,指导员工经常清洁卫生。来 /201508/392528。