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After a string of terrorist attacks, Great Britain is considering arming its front-line police officers.经历一连串的恐怖袭击后,英国正在考虑给一线警察配备武器。Unlike the U.S. or even fellow U.K. territory Northern Ireland, police in England and Wales generally don#39;t carry weapons. Less than 5 percent are armed.不像美国或北爱尔兰, 英格兰和威尔士的警察通常不携带武器。小于百分之五进行了武装。But attitudes about armed police appear to be changing. While a 2006 survey found 82 percent of police in Great Britain didn#39;t want officers to be armed, a more recent survey of London#39;s police force found just over half said they would carry a gun if asked.但关于武装警察的态度似乎改变了。2006年的调查发现,英国百分之82的警察不想军官佩带武器,对伦敦警方最近的调查发现,超过一半表示如果问及他们会携带。England has seen several recent terror attacks, including one in which an attacker stabbed and killed an officer guarding Parliament.最近英国遭遇多次恐怖袭击,包括一名攻击者刺杀一位守卫议会的军官。Even if the police want more firearms, it would be difficult and costly to purchase and distribute the guns and train police to use them.即使警察想要更多的,购买并分发这些以及训练警察使用它们将是困难和昂贵的。A spokesperson for the U.K.#39;s National Police Chiefs’ Council, which will make the final decision on if officers should have firearms, said: ;These are early stage discussions, not yet at a phase of formal proposals.;英国国家警察局长协会的发言人将就军官是否要携带作出最终决定,称这些是早期阶段的讨论,没有进入正式提案阶段。译文属。 Article/201706/515717

(Woman)You know, you gentlemen are up there,(女士)你们这些绅士就在那里do you think women can be the same as you guys你们认为女人能够像你们男士一样sitting up there, saying things the same way and be accepted in the same way?坐在那里用同样的方式说话,而且以同样的方式被接受吗?No. And I think that sucks but I#39;ve thought about this a lot.不能,我觉得这是件糟糕的事,但我也想过这个问题I#39;ve thought about this a crap load.我想这是一堆废话I invested in Birchbox. I wrote the first check into that company我曾经投资过Birchbox,我的第一张票就给了这家公司and I sat in the pitch in Starbucks and said yes in 12 minutes.当时我坐在星巴克的帐篷下,12分钟内就答应了投资And they got super pumped and emotional in a good way.她们在触碰人心和打感情牌上很厉害Not in a cliché bullshit like women way just like pumped.不是用女人的陈词滥调的欺骗方式而是慢慢感染你And I asked them I was like I couldn#39;t put my finger on it我告诉他们,那种感觉说不清道不明and they#39;re like, ;We#39;ve gotten 60 no#39;s in a row, you#39;re our first yes.;她们当时说“我们已经连续被拒绝60次了,你是第一个同意投资的人”And I was cool and I didn#39;t really think much of it.我当时很冷静,并且没有想太多It was the nicest day, early in the spring, it was the nicest day of the year four years ago.那是早春中最好的一天,也是四年前最美好的一天The first nice day, you know that awesome day that第一个美好的一天,真的很棒we love so much in New York.而且我们非常喜欢纽约So I was like I#39;m gonna walk home #39;cause所以当时我决定要走回家I was kinda in midtown, I was going to Upper East Side.我当时大概在市中心,准备去上东区Somewhere around eight blocks in I was like,距离那里大约8个街区;Huh. I really wonder that idea was so obvious;哈,我当时脑子里的那个想法如此清晰;;I really wonder if those were two dudes would they get 11 yes#39;s instead of one?;我想如果她们是两个小伙子的话,她们是不是会得到11个yes而不只有1个?;You have to understand, and this is not even close,你必须得理解,但这还不确切my mom, my wife and my first-born daughter are my life. Right?我的妈妈、妻子和女儿是我的全部,不是吗?I love my bro and my dad and all this but that is my world我也很爱我的兄弟和父亲,还有其他一切,但她们才是我的世界and I, if God, you know I actually don#39;t care而且你知道,事实上我不介意if my daughter, god willing, would want to be a big time entrepreneur and CEO我的女儿想当一个大时代的企业家和CEOI would want her to dominate the world我会希望她能够统治这个世界and I think that people want to look at the world我认为人们总是习惯through rosy glasses or very cynical glasses.以有色眼镜或讽刺的眼光来看世界And I think the answer is always in-between.但我觉得是在这两者之间There#39;s a million women entrepreneurs or storytellers that are killing it. Right?世界上有上百万的女性企业家或者小说作家在消除这种误解,不是吗?We have to recognize that the way the market consumes我们必须意识到市场区分人们的方式people is different based on if they#39;re a woman,是以女人为标准的if they#39;re African-American, if they#39;re Muslim-American, just a million.又或者是根据是否是非洲裔美国人或穆斯林教的美国人等等How about pretty?如果是漂亮的人呢?How about just being pretty? Versus not being as pretty. Right?如果只是漂亮的话会怎么样呢?和不漂亮的人相比又会怎么样呢?对吧?There#39;s a million variables in play and I think it#39;s insane.这其中有太多的变量了,并且我觉得这是很愚蠢的I come from the Soviet Union.我来自苏维埃同盟Right? Where everything being the same is the game.对吧?只有在游戏中才会平等It#39;s just not real. Right?但那不是真实的,不是吗?By the way, it doesn#39;t mean that it#39;s worse,顺便说一下 这并不意味着更糟糕了it doesn#39;t mean that it#39;s worse at all.这一点都不意味着这更糟糕了It just means that it#39;s different. So is it the same?这只是意味着它是不同的,所以它是相同的吗?No, it#39;s not the same. #39;Cause everybody#39;s gonna consume it differently.不,这不是相同的,因为每个人在以不同的方式消耗生命It#39;s also not the same for each,对每个人来说也不是相同的you#39;re an African-American woman你是一个非洲裔美国女人the way that you#39;re consuming me is different than those two Russian guys over there你消费我的方式和那两个俄罗斯人的方式不一样who have a connection point with me that#39;s different.他们和我有着相关却不同的点I think this whole notion of like……is it the same我想这个整体的概念就像…它是相同的吗?of course it#39;s not. It#39;s a silly question.当然不是,这是个愚蠢的问题I think what#39;s more important is我觉得更重要的是I#39;m a big believer of betting on your strengths and I spoke to it earlier.我坚信这都依赖于你的能力,这是我早前提过的Again, I won the lotto completely.再说一下 我在乐透中大获全胜White male in America and born in the Soviet Union. I won triple big.在出生于苏维埃和美国的白人男子中,我的钱翻了三倍I think that we have to understand how things work.我觉得我们必须理解事情是怎么发生的But I#39;ll tell you that, how about this但是我要告诉你,比如Casey and I did a together the other day凯西和我有一天一起做了一个视频Casey#39;s fanbase hated me凯西的粉丝群会讨厌我as a net score because I talked over him during the show.把我看成眼中钉,因为我在节目中说了他#39;Cause I get hyper and this and that.因为我得到了宣传,还有其他一些原因And I went into my own channel and had to apologize然后我必须去我自己的频道to like 500 people that came over from Casey#39;s world向那些从凯西的频道中来的500多个人道歉and said, ;GaryVee, fuck you. You suck shit.;并且他们说着 “格里,你个混蛋”Need to spend less time of what we can#39;t be and我们应该在无法完成的事情上少花一点儿时间we need to spend more time on what we can be.同时多花一点时间做到自己的极限 Article/201705/511650

Nearly 600,000 children under the age of 5 die every year from diseases caused by air pollution. 空气污染引起的疾病每年致死约60万5岁以下儿童。And millions more live in places where they could easily meet the same fate.并且更有数以百万的人居住的地方有着同样的遭遇。According to a new report published by the ed Nations Children#39;s Fund, about 300 million kids around the world are breathing highly toxic air. The report cites numbers from 2012.根据联合国儿童基金会公布的一份新的报告,世界上大约有3亿孩子呼吸着极为有毒的空气。该报告引用了2012年的数据。The majority of these children live in South Asia, where air pollution has reached levels at least six times higher than what the World Health Organization has deemed safe.这些孩子大多数生活在南亚,那里的空气污染已达到世界卫生组织认为安全水平的至少六倍。Because young kids#39; lungs and brains are still developing, toxic air can cause serious health problems.因为年幼儿童的肺和大脑仍然在发育,有毒的空气会导致严重的健康问题。UNICEF#39;s report was released just days before the U.N. Climate Change Conference is set to begin in Morocco. The organization is urging world leaders to start taking steps to reduce air pollution in their countries.在联合国气候变化大会即将在洛哥举办的前几天,联合国儿童基金会公布了这项报告。该组织敦促世界各国领导人开始采取措施减少他们国家的空气污染。译文属。 Article/201611/475463

If we imagine that the cat is putting down a Post-it note,如果把这想象成猫猫们贴的随意贴it says what time it was there, who it was,那上面写的是 什么时候 谁来过and then it leaves that area.之后将它留在那里Now, the nice thing about leaving a chemical signal留下化学信号的好处在于is that you can physically leave,你不必时刻待在这里but you have left a message for another cat,但你却给其他猫留下了信息so when that other cat comes along当其他猫经过的时候and s that message, or that Post-it note, if you like,读懂了这条信息 你也可以叫它随意贴it#39;s gaining information about who is using that space,他们就能知道谁来过这片地区and how long ago they were using it.他们是什么时候离开的Sarah and John have believed for a while that cats time shift,一直以来 萨拉和约翰相信着轮换机制to share space and avoid fighting.是为了共享领地以及避免争斗But this data is the strongest evidence they#39;ve gathered so far但这份数据是目前为止明这一点的that it#39;s really happening.最有力的据The week progresses, and the data continues to flood in.时间在流逝 数据源源不断被收集起来重点解释:1.put down 放下例句:Make sure that you put down every word she says.切实要记下她说的每一个字。2.leave a message 留个话例句:May I leave a message?我可以留个口信吗?3.flood in 涌进(流进)例句:The surges of green leopards flood in everywhere. 绿豹形成的汹涌巨浪,淹没所有地方, Article/201608/460337

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