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Two men on the train invited me to their sister’s wedding, but they didn’t look at all like brothers.火车上认识的两个人邀请我参加他们的婚礼,但是他们完全不像是兄弟俩。Tall, fair-skinned Achmed and short, swarthy, moustachioed Mustafa entered my cabin midway between Marrakech and Fez. “A thousand welcomes to Morocco,” they said, putting their hands over their hearts.又高又白的艾哈迈德(Achmed)和又矮又黑、还留着小胡子的穆斯塔法(Mustafa)半路走进了我从马拉喀什(Marrakech)到非斯(Fez)的车厢。“非常欢迎到洛哥,”他们说,并将他们的手放在心口。I gave them a noncommittal nod, wary of yet another scam, having spent most of my time in Marrakech fleeing from touts, tour guides and con artists. Lacking contacts, a guidebook or much cash, I was essentially a refugee in this land, dependent on the good will of people I didn’t know.我礼貌性地点了点头,谨防这又是一场骗局,因为在马拉喀什的大部分时间我都疲于应付各种兜售、导游和骗子。不善交际、也没有旅游指南或很多现金,我基本是这片土地上的一个流浪汉,依赖于我不认识的那些人们的善意。The duo asked why I was visiting Morocco. I was too embarrassed to say it was actually just a cheap side trip from my stay in Spain. I didn’t want to admit I chose Marrakech because of a Crosby, Stills amp; Nash song and that I was travelling to Fez because of the funny hats.那对兄弟问我为什么要来洛哥。我尴尬不已,不好意思说这只是我在西班牙逗留期间的一次穷游而已。我不想承认我选择马拉喀什只是因为美国民谣合唱团体“Crosby, Stills amp; Nash”的一首歌,而我到非斯旅行则是因为滑稽帽子。So I made up a story with the old clichés, telling them I had always wanted to visit the land of the Arabian Nights, snake charmers and exotic desert adventures.因此我编造了一个陈腔滥调故事,告诉他们我一直都想拜访天方夜谭之地、弄蛇人和异国沙漠之旅。They laughed.他们大笑。“Well, perhaps those tales have some truths. But if you want to see the real Morocco, you must come to our sister’s wedding tonight,” Achmed said.“好吧,或许这些故事不无道理。但是如果你想见识真正的洛哥,你一定要来参加今晚我的婚礼。”艾哈迈德说,“Really?” I said, slowly looking them up and down. “I’m supposed to believe you two are actually brothers?”“真的吗?”我说,一边上下细细打量着他们。“我应该相信你们是真的两兄弟吗?”“We have different mothers. Our father has three wives, you see. And 15 children! What do you think about that?”“我们是同父异母的兄弟。我们的父亲有三个妻子,你看。还有15个孩子!你觉得呢?”“Your father must be a very energetic man.” “你们的父亲一定精力充沛。”“Oh yes! He once played for our national football team. But nowadays, we usually only take one wife here in Morocco. It is too expensive to support all those women.”“当然!他曾经入选过我们国家的足球队。但是现在,在洛哥,我们通常都只娶一个妻子。要养活这些女人可是太贵了。”“Plus it’s less trouble with one – you don’t have to worry about the other wives ganging up on you.” They laughed. “而且一个妻子也会少很多麻烦——你不用担心其他妻子联合起来对付你。”他们大笑。“You will see all this and so much more at the wedding.”“在婚礼你不仅能见到这些,还有更多其他方面。”“You will come, yes?” “你会来的,对吗?”They both looked at me intently, awaiting my reply. The rhythmic “ca-chunk, ca-chunk” of the train filled an awkward moment of silence.他们俩认真地看着我,等待回应。在这略显尴尬的沉默时刻,只有火车发出有节奏的“咔嗒、咔嗒”声。I tried to find a face-saving excuse.我试图找到一个不太丢面子的借口。“But I’m just backpacking here,” I said, gesturing to my dirty bag on the luggage rack. “I don’t have anything to wear to a wedding.”“但是我只是在这里自助旅行,”我说,用手指着行李架上的脏袋子。“我并没有参加婚礼可穿的衣。”They smiled at each other. Achmed said, “Oh, not to worry at all! Of course, we will help you buy a genuine Morocco djellaba robe at the market!”他们相视一笑。艾哈迈德说:“完全不用担心!我们当然会帮你到市场买一件正宗的洛哥长袍!”Mustafa then asked me if I had a hotel aly. “No? Of course we will find you a good hotel in Fez, very safe, very clean and very, very good price!”穆斯塔法然后问我有没有预订酒店。“没有?我们当然也会帮你在非斯找一家好酒店,非常安全、非常干净而且价格非常实惠!”Ok, I thought, this was the old “help for a commission” scam. They’d lead me to a hotel and market and get a cut of my purchases. Still doubting the wedding story, I shrugged and agreed, figuring it would be a small price to pay for temporary guides.好吧,我想,这就是古老的“助人为钱”骗局。他们会把我带到一家酒店和市场,然后从我购买的东西里得到回扣。对婚礼的故事将信将疑,我耸了耸肩表示同意,心想在临时导游上也花不了太多钱。But when we arrived at Fez, Achmed grabbed me just before we exited the rail station. “I will say goodbye for a moment. You will meet me at the end of the block, by the cafe, in a few minutes. It wouldn’t look good if we walked out of the station together.”但是当我们到达非斯时,艾哈迈德在我们要走出火车站时抓住了我。“我要离开一会了。几分钟后我们在街区的尽头见面,咖啡馆旁边。如果我们一起走出火车站的话,会不太好看。”“What, why not?”“什么,为什么不好看?”“People in Fez are funny. Don’t worry. No problem.”“非斯的人们很有趣。不用担心。没问题的。”Confused, I walked to the end of the block by the cafe and waited. A few minutes later, Achmed emerged, leading me to a dingy nearby hotel where he negotiated a rate and had me store my backpack.带着疑惑,我走到了街区尽头的咖啡馆等待。几分钟后,艾哈迈德出现了,带我到了附近的一家有些昏暗的酒店,他跟老板商量好价格后就帮我存放背包。We then went me to Fez’s Old Town market, where shouting merchants stood behind stone counters covered with kaleidoscopic arrays of shimmering cloth. He asked me to choose my favourite robe and secretly signal it to him so he could haggle for the best price.然后我们去了非斯的老城市场,在那里叫卖的商贩站在石头柜台后,上面盖着闪闪发光、五斑斓的桌布。他让我挑选最喜欢的长袍然后悄悄向他示意,然后他去向老板讨价还价。I selected a long white robe with an embroidered collar and a silvery hue, with a pocket on one side and a slit cut in the other. The shop owner declared that such a fine robe could not be sold for less than the absolute final and rock bottom price of 550 dirham – double the price of my hotel room.我选了一件带有刺绣衣领的银白色长袍,一侧有一个口袋,另一侧则是一条狭缝。店主表示这么好的一条长袍,最低价至少550迪拉姆——是我酒店房间价格的两倍。 /201606/450658Whether it is a married couple choosing a new car, two friends buying a holiday or business colleagues investing in stocks and shares, if one of the two is a woman then the pair will take fewer risks. 不管是夫妻挑选新车,两个朋友一起购买旅游度假产品,还是两个同事一起投资股票券,如果这两人中有一个是女性的话,那他们承担的风险就会小些。This means if you want a good deal, you should make sure there#39;s a woman in the negotiations. 这意味着如果你想完成一次比较成功的交易,你最好确定有一名女性参与到协商过程中来。A compromise is more likely when a woman is involved in the decision making, according to new research. 据一项新的研究显示,当有女性参与交易的最终决策时,形成折衷方案的可能性更大。Men making decisions together are dismissive of compromise and more likely to #39;assert their masculinity#39; by going for an extreme deal, says a study in the Journal of Consumer Research. 《消费者研究》杂志的一项研究显示,男性一起进行交易决策的时候,他们往往会对折衷的方案不屑一顾,而更倾向于通过极端的交易方案来显示自己的“男子气概”。Researchers from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College tested a range of buying and selling goods with a different range of prizes, on 900 pairs of volunteers.波士顿学院卡罗尔管理研究院的研究人员测试了900对志愿者在购买和销售价格各异的商品时的行为。#39;When men are in the presence of other men, they feel the need to prove their masculinity#39;, Professor Hristina Nikolova, lead author of the study said. 该研究报告的首席作者,哈里斯蒂娜#8226;尼科洛娃教授表示:“当男性和同性一起时,他们会感觉到需要明自己的男子气概。”#39;Both tend to push away from the compromise option because the compromise option is consistent with feminine norms. “他们双方都会避免折衷的选择,因为折衷的选择显得女性化。”#39;On the other hand, extremism is a more masculine trait so that#39;s why both male partners tend to prefer an extreme option when making decisions together.#39; “而另一方面,走极端的做法有着更加男性化的特征,所以两个男性一起做决定时,他们倾向于更极端的选择。”When a woman made a decision on buying with another man or woman, the outcome was more likely to involve a compromise. But two men together would end up at one extreme or the other. 当一名女性和一名男性或者另一名女性一起做购买决策时,最终结果更可能是一个折衷的方案。但是两个男性在一起的话最后的结果往往是走向极端。For instance, two men going to buy a car together would choose one which is the fastest, the most fuel efficient or the safest. 例如,当两名男性一起去购买汽车时,他们也许会选择速度最快的、或者最省油的、或者最安全的。But if a woman is involved in the deal either as a buyer or seller then the car chosen is more likely to be a compromise. She will not pick the safest, fastest or most fuel efficient but one that combines all factors. 但如果有一名女性参与到交易中,不管她是买方还是卖方,最终的选择就更有可能是一个折衷的结果。她不会选择最安全的、速度最快的,或者最省油的,而会选择这些方面特征都具备的。Women are more likely to go for the #39;Goldilocks effect#39;, the study reported - the name given to an aversion to extremes. 该研究表明,女性往往会遵从“金发女孩效应”——这种说法是出于对走极端做法的厌恶。The experiments involved 1,200 students conducting deals as pairs or individuals plus another 673 doing deals online. 本次实验中共有1200名学生两人结伴或者单独进行交易,另外还有673人进行网上交易.The deals ranged from discussing which printer to buy to paying different amounts for a lottery ticket but where the potential prizes ranged from high to low. 交易活动包括讨论买哪个打印机、投资多少钱买金额高低不等的票等等。#39;No matter what the product is, we see the same effects,#39; Professor Nikolova added. 尼科洛娃教授还说:“不管购买的产品是什么,我们都看到了相同的效应。”#39;The compromise effect basically emerges in any pair when there is a woman. “基本上只要两人中有女性,折衷效应就会出现。”#39;However, surprisingly, when you have men choosing together, they actually tend to push away from the compromise option and select one of the extreme options.#39; “而奇怪的是,当你让两名男性一起做决策的时候,他们真的会倾向于避免折衷选择,做出极端选择。”#39;Individuals and mixed-gender and female-female pairs will likely go for the middle option since it seems reasonable and is easily justified.#39; “单独行动、男女混合配对和两名女性配对的实验组更可能进行折衷选择,因为这样的选择似乎更合情理。”#39;In contrast to men,#39; said Professor Nikolova, #39;women act the same together as they would alone because they don#39;t need to prove anything in front of other women. 尼科洛娃教授说:“相对于两名男性的实验组,两名女性的实验组和女性单独行动的实验组交易行为差异不大,因为她们不需要在其他女性面前明什么。”#39;Womanhood is not precarious and does not need the same level of public defense as manhood. That#39;s why we observe the compromise effect in the joint decisions of two female partners.#39; “女性特质并不容易受到质疑,并不像男性特质那样需要在公共场所的活动中积极捍卫。这就是我们在女性配对进行决策的实验组中观察到折衷效应的原因。” /201608/460550

Love at first sight is a myth — and lovers need to meet at least four times before Cupid#39;s arrow strikes their hearts, said a study.一份研究表明,第一次见面就相爱只是一个神话--至少需要见面四次之后,丘比特的箭才会射中彼此的心。The findings showed that people often find themselves drawn to individuals after multiple encounters, even when there was no initial attraction.这一发现表明,人们经常发现自己是在多次见过某人之后才被吸引过去的,甚至在开始没有一点吸引力。;Cupid#39;s arrow is often slow to strike. It may be attributable to the gradual change in attractiveness from repetition,; Ravi Thiruchselvam, Psychologist at Hamilton College in New York, was ed as saying by dailystar.co.uk last Sunday.英国《每日星报》上周日引用来自纽约汉密尔顿学院的心理学家Ravi Thiruchselvam的话称:;丘比特的箭经常射的很慢。这是因为经常的见面会导致吸引力不断的变化。;For the study, the team gave snaps of people#39;s faces to a group of young men and women.为了进行此项研究,研究团队给参加测试的一组年轻男女一些人的照片。The researchers then wired the participants brains to monitors as the group ranked the attractiveness of people in the pictures.在根据照片上的人的吸引力进行分级时,研究人员同时监测受测者的大脑反应。The subjects were then shown the snaps for a second time, and rated those they found attractive much more highly.然后给受测者再看一次这些快照,然后将他们认为有较高吸引力的人进行评级。The attraction was even stronger on the third occasion and strongest of all on the fourth.这种吸引力在第三次的时候会更强,而在第四次达到最强。The fourth attempt showed extra activity around the excitement and pleasure centres of the brain of the participants在第四次时,试验会显示,受测者大脑的兴奋和快乐中心的活动会活跃很多。 /201608/463249This cancer patient has gone viral with her princess themed modelling campaign这个患癌女孩的写真红遍网络It#39;s easy to get caught up in beauty norms, but one teenager is breaking them down, one photo shoot at a time.靠在社交网络不停发美照成为网红非常容易,但这个少女走红只靠一张照片!17-year-old Andrea Sierra Salazar is currently fighting stage two cancer, but that hasn’t stopped her pursuing a career in the modelling world.17岁的Andrea Sierra Salazar目前虽处癌症二期,但她仍坚持追求自己的模特梦。The teenager has recently gone viral with her stunning photo campaign in which she embraces her bald head while donning a ball gown.她身穿美丽的礼裙、大胆接受自己因化疗导致的光头照在网上传疯了。Tweeting shots from the photoshoot, Andrea said: ‘Cancer doesn’t stop me from being a princess,’ which has been shared over 90,000 times on Twitter alone.Andrea这样配文:“癌症不能阻止我成为公主,”这条推文在推特上就被转发9万多次。The bald beauty turned to modelling after being diagnosed with cancer as a way to distract herself from treatment and boost her confidence after losing her hair. 这位光头少女在自己被查出患癌时就开始做模特。想通过这种方式转移治疗期间的注意力,并且给失去头发的自己打气!Andrea#39;s mother shared her photo with modelling agencies and photographers, which is how she met Gerardo Garmendia, the photographer behind the stunning pictures.为完成她的梦想,她妈妈拿着她的照片给模特经纪人和摄影师看。她就是这样遇到了拍这组绝美照片的摄影师——Gerardo Garmendia的。Gerardo was keen to point out that it was Andrea herself who came up with the concept of a princess without a wig, an empowering message for everyone to redefine beauty.Gerardo说,不戴假发,把自己真实的美展现给世人,是Andrea自己的主意。Speaking about the photoshoot in an interview with Buzzfeed, Andrea said: ‘[At first] I didn’t feel confident enough to do a version without a wig.’不过,在Buzzfeed的采访中,Andrea表示自己最初不戴假发拍摄时确实有点不自信。‘But then I realised that I had no reason to be ashamed of the way I looked, I should be proud. It#39;s not only about my outside beauty, it#39;s about the inside. That#39;s what really inspired the photoshoot without the wig.’“随后,我意识到完全没必要感到羞耻,反而应该为自己能跨出这一步感到自豪。拍光头写真不仅传达了我的外在美,更展示了我内心的美。正因为如此,才有了这些照片。”But Andrea isn’t the first cancer fighter to turn her hand to modelling. 不过,癌症患者做模特,Andrea并不是第一人。Just last year Dayna Christison walked in New York Fashion Week while battling stage four Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin#39;s Lymphoma.去年在纽约时装周上,正处结节性硬化霍奇金淋巴瘤四期Dayna Christison还走过T台。Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and these girls are a great example for everyone.如果你决心做某事,就没有什么不可能。这些女孩就是最好的例子!译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201608/461175

Corban Festival古尔邦节Corban Festival is an important Muslim festival,which lasts three days from the 10th of the 12th month according to the Islam calendar.古尔邦节是一个重要的穆斯林节日,这将持续三天,根据伊斯兰历,从12月的10日起。Just before the festival all Muslim families sweep their houses, fry dough rings,toast pancakes and slaughter sheep or cattle,to mark the occasion. Early on each morning of the festival days Muslims bathe, dress neatly and go to mosques for services. When they meet there amid clarion and melodious music, they shake hands, embrace and exchange words. Then they follow an imam into the mosque hall while chanting along,where they are to hold the festive rite, watch the sacrificial animal slaughter and listen to the mam chanting Koran. After the rite, better-off families each slaughter a sheep,one head of cattle or a camel. The custom has it that part of the animal meat is to be offered to imams and other Muslim leaders, the rest is to be offered to relatives or friends,and the bones and blood are to be buried to keep them sacred.在节日之前,所有穆斯林家庭打扫他们的房子,炸面圈,面包煎饼和屠宰牛羊,以示庆祝。在节日的每天早晨祭穆斯林洗澡,打扮整齐,去清真寺务。当他们听到有嘹亮和悠扬的音乐时,他们握手,拥抱并交换祝福语。然后,他们跟随伊玛目进入清真寺大殿诵经,在那里他们举行了喜庆的仪式,观看了祭祀动物的屠宰,并听妈妈诵古兰经。仪式结束后,每一个富裕的家庭宰一只羊,牛或骆驼。部分动物的肉的是提供给阿訇和其他穆斯林领袖,剩下的就是提供给亲戚或朋友,骨骼和血液都被埋葬,以保持它们的神圣。During the festival Muslims usually visit their relatives or friends,presenting gifts,while the hosts treat them to mutton,deep-fired cakes,and fruit. Both parties cordially exchange blessings while they take the foods.节日期间,穆斯林通常拜访他们的亲戚或朋友,馈赠礼物,而主人将用羊肉,点心,水果招待他们。双方亲切交流和祝福,当他们吃东西时。Young Muslims sing and dance in courtyards or on grounds,late into night.年青的穆斯林在庭院或空地唱歌跳舞到很晚。 /201608/457366

Joshua Fisher and his wife, Bee, have three little boys. That may sound like a full house to some, but they were looking to expand their family.约书亚·费希尔和妻子碧有三个儿子。对有些人来说已经是个大家庭了,但他们却还想再添几员。Joshua was hoping to get a horse, but they settled on getting two dogs instead. After doing some research, the couple decided they wanted a breed that was known for getting along well with young children.约书亚一直想养一匹马,但最后还是决定养两只。经过一番调查之后,他们决定要养能跟孩子好好相处的品种。Ralphie and Boss joined their family soon after. They are both Newfoundlands. The family#39;s three little boys have developed an adorable, brotherly bond with the two pups.不久后,拉尔菲和波斯就加入了这个大家庭,都是纽芬兰犬,和家里的三个孩子相处得非常好,亲如兄弟。Ralphie and Boss are no ordinary dogs. Not only are they great babysitters for their human brothers, but they also have another amazing trait. They can grow to be six feet from nose to tail! Fortunately, the Fishers have documented their gentle giants#39; bond with the young boys.拉尔菲和波斯不是普通的。它们不仅是称职的保姆,还有一个惊人的特点——从鼻子到尾巴,它们可以长到六英尺(约一米八)!还好它们性情温和,和家里的小家伙感情非常好,约书亚一直都在拍照记录它们的一点一滴。When the couple first saw a full-grown Newfoundland, they were shocked.夫妻俩第一次看到成年纽芬兰犬的时候都吓了一跳。;We didn#39;t realize how big they were in-person until we went to get Ralphie from the breeders,; said Bee Fisher.“在哺育员把拉尔菲给我们之前,我们都不知道纽芬兰犬实际上有这么大,”碧说道。The kids, Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan, are absolutely fascinated with their furry brothers#39; sizes. Ralphie tips the scale at 125 pounds, and Boss is a whopping 160 pounds.两个毛茸茸的兄弟身形庞大,三个孩子(伦诺克斯、克鲁兹和泰根)喜欢得不得了。拉尔菲大约重125磅(约57公斤),波斯则接近160磅(约73公斤)了。The dogs allow the kids to poke, prod, and lay all over them.不管孩子们怎么折腾自己,两只大都没有意见。;They are sweet and loving,; Joshua Fisher said. ;It shows in our photos they are truly lap dogs. They are gentle giants and we can take them anywhere.;约书亚说:“它们很有爱心,是真正的宠物,温柔的大个子,带它们到哪里都不会惹麻烦。”No matter where the family goes, crowds of people typically approach them to check out their giant pets. They#39;re like local celebrities!不管这一家去哪里,他们的巨型宠物总会引人围观,就像当地的明星一样!The Fishers say the only downside to having such huge dogs? The drool!不过他们说这样的大有一个不好的地方,就是流口水!;They slobber on work clothes — they shake their heads and it goes flying everywhere,; said Joshua. ;We have to keep emergency towels around the house and their hair gets everywhere. It can be crazy, but it is worth it.;“它们的口水总流到我的工作装上,它们头一甩马上飞沫漫天,”约书亚说,“我们在家里到处都放着应急用的毛巾。它们的毛也掉得到处都是,真是让人抓狂,不过都是值得的。”Ralphie and Boss love their little human brothers and their lovable nature makes them the best furry babysitters around!拉尔菲和波斯很疼爱它们的人类兄弟,它们温顺的天性让它们成为了最称职的保姆! /201607/456243

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