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Budgeting: How To Split You Money Up Effectively Each Month预算:省钱之道在于效益。Jane Furnival (Author) gives expert advice on: How can I split my money up effectively each month?关于每月如何花钱省钱,简·弗内伍尔会给出专家级意见。How can I split my money up effectively each month?我该如何分配月工资呢?The most important and probably the largest bills youll have to budget for each month are your mortgage or rent, travel and power. You can pretty much predict these how much money youll need to budget for these each month. Then, you can make a spending list using the budget planner in my book, ;Smart Spending with Jane Furnival;, and you can also download one for free from my website, smartspending.co.uk. You can use that to work out where your money is going, and how to budget in order to cut it down.最重要或者也是最大的开销是房贷或者房租,交通费和水电费。这些项目的出一般都是固定的,可以预测出大致的数目,然后可以列出一张开销单,像我一样用记事本记录每笔出,这样就能找到削减出的办法。If necessary, take cups, flowerpots or even empty envelopes labelled with different categories and actually put a cash sum in it for the month, if that might help. Remember, shoes for women and tools for men are the two most wasteful purchases when spending money. Try to save three months money in a building society in case of emergencies like illness or redundancy.如果有必要,把杯子,花盆甚至空信封贴上不同的标签,然后放入不同数目的钱。记住,女人的鞋子和男人的工具是两个最浪费钱的消费项目。尝试将三个月的钱投在建房互助协会上,以防发生疾病或失业之类的紧急情况。Thanks for watching Budgeting: How To Split You Money Up Effectively Each Month. For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Eat Well For Less.谢谢收看本期“预算达人花钱法”节目。201208/195142How To Be Assertive怎样让自己更决断果敢Learn how to take control of your life by effectively communicating with others. Confrontation doesn't have to be unpleasant; it can be a vehicle in which you get to broadcast your feelings and thoughts to someone, if done properly.Step 1: Confront The Issue(直面问题,别回避)Start off with showing empathy for the other person's feelings. This shows them that you understand their point of view and you're not trying to pick a fight. Then describe your unhappiness. This tells them why you need something to change. Finally, state exactly what you would like to see change in the other person's behavior.Step 2: Communication Dos And Don'ts(要做和不要做的几件事)Don't lose your temper. Keep your voice calm and maintain a pleasant but serious facial expression. Don't accuse, judge or blame the other person; instead, focus on the problem you're having. Use your body to communicate, too; stand or sit up tall and maintain eye contact. Use "I" statements - for example, "I'd like to have some more time to get y", instead of "You're always rushing me". Express ownership of your thoughts and feelings.Step 3: Stay On Track(别跑题)There are several ways the confrontation can get off track. Be sure to remain focused on the problem at hand. If you need to, keep repeating yourself until the other person gets what you're requesting. This is called the broken record technique. If the content of the argument shifts, slow down and re-evaluate. The real problem may be something bigger than the immediate topic.Step 4: Just Say No(很简单,拒绝就是了)Passive people commonly have trouble saying no. If you can't say no, you're not in charge of your life. Realize you do have a choice and if you say no, it doesn't make you a bad person and the other person will accept it as your answer. Decide on your position before you speak and if you need some time to think about it, it's OK to ask for more time. Finally, don't apologize for saying no, remember, it's your right to do so.201107/144846How To Make Yourself Indispensable At Work and Avoid Getting Laid Off on HowcastNo one is immune to getting the axe – especially in an economic downturn. But you can certainly lower your chances.You Will NeedLoyalty Reliability Problem-solving abilities Revenue-producing capabilities Pleasant personality Flexibility Step 1: Demonstrate loyalty(表现出你的忠诚)Be vocal about your commitment to your place of employment. Eighty-five percent of CEOs surveyed ranked loyalty as the employee trait they most admired.Step 2: Make your boss' life easier(帮老板分担任务)Make your boss’ life easier. Complete tasks reliably; anticipate their needs; be a self-starter; consistently exceed expectations.Don’t go to your boss with problems; bring them solutions.Step 3: Save the company money(为公司省钱)If your job is to make the company money, step up your efforts. If you’re not in a revenue-producing position, find ways to save the company money.Step 4: Be a team player(很好地团队合作能力)Be a pleasure to work with. Being liked and respected by your colleagues is almost as important as having the boss’ approval.Step 5: Go with the flow(可以灵活多变)Be flexible. Employees who can adapt to change are not only considered more valuable, but have a better chance of surviving a reorganization.Step 6: Be someone you'd want to keep(成为公司必不可少的一员)Be the kind of employee you’d want to retain in a downturn. What’s more sensible than that?Employees with a strong work ethic are more valuable to employers than those with a high IQ, according to one survey.201006/106188

Over 18,000 plant species grow here,这里生长着超过18000种植物of which 3,000 are foundnowhere else.其中约3000种植物是这儿特有的Until little more than a century ago,this place was unknown outside China.直到一个多世纪前这里还是个未为人知的世外桃源But then news reached the West然而有关这个神奇隐秘的东方世界的传言of a mysterious, hidden world of the orient.却不胫而走 传至西方Hidden among the mountains,a lost Shangri-la paradise.隐匿在群山中遗落人间的最后天堂 香格里拉Westernhigh society, in the grip of a gardening craze,当时西方上流社会盛行园艺was eager forexotic species from faraway places.渴望获得遥远国度的稀有物种Thisgave rise toa new breed of celebrity adventurers,这也造就了新物种的探险家intrepid botanist-explorers known as ;the Plant Hunters;.无畏的植物探索家 世称“植物猎人”Yunnan became theirHoly Grail.云南成为了他们的圣杯The most famous was Joseph Rock,a real life Indiana Jones.其中最出名的便是Joseph Rock 真人版的Indiana JonesRemarkable film footage captured his entourage on a series of expeditions,胶片出色的记录了他与随行人员的一系列as theypushed intothe deepest corners of Yunnan.深入云南腹地的探险远征In glorious colour he recorded the plant life he found他发现了千姿百态的植物on special photographic glass plates.并将其记录于特制的玻璃质感光片上Sending thousands of specimens back to the West,通过将成千上万的标本送回西方the Plant Hunters changed the gardens of the world forever.植物猎人永远的改变了世界园艺大家如果有什么问题可以在我的可可地盘上留言,我会尽量帮大家解决的地址为http://dipan.kekenet.com/space.php?uid926923 /201208/193102

享有盛誉的印度舞蹈家Ananda Shankar Jayant在2008年被诊断出患有癌症。她讲述自己的故事。她的故事并不仅仅是面对疾病,而是用舞蹈战胜疾病。期间她向观众展示了帮助她战胜癌症的,包含印度神秘意象的舞蹈。201202/172639

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