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陕西长安医院胃病胃肠网上预约宝鸡第一人民医院肠胃科正规吗?怎么样7 取消约会3句英文任你选 Im sorry I cant keep our appointment because something unexpected has come up.对不起,我们的约会我不能去了,因为出了一点意外的事。Im sorry to inform you that I have to cancel the lunch date with you.很抱歉告诉你,我不得不取消和你的午餐约会。It looks as if I wont be able to keep the appointment we made.看来我不能赴约了。半个句型要记牢keep ones appointment(遵守约定)Tip: keep是最常用的动词之一,其含义丰富,与其搭配的短语也很多,作及物动词时可表示;保留,保持,赔养,经营,使……处于某种状态(情况) ; 等,如 Wed better keep a seat for him. (我们最好给他留个座位),在例句中是;履行,遵守;的意思,如keep ones promise. (信守承诺)。 /201511/393398西安交大一附院看胃病消化内科多少钱 M: Here are the leads from last week's exhibit as a trade show. There are about forty or so that are hot. You should contact them immediately,in the next twenty-four hours if you can. The rest are categorized according to potential and interest.You can see we've got our hot stack, our warm stack, our lukewarms, and our cold but not dead stack.F: Haha... please don't tell me you've got a dead stack. I hate making cold calls...M: Don't worry, most of the leads on mildly interested, if not strongly interested. We've just got to make sure the Hot ones are contacted right away. And even the contacts that for what ever reason aren't prepared to make an order now, they might be interested in the future.Please be conscanciouss about getting a hold of everyone of these leads. We've spent a big chunk of marketing budget to find these people.I don't want our investment to go down the drain.F: Don't worry, I've gotchya covered. /201002/95954西北妇女儿童医院消化病正规的吗

西安北方医院肠胃科收费贵吗where theres a will, theres a way. 有志者事竟成(传统表达法)英文释义Traditional expression meaning if people have interest, energy, and motivation to accomplish something, then they can overcome difficult obstacles and succeed.例句When I told my father about my recent misfortunes while trying to start a business, he reminded me that ;where theres a will, theres a way,;and I remembered how he had prevailed over challenges in the past.我告诉父亲,最近创业很不顺,他提醒我:“有志者事竟成”,我想起了他从前是怎样战胜困难的。 /201304/232920西安交大第二附属医院胃息肉胃病胶囊胃镜 F: What kind of car is best for me?M: For you, I would recommend this one here.F: The compact? Why do you think that one is better than the others?M: This automobile is just right for your needs because not only is it compact for ease in city driving, but also, it has many safety features. I know that as a parent, you are concerned about safety in driving your kids to and from school. F: That's true. What kind of safety features are we talking about?M: This model features anti-lock brakes, airbags on both driver and passenger sides, and impact collision design. But that's not all. This car isn't only safe but it's also very economical.F: You mean it has a cheaper price than similar models?M: Yes, this price is very affordable, but driving this car you'll also notice a significant annual saving in gas consumption. The main attraction for this model is the fuel economy.F: With the cost of gasoline these days, that is a big plus. I think this model may be just what I'm looking for.M: Why don't you take it for a test drive, and think it over. /201004/100759庆阳市第一人民医院消化病在哪里

运城市市中心医院胃病胃肠在哪商务英语必备1000字 22 industry 产业  manufacturing 生产制造  alternative energy  替代能源  Scientists are researching alternative energy sources for cars.  科學家正研究汽車的替代能源。  assembly line  裝配線  Our assembly line is capable of 1000 units per hour.  我們的裝配線每小時可生產一千件。  automated  adj. 自動化的  The production process is now fully automated.  生產流程現已全面自動化。  breakthrough  n. 突破  Scientists predict a major breakthrough within four months.  科學家預期四個月內會有重大突破。  capacity utilization  產能利用  Our capacity utilization rate would reach 100% by the end of the year.  今年底我們的產能利用率將達100%。  component  n. 零件  New fuel-cell components will revolutionize the auto industry.  新的燃料電池零組件將為汽車業帶來大變革。  electronics  n. 電子產品  China is the current construction hotspot for Taiwanese electronics factories.  中國現在是台灣電子廠設廠的熱門地點。  farm produce  農業產品  Taiwan has not imposed any restrictions on farm produce exports to China.  台灣並未對輸出到中國的農業產品作任何設限。  global warming  全球暖化  A new UN report details how global warming is likely to change the world.  一份聯合國新出爐的報告詳述了全球暖化對世界可能造成的改變。  high-tech industry  高科技產業  Taiwan's strength is in high-tech industry.  高科技產業是台灣的優勢所在。  labor-intensive  adj. 勞力密集的  Many major companies have relegated labor-intensive jobs to China.  許多大公司已將勞力密集的工作移到中國。  manufacturing  n. 製造  Prior to the 1970's, America was primarily a manufacturing economy.  一九七0年代之前,美國經濟以製造為主。  mass production  大量製造  The machinery that is needed to set up a mass production line is too expensive.  設立量產生產線所需的機台價格太貴。  offshoring  n. 產業外移  Offshoring in the IT industry set off India's recent economic boom.  資訊產業的外移引發印度近來的經濟熱潮。  outsource  v. 外包  The company's winning formula is to outsource all of its production.  該公司成功的秘訣就是將所有的產品發包出去製作。  power failure  停電  A power failure forced most factories in the region to halt operations.  停電造成這地區大部分的工廠停擺。  production capacity  產能  We have a production capacity of 500 units per hour.  我們每小時有五百單位的產能。  production process  生產流程  The production process is cost-effective and streamlined.  這個生產流程既節省成本又有效率。  recycling  n. 回收;再生  The authorities are considering implementing a mandatory electronic recycling program.  當局正考慮採取強制性的電子器材回收計畫。  semiconductor  n. 半導體  Intel has its company's largest semiconductor plant outside the U.S. near Dublin.  英特爾在美國以外鄰近都柏林設立了該公司最大的半導體廠。  service industry  務業  The service industry accounts for more than sixty percent of Greece's GDP.  務業佔了希臘國內生產毛額的 60%。  waste disposal  廢棄物處理  The problem of waste disposal is obviously serious.  廢棄物處理問題顯然很嚴重。 /200708/16495 第一句:What made you leave W Company?是什么让你离开W公司呢?A: What made you leave W Company ?是什么让你离开W公司呢?B: Because I want to work in a big company.因为我想到大公司工作。第二句:The company culture here is a match with my values and per sonality.贵公司的文化与我的价值观和个性更为匹配。A: Why did you want a change?你为什么要换工作呢?B: The company culture here is a match with my values and personality. 贵公司的文化与我的价值观和个性更为匹配。知识扩展:1.面试官还佘这样问:Why did you quit?你为何要辞职呢?Can you tell me the reason for leaving?你能含诉我为何要离职吗?Why have you changed job so frequently?你为何如此频繁地换工作呢?2.请注意背后的意义,那才是面试官的真正目的,离职原因可以反映—个人对人生、工作的态度:Because I consider the company can provide me with high-technical support.因为我认为责分司能够为我提供很高的技术持。I’d like to work in a foreign-invested company so as to make full use of my English.我想在外资企业工作,可以更大程度上发挥我的英语优势。商洛市肠胃炎胃肠功能紊乱肠易激综合症肠息肉西安胃肠医院

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