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The cooler months have their charms, including hot chocolate, cozy fires and pretty scenery. They also bring about a few woes, though, such as dry skin, dry hair and dry lips. The key to keeping hydrated locks, kissable lips and supple skin is to moisturize often and well. Consider it the same as drinking water when you#39;re thirsty. When your body craves a little moisture ; and it will ; employ balms, salves, lotions and creams to keep scales and cracks away.寒冬腊月也有自己的魅力,热热的巧克力,惬意的火炉还有美丽的景色。尽管如此,寒冷也带来了一些灾难,比如干燥的皮肤,干枯的头发还有干裂的双唇。锁住双唇水分保持饱满状态,让肌肤柔软的关键是经常补水。就像你口渴的时候喝水一样。当你的身体需要一些水分补充时;就要用一些香脂,药膏,水和面霜来驱走干裂。 /201201/167004A(Ambition)雄心壮志:女人也许担心这个词将使她们失去女性的温柔。然而,一项进行了15年的调查发现,74%的职业女性一直都在积极寻求获得提升的机会。B(Belief)信仰:无论如何,在生活中,女人至少得坚信一件事情,这样,才会让你的人生不至于迷失。 /200911/9036981 因为你的心将我淹没了because i am addicted in your love82 因为有你我就不孤单because of you ,i am not lonely any more83 因为上辈子我们在一起because last generation we were lovers84 因为爱你是我甜蜜的负担because loving you is my sweet burden85 因为你我拒绝了其他的仰慕者because we two reject others86 因为我的朋友都叫我要好好的把握because my friends ask me to hold it well87 因为不爱你实在太过分了because not loving you is excessive88 因为不爱你实在太对不起自己了because i feel sorry for myself,if i don't love you89 因为不爱你我的朋友会打我because my friends will beat me ,if i don't love you90 因为我的目标只有一个...爱你because i only have one aim-love you91 因为说了那么多爱你的理由我不得不爱你because i have said so many reasons of loving you,i have to love you92 因为我渴望101次求婚的结局because i am eager to the result of the 101 proposal93 因为我期待每一个明天的到来because i expect the coming of every tomorrow94 因为我喜欢等你电话的感觉because i love the feeling of waiting for your telephones95 因为我有千千万万的理由爱你because i have thousands of reasons for loving you96 因为我只选择最爱你的一百个理由because i only choose these one hundred reasons to show my best love to you97 因为我特地在情人节这一天对你表白because i chose specially to assert my love to you on Valentine's Day98 因为我已经写的很累了because i feel very tired when i write here99 因为我要向世界大声说because i want to announce to the world loudly100 因为我爱你!!!because i love you!!  /200812/59939Here is a voice of hope! If you, you will also complain about the unfair fate of it?声音是一种奢望在这里,声音是一种奢望!如果是你,你还会埋怨命运的不公吗?Here is an extravagant hope to have both hands! If you, you will have such a dedicated pursuit of it?拥有双手是一种奢望在这里,拥有双手是一种奢望!如果是你,你还会有如此执着的追求吗?Here is an extravagant hope to have legs! If you, you will be so strong fighting it?拥有双腿是一种奢望在这里,拥有双腿是一种奢望!如果是你,你还会有这样顽强的拼搏吗?Here, adequate food and clothing is a kind of hope! If you, you will face such a solemn flag it?解决温饱是一种奢望在这里,解决温饱是一种奢望!如果是你,你还会这样庄严地面对国旗吗?Here is a hug expect! If you, so you will honestly believe that love ?亲密拥抱都是一种奢望在这里,亲密拥抱都是一种奢望!如果是你,你还会如此真诚地相信爱情吗?Here, the walk is a hope! If you, your family will love you so行走都是一种奢望在这里,行走都是一种奢望!如果是你,你还会如此呵护亲情吗?Here is an extravagant hope to walk home! If you, so you will be hard to go to school here?走路回家就是一种奢望在这里,走路回家就是一种奢望!如果是你,你还会如此辛苦地去上学吗?Here, have a hand all hope! If you, so you will be self-sustaining life?拥有一只手都是奢望在这里,拥有一只手都是奢望!如果是你,你还会这样自立的生活吗?Here, the ;legitimate; is a vehicle expect! If you, you will be so bitter it on their own feet?;合法;修车都是一种奢望在这里,;合法;修车都是一种奢望!如果是你,你还会如此辛酸的自食其力吗?Here, sleep is a hope! If you, so you will be happy to do drifting?睡个安稳觉都是一种奢望在这里,睡个安稳觉都是一种奢望!如果是你,你还会如此开心地漂泊吗? /201201/169649

10. “Can I buy you a drink?”Asking for another drinkIf you are really serious about finding the person of your dreams, go out and look for him or her. One of the easiest ways to find your your Mr. or Ms. Perfect is to hang out in a bar. You will never find your would-be significant other inside your kitchen cupboard. Go out, have fun and meet people. There are many reasons why this is effective. First, this is where guys and girls who love to have fun go and if you’re that type, you just might find someone meant for you here. Second, alcohol gives you enough courage and confidence to make the first move. Some of the greatest love stories do not even get a chance to start because both people are afraid to approach and introduce themselves to each other. What a shame.Why you should do it: Even if you don’t meet anyone, you still had your booze. Nothing to lose!10. "我能请你喝一杯吗?“假如你真的想找到自己的梦中情人,那么,就到外面找乐子,同时找目标。最简单的方法就是在酒吧邂逅。在自家厨房是绝对找不到梦中情人的。得外出找乐并结识他人。很多理由都可明这是很有效的方法。首先,酒吧是男生女生的玩乐的好地方,而如果你恰好也是这一类人,或许你就能遇到你的他或她。其次,酒精会使你勇气百倍,信心十足,促使你踏出勇敢的一步。那些凄美的爱情故事还没来得及开始就结束了就是因为两个人都羞于主动接近和毛遂自荐。真是可惜了!这么做的理由:即使你没邂逅他人,你也没什么损失,因为你也乐在其中了。 /201004/101333

Never has a Queen had a better reason to say ;Let them eat cake;. Four engineering teams are preparing to do battle in a contest to make the tallest cake to mark the Diamond Jubilee.从没有一位女王能有更好的理由说:“大家吃蛋糕吧。”已有四家工程队准备开展一场竞赛,为纪念英国女王登基钻石禧年,打造最高的蛋糕。The rival companies will show off their engineering and baking prowess, equipped with a total of 66lb of flour, 408lb of butter, 990lb of sugar, four vats of golden syrup and 1,480lb of chocolate.这几家竞争公司将展示各自的工艺水平和烘焙技术,预计将用掉66磅面粉、408磅奶油、990磅的糖,4大桶金黄色糖浆以及1480磅巧克力。The contest will be held to mark the Queen#39;s Diamond Jubilee on Sunday at the Battersea Park festival in London, near to the start of the river pageant.这场蛋糕比赛将于周日在伦敦贝特西公园的庆祝活动上举行,以纪念英国女王登基钻石禧年。这里临近钻石禧年庆典中皇家御舟航行的始发地。It has emerged that Arup - the company who created the Gherkin skyscraper in London - will be producing a replica of the iconic towerblock.据称,负责设计伦敦“小黄瓜”天大楼的英国奥雅纳工程顾问公司将依照这一地标性建筑的外观设计蛋糕。After weeks of planning, the team behind the project are set to build their cake to the height of a two-storey house.在数周的计划之后,该公司的设计团队打算打造一个两层楼高的蛋糕。Stephanie Black, an electrical engineer with Arup, said the team was used to working with concrete and steel, but less so with materials such as chocolate and fruit cake.该公司的电子工程师斯蒂芬妮-布莱克说,团队习惯于和钢筋水泥打交道,但对巧克力和水果蛋糕等材料不太熟悉。;We had to do a lot of testing on the new materials before we realised that diamond-shaped blocks of crispy cakes were the most sturdy,; she said.她说:“我们进行了大量的试验,才发现钻石型搭建的酥脆蛋糕是最牢固的。”The crown of the bullet-shaped building will be formed of delicate spun sugar.这个子弹型“建筑”的“王冠”将由鲜美的棉花糖制成。Also in the mix for the competition are Expedition Engineering, a team who are planning a cake made of ice cream cones; Buro Happold, who will create a cake tower topped with a Union Jack-shaped sponge; and the Young Structural Engineers team, who will bake a creation involve cupcakes and chocolate pillars.参与竞争的团队还有计划制作冰淇淋甜筒蛋糕的远征工程公司;计划制作顶部是英国国旗形状松糕的蛋糕塔的标赫工程顾问公司;以及计划烘焙一个包含纸杯蛋糕和巧克力棒的蛋糕的青年结构工程公司。The cakes will afterwards be fed to the crowds.蛋糕最终将分发给民众品尝。 /201205/184461

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