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陕西省森工医院肠胃科收费标准西安市第一人民医院胃病胃肠在哪According to the effects of colors on the human body and emotions, certain colors are selected to exert direct effects on the mind and emotions via eyes. This is the so-called pleasing the eyes and refreshing the mind. Besides, the color tones, color temperatures, etc. may also be used to regulate emotions. 根据颜色对人们身心的不同作用,可以选择特定的颜色通过眼睛对人们的情绪施加影响。这就是所谓的养眼养心。另外,色调、色温也可以用于调节情绪。 The method, under the guidance of the theory of "the five colors corresponding to the five zang organs and five emotions", is used to arrange the colors of the patient's living surroundings such as living rooms, utensils, furnishings, clothes, quilts, window curtains and lights as well as the dresses of doctors and nurses of rehabilitation according to the requirements. Colors and their indications are as follows. 具体的方法是根据“五色-五脏-五情绪”理论,将住所、餐具、家具、饰、棉被、窗帘、灯具甚至参与治疗的医生、护士的穿着等病人日常生活密切接触的东西按要求设为需要的颜色。各种颜色的作用如下: /201108/149359西安交通大学第二附属医院西北医院胃肠科地址查询 It is not often the plans of a Japanese company president remind you of the slogans of Chinese dictator Mao Zedong. 日本企业总裁的计划很少会让人联想到中国独裁者毛泽东的口号。 But two of the most important strategies of Kazuhiro Tsuga – newly charged with turning round Panasonic– are uncannily reminiscent of slogans coined by the late Communist party chairman. 但松下(Panasonic)新任总裁、担负扭亏重任的津贺一宏(Kazuhiro Tsuga)的两个最重要战略,却奇怪地让人想起这位已故中共领导人创造的口号。 First, there is ;Bombard the Headquarters; – the words with which Mao in 1966 declared war on a party core he saw as an obstacle to leftist revolution. 第一个是;炮打司令部;。1966年,毛泽东借着这样的口号,对党内一些他认为阻碍左翼革命的核心成员公开宣战。 The personable Mr Tsuga is not about to unleash a horde of fanatical Red Guards against Panasonic#39;s HQ in the western city of Osaka – but nor is he pulling punches. He ily seconds the view of a former president of the electronics group who accuses HQ staff of ignorance of the ;importance of added value; and of being ;preoccupied with internal negotiations;. He also plans radically to restructure and to recategorise, with most HQ functions being distributed to business units or simply removed. 风度翩翩的津贺一宏并不是要发动大群狂热的;红卫兵;,对松下位于日本西部大阪市的总部展开围攻,但他也绝不手下留情。他非常赞成这家电器集团的一位前总裁的观点,后者批评松下总部的人忽视;增值的重要性;,;只顾着内部协商;。他还计划大刀阔斧地进行重组和重新划分职能,把总部的大部分职能或者下放给业务部门,或者干脆取消。 ;Currently the headquarters employ about 7,000 people,; says Mr Tsuga, who became Panasonic president last month. ;We are trying to minimise it to several hundred.; 上月履新的津贺一宏说:;目前总部大约有7000名员工,我们正在努力将这一数目裁减到几百人。; Then there is Mao#39;s 1957 instruction to China: ;Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend; – a line of classical poetry the Great Helmsman turned into a call for progress by means of freer thinking by intellectuals and scientists. 第二个口号是毛泽东1957年提出的指导方针:;百花齐放、争鸣;。;伟大的舵手;借用这句经典诗句,要求知识分子和科学工作者解放思想、取得进步。 Mr Tsuga, who has degrees in bioengineering and computer science, is less metaphorical than Mao – and convincingly denies seeing the chairman as an inspiration. But he too hopes to lead a flowering of creative thinking and competitive instincts at Panasonic#39;s nearly 90 business units. 拥有生物工程和计算机科学学位的津贺一宏不像毛泽东那么善于比喻,他也大有理由否认他的灵感来自毛泽东。但他也希望在他的领导下,松下近90个业务部门能够呈现创意思维;齐放;、人才互相;争鸣;的局面。 Under his plan to cultivate ;autonomous responsible management;, units generating healthy profits will be left largely alone. But those with operating profits of less than 5 per cent will come under the slimline HQ#39;s scrutiny and will be forced to demonstrate how they can recover. 根据他的提倡;自主负责管理;计划,效益好的部门基本上将可以自己做主。而经营利润占比不到5%的部门将接受瘦身后的总部的监督,并须拿出重振计划。 The idea is to re-energise a company Mr Tsuga himself likens to a cluster of small- and medium-sized enterprises. To survive, units must show they can find their own way: ;They should compete with each other.; 这个想法是为了在集团内部重新激起活力——津贺一宏把松下比喻为由一群中小企业组成的集群。要生存下去,各部门必须明他们能够找到自己应该走的方向。津贺一宏表示:;他们彼此之间应互相竞争。; Whether these new approaches work matters not only to Panasonic, its 330,000 employees and its shareholders – who have seen the company#39;s shares slide from more than Y2,800 in 2005 to only Y610 yesterday. 这些新举措能否凑效不仅关乎松下、33万名员工及其股东(松下股价已从2005年的2800日元以上跌到了610日元左右)。 Success would also offer desperately needed inspiration for an electronics sector that was Japan#39;s pride – but which is battered by US, South Korean and Chinese rivals. 如果这些举措获得成功,日本电器行业将从中得到急需的鼓舞。电器行业曾经是日本的骄傲,而如今美国、韩国、中国的对手已经让它;遍体鳞伤;。 Further affected by slowing overseas demand, a rising yen and natural disaster, the sector has been awash with red ink. 海外需求疲软、日元升值、自然灾难又带来了进一步的打击,日本电器行业深陷亏损的泥潭。 Panasonic#39;s net loss of Y772bn for the year to March was the biggest in its 94-year history. Sony suffered its own record annual loss of Y457bn. Sharp set a company low by losing Y376bn. 在截至3月的一年中,松下净亏损7720亿日元,为公司创建94年以来的最大亏损。索尼(Sony)也创下了全年亏损4570亿日元的纪录。夏普(Sharp)亏损额最小,为3760亿日元。 Mr Tsuga says Panasonic is aly on track for a ;V-shaped recovery;. And he is surely right to reject its past approach of seeking higher profits from larger sales, particularly of TVs – an increasingly commoditised product area which high-cost Japan used to dominate but in which it now struggles. 津贺一宏表示,松下已经走上了;V字型的复苏;轨道。他抛弃松下过去寻求通过扩大销量提高利润的做法无疑是正确的,松下原来尤其喜欢在电视方面采用这种方法,以高成本著称的日本过去在这个产品领域占据着主导地位,但是现在电视日益商品化,以致日本企业在这个领域不得不苦苦挣扎。 However, some observers doubt Mr Tsuga#39;s confidence that a smaller TV business can be put back in the black. 然而,一些观察家对津贺一宏的自信表示怀疑:电视业务缩减规模后就能恢复盈利吗? His strategy has other challenges. One is it relies on changing how managers think: making them more profit-conscious; more self-reliant; and more aware of developments outside their silos. Mao could wash brains by means of mass-struggle sessions, but Mr Tsuga must use gentler tactics. Tinkering with seniority-based pay is one option, but details are scarce. ;We need to discuss how we can realise such profit-oriented, performance-based remuneration,; he says. 他的战略还面临其他的挑战。其一,战略能否成功,取决于管理人员思维模式的改变:让他们加强盈利意识;更加自力更生;并更深刻地意识到自己所在领域之外的发展。毛泽东可以通过群众批斗大会给人们;洗脑;,但津贺一宏就必须使用更加柔和的策略。拿资历薪酬制度开刀是可取的,但还缺乏具体细节。他说:;我们需要探讨如何建立以盈利为导向、基于业绩的薪酬体系。; To devolve power and to diversify also carry risks, although Mr Tsuga points out that focusing on the wrong things – such as TVs – merely caused bigger losses. Instead of focus, he intends to redefine businesses in reference to the customers they serve, with an overarching emphasis on ;green; products. 权力下放和业务多元化也会带来风险,不过津贺一宏指出,目标错误——比如着重于电视产品——只会造成更大的亏损。与集中策略不同,他打算根据所务的客户对业务进行重新界定,最主要的重点将放在;绿色产品;。 Failure of past Japanese electronics turnround plans means investors ought to be sceptical. Panasonic has recently fallen short of the utopian dreams of founder Konosuke Matsushita, who thought manufactured goods should be as plentiful and cheap as tap water. 鉴于日本电器企业过去的扭亏计划均以失败告终,投资者理应抱着怀疑的态度。松下近来已经偏离了松下幸之助(Konosuke Matsushita)的乌托邦梦想,这位创始人认为,经由制造的商品应该就像自来水一样,充足、便宜。 Yet Mr Tsuga will surely do better than Mao, whose hundred flowers campaign degenerated into a leftist crackdown and whose HQ bombardment deepened the chaos of the Cultural Revolution. Unlike the late chairman, Panasonic#39;s new president is at least trying to go in the right direction. 不过津贺一宏无疑会做得比毛泽东好,后者的;百花齐放;运动最终演化为一场左翼镇压运动,;炮打司令部;也加重了文化大革命的混乱。与毛泽东不同,松下新任总裁至少是在努力朝着正确的方向走。 /201207/190293陕西西安胃泰医院地址

西安市精神卫生中心消化病预约Linnea Jacobson is a 14-years-old photographer/ writer from Umea. Her labels on Lookbook.nu: 14, daydreamer, bored and always in hurry. I love photography and fashion. 活跃在著名潮人街拍网站Lookbook.nu 上的时尚达人: 14岁的莉妮娅·雅各布森来自瑞典于默奥市,小小年纪的她现在已经是一个小有名气的摄影师,她会在个人客里及时更新着她亲自拍摄的照片。她的个人客名字很有趣,叫做wider than a teenager。 在Lookbook上她这样介绍着自己:14岁的空想家,有点无聊,总是急急忙忙的。我喜欢摄影喜欢时尚。 Lookbook.nu is the internet source of fashion inspiration from real people around the world. A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or a clothing line. It is an especially popular term with "fashion bloggers". Lookbooks in their online form can be described as "fashion diaries" because bloggers are constantly updating them on a daily or weekly basis. Lookbook.nu是一家在2008年推出的潮人街拍网站,网站上的时尚灵感都取材于现实生活。"lookbook" 指的是摄影师或者模特的照片合集。时尚主们定期上传照片更新他们的在线时尚日记。 /201110/158784庆阳市市中心医院消化病预约 平凉第一人民医院胃病胃肠怎样预约

陕西妇幼保健院胃肠科电话预约So, whats wrong with sex before marriage? “A lot of people look for the correct person, but they don’t worry about becoming the correct person.”Would you like your future life partner to be somebody who has slept with a numerous amount of people and knows the body and intimacy of those who will in the future become strangers in your relationship?Or, would you prefer somebody who wants to have that experience with you and only you because they know that sex is something serious?Would you prefer spending your life with someone who has been within 50 different relationships, or with someone who has never had a boyfriend/girlfriend?Does it not sound better if both can be able to learn form each others sexuality rather than permitting your partner to learn with others? Would it not sound better to be your partners first and last? Yours and only yours.Not every body thinks this way. But be honest to yourself, isn’t this better than what common society tells us?Now I understand that many might say that “nobody waits for marriage anymore”. But this is the exact same reason why we have so many problems when it comes to the topic of sex:The exact same reason why people suffer from so much “emotional baggage”. The exact same reason why HIV is a top threat to modern society. The same reason why so many people die from AIDS. The top reason of so many abortions. The seed reason for why more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce because of infidelity .So, whats wrong with sex before marriage? All that is stated above.Now a sexual experiences is not just any type of experience. It is something that stays recorded in the mind permanently. When this is lived with someone, that person becomes more than just anybody for you.When a relationship is over, people tend to say that “it is the past”. But the truth is that it’s not in the past because the past forms part of your present and your future. What ever was done in the past becomes part of you for the rest of your life consciously or subconsciously.Proof of this is the knowledge you have of everything you know. This would include the alphabet, numbers, the language that you speak, the people that you know and everything that you do on the daily basis, you owe it all to your past.So when it comes to live that moment with that special someone, it would be almost inevitable to forget the past sexual experiences from others, staining the present moment with your beloved partner. 婚前性行为有何不妥呢?“人们都在寻找那个对的人,但他们都不担心自己成为那个对的人。” 你会希望你未来生活中的伴侣是一个曾和很多人发生过关系的人吗?还是你会愿意和那个了解你的身体又和你发生过关系的人在未来的日子里形同陌路? 或者,你更愿意某个人想要和你也只愿意和你发生关系,因为他们都知道性行为是很严肃的? 你是愿意和一个曾与50位不同异性发生过关系的人共渡一生,还是愿意接受一个从未有过男(女)朋友的人呢? 如果男女朋友可以互相学习性方面的知识应该好过让你的伴侣从别人那学会,这是不是听上去不是很恰当?对你的伴侣来说,你是第一次也是最后一次是不是听上去也不太合适?你希望你的伴侣是你的唯一。 并不是所有人都这么想,但老实说,这不是比社会常识告诉我们的更好吗? 现在我明白了很多人也许会说“没有人能等到结婚”的原因了,这和为什么我们面对性这个主题会有很多问题的理由是一样的。 像人们背负太多“精神包袱”的原因,HIV成为现代社会头号威胁的原因,如此多的人死于艾滋病的原因,造成太多流产的首要原因,还有超过50%的婚姻都走向离婚的根源都因为婚前性行为。 那么,婚前性行为到底有什么不妥之处呢?上面已经列举了所有情况了。 目前性经历不仅仅是一种经验了,这是某种在人的意识里留下永久记录的事物。当某个人和你发生关系,那这个人对你的意义就和其他任何人都不同了。 当一段关系结束了,人们总是说“这已经过去了”。但事实是那并没有过去,因为是过去组成了你的现在和将来。过去你不管做了什么,有意识或潜意识地它都会成为你下半生的一部分。 你所知道了解的所有知识就是明。这可能包括字母表、数字、你说的语言、你认识的人和你每天必须要做的最基本的事,你对你的过去是负有责任的。所以当你和那个特殊的人到了那一刻的时候,你过去曾和别人发生过关系的回忆几乎是不可能被你遗忘的,这也就玷污了和你所爱的人现在的这一刻。 /200809/47421 Four decades after the last astronauts landed on the moon and planted an American flag in lunar soil, scientists wondered: #39;Does that star spangled banner yet wave?#39;在最后一名宇航员登陆月球并在地面插上美国国旗四十年之后,科学家在想:“星条旗依然舞动着吗?”The most recent photos of the moon taken by NASA#39;s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera show that the flags still exist - except the one planted by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin after they became the first humans to touch the lunar surface July 20, 1969.美国航天局月球勘测轨道飞行器照相机最新照片显示,国旗仍然矗立着——除了尼尔·阿姆斯特朗和巴兹·奥尔德林插下的那面国旗不见了,他们于1969年7月20日成为第一个登上月球的人类。The conditions on the surface of the moon are harsh. Temperatures swing between 250 and -280 degrees Fahrenheit.月球表面条件恶劣。温度早晨可达到242华氏度,晚间可达零下280华氏度。It was feared the flags would be lost due to the rough lunar environment.有人担心恶劣的月球环境会致使国旗丢失。 /201208/193072西安医学院第二附属医院胃下垂胃息肉胃囊肿胃糜烂胃结石延安大学医学院附属医院肠胃科怎么样



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