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郑州华山美容医院脱毛手术多少钱开封市祛斑多少钱.Good luck!祝你好运!Good luck!祝你好运!Thank you.谢谢你.Thanks,I need it.谢谢,我需要好运气!You too.你也一样.Good luck to you,too.也祝你好运.Let hope I dont need luck.希望我不需要好运.郑州/去眼角哪家医院好 第一句:Could you tell me what to see here?你能告诉我这儿有什么可参观的吗?A: This is our first trip to Canada. Could you tell me what to see here?这是我们第一次来加拿大,你能告诉我这儿有什么可参观的吗?B: With pleasure. The scenic spots often visited by tourists are Niagara Falls, Granville Island and Tulip Festival.很乐意效劳游客们常去的景点有尼加拉瀑布、格兰佛岛和郁金香花展第二句:Would you recommend some places sightseeing?你为我们推荐一些地方参观好吗?A: Would you recommend some places sightseeing?你为我们推荐一些地方参观好吗?B: How about the Great Wall? It a man-made wonder.长城怎么样?它是人造奇迹到一个地方观光度假,观光活动(sightseeing)是一个不可缺少的部分游客一般都要去游览当地的风景名胜(scentic spots)和参观历史遗迹(historic sites),这可以阅读导游手册或旅行指南(guide book)加以了解,并对自己的观光行程做出了相应的安排 1969How will you ship the order? 你们怎么提货?We can send it by air or by sea. 我们可以走空运或海运We usually send it by sea. 我们通常走海运When is the earliest shipment we can expect? 最早何时能装运?By the middle of June, I think. 我想得在6月中旬Well make it at the beginning of May. 我们能在5月初装运I am seriously to know if it possible to effect shipment during May. 我很想知道,你方能否在五月内完成装船?I am sorry we cant effect shipment in May. 很抱歉,我方五月不能完成装船Dont worry. Well make it by then. 请放心,我方届时能够完成装船What your unloading port? 你们的卸货港在什么地方?How about Dalian? 在大连如何?It in Shantou. 卸货港在汕头Are you going to ship this by air? 这批货你们要空运吗?No, that costs too much. 不,空运花费太多That costs quite a bit more. 那要花很多钱Yes, because it urgent. 是的,因为这批货很急How about partial shipment? 分批装运怎么样?We can ship one fifth of the goods in June and the balance in July. 我们能在6月份装运的货物,余下的在7月份装运Your proposal is workable. 你的建议行得通That sounds fine to us. 这个建议听起来不错No, we hope to effect the shipment once all. 不,我们希望一次性装运Can you have them sent by railway? 能采用陆运方式吗?To move the goods by railway is quicker. 铁路运输较快We dont think it proper to transport the goods by railway. 我们认为铁路运货不合适We should prefer to have the goods carried by road and not by railway. 我们宁愿用公路运输而不用铁路How about unloading the ship from Huangpu instead of Shantou? 将卸船地由汕头改为黄埔如何?We dont think it proper to unload the Chinese tea at London. 我认为将伦敦作为卸货港不合适It not reasonable to have the goods unloaded at Huangpu. 将货卸在黄埔不太合适We are always willing to choose the big ports as the loading ports. 我们总是希望用较大的港口作为装运港 60河南中医学院第一附属医院激光去斑手术多少钱

郑州市中医院治疗腋臭多少钱星级典句第一句:Im going back to China tomorrow.我明天回中国A: Did you enjoy the trip?这趟旅行玩得愉快吗?B: I really enjoyed the trip. By the way, Im going back to China tomorrow.这趟旅行真的很愉快顺便说一下,我明天回中国A: Oh, cant you stay longer?哦,不能多呆一段时间吗?第二句:When are you off?您什么时候离开?A: Hello, Mr. Xue. Ive come to say goodbye.您好,薛先生,我是来和您道别的B: You are leaving so soon? When are you off?您这么快就要走了?您什么时候离开?A: Early tomorrow morning.明天一大早旅行结束返程时可向当地认识的朋友道别,说明自己回国的时间等,相关的表达法还有:I am returning to Japan tomorrow.我明天回日本I have to be going now.我要告辞了Well, I must be off now.嗯,我必须回去了 188651安阳市人民医院美容整形科 第一句:Do you have any sightseeing cruises?你们有观光游船吗?A: Do you have any sightseeing cruises?你们有观光游船吗?B: Yes, there are cruises of 60 minutes and 0 minutes.有,有60分钟和0分钟的游船第二句:Are there any excursion boats on the lake?这个湖上有游船吗?A: Are there any excursion boats on the lake?这个湖上有游船吗?B: Yes, there are.是的,有其他表达法:excursion是“远足,游览,短程旅行”的意思而cruise是“乘船游览”的意思比如:They went on a cruise to Tenerife.他们乘游船去特内里费岛a cruise liner 指的是游览班轮另外,乘旅游观光时海面的风浪很关键,有时风浪很大,英语表达是:The sea is very rough. 风浪很大或者表达自己的心情:A sea trip is always enjoyable in fine weather like this.遇到这样的好天气,乘船旅行总是很惬意的 18郑州市妇幼保健儿童医院美容中心

开封市脸部去痣价格A: I'm in 5. I have a few problems with my room.B: What is that problem, sir?A: There are cockroaches in my room.B: Are you sure, sir? Flies I could believe, but cockroaches?A: I've counted nine different cockroaches, and I accidentally stepped on another one.B: Sir, we run a spotless and cockroach-less hotel.A: You dare to doubt me?B: I'm sorry, sir. Let me transfer you to my supervisor. 01 导购口语:This style is out of fashion.这个款式已经过世了This style is in fashion outdated.这种款式流行过时了This style is never out-of-date.这种款式永远不过时语句:In fashion意思是“合于时尚,风行,流行”;outdated out-of-date out of fashion意思是“过时”情景再现:Today, fashions in clothing are becoming increasingly epicene.如今装的流行款式越来越中性了Such fashion now prevails from shore to shore of the Atlantic.这种款式目前流行于欧美各地The everyday clothes in lively and light style are fashionable all the year round.款式活泼清爽的便装,四季流行 1931河南省郑州华山整形医院激光祛太田痣多少钱郑州做眉毛最好的是哪里



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