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「中英文歌词对照」CreepWhen you were here bee当你还在这里时couldn‘t look you in the eye我无法直视你的双眼You‘re just like an angel你就像一个天使your skin makes me cry你的肌肤能让我哭泣You float like a feather你漂浮着如同一片羽毛in a beautiful world在一个美丽的世界I wish I was special我希望我能是特别的you‘re so special而你是那么的特别But I‘m a creep, I‘m a weirdo但我只是个献媚者,只是个怪人What the hell am I doing here我究竟在这儿做什么?I don‘t belong here我不属于这里I don‘t care if it hurts我不在乎有多痛苦I want to have control我只想要亲手掌握I want a perfect body我想拥有完美的躯体I want a perfect soul我想拥有完美的灵魂I want you to notice我想要你注意到我when I‘m not around当我不在你的身旁You‘re so very special你是那么的特别I wish I was special我希望我也能够是特别的She‘s running out the door她跑出了大门she‘s running她奔跑着she run, run, run, run, run她跑啊,跑啊,跑啊,跑啊Whatever makes you happy不论什么能让你快乐whatever you want无论什么是你所想要You‘re so very special你那么的特别I wish I was special我希望我也能是特别的But I‘m a creep, I‘m a weirdo但我只是个献媚者,只是个怪人What the hell am I doing here我究竟在这儿做什么I don‘t belong here我不属于这里I don‘t belong here我不属于这里更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 75Track OneThis is my first time (in Beijing)—my first time in China.这是我第一次(来北京),第一次来中国You had the experience of being on China new railroad system.你感受到了中国的新铁路运输系统It absolutely amazing—I spent a lot of time in France as a Music Director and so I got to know the TGV—which the French are very proud of太了不起了我在法国当了很长一段时间的音乐总监,了解到了法国人引以为傲的法国高速列车It seems rather a slow boat by comparison to this train跟现在(中国)这些列车相比,那就像是一艘慢悠悠的船It is just so pleasant to go into these stations光是进入这些车站就很开心All of a sudden the train pulls up—you have a nice conversation and you are in a completely different place hundreds of kilometres away忽然列车进站了(停下了)(或者)当你完成了一段愉快的交谈后,就已置身几百公里的之外了Are you familiar with music such as Meet me in St Louis?你对“在圣路易斯遇见我”这样的乐曲熟悉吗?I am indeed and sometimes have to correct things—When they have (singing) it is meet me in St Louis Louis我有时确实必须得纠正错误(他唱到)应该是“在圣路易斯路易斯遇见我”It is just that they change the rhythm sometimes是因为他们有时会改变节奏Ive actually been in the railroad station at St Louis and actually saw the train Meet me in St Louis我在圣路易斯火车站的时候真的看到了“在圣路易斯见到我”这列火车It reminded me of another place in America—Chattanooga—Glen Miller The Chattanooga Choo Choo这让我想起了美国的另一个地方:查特怒加市-格伦·米勒的那首The Chattanooga Choo ChooThe Chattanooga Choo Choo—there you areThe Chattanooga Choo Cho,你就在那里You have your ham and eggs in Carolina Woo woo Chattanooga there you are”“你在加利福尼亚有火腿和鸡蛋吃”,Woo woo Chattanooga,你就在那里Rory—this is amazing having a musician singing to us!Rory,你看,有一位音乐家给我们唱歌是不是很棒?Well I am not going to sing to you—I leave that up to the professionals我不会给你们唱的,我会留给专业人士去唱给你听You were back in Beijing are on a China tour—where have you been on this wandering around the country现在回到北京了,您在中国巡演时,都去了哪些地方呢?Amazingly we are almost half way through the tour—we started three days ago in Shanghai - perming at the Oriental Arts Centre也是神奇,我们已经完成将近一半的旅程—3天前,我们在上海开始—在那里的东方艺术中心进行了演奏Then went to Jinan and permed in that fabulous new grand theatre there.随后去了济南,在那里宏伟的新大剧院演奏Jumped on the high speed train and here we are in Beijing然后乘上高铁,我们就到了这里—北京Two concerts in the crown jewel of arts centres in China—the NCPA (Which is National Centre the Perming Arts )在中国的艺术中心“上的宝石”— 国家大剧院进行了两场演奏会Track TwoLooking over your past, Malibu must have been a lovely place to be brought up?回顾你的过去,在马里布那个地方长大一定很不错吧?It was idyllic with the mountains and the sea right there它依山傍海,一派田园风光One of the things that has been nice me getting to know Sydney has been—Sydney and Malibu share an ocean有一件事我觉得还挺不错的,就是了解到悉尼与马里布共享一片海As you may be aware, there are actual scents and fragrances that come from the Pacific that are like no other place.也许您也注意到了,那里能闻到来自太平洋的海洋的香味,跟其他地方很不一样I havent got close enough to the water here in China to check yet在中国,我还没有来得及去海边看看You were mentioning the National Centre Perming Arts Rory.你之前提到过国家表演艺术中心,罗里It a fabulous venue, youve been here, a couple of times now?这可是个相当不错的表演场地,您都来过多次了吧?Yes—we permed there when we toured to China in as well. 是的,年我们在中国巡演也是在那It is a wonderful building but I think that the thing really impresses us most is just what a spectacular acoustic the hall has那是一个雄伟的建筑,但给我们印象最深的是音乐厅所拥有的非凡的音响效果It shows the orchestra off to best effect它将管弦乐器的声效展现的淋漓尽致You know one of the great things about touring is that ability to be able to play in different halls everyday.你知道巡演最爽的事就是在每天能在不同演奏厅里表演The orchestra really get used to the flexibility required that管弦乐队也习惯了这种灵活性I think the concert hall here has one of the finest acoustics anywhere in the world我觉得这里的音乐厅有着世界级的,无与伦比的音响效果We love playing here我们很喜欢在这里演出I always liked music—my whole family liked music—but no one is professional—I am the one who is crazy enough to think that was something one could actually pursue我热爱音乐,我们全家人都热爱音乐,但没有一个人是专业的而我是那个足够疯狂的认为音乐是一项可以追求的事业的人I went and studied in London at the Royal Academy of Music我到伦敦的皇家音乐学院去学习From there became a wandering minstrel around lots of different places从那以后,我成为了一个流浪歌手,在很多不同的地方表演And here I am现在,我就在这里 756

19 Hand Gliding第19单元 驾驶滑翔翼Peter is a hand gliding instructor in Calinia. People come from all over the world to learn how to hand-glide. He also teaches movie stars that need to know how to hand glide movies.彼得是加州一名滑翔翼教练,世界各地的人都来向他学习如何驾驶滑翔翼他也教那些需要知道如何在电影里驾驶滑翔翼的电影明星Today, Peter was teaching a very famous person who was making an action movie.今天,彼得正在教一个很有名气的人,他正准备拍一部动作片Peter strapped the movie star into the glider. They had spent all afternoon practicing and now the movie star was going up all by himself.彼得把这个电影明星绑在滑翔翼上他们整个下午都在练习,现在这个电影明星要一个人试试看The movie star was doing exactly what he has learned that day when something went wrong. The glider began slowly to fall. Peter had to save him.虽然他完全照他那天学到的方法去做,结果还是出了事;他的滑翔翼开始慢慢往下掉彼得必须去救他才行He jumped onto his own glider and few over to where the man was. The movie star was panicking. Peter unstrapped the man and told him to hang on to him.他跳上自己的滑翔翼往电影明星那边飞过去,那个人一阵惊慌失措,彼得则帮他解开绳子,叫他抓住他The man did what he was told just in time to watch his glider fall into the valley below.那个人照彼得的话去做,及时抓住彼得,然后看着自己的滑翔翼掉进下面的山谷To thank him saving his life, the movie star cast him a part in his movie.为了感谢彼得的救命之恩,这个电影明星便替他在自己的电影里安排了一个角色 Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译上海交通大学出版社出版

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