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惠州友好医院价格惠州友好收费惠州那里割包皮 China#39;s property market continued to cool as total floor space of sold apartments in major Chinese cities in November suffered the first year-on-year decline in 21 months.今年11月,我国主要城市住宅销售总面积21个月以来首次同比下滑,房地产市场继续降温。Last month, some 19.9m sq m were sold in 30 major cities, a 4.2% drop from the same period last year, according to data compiled by E-house China Research and Development Institute.易居研究院汇编的数据显示,上个月,30个主要城市住宅销售面积约为1990万平方米,同比减少4.2%。On a monthly basis, the fall was 10.5%, with Beijing shedding 7.9% and Shanghai dropping 24.6%, respectively.从环比角度来看,这一数字下降了10.5%。北京和上海的环比降幅分别为7.9%和24.6%。Second- and third-tier cities also posted month-on-month declines, with Hangzhou and Suzhou leading the retreat.二、三线城市也出现了环比下跌,其中以杭州和苏州的跌幅最大。Chinese authorities introduced a slew of measures in October to rein in house prices and contain speculative house purchases, including purchase limits and tougher mortgage limits.为控制房价、抑制投机性购房,我国政府在10月出台了限购和收紧房贷限制等多项措施。The year-on-year decline is expected to continue in December with less speculative home buyers, said Yan Yuejin, senior researcher with E-house China Research and Development Institute.易居研究院资深研究员严跃进称,随着投机购房者的减少,12月有望延续同比下滑态势。It proves the effectiveness of the cooling policies and means narrowed home price rises, Yan said.严跃进表示,这一结果明了冷却政策及减小房价上涨幅度手段的有效性。 /201612/482785Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered his cabinet to crack down on dangerous vodka substitutes after 62 people in Siberia died this week from drinking contaminated bath oil.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔.普京(Vladimir Putin)下令内阁严打危险的伏特加替代品,此前,西伯利亚本周有62人因饮用受污染的沐浴油而死亡。Mr Putin’s decree, published on the Kremlin’s website on Wednesday, will introduce measures restricting the production and sale of cosmetics and medicines with alcohol content above 25 per cent. 周三发布在克里姆林宫网站上的这道法令,将采取措施限制酒精含量超25%的化妆品和药品的生产与销售。The move comes amid a surge in cases of people dying from drinking cheap pharmaceutical products for their high alcohol content — sometimes as much as 95 per cent — instead of vodka.此举背景是,近期因饮用高酒精含量(有时高达95%)的廉价医药用品代替伏特加而死亡的案例激增。With such products, often available from vending machines on the street, 此类产品通常可以从街上的自动售货机买到,且价格只有合法酿造的伏特加几分之一。selling for a fraction of the price of legally made vodka, 饮用这些伏特加替代品致人死亡的问题在俄罗斯偏远地区尤其严重。the problem is particularly acute in provincial Russia and has worsened as a two-year recession takes its toll on the poorest Russians.两年来的经济衰退对最贫穷的俄罗斯人的打击使这一问题进一步恶化。The government is also under orders to change regulation on the products to make them less attractive to drinkers.根据命令,俄政府还将改变此类产品的监管,以减少它们对嗜酒者的吸引力。In Irkutsk, the Siberian city near Lake Baikal where at least 107 people fell ill from drinking the bath oil, 在靠近贝加尔湖(Lake Baikal)的西伯利亚城市伊尔库茨克(Irkutsk),至少107人因饮用沐浴油而病倒。local authorities declared a public health emergency and banned the sale and production of all alcohol not marketed as a beverage. 地方当局宣布进入公共卫生紧急状态,并禁止销售和生产非饮料的含酒精产品。Oleg Yaroshenko, the region’s top public health official, said that about half of those still in hospital were not expected to live.该地公共卫生高级官员奥列格.亚罗申科(Oleg Yaroshenko)称,约半数仍在医院抢救的患者没有生还希望。Only a miracle can save them, he said, according to state media. 据官方媒体报道,他说:只有奇迹可以拯救他们。Regulators say that Russians annually drink a total of 170m-250m litres of pharmacy cognac measured in vodka terms of about 40 per cent alcohol.监管机构表示俄罗斯人每年总共要喝掉1.7亿至2.5亿升药房白兰地——以酒精含量约40%的伏特加计算。Taking into account the liquids’ higher alcohol content, the underground alcohol market makes up about 20 per cent of total consumption.考虑到这种液体的高酒精含量,地下酒水市场约占总消费量的20%。Police said the bath oil sold in Irkutsk had contained methylated spirit and antifreeze instead of ethanol. 警方表示伊尔库茨克销售的沐浴油含有甲基化酒精和防冻剂,而不是乙醇。Counterfeit vodka made at the same factory that produced the bath oil also contained methylated spirit.生产涉事沐浴油的同一家工厂伪造的伏特加中也含有甲基化酒精。 /201612/485389惠州治疗淋病最好的医院是哪家

惠州市医院是正规的Self-made billionaire and Chinese businessman Jack Ma said there was little difference in the way luxury goods and knock-off products are made with many made with the same materials in the same factories.白手起家的亿万富豪和中国商人杰克·马说,奢侈品和仿冒产品几乎没有差别,他们都在同样的工厂,使用同样的材料制造。Speaking from his Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou China Mr Ma said: ‘We have to protect (intellectual property) we have to do everything to stop the fake products but OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are making better products at a better price. 马云在中国杭州阿里巴巴总部说:“我们必须保护(知识财产),我们必须想方设法阻止假货,但是OEMs(代工厂)制造出来的货物更好,价格更合理。”‘The problem is the fake products today are of better quality and better price than the real names.“问题是那些假货现在比真货拥有更好的品质和更合理的价格。”‘They are exactly the (same) factories exactly the same raw materials but they do not use the names.’“他们恰好出自同一家工厂,使用同样的原材料,但是他们不使用那个商标”Instead luxury brands need to accept that the way to do business has changed he told investors at a company event on Tuesday.奢侈品品牌反而需要接受这种商业方式上改变,他在周四的一个公司活动上告诉投资者。The 51-year-old billionaire later defended his remarks saying: ‘This is simply my observation of the issues facing brands and OEMs. Counterfeiting is not a quality problem; counterfeiting is an intellectual property problem.’51岁的亿万富翁随后对他的言论辩解:“这只是我在面对品牌和代工厂的问题上作出的个人观察”,仿冒品不是一个质量问题,仿冒品是一个知识财产问题。 /201606/450037惠州泌尿医院哪家比较好 Two Chinese steel groups have taken the first step in a long-awaited takeover to create the world’s second-largest steelmaker — a move that Beijing hopes will spark a wave of consolidation and improve efficiency in the bloated industry.两家中国钢铁集团向着各方期待已久的合并迈出第一步,将缔造全球第二大钢铁制造商,中国政府希望此举将引发并购浪潮,并提高这个臃肿行业的效率。However, analysts said that the deal between Baoshan Iron and Steel and Wuhan Iron amp; Steel is only part of what is likely to be a long and complex process to consolidate China’s fragmented steel industry.然而,分析师表示,宝钢股份(Baoshan Iron and Steel)和武钢股份(Wuhan Iron amp; Steel)之间的协议只是整合中国分散的钢铁行业过程的一部分,这个过程很可能是漫长且复杂的。On Tuesday Baoshan, the listed arm of China’s second-largest steel producer Baosteel Group, said it would issue new shares in order to absorb the listed arm of Wuhan Iron amp; Steel Group, China’s fifth-largest steel producer by volume.周二,中国第二大钢铁制造商宝钢集团(Baosteel Group)的上市子公司宝钢股份表示,将发行新股,以吸收合并中国第五大钢铁制造商(按产量计算)武汉钢铁集团(Wuhan Iron amp; Steel Group)的上市子公司。The subsuming of Wisco’s traded entity by Baosteel’s listed unit is a preliminary step in the merging of the two parent groups, and is subject to Chinese regulatory approval, according to a filings by both companies.根据两家公司递交的监管申报文件,宝钢上市子公司吸收合并武钢上市公司是两家母公司合并的预备步骤,并将有待中国监管部门审批。The merger does not mean success of this “test case”, according to Xu Zhongbo, an analyst at Beijing Metal Consulting. “The most important thing is that steel production comes together quickly,” he said.北京梅塔科咨询公司(Beijing Metal Consulting)分析师许中波表示,此次合并不仅意味着这一“测试案例”的成功。他表示:“最重要的是钢铁生产迅速合并。”He added: “In the two groups there are many small companies and it will take a long time to decide which businesses will be sold or closed — this could be a costly process.”他补充称:“这两个集团有很多小企业,需要很长时间才能确定哪些企业将被出售或关闭,这可能是一个代价高昂的过程。”The creation of Baowu Steel Group — as China’s press has dubbed the merged entity — is considered the starting point for Beijing’s plans to improve Chinese efficiency by pushing zombie companies out of operation.宝武钢铁集团(这是中国媒体给合并后实体起的名字)的缔造被视为北京方面计划的起点,目的是促使破产,提高中国工业效率。China’s steel’s overcapacity helped plunge the global industry into crisis last year, when surging cheap Chinese exports dragged down global prices.中国钢铁业的产能过剩导致全球钢铁行业去年陷入危机,当时不断激增的中国廉价钢铁出口拖低了全球价格。 /201609/467920广东惠州男科医院在那儿

惠州治疗慢性前列腺炎的费用Apple has defeated a US government attempt to force it to unlock an iPhone as part of a criminal investigation into a drugs case, handing it an important victory in the first test case on the issue. 苹果(Apple)挫败了美国政府强迫其解锁一部iPhone的企图,在这类问题的首个判例中取得了重要胜利。解锁这部iPhone是对一桩毒品案展开的刑事调查的一部分。 The decision, by a federal judge in New York, comes two weeks after Apple sought a showdown with the FBI over a separate demand in California requiring it to break into an iPhone that had belonged to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino massacre. 这项判决是由纽约一名联邦法官作出的。而两周前,苹果试图与美国联邦调查局(FBI)围绕加州的另一项要求一决雌雄,那项要求是要苹果破解圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手的iPhone。 In a 50-page ruling, judge James Orenstein backed some of the arguments that Apple has also made in its California defence. He also attacked the US government over what he described as an attempt to pre-empt Congress by getting the courts to expand its law enforcement powers. 法官詹姆斯#8226;奥伦斯坦(James Orenstein)在长达50页的判决书中对苹果的主张予以了持,而其中一些主张也出现在苹果在加州那桩案子的自辩中。奥伦斯坦法官还抨击了美国政府,称其企图跳过国会、让法院来扩展其执法权。 The decision is set to lend important moral support to Apple in its highly public fight with the government over the San Bernardino case. 在苹果与美国政府围绕圣贝纳迪诺击案上演的高度公开的斗争中,纽约的这项判决将为前者提供重要的道德持。 However, the court in California has aly moved further than the New York judge by issuing an order against the company, putting it on the defensive as it tries to have the demand overturned. 不过,加州法院走得比纽约法官要远,它向苹果发布了一道法庭令,迫使苹果采取守势。苹果眼下正尝试推翻那项要求。 A senior Apple executive, speaking on a background basis, claimed the company had even stronger arguments on its side in California. The New York case involved an older version of the iPhone operating system, which would have made it easy for Apple to help the FBI without being forced to “hack” its own device or put in a back door — the things that it has said make the demands in the San Bernardino request insupportable. 一名要求匿名的苹果高管表示,苹果在加州案中的论据比纽约案更加站得住脚。纽约案涉及的是旧版iPhone操作系统,该系统令苹果很容易帮助FBI,而不用被迫“侵入”自己的设备、或设立一扇后门——苹果已表示,正是后面这类事情让圣贝纳迪诺击案协助调查请求中所提的要求变得不可接受。 /201603/429582 The daughter of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father, has criticised the city state’s government as “authoritarian” in an unusual public row over a proposed law which human rights groups fear will be used to stifle dissent.在一项拟议法律引起的公开争吵中,新加坡国父李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)之女批评这个城市国家的政府为“威权”政府。人权组织担心,该法将被用来压制不同意见。Lee Wei Ling, sister of current prime minister Lee Hsien Loong, on Facebook compared her fellow citizens to people who have become so used to the smell of smoke that they can no longer detect the potential threat to their wellbeing.新加坡现任总理李显龙(Lee Hsien Loong)的李玮玲(Lee Wei Ling),在Facebook上把本国国民比作是对烟味太过习惯乃至无法感觉到烟味对自身幸福潜在威胁的民众。Dr Lee attacked a draft contempt of court bill as “an attempt to muzzle public opinion”.李玮玲抨击了藐视法庭法律草案,称之为“一次让舆论缄默的企图”。The intervention, posted online on Sunday, is the second time Dr Lee has attacked her brother’s rule after a public feud in April over commemorations of their father’s death.周日发表于网上的干涉言论,是今年4月李光耀逝世纪念活动引起一次公开不和以来,李玮玲第二次抨击自己兄长的统治。Such open criticism is a rarity in Singapore, where censorship laws impose tight boundaries on the media and defamation actions have been used to silence critics, human rights groups say.人权组织表示,这样的公开批评在新加坡是不多见的。在新加坡,审查法律为媒体划定了严格的边界,相关方面一直通过反诽谤诉讼让批评者噤声。The proposed contempt of court law, due for a second ing in Singapore’s parliament on Monday, imposes penalties of up to 100,000 Singaporean dollars and three years in prison for various forms of contempt of court, including the offence of “scandalising the court”, a charge recently levelled against a satirical cartoonist in the city state.定于周一在新加坡议会进行二读的拟议的藐视法庭法律,针对不同形式的藐视法庭行为——其中包括“诽谤法庭”罪——设定了至多10万新加坡元的罚金和3年监禁的惩罚。The law has been criticised by pressure group Human Rights Watch as a “handy tool” for the suppression of critical speech.该法被压力集团“人权观察”(Human Rights Watch)批评为压制质疑言论的一项“现成工具”。On Facebook, Dr Lee wrote: “Perhaps, Singaporeans have gotten used to an authoritarian government who until recently had always acted for their wellbeing.”李玮玲在Facebook上写道:“或许,新加坡人已习惯了一个威权政府,直到不久前,这个政府一直是为了他们的幸福而行动的。”Singapore’s government said earlier this year that the draft law would provide “greater clarity and certainty” on what constitutes contempt, as well as specifying defences and punishments. The city state’s ministry of law did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.今年早些时候,新加坡政府表示,这项草案法律将使藐视的定义变得“更加确和具体”,并详细说明辩护和惩罚。这个城市国家的法务部(ministry of law)并未立即回复记者通过电子邮件发出的置评请求。The internet has weakened traditional controls on dissent in Singapore, allowing citizens to vent feelings of discontent. In April, Dr Lee used Facebook to accuse her brother of abusing his power, an allegation he completely denied. She also separately claimed that the Straits Times had censored a column she wrote, although the paper said Dr Lee had posted the column online while discussions were still taking place about editorial changes.互联网削弱了新加坡政府对于异议的传统控制,使民众得以发泄不满情绪。4月,李玮玲利用Facebook指责她哥哥滥用权力,李显龙则完全否认了这一指责。李玮玲还声称,《海峡时报》(The Straits Times)曾审查她写的一篇专栏文章,不过该报表示,她已在网上发表了那篇文章,而有关编辑修订的讨论仍在进行中。Even on the internet, Singapore polices the boundaries of free speech. Last year a Singapore high court judge ordered a blogger, Roy Ngerng, to pay the prime minister 150,000 Singaporean dollars in damages for claiming that he had criminally misappropriated retirement fund savings. It was the first time the government had sued a blogger for defamation.即便在互联网上,新加坡也对言论自由的边界实施管理。去年,新加坡一个高级法院命令一位客作者鄞义林(Roy Ngerng)向总理付15万新加坡元赔偿金,因为他声称李显龙挪用了国民公积金,构成犯罪行为。那是新加坡政府第一次以诽谤罪起诉一位客作者。 /201608/461290惠州治疗早泄哪家医院最好惠州中心医院男科



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