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惠州哪些医院看泌尿外科好?惠东县医院割包皮哪家医院最好惠阳不孕不育多少钱 All aboard AllfinanzThe Germans coined the term Allfinanz,the marriage of banking with insurance and other services retail customers,yet their banks and insurers have lagged behind European rivals in putting it into effect.French banks, instance,sell 35% of France life insurance;German banks a puny 5%.But thanks to the ECingle market,Germany insurance market will be deregulated in 199.eign competition could then threaten the domestic cartels that dominate German insurance.That should ce German banks to catch up.Habit,law and the balance of power among financial institutions explain Germany backwardness.Bankers and insurance agents are not used to selling each other products.Savers usually buy insurance from agents tied to a single insurer,rather than from banks.The tax authorities encourage segregation by refusing to give tax breaks to types of insurance that mimic banking products.And some banks have been loth to start their own insurance operations lest they offend insurers,which are among their best customers.So most banks have sought to deliver Allfinanz through alliances,a strategy that entails modest costs but also produces modest returns.Allianz,Germany biggest insurer,co-operates in some areas with Dresdner Bank;in others with Bayerische Hypothekenbank or co-operative banks.Its alliances with Dresdner and Hypobank are cemented by shareholdings;its banking partners sell % of its life-insurance policies.Commerzbank owns 8% of its insurance policies.DBV and sells DM1 billion(0m) of DBV life insurance.Bolder approaches have not been particularly successful.AMB,Germany second-biggest insurer,plunged into Allfinanz by buying BFG,a mer trade-union bank.It lost more than DM750m on BFG bad loans,and the bank sold less insurance than AMB hoped.AMB has since sold BFG to a French bank(it is itself partyly-owned by a French insurer),though it continues to market insurance through BFG branches.The deregulation of Germany insurance market in mid-199 will free prices and allow insurers to experiment with new products.That will drive banks and insurers closer together and may promote mergers and takovers among companies that now co-operate.One reason is that banks can sell standard life insurance more cheaply than insurers tied agents.As competition heats up,that price advantage will tell.A second reason,says Sven-Michael Slottko,a mer head of Deutsche Bank life insurance operation,is that mere allies cannot invent true banking-insurance hybrids without squabbling over how to split the profits.Insurers require high commissions;banks live off sps.Only a combined Allfinanz group,says Mr Slottko,can sell an insurance policy that sacrifices commission a high sp.Deutsche Bank insurance venture may be a sign of things to come.Alone among big banks,Deutsche started its own company,DB Leben,in 1989.In 199 DB Leben sold DM7.billion worth of life insurance through Deutsche branches,putting it among Germany top life insurers.Despite this apparent success,Deutsche suddenly abandoned its go-it-alone strategy last year by buying 65% of Deutscher Herold,a medium-sized insurer.Deutsche has since transferred its insurance business to Herold and the insurance men who run it.Hilmar Kopper,Deutsche chairman,calls the purchase of Herold ;the most significant move we have made years.;Leaking at the seamsHAUNTED by catastrophes past,Lloyd of London faces a bleak future.Some wonder whether,in any recognisable m,by 00 it will even be there.This matters to more than just those smooth scions of the British upper class who work in this singular insurance market,or to those who pledge their wealth,as ;names;,to back the market underwriting syndicates.Though this collective of co-operatives pulls in only as much premium income as some of Britain big insurance companies,Lloyd is synonymous with British insurance.An enfeebled Lloyd would harm the City of London international standing.It was this thought that held the British government back from putting Lloyd firmly under its thumb during the fraud-ridden years of the late 1970s and early 1980s.The market has since done much to polish up its self-regulation,though it is still far from squeaky-clean.Today,however,the biggest problem that faces David Coleridge,who took over this month as chairman of Lloyd,is not one of scandal,but of profits.In the next couple of years these will prove unimly bad,underscoring the steady loss of competitiveness from which Lloyd has suffered recently.The market share of world premium income was .% in 1983,but is only half that today.The latest published figures Lloyd show £575m(0) of pre-tax profit in 1987(Lloyd syndicates close their s only after three years),down slightly on the record profits of 1986.That was bee a blast of natural and man-made catastrophes in 1988-90 sent insurance claims pouring into Lloyd:the fire on the Piper Alpha oil platm,the spillage from the Exxon Valdez,the San Francisco earthquake,Hurricane Hugo and a spate of European gales.Worse,these disasters coincided with falling premium rates in almost every one of the market businesses.Today Chatset,an independent consultancy,reckons Lloyd will post a meagre profit 1988 and a loss of more than £850m 1989,the first loss since 1967.Many of the 6,500 names would theree love to follow the 6,000 who have aly shaken the dust of Lloyd from their feet these past three years.Yet half the names could not leave even if they wanted to:they are locked into the 58, out of the total 01 Lloyd syndicates ,that have been unable to close one or more of their past annual s,so unquantifiable are the liabilities stacking up against them.Many of the resultant 9 ;open years; have to do with old American liabilities- asbestos-related risks, example,and pollution-whose scale was undreamt-of when the insurance(or,more usually,the reinsurance) policies were underwritten.The most notorious case concerns the 1,600 names on 31 Outhwaite syndicates.These face losses,mainly on asbestosis claims,of up to £1 billion;since Lloyd names have unlimited liability,many will be bankrupted.A case that looks set to rival Outhwaite in notoriety concerns two Feltrim syndicates,where at least £0m of losses are emerging on;excess-of-loss;insurance in 1987-89.Nor do the market commerical troubles end there.Other unsuspected;long-tail;claims are now hitting it,notably untold billions of coming dollars professional negligence.Most visible are the claims arising out of the gross mismanagement during the 1980s of America saving-and-loan institutions.Open years are proving to be open wounds Lloyd. 7惠州惠东县看男科怎么样

惠州前列腺尿频尿急Lesson 3: Checking in第三课: 入住酒店在第三课里,您将学习如何在酒店前台迎接客人和如何说房间号码您需要练习诸如“III’,,和“weII”等缩略语和有关方位的介词您也会学习并练习礼貌用词或是说是和不是这一部分包括如何为客人办理入住手续先请您听酒店前台接待员利奥与刚抵达的客人的对话Leo: Hi, lm Leo.为新客人蒙纳怀特办理入住手续Mona: Hi, lm Mona White.同时入住的还有蒙纳怀特的父亲,杰克伟Jack: Hi.lm Jack Webber.他们两个人刚刚从墨尔本抵达酒店在我们继续课程之前,我有一点要提醒您注意,那就是根据西方的文化习俗,在与客人面对面交流的时候您一定要直视对方的眼睛并面带微笑,否则的话西方文化背景的客人就会误以为你是不尊重他 现在我们就开始学习,请注意听对话的内容及汉语翻译 Leo: Good afternoon.利奥: 下午好Leo: Can I help you?利奥: 有什么可以为您效劳的吗?Mona: Yes, we have a reservation three nights.蒙纳: 谢谢,我预定了三天的住房Mona: Mona White.1 called last week.蒙纳: 我的名字是蒙纳怀特我上个星期通过电话预定的Leo: One moment please, Ms White.利奥: 请您稍候,怀特女士Leo: Yes, that was two single rooms, wasnt it?利奥: 我查到了您预定了两个单人房间,对吗?Leo: lve reserved rooms and you.利奥: 我为您安排了和房间Mona: Are they quiet rooms?蒙纳: 这两个房间安静吗?Leo:Well they are facing the street利奥: 这两个房间朝向大街.利奥: 但是风景不错Leo: but there a lovely view.蒙纳: 不过我们想要安静一点的房间Mona: Wed like quiet rooms thanks.Leo: Of course_利奥: 没有问题 请注意听利奥是如何招呼客人的Leo: Good afternoon. Can I help you?利奥: 下午好,有什么可以为您效劳的吗?“Can I help you?”是我们在商店中招呼顾客,在办公室接待客人或在酒店中问候住客时常用的一句话请跟着我重复:Can I helpyou?……Can工help you?…..Good morning, Can工helpyou?……. Good afternoon, can工help you?接下来请听利奥是如何向客人解释房间预定情况的利奥: 我为您预定了和房间Leo: lve reserved rooms and you.英语中房间号码的说法通常是先说楼层,然后是房间的号码例如三楼十一号房间就是Room three-eleven我们不能说Room threehundred and eleven请注意听对话并跟着重复Room six- fourteen.Room five-oh-seven.Room two-oh-nine.请听下一段的对话和汉语翻译Mona: Wed like quiet rooms thanks.蒙纳: 我们想要安静一点的房间,谢谢您Leo: Of course_利奥: 没问题 当客人提出要求或问题时,我们通常会以“of course”或者“certainly”做为回应这样的说泫可以让客人感受到他的要求得到了重视请注意听并跟着重复:Of courseOf courseCertainlyCertainly 请听对话的部分内容并请重复利奥的话Leo: Good afternoon.Leo: Can l help you?Mona: Yes, we have a reservation three nights. Mona White.1called last week.Leo: One moment please, Ms White.Leo: Yes, that was two single rooms wasnt it?Leo: lve reserved rooms and you.Mona: Are they quiet rooms?Leo: Well they are facing the street_ but there a lovely view.Mona: Wed like quiet rooms thanks.Leo: Of course 您现在收听的是澳洲广播电台制作的“旅游业英语”Lesson 3: Checking In第三讲: 入住酒店现在让我们一起来听新的对话,请注意听新的生词与表达方式Leo: I can put you in rooms three-eleven and three-twelve.利奥: 我可以为您调换到31 1和31 房间Leo: Theyre at the rear of the hotel.利奥: 它们位于酒店大楼的后楼Jack: Mona_杰克: 可是蒙纳?Mona: That much better, thank you.蒙纳: 这样就好多了,谢谢您Jack: Mona_杰克: 可是蒙纳?Mona: Yes, Dad?蒙纳: 爸爸,什么事?Jack: ,’d like a view.杰克: 我想住有风景的房间Mona: Oh. Is there a view?蒙纳: 请问那些房间有风景吗?Leo: Not really.利奥: 抱歉,没有Mona: Well, we want our rooms together.蒙纳: 可是我希望我们的房间在一起Jack: Mona.杰克: 蒙纳Mona: Yes, Dad?蒙纳: 爸爸,什么事?Jack: I dont mind if our rooms arent together.杰克: 如果我们的房间不在一起的话,我不在意Jack: Id like a lovely view.杰克: 我想住有风景的房间Mona: Oh.蒙纳: 是这样呀Leo: I’¨see what I can do.利奥: 让我想想办法 请注意听Leo: I can put you in rooms three-eleven and three-twelve利奥: 我可以为您调换到3和3 房间Leo: Theyre at the rear of the hotel.利奥: 它们位于酒店大楼的后楼接下来我们要学习有关方位的介词请注意听涉及方位的介词“IN’, “ON’, 禾口“AT’’At the front of the hotel.位于酒店的前楼At the rear of the hotel位于酒店的后楼On the fourth floor.酒店大楼的四楼In the lobby.酒店大厅 请注意听利奥是如何回答蒙纳有关房间是否带风景这个问题的Mona: Is there a view?蒙纳: 房间带风景吗?Leo: Not really.利奥: 抱歉,没有请注意Not really这个说法有些时候如果我们在回答问题时只是简单地说YES或NO听起来就会有些过于生硬而Not really在这种情况下可以婉转地表达NO的意思请您跟着一起练习Not reallyNot really 请注意听Jack: l dont mind if our rooms arent together. 1d like a lovely view.杰克: 如果我们的房间不在一起的话,我不在意我想住有风景的房间Mona: Oh.蒙纳: 噢Leo: I’ll see what l can do.利奥: 让我想想办法接下来让我们学习缩略语的用法您刚才听到利奥说“III see what I can do”,让我想想办法 杰克说”Id like a view”,我想住有风景的房间, 这些都是英语中的缩略语,这种现象在英语中很常见缩略语是将一些字的发音并在一起的一种发音方法在口语中使用缩略话的可以使对话听起来不那么生硬或正式缩略语的构成就是将第二个字的最后一个音节与第一个字互相并读在一起例如:1 would可以拼读成Id, I have可以拼读成Ive,等等我们将在这一课中不断地学习缩略语的用法现在先让我们一起来学习will这个词的缩略语用法这个单词在与I我用在起的时候,1 will就可以读成III,与you你用在一起的时候就可以读成YouII请听录音并一起跟着说I will, lII.|IlI arrive on Monday.She will, sheII.SheII arrive on Tuesday.He will, heIIHeII arrive on Wednesday.It will, itIIItII arrive on Thursday.We will, weII,WeII arrive on Friday.You will, youIIYouII arrive on Saturday.They will, theyII,TheyII arrive on Sunday. 请听对话的后半部分并跟着说请注意,利奥的讲话之后会有一段停顿Leo: I can put you in rooms three-eleven and three-twelve.Leo: Theyre in the rear of the hotel.Jack: Mona_Mona: That much better, thank you.Jack: Mona_Mona: Yes, Dad?Jack: ,’dlike a view.Mona: Oh. Is there a view?Leo: Not really.Mona: Well, we want our rooms together.Jack: Mona.Mona: Yes, Dad?Jack: I dont mind if our rooms arent together. Id like a lovely view.Mona: Oh.Leo: Ill¨see what I can do.结束今天的这一课之前,再让我们一起来重温一下所学过的一些句子,这些句子在下一课里还会出现Can l help?Can l help?Can l help you?Of course, of courseOf course, MadamI’ll see what I can do.Can I help?Can I help?Can I help you?Of course, of courseOf course, MadamI’ll see what I can do. 3惠州割包皮花多少钱 惠州市人民医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱

惠州哪家医院看男科比较合适Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo have been ranked as the top three most popular destinations in the Asia-Pacific region international tourists, according to the results of the inaugural MasterCard Asia Pacific Destinations Index released here on Wednesday.根据周三发布的;万事达卡亚太旅行目的地指数;显示,曼谷、新加坡和日本东京是亚太地区最受国际游客欢迎旅游目的地榜单中的前三位The MasterCard Asia Pacific Destinations Index polls 7 destinations, including island resorts as well as towns and cities across the region. These 7 destinations represent 90.1 percent of all international overnight arrivals within the region.这项;万事达卡亚太旅行目的地指数;是对亚太地区包括岛屿度假村、城镇和城市在内的7个旅游目的地进行调查后得出的而到访这7个目的地的国际游客占亚太地区国际游客总人数的90.1%According to the index, Thailand capital city Bangkok topped the survey, with international overnight visitors breaking the million mark the first time last year. Thailand also dominated the top destinations, taking three of the top rankings, with Phuket securing fifth place and the coastal city of Pattaya coming in at eighth place.根据该指数,泰国首都曼谷位居该榜单的首位,去年入境并停留至少一晚的国际游客突破00万人次此外,泰国共有3个目的地挤进该榜单的前十名普吉岛位居第五名,而芭堤雅则位居第八名Following Bangkok is Singapore and Tokyo, which both welcomed .8 million international overnight visitors last year. Other top cities include Seoul, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Osaka.紧随曼谷之后的就是新加坡与东京,这两个旅游目的地去年均接待国际游客约80万人次前十名的城市还包括首尔、香港、吉隆坡、巴厘岛和大阪Chinese tourists have become the tower of strength in the growth of international tourists the Asia Pacific region, which contributed to about one-third of the total growth in number of tourists from to , at least five times higher than that from the second country, South Korea, according to Matthew Driver, Group Executive, Global Products and Solutions, Asia Pacific of MasterCard.据万事达卡亚太区全球产品及解决方案总监马修·德赖弗介绍,中国游客已成为亚太地区国际游客增长的主要来源在年至年间,新增的国际游客中有三分之一来自中国,人数是排名第二位的韩国游客的5倍以上 5 Conditions of applying a visa 签条件A: I have heard that you are going to Singapore an international educational conference next month, is it true?我听说你下一个月要去新加坡参加一次国际教育会议,这是真的吗?B: Yes, if eveything goes smoothly.是的,假如一切都很顺利的话A: Wonderful. It is really a valuable chance to get to know some knowledge frontier as well as the latest teaching skills. Isnt it marvelous? Congratulations!那真是太好了这绝对是一次了解学术前沿知识和最先进的教学方法的大好机会这是太棒了祝贺你啊!B: Thank you. But the procedures to go to another country is very complicated, it a big headache. I really do not know how to make it. I have heard that the procedures to apply a business visa are not that easy.谢谢你但是出国的手续很复杂啊,这是目前我最头疼的一件事了我都不知道该怎么办听说商务签的程序还不简单呢A: Dont worry so much. I went to attend an international meeting last year, and I know there are some requirements to be satisfied if you are applying a business visa, but it is not that difficult as you have imagined. Firstly you need to have an invitation letter, which is a necessity, because the officer in the visa office will need this to confirm that there are really some proper business reasons you to go to another country and without any ill intention.你不用太过担心这个问题我去年去参加过一个国际会议,我知道要申请商务签的话是有一些要求应该满足,但并不是像你想象的那么复杂首先你需要的是一封邀请函,这是必须的东西,因为签办公室要用你的邀请函来确认你确实有真实的商务原因要进入他国而没有任何的不良意图B: OK, I see. That means the invitation letter is the basic document I need to have. Then I will e-mail the organizer of this conference to provide me with an invitation letter.我明白了,也就是说我首先需要的是最基本的文件就是一封邀请函那么我会给这次会议的主办方发一封电子邮件,要求他们给我发一封邀请函A: And the immigration Bureau will ask you to be physically healthy, no criminal record, and no threat to the national security. That means you have to ask the personal department of our school to provide a certificate to confirm that you do not have any of the problems.并且移民局会要求商务考察者身体健康,无刑事犯罪记录,对某国的国家安全不会构成威胁所以你要到我们学校的人事部门让他们给你出具一份明来实你没有以上问题B: OK, this is not difficult. 好的,这个并不难A: So, we are almost there. It is not that complicated as you imagined, huh?基本上就是这些了没有你想象的那么复杂,是不是?B: Yes, you are right. Thank you so much. You are really helpful. I am really honored to have a friend like you.是啊,你说得对真是非常感谢你你对我帮助很大,我很荣幸能有你这样的朋友;We are almost there;意为;差不多或者几乎做完了某事;,这是口语当中经常会听到的表达方式还可以说;We are almost done.;这两种表达方式的意思基本是一样的例如:We are almost done today, please have a good rest and come back to work with all your energy tomorrow. 今天我们的任务差不多结束了,今天回去好好休息,明天精神百倍地回来工作 535惠州人民医院中医科专家龙门县医院男科



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