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大理流产多少钱大理白族自治州中医医院检查白带多少钱A tone-deaf teenager who suffered a concussion has astonished his family by suddenly being able to play music effortlessly.一个音痴少年经历了一次脑震荡之后,忽然可以毫不费力的演奏各种乐器。他的家人被吓了一跳。Lachlan Connors, a high school junior from Denver, Colorado, now plays 13 instruments - even though he has never learned to music这个名为拉克伦·康纳斯的少年是科罗拉多州丹佛市的一名高中生。如今他可以演奏13种乐器——尽管他从未学过识谱。But he didn#39;t always have such a talent; as a younger student he loved sport, dreamed on a career playing lacrosse - and had no passion for music.他的音乐才能并非与生俱来。这个高中生之前一直喜欢体育,并且希望以后能成为职业长曲棍球选手——对音乐他并不热衷。#39;He really had no talent,#39; his mother Elsie Hamilton told CBS Denver. #39;I would say, ;Can#39;t you hear what#39;s next?; with something like ;Mary Had a Little Lamb; or ;Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; and he’d say ;No;.#39;When he was in the sixth grade, he was playing lacrosse with his local team when he fell backwards and smacked the back of his head against the ground, suffering a concussion.“过去他确实没有音乐方面的才能,”少年的母亲对CBS丹佛电视台记者说,“过去我会问他,‘你听不出下一个音符是什么吗?’,即使是《玛丽有只小羊羔》或者《小星星》这样简单的歌曲,他也会说‘听不出来’。”他六年级的时候,有一次和本地的长曲棍球队打比赛摔了一跤,后脑勺着地造成了脑震荡。”#39;I remember getting up and feeling really dazed,#39; he told CBS. #39;I didn#39;t really understand something bad had happened.#39;“我记得我爬起来的时候,感觉有点晕,”他对CBS电视台记者说,“我当时还没有意识到自己脑部受了伤。”The doctors told him he could return to the field, but he went on to suffer another couple of hard hits to the head, which sent him to hospital and caused him to suffer epileptic seizures.医生认为他可以回到场上继续比赛,结果他的头部又受到了几次严重撞击,他开始发癫痫,被送往医院救助。As his condition worsened, he started to hallucinate and doctors told him he should not play contact sports anymore - but there was one bizarre good side effect: his new-found musical talent.接着他的情况不断恶化,开始产生幻觉。医生告诉他他不能再参与接触性运动了。诡异的是,他的这次事故产生了一种有益的副作用:他开始具备音乐才能。He said he can now play as many as 13 instruments, including piano, guitar, mandolin, ukelele, harmonica, karimba and bagpipes - both Scottish and Irish ones. #39;Music is the thing that gets me up in the morning,#39; he said.他说现在他可以演奏13种乐器,其中包括曼陀铃琴、四弦琴、口琴、拇指琴和风笛等等——苏格兰风笛和爱尔兰风笛他都会吹。“每天早晨都是音乐将我唤醒的。”他说。His doctor, Dr. Spyridon Papadopoulos, said the theory is that the concussions switched on part of Lachlan#39;s brain that had previously been dormant.少年的医生,斯彼利当·帕帕多普洛斯将这种现象解释为,脑震荡或使康纳斯的大脑中某些一直休眠的部分开始活动了。The condition of suddenly developing a talent - musical, artistic or mathematical - is called acquired savant syndrome and is believed to occur when the right brain compensates for an injury on the left brain.这种忽然间发展出某种才能——音乐才能、艺术才能或数学才能——的病例被称作“后天性学者症候群”,其产生原因是左脑遭受损伤后,右脑作出的补偿机制。Last year, another Denver man, Derek Amato, said that following a concussion he could play eight instruments even though he#39;d never had a lesson in his life.去年,一个名为德里克·阿玛托的丹佛人遭受脑震荡之后发现自己可以演奏8种乐器,尽管他从未学过任何一种。 /201311/266357大理市妇科病医院

大理东方医院联系电话大理最好的打胎医院是哪家调查表明:女性无名指长运动能力强A groom puts a wedding ring on his bride's finger during their mass wedding ceremony at South Korea's largest amusement park Everland in Yongin, about 50 km (31 miles) south of Seoul, September 20, 2006. The length of a girl's ring finger could be an indicator of her future sporting potential, researchers at King's College London said on Thursday.In the largest study of its kind, hand measurements of 607 female twins aged 25-79 from the UK were compared with the women's lifetime sporting achievements.The findings, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that women withring fingerslonger than their index fingers had performed better at running and associated running sports such as soccer and tennis.In women the ring finger is commonly shorter or the same length as the index finger, while in men the ring finger is generally longer.The report said detection of sporting potential by examining the ratio between the index and ring fingers "could help identify talented individuals at a pre-competitive stage."The reasons for the findings were unclear, said one of the report's authors, Professor Tim Spector from at King's College, who said he was originally sceptical about the link to sporting ability."Previous studies have suggested the change in finger length was due to changes intestosteronelevels in the womb", he said.But he said it had been found in a separate study of twins that finger length was largely inherited, possibly explaining why sporting parents often have sporting children."We found that finger length was 70 percent heritable with little influence of the womb environment," he said."This suggests that genes are the main factor and that finger length is a marker of your genes."He said no specific candidate genes had been identified for the link and that multiple genes were probably responsible.Previous studies looking at the link between finger length and sporting ability have mainly focused on men.A study published in 2001 of 304 English professional soccer players found they had a significantly larger ring-to-index-finger ratio than a control group of 533 other men.(Agencies)伦敦国王学院的研究人员周四提出,从女性无名指的长度可以看出她的竞技潜力。这项调查是同类调查中规模最大的一次,研究人员对英国607对年龄在25岁到79岁之间的女性双胞胎的手指长度与她们所取得的体育成就进行了对照。此项研究结果在《英国体育医学》上发表,研究发现,无名指比食指长的女性在跑步和与跑步相关的一些项目,如足球和网球中表现较为突出。女性的无名指通常比食指短,或和食指一样长,但男性的无名指普遍比食指长。研究报告中说,通过研究食指和无名指之间的比例探测人的竞技潜力"可以及早发现(未过竞技年龄)竞技人才"。研究报告撰写者之一伦敦国王学院的蒂姆·斯派克特教授说,至于其中的原因,目前还不清楚。他说自己原本对无名指长度关系到竞技能力持怀疑态度。他说:"此前的一些研究表明女性手指长度的不同主要是因为子宫中睾丸激素的水平变化。"但是,他说,对双胞胎所做的另一个研究表明,手指长度主要受遗传因素影响,这可以解释为什么运动能力强的父母生的孩子运动能力也较强。他说:"我们发现,手指长度70%是遗传而来的,子宫环境对此没什么影响。""这说明基因是影响手指长度的主要因素,同时,手指长度也是基因的一个标志。"他说,目前未发现哪种特定的基因形成了手指长度和竞技能力的这种关系,所以很可能是多种基因造成的。之前的一些研究主要着眼于男性的手指长度和竞技能力的关系。2001年公布的一项研究发现,304名英国职业足球运动员的无名指和食指的比例要远远大于另外533名普通男人的手指比例。Vocabulary:ring finger :无名指testosterone :睾丸激素(是一种与生殖以及精力有关的雄性荷尔蒙) /200803/29696大理市妇幼保健院引产需要多少钱大理民族医院在那儿

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