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襄阳老河口市人民中心医院看咽喉疾病多少钱中航工业襄阳医院治疗鼻甲肥大哪家医院最好I’ve noticed a change in my morning ing habits. 我发现自己早上的阅读习惯变了。Before I turn to US newspapershomepages, I’ve been checking Twitter, where I begin by searching @realdonaldtrump for overnight news about the US president-elect’s transition. 在浏览美国各大报纸的网站之前,我会看Twitter,首先通过搜索@realdonaldtrump,查看有关这位美国当选总统权力过渡的隔夜新闻。So I am coming round to the conclusion of several communications experts: Donald Trump’s Twitter strategy may indeed be genius and it could well reshape the relationship between politics and the media.因此,我开始接受一些沟通专家的结论:唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)的Twitter战略或许确实是一项天才战略,而且很可能重塑政治与媒体间的关系。And yet, while Twitter has served Mr Trump brilliantly so far, it’s also a dangerous fixation that I hope will stop on the day he enters the White House. 然而,虽然到目前为止Twitter为特朗普出了大力,但我希望他这种对Twitter的危险痴迷在入主白宫的那天终结。As the world watches for policy clues from the new administration, the daily tweeting is showing up Mr Trump’s ignorance of diplomatic subtleties and seeming disregard for geopolitical complexities. 在全世界都在寻找线索以把握美国新政府的政策方向之际,每天在Twitter上发文暴露了特朗普对外交种种微妙之处的无知,并且貌似对地缘政治复杂性颇不以为然。The tweeting won’t look so clever if 140 uncensored characters spark a war in some part of the world.如果这些未经审查40个字的帖子在世界某地引发战争,那在Twitter上发文看起来就不那么明智了。For months, Twitter was an effective insurgency weapon, used to circumvent the mainstream media. 几个月来,Twitter是有效的反叛工具,被用于绕过主流媒体。Candidate Trump reached out directly to a public whose craving for change he understood better than most. 总统候选人特朗普直接接触到了那些渴望改变现状的民众,他比大多数人都更了解这种心理。Despite his tendency to mix truth and fiction, he managed to convince voters that he was more credible than established media.虽然喜欢将事实与虚构混淆在一起,但他成功地说选民相信他比老牌媒体更可信。As president-elect, Mr Trump has resorted to Twitter to lash out at critics, including the New York Times and CNN. 当选总统后,特朗普利用Twitter猛烈抨击了批评他的媒体,包括《纽约时报The New York Times)和美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)。He’s used Twitter to build suspense as he parades potential nominees to his administration and keeps us guessing about the ultimate winners. 在考察新政府可能提名的官员时,他利用Twitter制造悬念,让我们猜不到谁将是最终赢家。Perhaps less noticed is his tweeting for the purpose of diversion. 或许不太被注意到的是他会利用Twitter转移公众注意力。His tirade against the cast of the musical Hamilton one day last month dominated the news cycle, overshadowing a far more substantive Trump story: that he’d agreed to pay m to resolve claims that he ran a fraudulent real estate course.他上月某天对音乐剧《汉密尔顿Hamilton)剧组的攻击言论成为热点新闻,掩盖了一起涉及特朗普的重大得多的事件:他同意付2500万美元,就针对其开设的欺骗性房地产课程的诉讼达成和解。With the inauguration weeks away, the tweeting, when combined with the impulsiveness of the president-elect and his unfamiliarity with world events, makes a combustible mix. 在距就职典礼只有几周之际,在Twitter上发文——加上特朗普易冲动且对世界事务不熟悉——很可能引发意想不到的后果。After he took a phone call from the leader of Taiwan, Mr Trump tweeted at the weekend that the president had called him, as if he had no choice but to respond, then wondered why the US sold Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but he could not accept a call from the president.在接到来自台湾领导人的一通电话后,特朗普上周末在Twitter上称,台湾总统给他打来电话——仿佛他别无选择,只能接听——接着便惊叹为什么美国卖给台湾数十亿美元军事装备,而他却连台湾总统的来电都不能接。Did he mean to mark a shift in US policy? Did someone put him up to it? Mr Trump did not feel the need to elaborate, nor would Twitter have been an appropriate medium. 他想要对美国的政策做出改变吗?有人鼓动他这样做吗?特朗普并不觉得有必要详尽阐述自己的政策,而Twitter也并非阐述政策的合适媒介。In any case, by the next morning he had moved on. 不管怎样,到了第二天早上,他就转移话题了。His main worry was Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of his tweeting mania on Saturday Night Live. 他主要担心的是亚历克.鲍德Alec Baldwin)在《周六夜现场Saturday Night Live)中对他发帖癖好的模仿。Unwatchable, tweeted Mr Trump. 根本没法看,特朗普在推特上写道,Just can’t get any worse.简直不能更糟了。There are times when controlled and well-judged tweeting can be a helpful diplomatic tool for a president. 有时候,在Twitter上发布受约束、考虑周到的帖子可以成为对总统有利的外交工具。It played an imaginative role, for example, in the diplomatic dance between the US and Iran during the negotiations over the fate of Tehran’s nuclear programme. 例如,这样做在伊朗核问题谈判期间美伊的外交斡旋中发挥了富有想象力的作用。But as any reputation manager would advise, leaders, like celebrities, should either stay away from Twitter or make sure their accounts are closely managed.但是,正如任何注重声誉的管理者都会建议,领导人应该像明星一样,要么远离Twitter,要么确保自己的账户处于严格管理之下。Mr Trump thrives on controversy, however, and he’s confident that he’s mastered a new art form. 然而,特朗普在争议声中愈战愈勇,他自信掌握了一种新的艺术形式。He has bragged that a fan had dubbed him the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters. 他曾吹嘘,一名粉丝称他为140个字的海明威(Ernest Hemingway)。Although he’s not exactly tech savvy (he apparently dictates his tweets during the day but types them at night), he’s found in Twitter a channel of communication that suits his personality and his vocabulary. 虽然他并不多么精通技术(据说他在白天口述帖子内容,然后在夜里才打出来发表),他在Twitter上找到了一条适合自己性格和措辞的沟通渠道。An analysis of his tweets by Politico earlier this year showed that he used words like great, loser, winner, and stupid twice as much as other presidential candidates.Politico今年早些时候对他Twitter贴文的分析显示出,他使用伟大,输家、赢家、愚蠢等词汇的次数是其他总统候选人的两倍。Will Mr Trump give up Twitter after inauguration day? He is about to leverage his reach soon he inherits @Potus with 12.4m followers (@realdonaldtrump has 16.8m) and he is not one to pass on an opportunity. 特朗普在就职典礼后会放弃Twitter吗?他会对他能接触到的受众施加影响——很快他将获得拥240万粉丝的美国总统账号@Potus(@realdonaldtrump拥有1680万粉丝),他是不会错过任何机会的。In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, he said he would be very restrained if he continued tweeting, while saying that there should be nothing you should be ashamed of. 在接受哥伦比亚广播公CBS)的0分钟60 Minutes)节目采访时,他称如果继续在Twitter上发帖的话,自己会非常克制,同时表示没有什么应该感到羞耻的。Mr Trump, however, doesn’t do restraint well. 然而,特朗普并没很好地克制。On Monday, he tweeted: If the press would cover me accurately amp; honorably, I would have far less reason to tweet. 周一,他在Twitter上写道:如果媒体能准确、体面地报道我,我在Twitter上发文的理由就少多了。Sadly, I don’t know if that will ever happen.遗憾的是,我不知道这会不会发生。来 /201612/482622枣阳妇幼保健院看中耳炎价格 襄阳治疗中耳炎的专科医院

襄阳妇幼保健医院治疗美尼尔哪家医院最好North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered tests of a nuclear warhead in the ;nearest future,; state-run news agency KCNA said Tuesday.据官方媒体朝鲜中央通讯社报道,朝鲜最高领导人金正恩已下令在“不久的将来”进行核弹头测试。According to KCNA, the proposed tests are the result of years of development and ;diligent research; into heat-resistant materials and technology. Kim Jong Un guided an ;environmental simulation for re-entry by the warhead tip,; the report said.据朝中社报道,这项测试提议是对耐热材料及相关技术的多年发展和“勤奋研究”的结果。该报道指出,金正恩指导了一项“核弹头尖端再入大气层环境模拟试验”。South Korean President, Park Geun-Hye, warned North Korea should be y to accept the consequences if it did not curb its nuclear ambitions. ;North Korea will walk the path of self-destruction if it does not change,; Park said at a cabinet meeting.韩国总统朴槿惠对此警告称,如果朝鲜不遏制其核野心,就应该准备好承担后果。朴槿惠在内阁会议上说:“如果不作出改变,朝鲜将走上自我毁灭的一步”。South Koreas Defense Ministry spokesman, Moon Sang-kyun, also questioned the authenticity of the claims. ;Its North Koreas one-way statement. From our analysis on various sources, it has not achieved re-entry technology,; he said at a press briefing.此外,韩国国防部发言人文尚均也对该声明的真实性提出质疑。他在新闻发布会上表示:“这是朝鲜的单方面声明。从我们来自各种渠道的分析来看,朝鲜还没有实现再入技术。”This KCNA report is the latest in a string of combative statements and actions from the North Korean regime in recent weeks.而朝中社的该报道也是最近几周来朝鲜一系列充满攻击性的声明和行动中的最新动态。来 /201603/432293襄阳一院看鼻子疾病大概多少钱费用 襄阳玉双路的耳鼻喉科医院

襄阳看五官科到哪个医院比较好Before making a speech Wednesday explaininghis immigration policies, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump isgoing to Mexico for talks with President Enrique Pe?a Nieto.共和党总统候选人川普星期三在发表演讲解释其移民政策之前,将前往墨西哥同恩里克·培尼亚·涅托总统举行会谈。Throughout his campaign Trump hasrepeatedly touted a proposal to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border withthe Mexican government picking up the cost.在整个竞选活动期间,川普一再宣扬他提出的在美墨边界建立一道围墙,并且让墨西哥政府掏腰包的建议。Nieto has said there is no way that willhappen.涅托说这件事绝不会发生。Nietos office said he has invited bothTrump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for talks about the relationshipbetween the neighboring countries.涅托办公室说,他已经邀请川普和民主党总统候选人希拉釷克林顿就美墨双边关系举行会谈。Nieto added that he believes in dialogue topromote Mexicos interests and ;mainly to protect Mexicans wherever theyare.;涅托还说,他相信通过对话促进墨西哥利益,保护墨西哥人,不论他们身在何处。There was no word from the Clinton campaignas to whether she planned to accept the offer as well.克林顿的竞选班子还没有对她是否也计划接受这个邀请作出表态。But her communications chief JenniferPalmieri released a statement criticizing Trumps statements about Mexico,including last year saying the country sends rapists and criminals to the U.S.但是,克林顿的公关部负责人珍妮弗·帕尔米耶里发表了一份声明,对川普有关墨西哥的言论,包括他去年说墨西哥把强奸犯和罪犯送来美国的言论进行了批评。Clinton favors border protection, but alsocomprehensive immigration reform, with a pathway to citizenship forundocumented immigrants aly in the country.希拉克林顿赞同边界保护以及全面的移民改革,但是持給已经在美国的无移民提供一个获得公民身份的通道。But such legislation has been stalled inCongress, with Republican opponents in the House of Representatives blocking aplan passed by the Senate and supported by President Barack Obama.此类立法在国会一直无法推进,众议院的共和党反对者就阻止了由参议院通过并得到奥巴马总统持的一项计划。来 /201609/464168 Turkeys military said its warplanes carried out 18 airstrikes Monday targeting Kurdish militants in northern Iraq.土耳其军方说,土耳其战机星期一对伊拉克北部地区的库尔德激进分子发动了18次空袭。The strikes against the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, came a day after a car bombing killed at least 37 people in Turkeys capital, Ankara.空袭目标是库尔德工人党。一天前,土耳其首都安卡拉发生汽车炸弹袭击,造成至少37人死亡。There has been no claim of responsibility and Turkish officials said they expected to announce the results of the investigation into the blast on Monday.目前还没有人宣称对袭击事件负责。土耳其官员说,预计将于星期一宣布对这一事件的调查结果。Turkish forces have been carrying out an offensive against the PKK since July when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared the fight would continue until every militant is defeated.土耳其总统埃尔多安去年7月宣布将继续战斗,直至击败所有激进分子。此后,土耳其部队一直在对库尔德工人党展开攻势。Sundays blast happened near Kizilay square, a key shopping and transportation hub near foreign embassies and government buildings.星期天的爆炸袭击发生在安卡拉克孜拉伊广场附近,那里靠近外国使馆和政府建筑,是安卡拉主要购物区和交通枢纀?Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu said it targeted civilians at a bus stop, and that more than 120 people were wounded.土耳其卫生部长梅辛诺格鲁表示,一个巴士车站的平民成为袭击目标,爆炸还造成120多人受伤。Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu convened an emergency security meeting after the bombing.炸弹爆炸事件发生后,土耳其总理达武特奥卢召集了紧急安全会议。来 /201603/431223襄阳谷城县人民中心医院治疗鼻子疾病哪家好治疗鼻窦炎襄阳市医院



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