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【主题】Last time we learned "Just between us." which means "这件事就你和我知道,不要告诉别人" And today I would like to share a new one with you which is relative with a ghost and I wish you wouldn't be frightened. me, it's the other way around, I think, it's as good as a play. What's it? Let's listen to a simple situational dialogue and find it .A : These letters are from the rogue.Don't tell a soul.B : Alright. What are they say inside. 【答疑解惑】It is " Don't tell a soul. " This warns somebody not to tell anyone else. It's like saying " Don't discuss with anyone else." Soul 有鬼魂的意思 example: He feared the soul of his deceased wife would haunt him. 他害怕亡妻的鬼魂会来缠扰他 但是也有“人”的意思 example: You saw hardly a soul in the village. 在村子里,你几乎看不到什么人Talking of it , it's easy to catch this short sentence : Don't tell a soul. It's similar to saying in Chinese :" 不要告诉别人" “别传出去”【即学即用】And now let's put it into practice. Please translate the following sentences into English. 1 你要严守秘密,不要提关于它的任何事情 别告诉别人,包括你的母亲在内Think them hard and the answers will be given later. 1 You aren't going to tell a soul. Don't repeat any of it. Don't tell a soul, not even your mom. 【听透美语】Please listen to me the dialogue to spot the differences between my pronunciation in my speech and the pronunciation in the recording. A : These letters are from the rogue.Don't tell a soul.B : Alright. What are they say inside. We should pay attention to the following places. 1 letters are fromIt is pronounced as [#7;led#601;rza:fr#601;m] in my speech.【点拨】letters以辅音[z]结尾,are的发音是[a:], 辅音和元音连读[za:] , from的弱读为[fr#601;m], letter美语发音为['led#601;r]. The stress falls on the first syllable. Don't tell a It is pronounced as ['d#601;utel#601;] in my speech. 【点拨】don't 的最后一个音标与tell的第一个音标相同,都是[t],则省去前面的[t]的发音,tell以辅音[l]结尾,a 的发音是[#601;], 将其连读为[l#601;].3 what are It is pronounced as[wh#596;ta:]. 【小题大作】1 What are they say inside. 【翻译】信中写了些什么?【关键词】"Inside" means "in those letters". "Say" which is then key word in this sentence means " express opinions on something". example: Say what you like about her, she is a fine singer. 随你怎么说,反正她唱歌唱得好How should we put "你说呢?" . Let's look at a sentence: Anna thinks I'm lazy, what do you say? Anna说我很懒,你说呢?How to express "并不是说"?It is "That is not to say." example: That is not to say it's a bad movie. 并不是说这部电影很糟糕And what's English "要我说的话"?We have a sentence: I wouldn't say they were rich. 要我说的话,他们并不富裕What's more, here is short sentence including "say" means " I don't know." let's look at a dialogue: "when will it be finished?" "I couldn't say." "什么时候能完工?"“不好说” Don't tell a soul.【翻译】别传出去【关键词】In this sentence , soul is the key word. It refers to a person of a particular type. 指的是某种人 example: He is a brave soul. 他真勇敢She's lost all her money, poor soul. 可怜的人,她的钱全没了There wasn't a soul in sight. 这个人影都不见This is village of 300 souls. 这是个有300人的村子 196,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活自信的人 They dont fear failure.他们不害怕失败All people have their setbacks. Confidence isntdoing everything right, it pushing on even after being wrong. Researchsuggests that people who appear more self-assured are also seem moreintelligent.所有人都会遇到挫折,自信不是做对每件事,而是在做错后仍能勇往直前,研究表明看起来自信的人也似乎更聪明Theyre not afraid of being confident.他们不害怕自信Confident individuals dont shy away from assertingthemselves, whether theyre actually feeling comtable or just faking ituntil they make it. As singer Demi Lovato recent single so poignantly asks,;What wrong with being confident?; The answer: Nothing at all.自信的人不会羞于坚持自己的主张,无论他们是真自信还是假装自信,他们都会坚持如此直到成功正如歌手黛米#86;洛瓦特最近的单曲中寓意深刻地问道的那样:“自信有错吗?”就是:“何错之有”更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki[本节目属] 61

想看看你要出租的房子-01 :5:56 A:Hello,may I help you?你好,能帮你吗?B:Yes.We're interested in seeing the rooms rent.是的,我们很想看看你要出租的房子A:Oh,how nice.They're bright rooms and the house is very quiet.太好了.房间很明亮,房子也很安静B:A nice quiet house is exactly what we're looking .我们找的就是安静合适的房子A:Well,gentleman.Each room is a week if you think that's OK.先生,如果你认为可以的话,每个房间每周0美元B:That sounds just wonderful to us.我们认为完全可以A:When do you want to move in?想什么时候搬进来?B:How about this afernoon?今天下午怎么样?A:Fine.I'll be expecting you around two.很好,我两点钟左右等你

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Ask Feedback from a Professional询问专业人士的意见You might have spent months or years honing your skills in a particular area, but youre still worried that youre not good enough.你也许花了很长时间钻研你在某一方面的技术,但你依然担忧你做得不够好Find someone professional, and ask them their opinions. If youre hoping to write a best-selling novel, hire a writing coach or editor. If youre planning to start up a restaurant, ask advice from someone who done the same thing. Youll find out that youre doing a lot of things right (and youll also get a few tips on how to make improvements).于是,找专业人士,问问他们的意见吧如果你希望写一部热销的小说,就找个写作指导或者编辑如果你想开个饭馆,你可以向开饭馆的人请教你会发现你做的很多事情都是正确的(当然,你也会得到一些启示来提升自己)Consider hiring a coach, or joining a small group or class. You could look locally or online.考虑下找个指导员,或者加入一个小组或者班级你可以从附近或者网上找找看 hone磨炼(技能);开发(产品);锤炼(观点)If you hone something, example a skill, technique, idea, orproduct, you carefully develop it over a long period of time so that it is exactly right your purpose.best-selling 最畅销的A best-selling product such as a bookis very popular and a large quantity of it has been sold.editor编辑ssk 寻求 379The American erotic romantic drama film Fifty Shades of Grey has become a hot topic recently, although Chinese viewers are not going to see it on the mainland big screens. According to New York Times, the sex toy industry is counting on a spike surrounding the Valentines Day release of the movie. 3607


【今日课题】 各位亲爱的听众朋友,这里是晨间7点档“话说地道美语”我是Juliet非常高兴与您在这美丽的清晨见面新的一天我们要开始新的一课的学习,我们今天将学到什么地道美语说法呢?那么请走进第课的学习Lesson Thirteen: How to say “覆水难收,悔而无补”in real American English? 【课堂详讲】 “覆水难收”最早出现在南朝.宋.范晔写的《后汉书. 何迁传,文中写道:“国家之事,亦何容易!覆水不能收,宜深思之”后来演变为“覆水难收”,一直沿用至今,成为家喻户晓的一个成语那么它是是什么意思呢?“覆水难收”顾名思义就是指泼在地上的水无法再收回,比喻事情已成定局,无法挽回 So , “覆水难收”means "spilt water can't gathered up" and is compared to "what's done cannot be undone."However, we have a colourful sentence to express it. What's it? Let's listen to the following sentence: It's no use crying over spilled milk that you feel deeply depressed that you are not the first in the final examination English. 你在英语期末考试中没有获得第一名感到懊悔沮丧,可是这是覆水难收,悔而无补呀!It's no use crying over spilled milk that you feel deeply depressed that you are not the first in the final examination English. 亲爱的听众朋友,您觉得这句话中哪里表述出了“覆水难收,悔而不补”的意思呢? 它是一个句子,这个句子中含有连个重要的短语,一个是:cry over, c-r-y, cry(哭),o-v-e-r, over(因为),cry over意思是:因......而哭;一个是:spilled milk, s-p-i-l-l-e-d,spilled(打泼的,打翻的), m-i-l-k ,milk(牛奶),spilled milk意思就是:打泼在地上的牛奶Spilled是实义动词spill的过去分词,这里做形容词,因为它与被修饰的名词milk存在着被动关系那么表示出“覆水难收,悔而无补”的意思的这个句子是:It's no use crying over spilled milk. 意思是:为打泼在地上的牛奶而哭没有用我们知道牛奶打泼在地上了,无论你是孙悟空使出千般招儿,牛奶也不会回到原处,还没等到你的眼泪哭干,打翻在地上的牛奶就已经蒸发干了那么,哭有用吗?Of course, it's no use. It's no use crying over spilled milk.这句话中关键的短语是:cry over spilled milk. It means " to waste time worrying about something that has happened that cannot do anything about". 译为:枉为无可挽回的事而担忧;作无事于补的担忧;作徒劳、无益的后悔,沮丧It's no use crying over spilled milk. 引申为:对已成定局无法挽回的事儿后悔沮丧是徒劳,没有用的这正是我们中文说的“覆水难收,悔而无补”当然,我们也可以用一个否定结构的祈使句说:Don't cry over spilled milk.还有一种说法我们在前文提及,它是:What's done cannot be undone.但是使用含有“cry over spilled milk”这个短语的句子更为地道 此外,再详说一下这个句子:crying over spilled milk是动名词短语做真实主语,it's no use中的it是形式主语 那么当您的朋友因挫败而整天郁郁寡欢,茶饭不思,彻夜难眠时,您不妨用这句话安慰他:“It's no use crying over spilled milk. ”“Don't cry over spilled milk.”“What's done cannot be undone.”覆水难收,悔而不补木已成舟,悔而无补不要做无益,徒劳的后悔了 Let's look at two more sentences. 1 I am sorry you! You are crying over your stolen wallet,since it happened, just let it go, you know —— it 's no use crying over spilled milk. 我非常理解你的心情,你的钱包被偷了,伤心掉泪,那么既然此事已经发生,就忘掉吧,你知道的,覆水难收,后悔也无济于事呀(备注:be sorry 对某人表示同情stolen wallet这里是用steal的过去分词来修饰wallet,它们之间存在着被动关系 Let it go.这个句子我们也可以说为:Let bygones be bygones.) Don't cry over spilled milk, just be sure you won't make the same mistakes. 覆水难收,悔而无补,记住别犯同样的错误就行了【课堂总结】 在今天的课堂上,我们学了表述“对已经成事实而无法挽回的事儿伤心懊悔没有益处,是徒劳”的说法:It's no use crying over spilled milk. Don't cry over spilled milk. What's done cannot be undone. 就是中文的成语“覆水难收,悔而无补”“木已成舟,于事无补”前个句子的关键短语是:cry over spilled milk 字面意思是:为打泼在地上的牛奶而哭,引申为:做徒劳,无益的后悔沮丧此外,spill与milk 存在着被动关系,要用spill的过去分词来修饰milk这个名词,cry over something也可以说为cry about something,意思是:为......而哭 亲爱的听众,你记住了吗?I am sure you've done. So , please finish the exercises left if you are available after work. 记住在下班后如果有时间的话,最好完成留给您的习题练习,学了不用很容易就忘记了Practice makes perfect. If you practise it over and over , you can use it with ease. 熟能生巧如果您不断的反复练习所学的东西,那么到时候就运用自如了So , have a nice day. Thank you your listening this time . See you! Thank you, listeners! See you! 【课后习题】1 Please complete the following sentences according to the Chinese. (1) 已经决定了,你就别沮丧了,沮丧也没有用呀The decision made and it's no use . () 公司已经不给你升职了,你就别做徒劳的伤心了Your company made the you couldn't get and cry milk. Please find the mistakes in the following sentences and correct them. You have been against the law. It's no use to cry over the spilling milk. ◎◎◎◎将在下期揭晓,敬请给位关注下期的晨间7点档话说地道美语这里是可可早间课堂《话说地道美语课程,我是Juliet如果您对今日课程有任何疑问,请加入入可可口语交流QQ群,群号为:3896或者您以邮件形式发送到我的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com 8渴望詹姆斯.梅卡隆电影《阿凡达中潘朵拉月亮回归的影迷们将最终如愿以偿<牛人_句子>

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