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Saudi-led airstrikes hit Yemeni cities 2 hours after truce停火协议2小时后又有空袭 沙特停炸成空文Saudi-led air strikes have hit Yemens capital and another main city causing explosions, two hours after a UN humanitarian truce took effect.联合国人道主义停火协议生效2小时后,沙特对也门首都及另一座主要城市发动空袭后发生爆炸。Bombing pounded Yemeni military positions east of the capital Sanaa, as well as the countrys third largest city Taiz.此次打击对也门首都萨那东部的军事要地以及这个国家第三大城市塔伊兹发动打击。Three-month air raids and fighting have killed more than three thousand people in Yemen.为期3个月的空袭和战事已造成也门3000多人死亡。 译文属201507/385328。

  • And in Vietnam, the mosquitoes can be ferocious.在越南 蚊子是相当凶猛的and a story of one USA soldier driven so mad by them,有个故事就是讲 一名美国士兵被它们逼疯了he ended up sleeping in a paddy field underwater,最后他跑到稻田的水里睡觉just his head poking out,and on his head, he wore a gas mask.只把头露在外面 他在头上还带了个氧气面罩Now, this is gonna help keep them away.Most of Vietnam is a malaria zone.这个有助于赶走它们 越南大部分地区都是疟疾高发地带You should never underestimate the danger of malaria.你可不要低估了疟疾的厉害About a million people die of it worldwide every year.每年全世界都有无数人死于疟疾A smoky campfire will keep the worst of the mosquitoes off and possibly save your life.烟熏火燎的营火可以赶走最凶猛的蚊子 说不定也救了你一命There you go.Improvised chopsticks.Grilled scorpion.开饭了 自制简易筷子 烤蝎子Ive eaten loads of scorpions before,but theyve always been raw and disgusting,我之前吃过很多的蝎子 但大多都是生的 很恶心But when you cook them,they are actually quite nice.但如果把它弄熟吃 味道还真不错Oh man. These mosquitoes.Just relentless here.见鬼 这些蚊子 真是没完没了的They often talk about when it gets dark in the jungle,当丛林的夜幕降临 它们开始喋喋不休the whole place just comes alive.They talk about the night shift coming on.万物复苏 它们说该值夜班了And I know what they mean.Just sounds...like the whole place is alive which I guess it kind of is, really.我懂它们的意思 听上去好像在说 这里一片生机勃勃 我猜真的就是这个意思Just makes it hard to sleep, you know?真令人难以入睡201603/431611。
  • You all have big biceps, on the right arms.你们的右臂上的二头肌都很发达Because you spent half of your lives因为你们用大半生scoring tons of chalk dust, across miles of blackboard.走过成里的黑板 制造了成吨的粉笔灰I...Dont do that.I have something magic and wonderful to tell you about.而我...不那么做 我有一个神奇的美妙的东西要告诉你们Its fast, its vigorous,and you dont need big muscles. Its called topology.它很快 很有活力 而且无需你们有发达的二头肌 它是拓扑学Pictures, not equations.And nothing moves faster than light.研究图形 而不是方程 光是最快的Under 186,000 miles per second, light is the fastest,秒速低于186000英里 光速是最快的easily fast enough to overcome the gravity pull of,它的速度让它轻松地克了重力的拉力say, the sun,or the Earth, and escaped.而脱离了太阳 和地球 跑了出去The speed is high enough to get away from the gravity pulling it back.它的速度快到 能摆脱拉住它的重力What if the sun...were more concentrated?What if the sun were collapsed?如果太阳...密度再高一点呢 如果太阳坍圮了呢The density becomes huge, the gravity pull enormous.密度变得极高 重力极大And now nothing could stop gravity pulling everything in - even light.重力将不可阻挡 把一切拉向里 甚至光A singularity forms.What is singularity?奇点就形成了 奇点是什么呢A singularity is a place where matter, light, space...Time.Everything.奇点是一个地方 所有物质 光 空间 时间 一切201512/417412。
  • But theres another reason why this volcano is very special.为什么这个火山这么特别 这里还有个原因And to see that, I need to get down into the crater要明白这个原因 我需要下到火山口and see the lava up close.近距离的观看熔岩翻滚-Sit back,sit back.-After,after.-放松,放松-往后,往后点Okay.好了Thats it. Thats good.就那样,不错Its close to a 100-foot drop to the terrace below.垂直下降30米会到达下面那个恐怖地带Ive waiter until sunset to take a closer look我要一直等到太阳下山才能近距离的观看because the lava is at its most spectacular at night.因为熔岩在晚上看起来最壮观This is as close as I can safely get.这是离火山最近的安全距离了Oh,wow.Look at that.That is magnificent.噢,哎呀 太壮观了I mean, Its taken us a hell of journey to get here,我们经历了地狱般的路程才到达这里But that makes it all worth it.但是完全值得I am standing on the edge of an active volcano,我正站在一个活火山的边缘right next to a big pool of molten lava.旁边就是一个巨大的熔岩湖What makes this lava lake more than just pure spectacle是什么使这个熔岩湖不仅仅是宏伟壮观呢?is that its a window that allows us to look deep into the Earth.是因为我可以通过这个火山口看到地球深处and it helps us understand the forces that shape our planet.了解到塑造地球的这种伟大的自然力量201508/391296。
  • Elaine Morgan是一位坚定不移的水猿猜想的持者和推动者:该设想提出人类是由水中栖息的祖先进化而来。听听她是如何热忱的维护这个猜想,以及她是如何解释为什么主流科学家对该猜想不以为然。201501/354517。
  • Being with Jane Goodall和黑猩猩交心的人,珍·古德Its fascinating to me to think about, you know, the beingness of creatures on this planet. And its very obvious that we are human beings, so I always feel we have chimpanzee beings and dog beings. And I like to talk about them as he and she, which I was horribly criticized for at the beginning. And I was told that we humans were the only beings with personalities, minds, and emotions, but I learned from my childhood teacher that that wasnt true, and that childhood teacher was my dog, Rusty.对我而言去思考,你知道,在这个星球上的生物的存在性是很吸引人的。很显然我们是人们,所以我总是认为我们也有黑猩猩们以及儿们(注一)。而我喜欢将他们当作“他”和“她”来讨论,为此我在一开始受到严苛的批判。有人告诉我,我们人类是唯一拥有个性、思想、以及情感的生物,但我从我的童年导师那学到那不是正确的,而那童年导师是我的,Rusty。People said why did I name the chimpanzees? Why wouldnt I name them? Every animal Id ever had had a name. My guinea pigs had names; my golden hamster had a name; the caterpillars that I kept to turn into butterflies—they all had names. Of course I would name chimpanzees. I couldnt remember them if they had numbers. Thanks for National Geographic, people got to know the chimpanzees as individuals, which they were. They had names, like David Greybeard, the first one to lose his fear; Old Flo, that amazing matriarch. If theyd been number 1, 10, 15, nobody would have had a clue, including me. It doesnt mean anything.人们说我为什么要替黑猩猩取名字?我为什么不会替他们取名呢?我曾养过的每只动物都有名字。我的天竺鼠有名字;我的黄金鼠有名字;我养来变成蝴蝶的毛毛虫们--他们都有名字。我当然会替黑猩猩取名字啊。如果他们只有号码,我就无法记住他们。感谢国家地理频道,人们得以将黑猩猩当成独一无二的个体来认识,而他们的确是。他们有名字,像是灰胡子大卫,他是第一只放下恐惧的黑猩猩;老芙洛,那了不起的女家长。如果他们只是编号 1、10、15,没人会知道在说谁,包括我在内。编号不具任何意义。And I was told that you have to give them numbers because youve got to be objective as a scientist, and you mustnt empathize with your subject. And I feel this is where science has gone wrong. To have this coldness, this lack of empathy, has enabled some scientists to do unethical behavior. Moreover, why deny a perfectly respectable tool? I think those two are behaving like that because thats how I would behave if I was in that situation—thats empathy. Once youve worked out why you think they are doing it, then you can start testing that: Am I right? Is this a valid assumption or not? But it gives you a groundwork for asking questions.人们告诉我,你必须给他们号码,因为身为一位科学家你一定得客观,而且你绝不能对你的研究对象产生同理心。我认为这就是科学开始走偏的地方。拥有这种冷漠、这种同理心的缺乏,使得一些科学家能够做出不道德的行为。此外,为何要拒绝一个十分可敬的工具呢?我想那两只猩猩正像那样表现,因为如果我在那种情况下,那也是我会表现的方式--那就是同理心。一旦你想出为什么你觉得他们这样做,然后你就可以开始测试:我是对的吗?这是否是个有依据的推论?但同理心给了你一个提出疑问的根基。I think empathy is really important. And I think only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our full potential.我认为同理心是非常重要的。而且我想只有在我们聪明的脑袋和我们人心和谐地共同运作时,我们才能发挥我们最大的潜能。注一:chimpanzee beings 和 dog beings 是珍·古德女士在这里自创的词,改自 human being(人类)一字,因为珍古德认为黑猩猩和儿和人类一样都是地球上的生命,并没有地位高低之别。201508/394357。
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