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厦门瘦脸针多少钱一支厦门假体隆鼻大概需要多少钱三明隆鼻大概多少钱 [00:.18]Listen and Share[00:.]Perfume and new marker 香水和麦克笔[00:.]词汇扫描[00:5.81]Instructional assistant 指导员助理[00:30.36]Second-graders 二年级生[00:.70]Perfume 香水[00:38.71]Marker 麦克笔[00:.6]英文原文[00:.31]As an instructional assistant a public school,[00:7.60]part of my job involves teaching small groups of children.[00:50.75]One day I was in charge of some second-graders,[00:53.59]who were concentrating on their artwork.[00:55.50]As I reached across to help a student,[00:57.38]he remarked that something smelled good.[00:59.3]I was pleased that he noticed my perfume,[01:01.8]until he held a wide felt-tip pen up to his nose and said,[01:.58]"Yep. New markers." [01:.]中文大意[01:.8]逐句对照[01:8.1]As an instructional assistant a public school,[01:5.]part of my job involves teaching small groups of children.[:01.87]One day I was in charge of some second-graders,[:.7]who were concentrating on their artwork.[:.7]As I reached across to help a student,[:.86]he remarked that something smelled good.[:.18]I was pleased that he noticed my perfume,[:.1]until he held a wide felt-tip pen up to his nose and said,[:35.5]"Yep. New markers." [:.9]多学一点[:5.7]instructional assistant 指导员助理[:9.7]instructional 指导性的[:5.7]instructor 指导员 讲师[:57.85]assistant 助手,助理[:01.3]manager assistant 经理助理[:.5]second-graders 二年级生[:.18]grades 小学[:.]He first began teaching in the grades.[:7.]first-grade[:.]eighth-grader[:36.9]tenth-grader[:.]freshman(大一学生)[:6.]sophomore(大二学生)[:8.]junior(大三)[:9.66]senior(大四)[:55.3]reach across 伸过去 俯身[:.85]marker 麦克笔[:.75]er[:19.]play[:1.19]player 运动员[:3.]marker[:7.66]记分员[:3.7]重新听一次故事原文[:35.]As an instructional assistant a public school,[:38.]part of my job involves teaching small groups of children.[:1.]One day I was in charge of some second-graders,[:.]who were concentrating on their artwork.[:6.]As I reached across to help a student,[:7.96]he remarked that something smelled good.[:9.93]I was pleased that he noticed my perfume,[:51.98]until he held a wide felt-tip pen up to his nose and said,[:55.6]"Yep. New markers." 1福建厦门第二医院门诊怎么走

厦门割双眼皮手术哪家好Genealogy, Bill Cosby, to get down on your knees vs. to get down on one kneeWords:blood relativeminiseriesancestorto trace your family treehyphenated Americancemeterybirth certificateMormonsstand-up comedianto tell a jokealbumcartoonupper-classto get down on your kneesto get down on one knee 350厦门绣眉的价格 漳州吸脂减肥

厦门哪里看牙齿好《后裔中乔治bull;克鲁尼饰演一个地皮商人Matt King,他是个非常非常不称职的父亲,当他的妻子在夏威夷遭遇船舶事故之后,他被迫审视自己的过去,迎接未来这起事故也让他紧急进入到两个女儿的生活中来,但随即也发现叛逆的女儿们并不怎么需要他这个爹,他的婚姻实际上也不如看起来的那么牢固;;Why fairy tales are we playing this song? Because inside George Clooney is there ,budded为什么我们这首歌是童话故事?因为里面有乔治bull;克鲁尼,他在里面!Yes ,that right, that right ,you guys get that.是的,没错,没错,你们懂的How is doing ?他怎么样?Good ,really nice be now.好的,现在真的很好Hahahahahah.哈哈What in fact is the hours?事实上是什么时间?You dont know come with the sea,you really do teeth on celebrity white slat.When you really did all right ,you got subject secretary .你不知道你确实在聚会上牙齿非常白当你真的做好的时候,你有了这方面的专业秘书You are right over there..你就是在那边Yep,I can wait .没错,我可以等Which George is going to say ?乔治打算说什么?You know Mr. Clooney,你认识克鲁尼先生?I did appreciate that ,thank you very much ,there will be some cash-gory,我确实很感激,非常感谢你,会有一些现金...It has been quit year aly you ,a lot ask-buzz , George fan is line up to interview and he toke it now你已经很多年没有从事这个了,你会面临很多问题乔治的粉丝们正在为了采访排队It only time.这只是时间I know I know.我知道我知道But really crowd descendants, what the year?但实际上人非常多,今年是什么?It be the fun year ,yep, you gonna go back to work., to take a another job. We look further talk just a little bits,这是有趣的一年,没错,你要回去工作了...找另一份工作我们进一步细谈OK.好的You just want Facebook tips ?你想要Facebook的窍门吗?Just go ,go ,trust you .去吧,我信任你 86 C.Keywordshave an appointment with, job. Vocabularytrack...down.Youre going to hear a job interview, answer the questions with key words.(Job interview) Good morning, how can I help you? I have an appointment with the personnel director Mr Boush.Will you take a seat and Ill see if he is free yet. Thank you. (Later)Mr Li, Mr Boush will see you now. His office is down the hall to your left. Thank you.(steve introduces himself) Mr Boush, I am Steve Li, Well, hello, Mr Li. It early and youve come a long way just an interview.Yes, sir, we your ad in the paper and my aunt said this is a very refutable firm. And since I want to be a lawyer someday, we thought this job would give me a good start.I see. Of course you realize it will be dull a while. You wouldnt get to practice law right off.Oh, I realize that, Sir. It world be most filing, tracking things down and looking things up.All sorts of odd jobs, delivering things to the court house, and bringing things that the lawyers got. Even running down to get them a sandwitch now and then.I wouldnt mind that, Sir. At least I could get the feel of a law-office.What kind of a lawyer do you want to be, Steve? A corporation lawyer, sir, Im good at figures. Oh, That interesting!We can always use a good head math around here. What grade are you in? Ill be a senior next year.And what lawyer school do you plan to do to? Harvard, Sir. Well, that setting your mark high enough.You realize this job doesnt pay very much, dont you? Yes, sir. But I can get by and like my aunt said I can wait another year bee I buy a car. Experience and education are more important now.Well, Steve, if you are smart enough to figure that out, you are smart enough this job.When can you come to work? Right now, Sir. You mean it? Yes, Youve got yourself a job but take a couple of days to get located and find your way around, then come in Wednesday morning at eight sharp. Yes, sir, and Thank you sir. Ill be here.(Later on the phone) Hello, mom. is that you? I made it. 508厦门隆鼻哪家整形医院好厦门哪里割双眼皮比较好



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