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今天音频上传遇到问题,以后补上.A: the company that Ghad works for really takes care of him.B: what do you mean?A: well, not only does he have two weeks vacation every year, but he also has sick leave which includes 5 optional days off a year for mental health days.B: mental health days? Jeeze, I wish my company had some plan like that. Sometimes the corporate world cares more about money than anything else. I think it’s great to see some companies, like the one Chad works for, that are caring about the quality of life of their employees.A: no kidding. Chad’s company also has a gym in their office building to encourage all employees to keep fit. They provide medical and dental insurance for all full-time workers, and they also organize company social gatherings.B:like what kind of social gatherings?A: once a year they’ll have a company picnic, they also sponsor a company Christmas party and New Year’s party. They focus on continuing educatiuon by having 8 company-wide training events every year, and encouraging staff to apply for conferences and training meetings outside the company.B: wow, the welfare of the employees seems top priority to management…A: needless to say, company morale is very high… /12/92871to eat like a bird ------- 饭量很小(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) To eat very little.例句 I enjoy eating a large meal, unlike my skinny sister, who always eats like a bird.我喜欢大吃大喝,不像我的骨瘦如柴的,总是吃得很少。 /201503/365153

2 了解渠道3句英文任你选Weve come to know your name and address from the Commercial Counselors Office of the Chinese Embassy in London.我们从中国驻伦敦大使馆的商务参赞处得知你们的名字和地址。By courtesy of Mr.Black, we are given to understand the name and address of your firm.承蒙布莱克先生的介绍,我们得知贵公司的名称和地址。Your firm has been introduced to us by Maple Company.枫叶公司向我方介绍了贵公司。半个句型要记牢by courtesy of (蒙……的好意,蒙……提供)Tip: courtesy的意思是;礼貌,殷勤,好意如 He wrote back to her out of courtesy. (他出于礼貌给她写了一封回信),而 by courtesy of为固定短语,表示;蒙……的好意,蒙……提供;如 This is a radio programme presented by courtesy of a soap company. (这是一档由一家肥皂公司提供的广播节目)。如果不了解这一短语,还可以用 introduce这个相对常见的单词,如be introduced by...表示;由……介绍; introduce还可以用recommend或pass on替换。 /201509/393240

;look whos talking!; “别光说别人,看看你自己!”(非正式)英文释义Informal expression accusing a person of doing something for which they have criticized someone else.例句I said ;look whos talking! when my lazy son ridiculed his friend for not studying hard at school.;当我的懒惰的儿子嘲笑他的朋友学习不用功时,我说:“别光说别人,看看你自己!” /201310/255939

第一句:When does it leave Hong Kong?什么时候从香港开船?A: Ive been told that a steamer is starting for England.我听说有到英国去的船。B: When does it leave Hong Kong?什么时候从香港开船?A: 10:00 at night.十点。第二句:How much is the fare for the second—class, please?请问二等舱票价是多少? A: How much is the fare for the secondclass, please?请问二等舱票价是多少? B: Its 380 dollars for a single trip.单程是380美元。A: Is boarding included?包括膳食吗?B: Yes. 是的。背诵句型:I have booked a steamer berth for the day after tomorrow.我已经订了一张后天的卧铺。 /201309/257861

Buying office equipmentA: I do want to meet with you and take a look at your catalogue. We’re redecorating and are going to add some things.B: Well, I’ll be glad to help you out. I can come out anytime on Tuesday or Thursday of next week.A: Let’s put it down for 1:15 on Thursday. We’ll definitely need some new filing cabinets and at least one desk unit.B: Fine. I’ll bring both our office furniture and equipment catalogues on Thursday.购置办公设备A:我的确想见你一面,看看你们的产品目录。我们在正装修,也准备添置一些东西。B:好啊,我愿意帮你解决问题。下周二或周四的任何时候我都可以出来。A:那咱们就定在星期四一点十五分。我们肯定需要一些新文件柜和至少一套组合办公桌。B:好。星期四我把我们的办公室家具和办公设备的目录都带来。 /200704/12906

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