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吉林省长春中医医院咨询专线长春省妇幼保健可以用医保卡吗;承诺;两个字有很深远的意义,不要轻易做出承诺,如果你还没真正准备好。如果做出了承诺,就要认真去应诺。大家好,欢迎回来,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。今天的英语学习和承诺有关。来学一个很漂亮的英语单词:commit1. commit: vt. 犯罪; 犯错He has committed a serious fault. 他犯了严重错误。2. commit: vi. 承诺; 使自己受约束Asked if he was a candidate, he refused to commit himself. 当问到他是不是候选人时,他不置可否。Tony has committed himself to support them. 托尼答应负担他们的生活。3. commit vt. 托付; 交付The boy was committed to the care of his aunt. 这个孩子被交给他的姑妈照顾。4.commit还有一个特别广泛的用法:Be fully committed,是什么意思呢,我们来看看一些例句:Im afraid were fully committed due to the Christmas season. 由于圣诞节旺季的到来,恐怕我们的生产能力已经饱和了。We are always fully committed during the busy traveling season. 我们在旅游旺季总是安排得满满的。They took their work seriously and were fully committed to their work. 他们工作认真,全神投入工作。5. commitment: n. 承诺, 许诺, 保, 承担的义务I am very tired because I have taken on so many commitments. 我很累, 因为我负担很重。make a commitment: 做出承诺,许诺He made a commitment to pay the rent on time. 他保按时付房租。The man Im in love with has made a commitment to marry me. 我爱的那个男人已经承诺要娶我。Ive committed myself to teach this online oral English class, what firmer commitment are you y to make on your English study? 我已承诺教这个网络英语课,你做好了关于英语学习的更肯定的承诺吗? /201202/170023吉林大学一院收费好不好 Research among computer users suggests that the traditional expression of gratitude has fallen by the wayside。在一项有3000网民参加的调查中显示,传统的致谢方式已经退出潮流了。而投票者中将近一半的人表示,比起用thank you,他们现在更长用cheers.  Four out of ten said 'thank you' sounded too formal – so they used more catchy, chatty words such as 'fab', 'lovely' or 'wicked'。40%的人认为"thank you"听上去太过正式,所以他们选择使用像"fab"、"lovely"或者"wicked"这样更加随意上口的词汇。  A third said they would often just resort to a quick wave instead of saying 'thank you'。三分之一的人更是表示,他们经常会用简单的挥手动作来代替说"thank you"。如果正式的表示感谢,可以说:I really appreciate it. 我很感谢。 Thanks to you (we made it on time.) 都要多谢你(我们才能准时完成)。 I couldn"t have done it without you. 若是没有你,我不可能做到。 I"m truly grateful for your help. 我非常感激你的帮助。 Your help is greatly appreciated. 非常感激您的帮助。 I"d like to express my gratitude. 我要表达我诚挚的谢意。Thanks a million (ever so much). 万分(非常)感谢。 /201102/125170喜欢旅行吗?和大自然零接触,一种心灵原始的回归。大家好,欢迎再一次来到我们这个快乐的英语大家庭,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,今天的英语课来一次大自然的浪漫旅行,如何呢。Traveling 旅行 以下是关于旅行话题的一些具有典型性的连读句子,请注意每个句子中的连读发音以及助动词,介词的弱读。a. Im⌒on vacation for⌒a week from my job, and were going to be going⌒up to Beidai river.我在休假一个星期,我们打算去北戴河。b. I like⌒in traveling⌒is seeing different parts⌒of the country, and meeting different people.我之所以喜欢旅行,是因为可以去看看不同的地方,见识不同的人。c. And this⌒is⌒a great place to meet lots of⌒different people.这是一个棒的地方,可以结识很多各种各样的人。d. We wanted to have⌒a look⌒at Summer Palace.我们一直想去参观一下颐和园。e. My parents took⌒us⌒a lot traveling, going to most⌒of China.我父母带我们旅行过很多地方,几乎走遍了大半个中国。f. Usually⌒I like to buy⌒a lot⌒of postcards that⌒I can carry home and to tell⌒other people⌒about, and show them pictures theyve never seen.我经常会买很多名信片带回家,给他们讲讲我到过的地方,让他们看看一些从未见过的照片。g. I planned from the days when⌒I was⌒in school studying history, I wanted to go to⌒every city⌒in the country, and⌒Ive⌒almost made⌒it now.当我还在学校读历史的时候就开始计划,想要去看祖国的每一个城市,而我现在基本上都做到了。h. It makes me feel great to see places Ive never seen and to meet people and just, all the whole bit.这种感觉很棒:去没有去过的地方,认识一些人,差不多就这些。i. Neither one of us has been to Europe yet at all, but were really looking forward to going.我们俩都没有去过欧洲,我们真的很想去一趟。How about you? Do you like travelling? Where have you been to? /201203/175399长春市阳光女子医院属于几级

长春治疗不孕不育那个医院好关键词:cough up 勉强说出;被迫付出短语释义:今天我们要学的短语很生动,叫做cough up。还记不记得童话里那位一说话就能吐出金子的公主呢?那今天的图片上有这样一个人虽然吐不出金子,但他一咳嗽,就能够吐出钱。别人满意了,但他自己这钱给得真的unwillingly很不情愿。咳嗽: cough,人们在着凉感冒或者发生过敏反应的时候会咳嗽,也就是会不由自主地从口腔和喉咙里突然重重地排出气流来,你想抑制也抑制不了。其实cough up的含义就是:勉强说出;被迫付出。比如在百般无奈的情况下交出钱款啦等等。情景领悟:1. After hours of questioning, the man coughed up and admitted to stealing jewels. 经过几个小时的审讯,那家伙认了罪,承认他偷了珠宝。Questioning 质问,审讯 admit to 承认2. Steve finally coughed up the money he owed us.史蒂夫最终勉强归还了他欠我们的钱。Owe 在这个句子中是指“欠钱”。本节目属 /201303/231423长春八一医院处女膜修复 关键词:tip-top 顶呱呱的,一流的短语释义:今天我们看到的图片是一种冰棒的广告,这个冰棍儿品牌叫做Tip-Top ,很多企业都很青睐于用Tip-Top作为他们的名称,比如就我所知的:深圳市利谱信息技术有限公司、德国蒂普拓普公司、深圳天凌高实业发展有限公司都叫做Tip-Top。那么这个词到底有什么魔力呢?Tip-top这个单词读起来非常地顺口,而tip和top有“尖端”“顶端”这样的意思,组合起来这个单词的意思是“顶呱呱”“一流的”。通常我们还会在后面加上各种名词,比如:tip-top service 最佳务,tip-top condition / tip- top shape 最佳状态,tip -top quality 顶级质量。情景领悟:1. A great big wish that youll soon be back in tip - top condition.深深地祝愿你早日痊愈。2. He kept his house in tip - top shape.他把房子保养得非常好.可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201212/213567长春南关区做无痛人流需要多少钱

长春二院预约网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:不准你...You are not to... 不准你;;;are not to...;的含义接近;should not / ought not to / must not;,是禁止别人干某事的意思。【范例一】You are not to smoke in this room.你不能在这房间里吸烟。【范例二】You are not to use mobile phones in the hospital.医院里不准使用手机。【范例三】You are not to go out alone in the future.以后不许你单独出去。A: May I see your daughter please?我可以见见你女儿吗?B: My daughter is very upset now.我女儿现在很伤心。A: Please just give me a chance. I want to talk to her.请给我一次机会。我想和她谈谈。B: Im sorry but youre not to see her again.对不起,你不能再见她了。 /201206/185732 长春宫颈糜烂做手术大概需要多少钱长春治疗不孕不育医院哪家比较好



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