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Useful Expressions常用语句1.Go straight on请直走.Turn left.请向左转3.Turn right.请向右转.Turn left and go straight on.向左转后请往前走5.Turn left at the first crossing.请在第一个十字路口向左转6.Cross the bridge.请通过桥梁7.Follow this streetcar line.请沿着电车路线走下去8.It in that direction.就是那个方向9.Youve come too far.你走过头了.It about three blocks from here.从这里开始约有三条马路.It quite a distance from here.离这里很远.Youd better take a taxi.你最好坐出租车.Get on Streetcar NO..请坐号电车.Take the bus.请坐公共汽车.The bus stop is on that corner.公共汽车站在那个转角处.Please ask at the police box over there.请问那边的治安亭.It the third house from the corner.在转角的第3家18.It on the left_hand side of the street.就在街的左侧19.It near that tobacco shop.靠近那个香烟店.It not far.You can walk.路不远,你可走路去1.It on the other side of the railroad tracks.就在铁路的对面.It in that alley.就在那条小巷3.I think it in that building.我想可能在那高楼里面.Youd better ask that policeman.你最好问问警察5.Have you a map?你带有地图吗?6.Where do you wish to go?你想去哪里呢?7.What is the address of the person you are seeking?你想找的人的住址在哪儿呢?.I know where it is.Ill take you there.我知道它在那里,我带你去吧9.Please follow me.请跟着我走30.It that house with the red roof.是那个有红色屋顶的住宅31.Youre in the wrong district.你走错地方了3.It at the end of this street.You cant miss it.在这条街的尽头,你不会走错路Dialog对话A:Excuse me,but which way is to the Zhong Shan Road?对不起,到中山路应从哪条路走?B:It that way.由那条路走A:Is it very far?很远吗?B:No.不远A:Thank you.谢谢您B:Youre welcome.不客气A:Could you kindly tell me where the Rome Building is?请问罗马大厦在哪里?B:Certainly.It that white building on the corner.好的,是那个转角的白色大楼A:Much obliged.谢谢B:How far is the Hilton Hotel from here?希尔顿旅馆从这里走要多远?A:It quite a distance from here.Youd better take a taxi.从这里走很远的,最好坐出租车去B:Thank you.谢谢您 197A: Am I mistaken, or is this dress on sale?如果我没有说错的话,这件衣不再特价出售了,对吗?B: Im very sorry. The sale ended yesterday.我很抱歉折扣昨天就结束了A: I really like this dress, but I want to pay the sale price.我真的很喜欢这条裙子,但是我希望用折扣的价钱购买B: If you like, I can put you on our mailing list the next sale.如果你喜欢的话,我可以帮你登记在邮寄清单上,下次打折的时候我就会通知你A: That okay. Some days you win, some days you lose.好的,有时你可以买到,有时你买不到B: Let me ask my manager when he thinks this dress will be on sale again.让我问下经理这条裙子什么时候会再特价出售 39

Most people have to reach the same credit card when standing at a till paying purchases in a store. But Walter Cavanagh from Calinia can choose to use one of the 1,97 cards that he owns, which are worth .7m, and make him a record breaker.大部分人在商店柜台结账的时候都使用同一张信用卡,但是来自美国加利福尼亚的沃尔特·卡瓦纳可以从他97张信用卡中任选一张结账这些信用卡总额度为0万美元,这也使得他成为了打破纪录的人Walter Cavanagh, 73, from Santa Clara, started collecting the cards as a bet with a friend in the 1960s to see who could collect the most in the space of a year.沃尔特·卡瓦纳今年73岁,来自圣克拉拉市他收集信用卡的习惯源自上世纪60年代跟一位朋友的赌注,他跟朋友打赌看在一年之内谁收集的信用卡多He quickly acquired a stash of 3 and even collected a number of limited edition cards such as a sterling silver card from Mapes Hotel.之后他很快就收集到了3张信用卡,甚至他还收集到了许多诸如梅普斯酒店的纯银卡之类的限量版信用卡In 1971, a friend contact Guinness World Records, and he was named as the man with the most credit cards.在1971年,他的一个朋友联系到了吉尼斯世界纪录,于是他也得到了世界上拥有最多信用卡的人这一称号And every year since, he has been in the record books as he continued his collection, as he was determined to stay as the world record holder.从此之后,为了下决心保持住这个记录,他就一直在收集信用卡His credit score is nearly perfect, as he actually only uses one card and pays it off monthly.值得一提的是,沃尔特的信用分数近乎完美,因为他只用其中的一张卡,而且每月都会还清 01

A: I was wondering if I could speak to someone about some concerns of mine with the pool area.我在想我能否和某个负责人说下我关注的泳池区域的问题B: I can answer any questions that you might have. What are your concerns?我能回答你的问题你忧虑什么?A: I enjoy living next to the pool, but it gets really loud out there at night.我喜欢住在泳池旁,但是现在那里晚上很吵B: The pool is supposed to be closed after :00. Are you saying that people are partying later than that?泳池应在晚上点后关闭,你是说人们晚于那个时候还在聚会?A: There have been parties out there that havenrsquo;t ended until two in the morning!有些聚会要持续到凌晨点B: Did you call the front desk?你给前台打电话了吗?A: Yes, I tried, but no one picked up.是的,我打了,但没人接听B: You can have my personal line to call if this happens again. Do not hesitate to call.如果再遇到这种情况,你可以打我的私人专线别犹豫A: Thank you taking care of this me.谢谢你的关心B: Thank you bringing it to my attention. We will send reminder memos to help people remember what the rules are.谢谢引起我对此事的注意我们会给居民发提醒函,让他们记住有关泳池的规定 9

World recession 世界经济衰退A: Now people are talking about world recession, which started more than a year ago. Can you give us your personal assessment of the situation of the global economy? B: As you know, we are in a very special time. This is a very hard time many countries' economics, both developed and developing. I think the current economic situation could be described as synchronized slowdown of major economies.A: What is the direct impact of the terrorist attack upon your country's economy?B: Once the US economy is in trouble due to the terrorist attack, the impact could be quickly felt in the rest of the world.A: What challenges is your country's economy facing at the moment?B: We do face a lot of challenges because there is still much uncertainty about the world economy. It's very important us to strike a proper balance between investment in fixed assets and household consumption. 重点注释:1.recession 经济衰退. assessment 评估,评价3. fixed assets 固定资产. household consumption 住房消费5. “due to the terrorist attack”是“由于恐怖袭击”的意思”due to”意思是“由于……”,例如:Due to the storm, the baseball game was interrupted. 由于骤雨,那场棒球赛中止了 汉语译文:A: 现在人们都在谈论一年前开始的世界经济衰退对于全球经济你能给我些个人评价吗?B: 正如你所知道的,我们处在一个特殊时期这是许多发达国家和发展中国家经济的艰难时期我认为现在经济形势是经济大国同步减缓放慢A: 恐怖袭击对贵国经济的直接影响是什么?B: 由于受到恐怖袭击,美国经济处于困境中,它的影响很快会蔓延到世界其他各国A: 此刻贵国经济面对的挑战是什么?B: 我们有很多挑战,因为对世界经济来说还有不确定性对我们而言在固定资产投资和住房消费方面达到适度平衡是很重要的 53

A: Pardon me. Is this dress on sale?抱歉,没听到这条裙子还在特价出售吗?B: Actually, the sale ended yesterday.事实上,特价活动昨天已经结束了A: You know, it only one day later. How about giving me the sale price?你知道,这只过了一天今天还减价一天行吗?B: Im sorry, but I cant change the price that in the computer.抱歉,但是我不能改变在电脑里的价钱A: Okay. Let me think about it. Maybe Ill wait until the next sale.好的,让我想想,也许我应该等等看下一次降价B: Take a look around. Maybe youll see something else you like.看看别的吧,没准你能看到其它你想要的 993

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