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福清妇幼保健医院在线QQVacations are a memorable experience, don#39;t let them ruin your bank account.度假是让人难忘的经历,但不要让它毁了你的账户。1: Choose the right time of your trip1:选择正确的旅行时间Just as it is with the real estate business, the best way of saving money on travel can be streamlined to just one thing and that#39;s timing. Try your best to time your trip during the less desirable times, for instance, late at night, midweek or even early in the morning. If you#39;re booking online, you can leverage the flexible travel-date search which allows you to compare fares for those dates a few days on either side of the target. This way you can shave a few days off from the weeklong trip and get back to your destination on a less busy weekday.就像房地产生意一样,旅行时最好的省钱方法可被简化为一点:时间。尽量在不那么尽如人意的时间出行,例如深夜、周中,甚至是清晨。如果你是在线订购,那你可以灵活地搜索旅行日期,这可以让你比较去时和来时的机票价格。这样你可以在长达一周的旅行中休息几天,然后在不太忙的工作日回家。2: Consider traveling during the shoulder season2:考虑在平季出行In case you can#39;t afford to visit some famous destination during an off-season, you may try visiting during the shoulder season, which is the time in between the peak season and the off-peak. For instance, if you#39;re visiting Walt Disney, the shoulder season may be May and September when the crowds are pretty thin. As long as quality experience is concerned, a 4-day weekend could be fun than an entire week during the peak season.如果在淡季你负担不起去一些著名景点,那你可以尝试在平季去这些景点,平季指的是旺季和淡季之间的时间段。比如,如果你打算去华特迪士尼,那平季就是五月和九月,那时人流量不多。如果想要在旺季品质出游,那四天的旅行可比一整周的旅行有趣得多。3: Be smart about your insurance requirements3:了解自己的保险要求If you#39;re traveling, the most important thing to carry is a travel insurance policy. You may check out insurance resources for all types of information but make sure you carry even the minimum coverage on your travel insurance policy. If it#39;s not something that#39;s too expensive, the travelers should definitely get the different travel coverage that they may need during traveling. Since you will be traveling in an unknown place, chances are high that you may face an accident. During such situations, nothing can be better than having adequate insurance coverage.如果你在旅行,那要携带的最重要的东西就是旅游保险单了。你可以查看各类保险信息,但一定要确保带上保险单,甚至最低覆盖范围的保险单都行。如果东西不是很贵,那旅行者肯定可以获得旅行时可能需要的不同的旅游保险。既然你要去不熟悉的地方旅行,那很有可能你会出事。在此类情况下,没有什么比全面覆盖的保险更有用了。So, if you#39;ve just started planning your next family vacation, make sure you follow the above mentioned 3 tips in order to save money on your vacation. Be smart and informed if you hire a travel agent as they can often deceive you into paying extra dollars. Steer clear of agents from shady agencies.所以,如果你已经开始计划下一次的家庭旅行,那一定要确保遵循上述的三条建议,可以在旅行中省钱哦。如果你通过旅行社出游,那一定要机智、实时把握信息,因为旅行社通常会骗你付额外费用。千万不要找名声不好的机构。译文属 /201705/507638三山镇妇女医院服务 Colours may be the same around the world, but the language in which they are described can have a significant impact on how they are perceived.颜色本身在全球各地没有什么区别,但是人们用于描述颜色的语言却对这些颜色被感知的方式具有重要的影响。In English, the most popular base colours are blue, pink and green, while in China red, blue and green are more prominent.在英国,最常见的基本色是蓝色,粉红色和绿色,在中国,红色、蓝色和绿色则更为多见。A data scientist wanted to put this theory to the test and, in doing so, has created a graphic that reveals how few ways there are in certain Eastern cultures to talk about colours, compared to the West.一位数据科学家想要验这一理论,他绘制了一张图标,这张图表明,相对于西方文化,东方文化中描绘颜色的语汇要少得多。Muyueh Lee from Taipei designed the infographic to show the range of names for colours and hues on Wikipedia, in English and then in Chinese.来自台北的李慕约设计了这组信息图表,图表上展示了所有在维基网上可以查到的表示颜色和色差的词汇,首先是英语词汇,然后是中文词汇。His method is biased as there are more Wikipedia users that are English speakers, but it does reveal the importance of certain colours in both languages.他的研究方法存在误差,因为说英语的维基网用户人数更多,不过这项研究的确揭示了在两种语言中一些特殊颜色的重要性。In Chinese, most popular base colours are 紅 (red), 藍 (blue) and 綠 (green). Colours can also relate to objects like salmon, stone and pine tree.在中国人当中,最常见的基本色是红色,蓝色和绿色。这些颜色会让我们联想到鲜鱼肉,石头和松树。This may be telling as red in Chinese cultures symbolises good fortune and joy. It remains a popular colour in the country and is affiliated with the current government.这项研究成果值得相信,因为在中国文化中,红色象征的吉祥和喜庆。红色一直受到中国人喜爱,也被当前的政府加以宣传利用。By comparison, popular English colours are blue, green and pink, with some colours based on objects.相比之下,英国人喜欢的颜色则是蓝色,绿色和粉红色,只有一些颜色与实物对应。#39;I was fascinated by the urban legend that Eskimo has 50 words for snow, and the idea that a culture will develop a richer vocabulary for things it cares,#39; said Mr Lee.李先生说:“有一种传闻说,爱斯基语中有50个表示‘雪’的词汇,由此可见,一种文化会为其关注的事物创造出丰富的词汇。这种想法令我着迷。”Mr Lee#39;s graphic highlights the debate over whether speaking a certain language allows people to #39;see#39; more colours, because they have more descriptions.李先生的图像研究的重点是解决这样一场争论,即,是否由于一种语言中描述颜色的语汇更多,因而说这种语言的人就能“看”到更多的颜色。A number of studies seem to suggest this may be the case.一系列研究明,事实似乎确是如此。A 1954 study found that Zu?i speakers, a tribe of Pueblo Native Americans, found they do not differentiate between orange and yellow. As a result, they have trouble telling them apart.一项1954年的研究发现在美国的一个印第安人村庄,说祖尼语的土著居民不会区分橙色和黄色。因而,他们很难将这两种颜色区分开。A separate study focused on how Russian speakers have separate words for light blue (goluboy) and dark blue (siniy). MIT recruited 50 people from the Boston area in Massachusetts, half of whom were native Russian speakers.另一项研究旨在揭示说俄语的人群是如何区分浅蓝色和深蓝色的。为此, 麻省理工学院从马萨诸塞州的波士顿地区邀请了50名参与者,他们中半数都是地道的俄语使用者。They found they were 10 per cent faster at distinguishing between light (goluboy) blues and dark (siniy) blues than at discriminating between blues within the same shade category.研究者发现,参与者区分浅蓝色和深蓝色的反应速度比区分同一明暗度的不同蓝色的反应速度要快10%。 /201704/502880福清渔溪镇非淋性尿道炎的治疗

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