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福清市中山医院投诉电话龙江街道中医院联系电话Google will on Wednesday be accused by Brussels of illegally abusing its dominance of the internet search market in Europe, a step that ultimately could force it to change its business model fundamentally and pay hefty fines.欧盟(EU)将于周三指控谷歌(Google)非法滥用其在欧洲互联网搜索市场的主导地位。此举最终可能会迫使谷歌从根本上改变商业模式,并付高额罚金。Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition commissioner, is to say that the US group will soon be served with a formal charge sheet alleging that it breached antitrust rules by diverting traffic from rivals to favour its own services, according to two people familiar with the case. The initial charge will focus on product searches where Google is accused of harming other shopping sites, but could be extended to other areas.知情人士表示,欧盟反垄断专员玛格丽特#8226;维斯特格(Margrethe Vestager)将会宣称,谷歌将很快收到正式起诉书,指控其违反反垄断法规,将竞争对手的流量分流去持自身务。最初的指控将集中于产品搜索务,谷歌被控在搜索过程中损害其他购物网站的利益。但这一指控可能会扩展到其他领域。Google confirmed the imminent charges in an internal email sent to staff on Tuesday. “We have a very strong case, with especially good arguments when it comes to better services for consumers and increased competition,” it said in the communication, a copy of which was obtained by the Financial Times.周二,谷歌在发送给员工的一封内部电子邮件中确认即将面临指控。在英国《金融时报》记者看到的这封邮件的拷贝中,谷歌表示:“我们的理由非常充分,尤其是在以更好的务面对消费者、面对更趋激烈的竞争方面,我们的理由更加充分。”Serving Google with a so-called statement of objections will be the opening salvo in one of the defining antitrust cases of the internet era. It could prove as epic as the decade-long battle with Microsoft that ultimately cost the company 2bn in fines.作为互联网时代具有判例意义的反垄断案之一,该案的第一步将是向谷歌递交所谓“异议声明”(statement of objections)。这一案件或将被明是与微软反垄断案同样经典的案例。微软反垄断案前后持续了10年,最终令微软付了20亿欧元罚金。The commission’s move comes after a torrid five-year investigation that Google came close to settling without charges last year. The draft deal collapsed after fierce objections were raised by ministers in France and Germany, and by some of the continent’s most powerful telecoms and media groups.在欧盟委员会采取最新举措之前,谷歌曾面临长达5年的调查,去年一度接近达成免受指控的和解方案。但由于法德两国部长及欧洲最有影响的电信和媒体集团的激烈反对,这一和解协议的草案未能通过。 /201504/370405江镜镇儿童医院收费 New App Helps to Keep Your Online Image Clean洗白在线形象的新应用Despite partying hard all throughout college, you somehow managed to graduate with decent grades and now you#39;re on your way to paving a successful career path. Your partying days may be behind you now, but that doesn#39;t mean they won#39;t come back to haunt you when you least expect it – for instance, when you#39;re trying to land your dream job. A simple Google search is all it takes for recruiters to dig up every humiliating photo that you#39;ve ever been tagged in on Facebook. Well, now a new app aims to prevent your past from ruining your chances of a brighter future.虽然你大学生活在疯狂聚会中度过,但还是努力得到了满意的学分,现在也许正打算开始一段成功的职业生涯。过去聚会的日子也许已离你远去,但并不代表它们不会悄无声息影响你现在的生活,比如求职。用Google简单搜索一下,招聘人员就能挖出你曾在Facebook上法国的每张囧照。好消息是,现在有一款防止不光的过去影响你未来的新应用。The app is called Clear and was founded by a professional who lost his dream job, thanks to what he chose to post on his Twitter feed years prior. According to the site, Clear#39;s founder, Ethan Czahor, created the app ;to make sure situations like [his] never happen to anyone ever again.;这款应用叫做Clear,由一位因在Twitter上发布过自己不光过去而痛失心爱工作机会的专职人员。据Clear的开发者Ethan Czahor讲,他开发这款应用时为了不让后人再遭遇他的经历。The app, which is currently in beta testing, connects to your social networks and compiles a list of your more questionable posts from the past, using its advanced algorithms and IBM Watson, and allows you to delete the flagged posts right there in the app, without having to filter through hours of newsfeeds and walls to find career-ruining posts.该应用现在仍处beta测试阶段,它能与你的社交媒体相连,通过高级算法和IBM Watson系统,把你过去发表的有问题的图文收集起来,然后通过应用直接删除,省去了繁杂的手动删选环节。One damning post or sloppy-drunk photo could ruin your chances of getting into your college of choice or ideal company. It#39;s better to be safe than sorry.随便一条不适宜的说说或者不雅醉酒照都可能影响到你进入理想的大学或公司,万事小心为好。We live in a highly technologically advanced world that is evolving faster than we know what to do with. As it turns out, technology can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare, and the good thing is, you have control to decide which one. Start by cleaning up your online profiles and stop posting things that could jeopardize your credibility as a mature adult and professional. It#39;s really that easy.我们生活在瞬息万变的高科技发展时代。科技可以载舟亦能覆舟,好在我们仍有去选择如何利用它的机会。让我们从洗白在线资料开始,作为一个成人或者专职人员,不要再发表对自己名声不利的东西。这其实并不难。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201509/394959福清做无痛人流比较好的医院是哪家

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福清男科体检要多少钱 Split-screen multitasking and improved notification controls are among the new features being added to the Android operating system (OS). An early build of the new OS, known as Android N, was released on Thursday for app developers to test.据悉,分屏多任务处理和优化的通知控件等新功能被加入到了新版的安卓操作系统中。被称为安卓N的新操作系统的早期版本已经于上周四发布,并由应用开发者进行测试。Google said it had released the beta software earlier than usual so that device manufacturers could get the finished version sooner. At the moment, fewer than 3% of Android phones run the latest OS, Marshmallow.谷歌方面表示,比平时提早发布测试版本将会便于设备制造商能更快得到最终版本。目前,只有不到3%的安卓手机运行最新的操作系统:棉花糖。Typically, Google discusses the next generation of its Android OS at its annual developer conference in the summer. But this year it has released a first draft earlier than expected.通常来讲。谷歌会在每年夏季的开发者大会上讨论下一代安卓系统。但今年该公司比预期更早地发布了第一个早期版本。;By releasing the first preview and asking for your feedback now (in March!), we#39;ll be able to act on that feedback while still being able to hand off the final N release to device makers this summer,; wrote Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Android, in a blog post.安卓高级副总裁洛克海默在客中写道:“通过发布第一个预览版,并于现在(3月份!)就要求你们反馈。我们就可以根据得到的反馈进行相关工作,同时也可以在这个夏天向设备制造商提交最终的N版本,”Android N will introduce split-screen multitasking that allows people to use two apps at the same time. Information can be copied across from one app to the other. A similar feature is aly available on some iOS and Windows 10 devices, and Samsung has aly added the feature to some of its Android smartphones.安卓N会推出分屏多任务处理功能,让人们可以同时使用两个应用。信息可以从一个应用程序复制到另一个。类似的功能已经适用于某些iOS和Windows 10设备,三星也已经在它的一些安卓智能手机上添加了此功能。The new software also introduces some cosmetic changes to settings and notifications, and aims to improve battery life.此外,这一新版本系统还引入了设置和通知控件设计上的改变,旨在提高电池寿命。Google has traditionally named new versions of the operating system after sweet treats, as was the case with Lollipop and Marshmallow. The newest version has not yet been named but it has been suggested that Android N will be named after a popular chocolate and hazelnut breakfast sp.谷歌向来把操作系统的新版本根据甜食来命名,比如棒棒糖和棉花糖。最新的版本还未命名,但据说安卓N将会已一种流行的榛子巧克力早餐涂抹酱命名。;We#39;re nut tellin#39; you yet,; said Mr Lockheimer, possibly hinting at the name.“我们还不会告诉你,“洛克海默先生把“不”(not)的发音发成“坚果”(nut),很可能是暗示这个名字。 /201603/431505福清中山男科电话号码福清市宏路医院网上挂号电话qq



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