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吉安市人民医院激光祛痘手术多少钱吉安修眉新东方英语900句 Lesson 8:AgeCore Sentences 1. Can I ask how old you are?2. Guess how old I am?3. I say you are about twenty.4. I just turn twenty three.5. I was thirty on my last birthday.6. You look younger than your age.7. I'd rather not tell your my age.8. She is going to be eighteen, but she still acts like a kid.9. I am two years (old--older )than she is.10. My mother retired at the age of fifty five.11. --singer)looks maturer for his age.12. Grandfather is geting in years.13. Joanna is in her sixties.But she is aging well.14. The baby (可能是pumas) are all grown ups now.15. I'm too old to learn computer.Dialog Exercises. Number one Do you beleive (in-an )age gaps?A. Hans, what are you up to?B. I'm ing a letter from home. This is a picture of my family.A. Is the one with gray hair your grandma?B. Yes, she is in her seventies.A. Really, she is aging well. She looks like in (a--her )sixties.B. But she is always (forget --forgetful). And we don't see eye to eye with each other on many things. She doesn't like the pop music. She hates me to surf Internet all the evening and she (is)always repeating stories of her life. Sometimes, I'm (fade up--fed up).A. This is (cal--called) generation gap.Number two Sugar (Dady--daddy).A. You know what? Maria got married last week.B. So, she finally married her sugar daddy.A. Right, he never tells his age. But I know that his youngest daughter just turn thirty. She works with my sister.B. My . I guss he is in his sixties. And Maria?A. Maria is only two years older than his daughter.B. Fortunately, he is aging well. He looks much younger than his age.A. Nothing to blame, love is blind.B. But Maria is by no means (to-/) blind to money. /200604/5853新干县开内眼角的费用 The only option: protest.唯一的选择就是抗议示威People knew, like she did,世人皆知that you protest in the South and you risk life and limb.你要是在南部进行抗议示威 就是冒着掉脑袋的风险They knew it was dangerous,他们都知道这很危险but they also were driven for this struggle for equality.但他们还是要为平等而拼搏争取It#39;s very hard to bottle up the notion of freedom once it#39;s been uncorked.一旦自由的概念萌芽 想要扼制绝非易事Sadly, as long as there#39;s been humankind,and as long as we#39;re around,不幸的是 哪里有人类 哪里有我们there is going to be this tug of war between democracy and repression.哪里就有民主与镇压 互相绞力Their destination: the state capital, Montgomery.他们的目的地是州首府 蒙哥马利Determined to stop them: Jim Clark.挡在他们前路的是吉姆·克拉克World War II aircraft gunner, Selma#39;s sheriff.他是二战飞机炮手 塞尔玛的治安官He deputizes every white male over 21,他指派所有二十一岁以上的白人男性Joining 200 state troopers.组成二百人的州立骑警队But this confrontation won#39;t go unseen.但这次的正面冲突不会就此埋没On the ground is local cameraman, Laurens Pierce.在场还有一名当地的摄影师劳伦·皮尔斯News hungry, committed, tough as nails.他是个新闻狂人 意志坚定 坚韧不拔 Article/201606/447715【视频讲解】From the start of the year to the first week in March, Uber’s market share in America has fallen from around 80% to 74%, according to 7Park Data, which tracks the industry. Lyft, a smaller ride-hailing firm, seems to have been the chief beneficiary. The dip in market share for Uber could reverse, though the firm is unlikely to grow as effortlessly as in the past. There is, at least, still plenty of room to expand at home. Only around 6% of American mobile-phone users hail a ride through Uber and Lyft once a month or more.据追踪该行业市况的市场调查公司7Park Data的数据,从今年初到3月第一周,优步在美国的市场份额已从约80%下降至74%。较小型的网约车公司Lyft似乎是主要受益者。虽然优步已不大可能像以前那样毫不费力就实现增长,但它还是有可能扭转微跌的市场份额。至少在美国国内还有很大的扩张空间。在美国手机用户中,仅6%会每月通过优步和Lyft打车一次或以上。track v.追踪- tracking numberchief adj.主要的beneficiary n.受益人- benefit n.好处- beneficial adj.有益的dip n. 下跌 (drop)- a dip in popularityreverse v.扭转Yet Uber’s enormous valuation also depends on the firm pulling off a harder task: dominating most markets for ride-hailing around the world. Fortunately, there is little evidence that Mr Kalanick’s antics have dented its prospects outside America. But the goal of worldwide dominion remains distant, even though no other private technology firm has ever spent so much money to gain a global foothold. It is competing against a strong competitor, Grab, in South-East Asia and was spending billions to compete against its Chinese rival, Didi, until it struck a deal last year to withdraw from the country in exchange for a 20% stake in that firm.但要撑起它的巨额估值,优步还要完成一项更艰巨的任务:成为全球多数市场的网约车霸主。幸运的是,几乎没有迹象表明卡兰尼克的乖张言行有损公司在美国以外市场的前景。但要实现称霸全球的目标依旧遥遥无期,尽管还没有哪家私人科技公司像优步一样花费巨资来建立全球布局。优步正与强劲的对手Grab争夺东南亚市场。而之前优步已花费数十亿美元与中国的竞争对手滴滴出行一较高下,直至去年与之达成协议而退出中国市场,换取了滴滴20%的股份。enormous adj.巨大的pull off 克困难顺利完成 (to carry out despite difficulties)There is little evidence that...没有据表明...antics n.愚蠢举动dent v.削减prospect n.前景dominion n.统治distant adj.遥远的foothold n.立足之处strike a deal 达成协议stake n.股份Investors particularly want to see the ride-hailing giant reach profitability in developed markets. Its sales, of around .5bn in 2016, are growing rapidly, but it has to spend a lot in American cities where there are rival local firms such as Lyft and (smaller) ones such as Juno and Via. For every dollar that Lyft spends in subsidising fares, it costs Uber four times the amount to hold onto customers and drivers, because of its far larger size. Foreign expansion adds still more expense, and it is unclear whether the competition at home and abroad, which hurts Uber’s chance of becoming profitable, will ever ease up.投资者尤其希望这家网约车巨头能在发达市场实现盈利。其销售额在2016年约为55亿美元,正快速增长,但优步需要在有本土对手公司Lyft以及Juno和Via等更小型公司出没的美国城市花费大量资金扩展。Lyft每花一美元补贴车费,优步就需要花四倍的成本来挽留顾客和司机,因为它的规模大得多。海外扩展进一步增加了出,国内外的竞争削弱了优步实现盈利的机会,而这些竞争是否会减弱还是个未知数。profitability n.利润,盈利subsidise v.补贴fare n.费用hold onto 紧紧抓住ease up 减轻There are other threats to watch out for. Uber’s performance depends on its software working smoothly and not being hit by outages, and this could suffer if more executives on the technical side leave. It may also struggle to hire talented engineers during this rough patch.还有其他威胁需要留心。优步的表现要靠其软件无间断地顺畅运行,假如更多技术高管离职,这方面可能受到影响。在这段艰难时期,优步要觅得才华出众的工程师也非易事。outage n.短缺 (lost in storage)patch n.时期 (a period of time)- I#39;m going through a tough patch. Article/201705/510407吉安双眼皮手术哪家医院好

吉安中心医院激光去痘手术多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/447659吉安去除川字纹手术多少钱 They speak differently, they look different,they take what they want when they want,他们说着不同的语言 长着不同的面孔 只要想要 他们就会夺走一切and then rubber-stamp the decision in your courts.在你的宫廷之内肆意妄为They also build differently.他们的建筑风格也炯然不同Ely Cathedral is one of those places where the intimate scale of Saxon churches伊里大教堂就是这样一处地方 撒克逊人建造的小型规模的教堂was replaced by a statement of massive triumphalism.被大量宣扬必胜主义的建筑所取代These columns speak of authority and raw power.They command obedience and reverence.这些圆柱象征了权威和原始力量 他们使人顺从 使人敬畏They are, in the most literal sense, awesome.他们的的确确 很了不起It was the difference between the immense Romanesque bulk of the great Norman cathedrals比起诺曼人建造的 大多数巨大的罗马式大教堂and the small spaces of the Saxon chapel.与撒克逊人狭小的教堂截然不同There is another telling difference between the old and new rulers of England:Anglo-Saxons didn#39;t use surnames.另一迥然不同之处在于 英格兰新老统治者之间 盎格鲁撒克逊人没有姓They were Cedric or Edgar of somewhere or other.有些地方叫做塞德里克或埃德加的不在少数But the Normans incorporated places into their own names like an act of possession.诺曼人便把地名加入了他们的名字中 就像是某种所有权They were Roger of the beautiful hill, Roger Beau-Mont as the place was theirs and they owned it lock, stock and barrel.比如;峻山上的罗杰; 就如这些地方是属于他们的 完全属于他们In fact, preserving the estate intact was what the Norman nobility was all about.事实上 原封不动的保存建筑物 是诺曼人高尚品质的最佳体现It was they who introduced the practise of passing on whole estates intact to one heir, to the elder son.正是他们引入了这项制度 将整个建筑物 原封不动地传给作为继承人的长子 /201608/461199吉安市第三人民医院减肥手术多少钱

吉安县人民医院疤痕多少钱 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201607/454650吉安绣眉哪里好吉安正规的美容医院



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