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The Bhopal disaster or Bhopal gas tragedy was an industrial disaster that took place at a Union Carbide pesticide plant in the Indian city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. At midnight on 3 December 1984, the plant accidentally released methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas, exposing more than 500,000 people to MIC and other chemicals. The first official immediate death toll was 2,259. The government of Madhya Pradesh has confirmed a total of 3,787 deaths related to the gas release. Others estimate 8,000-10,000 died within 72 hours and 25,000 have since died from gas-related diseases.帕尔事件发生于1984年12月3日凌晨,印度中央邦的帕尔市(Bhopal)美国联合碳化物(Union Carbide)属下的联合碳化物(印度)有限公司(UCIL),设于帕尔贫民区附近一所农药厂发生氰化物泄漏事件。当时有二千多名帕尔贫民区居民即时丧命,后来更有两万人死于这次灾难,二十多世帕尔居民因而永久残废,现时当地居民的患癌率及儿童夭折率,仍然因这些灾难远比其他印度城市为高。 /200912/90917。

Coffee is a word that we borrowed from the Arabic word qahwah, which means power. In my opinion, that#39;s one of the best ways to describe coffee#39;s nature. Coffee has become one of the most widely-consumed drinks around the world and is a part of popular culture and social life. It#39;s the ideal drink to start the day with when you need pure energy. It#39;s also the perfect drink to keep you company when you are working, or to join the party when chatting with friends and family. Coffee is also the best ;friend; of a cigarette. Every smoker I know could verify that there#39;s no better company for their smokes than a good cup of coffee.咖啡一词来源于阿拉伯语的;qahwah;,有权利的意思。在我看来,;权利;这个词是诠释咖啡本质的最好方式。咖啡是世界上消费最广的饮品之一,也是人类流行文化和社会生活的一部分。当你需要补充能量时,用一杯咖啡来开始新的一天是个不错的选择。在你工作的时候,或者是在派对上跟家人朋友聊天的时候,咖啡是最完美的饮品。同时,咖啡和香烟也是一对;好朋友;。我认识的所有抽烟者都能帮你实,对香烟来说,没有比咖啡更好的伙伴了。Its country of origin is considered to be Ethiopia, but nowadays coffee has an ;embassy; in every corner of the world. Some ers might not be that happy seeing their favorite coffee beverage not making the cut, but unfortunately only ten could make it into the list. Let#39;s hope you enjoy the ;coffee journey; around the world.埃塞俄比亚被视为是咖啡的起源国。但是今天,在世界每一个角落,咖啡都有其;特使;。一些读者可能因自己喜欢的咖啡没能入选而不高兴。但,不幸的是,榜单里只能挑选十个。希望你能喜欢这次的世界;咖啡之旅;。10.Coffee milk10.咖啡牛奶Coffee milk is a drink consisting of coffee-flavored milk, similar to chocolate milk. The main difference is that instead of chocolate syrup, coffee syrup is used. Coffee milk was introduced to Rhode Island, USA, sometime back in the early 30#39;s of the 20th century. When I first ordered it, the waitress seemed confused: ;Do you mean that thick liquid coffee- flavored syrup that you mix with milk, sir? Just like we do when we make chocolate milk with NestleQuick, right?; My answer was ;I guess; but I don#39;t regret it though; it was somewhat of a drink experience. Just a little too sweet for my taste.咖啡牛奶是指咖啡风味儿的牛奶,类似于巧克力牛奶,主要区别就是,不用巧克力浆,而用咖啡浆。大概在20世纪30年代初,咖啡牛奶被引进到了美国罗德岛。我第一次点这个饮品时,务员显得有点茫然。;您是说要把液体的咖啡浓浆跟牛奶混合?是吗,先生?就像我们在雀巢速溶咖啡里加巧克力牛奶那样?;我的回答是;应该是的;。不管怎么说,我不后悔点这个;这是一种新奇的饮品体验,只是对我的口味来说有点甜了。9.Caffè Marocchino9.玛罗奇诺咖啡(也叫洛哥咖啡)Don#39;t let the name of this coffee to deceive you. Caffè Marocchino is a coffee drink created in Italy, not Morocco as many people might think by the sound of its name. It is served in a small glass and consists of a shot of espresso, cocoa powder and milk froth. It#39;s sweeter and softer in taste than a plain espresso, no doubt about that. In some regions of Italy, thick hot cocoa is added, which makes it even sweeter and thicker. The name Marocchino is derived from its color, as Marocchino was a type of light brown leather, used to make hair bands. If you never get a chance to find a place that serves the specific coffee drink, then just try an Espressino. It#39;s pretty much the same thing.别被这个咖啡的名字欺骗了。玛罗奇诺咖啡创于意大利,而不是大多人根据名字联想的那样,创于洛哥。在小玻璃杯里来点儿意式浓咖啡,加一些可可粉和牛奶泡沫,就可以饮用了。这种咖啡尝起来毫无疑问要比普通浓咖啡要更甜更绵柔一些。在意大利一些地方,会在这种咖啡里加一些浓的热可可,让它变得更甜更浓。玛罗奇诺咖啡,这个名字来源于其颜色。玛罗奇诺是一种淡棕色的皮革,用来制作发箍。如果你怎么都找不到供应这种咖啡的地方,那么就试试意式浓咖啡好了,这两个几乎是一样的。8.Vietnamese Iced Coffee8.越南冰咖啡This coffee beverage is kind of similar with the Greek Frappe. In some countries it#39;s more popular and known as Ca phe da, and the name simply suggests its traditional Vietnamese roots. Ca phe da is made with finely ground Vietnamese-grown dark roast coffee, separately brewed with a small metal French drip filter into a cup containing about a half as much sweetened condensed milk, stirred and poured over ice. Coffee was introduced into Vietnam by the French colonists and the French influence is pretty obvious. The usage of sweetened condensed milk, just like the original recipe requested, started only because there were limitations to the availability of fresh milk in Vietnam back in the 19th century, when this specific coffee beverage was introduced from the French to the Vietnamese. If you are looking for new coffee experiences, you should definitely go for it.这种咖啡有点类似于希腊法拉沛。在一些国家这种饮品更多的是被称作;Ca phe da;,而越南冰咖啡这个名字仅仅是为了显示其越南;血统;。制作这种冰咖啡,得用上好的越南本土生长的深色现磨咖啡,把其单独煮好后,用金属制成的法式小滴滤壶,过滤进杯子里,加上咖啡一半量的甜炼乳,搅拌一下,加一点冰块。咖啡是由法国殖民者带进越南的,所以越南咖啡里的法国味儿特别浓重。在19世纪,当这种咖啡从法国引入到越南时,当局限制鲜牛奶的供应量,所以用甜炼乳替代,这个最初的做法一直沿用到现在。如果你正在寻找一些新奇的咖啡体验,一定要试试这个。7.Irish Coffee7.爱尔兰咖啡There are a few different recipes of making an Irish coffee, but I can only talk from my own experience and how I usually enjoy it when I visit my favorite local Irish Pub. It is so good that I had to ask the owner for the exact recipe, and for my good luck, he didn#39;t bother to give it to me.In a coffee mug, you add a tablespoon of brown sugar in the bottom. Add a shot of preferably a nice Scots or Irish whiskey. Then you must fill the mug with hot coffee. Now for the end you can float a dollop of whipped cream on top of the coffee and you won#39;t regret it. Simply delicious!制作爱尔兰咖啡的方法有好多种,但是我在这里要讲的,只是我自己亲身体验过的感受。那是在我特别喜欢去的一个爱尔兰当地酒吧里的享受。那个咖啡喝起来特别棒,所以我觉得非得跟吧主要一下制作方法才行。感谢我的好运气,吧主没嫌麻烦,直接给我了。找个咖啡杯,先在底部填一勺红糖,因个人喜好在上面加一些苏格兰或者是爱尔兰威士忌,然后要用热咖啡把杯子填满。最后,在咖啡上面漂上一层搅打好的奶油。尝完你绝对不会后悔的。味道美妙极了!6.Frappé6.法拉沛(也叫希腊刨冰)Greek frappé is a foam-covered iced coffee drink, made from spray-dried instant coffee. It is very popular in Greece and Cyprus, but has now sp to other countries as well. It has been a big hit in New York and Melbourne for a couple of years now, thanks to the Greek Diaspora in those cities. It#39;s a favorite summer drink and a very cool refresher on a hot day for coffee lovers. Millions of tourists who visit the Greek islands every summer fall in love with this coffee. It#39;s easy to make, using instant coffee and while it can be whipped, the traditional version is shaken, never stirred. All you need is a shaker, add about 2 or 3 tablespoons of cold water, 1 teaspoon of instant coffee, and 2 or 3 of sugar. Be sure you close tightly and shake until you see only foam, which is usually about 25-30 seconds. Then add about a cup of water, a few ice cubes (3-4), a little milk and stir it all up. Serve always with a straw and you are y to go.用速溶咖啡粉制成冰咖啡,上面漂一层奶泡,这就是法拉沛。这种咖啡在希腊和塞浦路斯非常受欢迎,现在也已大量传播到其他国家。尤其近几年来,在纽约和墨尔本,法拉沛非常流行,这要感谢在这些城市中的大量希腊移民的到来。这是很受大家喜爱的夏日饮品。对超级喜欢喝咖啡的人来说,能在闷热的天气喝上一杯法拉沛,绝对是一大享受。每年夏天,有数百万人因去希腊度假而爱上这种饮品。这种咖啡制作简单。用速溶咖啡,如果喜欢可以加上鲜奶油,用传统的做法——摇晃,而不是搅拌。所以你需要准备一个可以摇晃咖啡的容器,加上2到3勺冷水,1茶勺速溶咖啡,2到3块糖。确定容器封闭好后,开始摇晃,一直摇到里面全是泡沫就行,大概需要25到30秒。然后在里面加上一杯冷水,一些冰块(3-4个),一点牛奶,把所有东西搅拌一下就可以了。要记得拿根吸管,这样你就可以直接享用了翻译:图亚 来源:前十网 /201508/394229。

1959年国庆阅兵视频 建国十周年国庆阅兵 此次阅兵规模比以往大,准备工作也比较早。当时,天安门广场已扩建一新,整个广场较5周年国庆时扩大了两倍半,达40万平方米。北面是雄伟的天安门,东西两边分别是中国历史物馆和人民大会堂,庄严肃穆的人民英雄纪念碑屹立在广场正南,使10周年国庆大典更加宏伟壮观。阅兵方案是毛泽东、刘少奇、周恩来等党和国家领导人审定的。The parade was larger than ever before, for it was prepared earlier. At that time, Tiananmen Square has a new extension.。

For the past few years, some of the top economic minds in academia and government have been fretting over the same question: How to get Chinese consumers to spend more? 过去几年来,学术界和政界的一些最具经济头脑的人士一直在苦苦思考这样一个相同的问题:如何能让中国消费者多花些钱? Experts both in China and elsewhere agree that China#39;s economy is dangerously imbalanced, and that what the country needs to rebalance its economy is a major increase in domestic consumption.Agence France-Presse/Getty Images中国和其他国家的专家一致认为,中国的经济处于危险的失衡状态,中国恢复经济平衡所需要的是国内消费的大幅增长。 In the U.S., credit card companies helped create the middle class and the culture of consumerism. Decades ago, Americans, scarred by the memories of the Depression, were big savers. But the baby boom generation, free of the scars of the Depression - and lured by the why-wait, buy-now culture fostered by credit cards - went on buying binges.在美国,信用卡公司曾帮助催生了中产阶级和消费主义文化。几十年前,仍对大萧条心有余悸的美国人也曾是储蓄大户。不过,婴儿潮一代人没有经历过大萧条,在信用卡催生的“为什么等待、现在就消费”文化的诱惑下,走上了疯狂消费之路。 In China, the equivalent of the baby boom is the ;post; 80 kids#39; - meaning the generation born after the deprivations of the cultural revolution. They are y to buy more, but they don#39;t have the means. One reason: credit-card usage is very low. About three quarters of Chinese urban middle class families have credit cards, according to a CLSA survey in 2011. But only 9% of Chinese urbanites actually plan to use the cards this year, according to a Boston Consulting Group survey in 2011.在中国,与美国婴儿潮一代类似的是80后,也就是文化大革命一穷二白的时期之后出生的一代人。80后愿意更多地购物,但他们没有更多购物的工具。原因之一是信用卡的使用率非常低。据里昂券(CLSA) 2011年进行的一项调查显示,中国城市中产阶级家庭中约有四分之三有信用卡。但据波士顿咨询公司(Boston Consulting Group)2011年进行的一项调查显示,只有9%的中国城市家庭今年确实计划使用信用卡消费。 The surveys didn#39;t explain the perplexing behavior. Perhaps Chinese consumers are just experimenting with credit cards, or holding them in case of emergencies.上述两项调查没有说明为何会出现这种令人费解的现象。或许中国消费者只是在开始尝试使用信用卡,抑或持有信用卡只是为了应急之需。 One company that is trying to get Chinese buyers to become credit card users, not just holders, is Best Buy#39;s Chinese subsidiary , Jiangsu Five Star Appliance. In Qingdao, Five Star stores have credit card application booths staffed by representatives of Bank of China and China Merchants Bank . Applicants can get 30% discounts on their card#39;s first purchase and free kettles with Disney characters printed on them.百思买(Best Buy)中国子公司江苏五星电器(Jiangsu Five Star Appliance)正试图将中国消费者转变为信用卡消费者,而不只是信用卡持有人。在青岛,五星电器门店设有中国和招商信用卡申请点。申请者首次刷卡购物时可以享受七折优惠,并可获得印有迪士尼卡通形象的免费水壶。Five Star was able to get deals with banks to offer credit cards largely in Jiangsu province, where Five Star#39;s CEO, Nicolas Wang, has strong business relationships. Carving out similar deals with banks outside of that province has proved to be tougher, he says.五星电器还与多家达成了协议,主要在江苏省提供信用卡务。在江苏,五星电器首席执行长王健有着很强的商业关系。他说,事实明,与其它省市的达成类似协议的难度更大。 Will that change? Mr. Wang says he hopes so, but he hasn#39;t seen many signs of movement.这种局面会改变吗?王健说,他希望会改变,但还没有看到太多改变的迹象。 /201206/188206。

Shenzhen plans to introduce a classification system to its metro railway system, in which the trains that runs beneath the city surface will have VIP compartments, Southern Metropolis Daily reported.据《南方都市报》报道,深圳计划推出地铁车厢分级制、设VIP头等车厢。Deputy Secretary of the local government Zhao Penglin confirmed the plan on Thursday, saying the first-class compartments will ensure each passenger has a seat, at the cost of twice as much as a regular ticket.深圳市政府副秘书长赵鹏林周四确认了这一计划,并表示,一等车厢票价为普通车厢的两倍,将确保每位乘客都有座位。The segregated compartments ;meet passengers#39; different demands,; Zhao said.他说车厢分级是为了“满足乘客的不同需求”。 /201207/189370。

Apple Inc. (AAPL) wasn#39;t the only winner in court Friday. Nor was Samsung the only loser. 苹果公司(Apple Inc.)并非上周五法庭上唯一的赢家,三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)也不是唯一的输家。 When the iPhone maker prevailed over the Korean conglomerate in their patent dispute, the big loser may have been Google Inc. (GOOG). In effect, Apple has been fighting a proxy war against the search giant by going after makers of devices running Google#39;s Android mobile operating system-including Samsung Electronics Co. (SSNHY, 005930.SE), HTC Corp. (HTCXF, 2498.TW) and Motorola Mobility. They now are fighting directly since Google acquired Motorola in May. 当iPhone制造商苹果在这场专利之争中战胜韩国企业集团三星时,真正的输家可能是谷歌公司(Google Inc.)。其实,苹果一直通过向搭载谷歌安卓(Android)移动操作系统的电子产品制造商(三星、宏达国际电子股份有限公司(HTC Corp.)和托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)等)发起诉讼,而在与搜索巨头谷歌打一场代理人战争。自从谷歌今年5月收购了托罗拉后,苹果和谷歌现在展开了直接较量。 Granted, the case doesn#39;t strike a mortal blow at Samsung#39;s mobile business-the Korean giant can absorb damage costs and engineer around patents it was found to violate-but the verdict does give Apple more momentum. It is suing Android makers in multiple countries and has aly scored other legal victories establishing that devices running Android violate its patents. 这个侵权案虽然不会对三星的移动业务造成致命打击(这家韩国巨头可消化损害成本,避开那些被判侵权的专利进行产品设计),但这个判决结果确实给了苹果更多动力。苹果目前正在多个国家起诉采用安卓系统的手机制造商,并且已经打赢了数场官司,明搭载安卓系统的产品侵犯了苹果的专利。 Ultimately, Apple appears to want Android makers to redesign their devices so more features are unique to the iPhone. 苹果最终的目的似乎是,让搭载安卓系统的手机制造商重新设计自己的产品,这样iPhone就可以拥有更多独一无二的功能。 As there is no end in sight for the legal battles facing makers of Android devices, they #39;will increasingly look to hedge their bets,#39; argues intellectual-property consultant Florian Mueller. That means looking at other operating systems to run their devices. 知识产权顾问米勒(Florian Mueller)认为,采用安卓系统的手机制造商仍将面临无数官司,因此它们将越来越多地寻求两面下注。这意味着它们开始寻求让自己的手机产品搭载其它操作系统。 Enter Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), whose Windows Phone operating system is backed up by a solid patent portfolio. Indeed, manufacturers like HTC and Samsung not only make Windows Phone devices, they also pay Microsoft royalties on their Android devices. That is because, like Apple, Microsoft says Android trespasses on its intellectual property. So to hedge their Android bet, it makes sense that manufacturers will increase their focus on Microsoft devices. 此时微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)将进入这些厂家的视野,其Windows Phone手机操作系统背后有一系列可靠的专利作撑。事实上,宏达国际和三星等手机制造商不仅生产Windows Phone手机,他们也会为自己生产安卓手机而向微软付专利权使用费。这是因为与苹果一样,微软也说安卓侵犯了自己的知识产权。所以,为了上个双保险,制造商多投入一些力量来生产使用微软操作系统的手机也是有道理的。 The California case could be especially helpful to Microsoft in the tablet market. Android had a 60% share of the smartphone market in the 12 months through June, compared with Apple#39;s 20% share, according to Strategy Analytics. But in the tablet market, Android had a 33% share next to Apple#39;s 63% share. No rival tablets compete against the iPad as effectively as, say, Samsung#39;s Galaxy smartphones compete against the iPhone. 这桩加州诉讼案可能尤其有助于提升微软在平板电脑市场上的地位。据市场研究公司Strategy Analytics统计,在截至今年6月底的12个月里,安卓在智能手机市场上占有60%的份额,苹果仅为20%。但在平板电脑市场上,安卓的市场份额则仅为33%,远落后于苹果的63%。没有任何一款平板电脑能像三星Galaxy智能手机对抗iPhone那样与iPad产生有效竞争。 So Microsoft#39;s Surface and other tablets running Windows looked set to be the first real challenger for the iPad when they come out this fall. If this case causes manufacturers to reduce their focus on developing Android tablets, Microsoft would get an added boost. 因此,微软Surface和其它搭载Windows操作系统的平板电脑,它们在今年秋季面市时有望成为iPad的首个真正挑战者。如果这个侵权案令制造商减少对研发安卓平板电脑的关注,微软将得到进一步提振。 Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) may want to watch its back. Its Kindle Fire is an Android device. Also, it is one of the only tablets with meaningful sales besides the iPad. And with a #39;mini#39; iPad that competes directly with the Fire likely coming soon, Apple might add Amazon to its list of legal targets. Amazon has a weaker patent portfolio than Google, argues Mr. Mueller. 亚马逊公司(Amazon.com Inc.)可能要小心了。该公司的Kindle Fire就是一款搭载安卓系统的产品,而且是除iPad之外为数不多几个销售业绩还不错的平板电脑之一。由于苹果近期内可能会推出一款可与Fire直接竞争的“迷你”iPad,因此它可能会将亚马逊也列入其诉讼对象名单。米勒认为,亚马逊的专利组合弱于谷歌。 If it was even possible for Apple to have a stronger hand in mobile, this legal victory deals it another trump card. Everyone else is just fighting to sit at the same table. 如果说苹果过去只是有可能在移动市场上拥有更多优势的话,那么打赢这场官司就等于是给了苹果另一张制胜王牌。其它公司现在争夺的不过是与苹果围坐在同一张桌子周围的机会。 /201208/197163。