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吉安市中医医院激光祛斑手术多少钱江西省保仕柏丽整形医院口腔美容中心Hedwig was married to Henry the Bearded, Duke of Silesia-a territory that straddles the Polish, German and Czech borders. Henry and Hedwig had seven children, including the deliciously named Konrad the Curly, and then in 1209-perhaps not surprisingly-they took vows of abstinence. By then, the Duchess was aly displaying distinctly saintly tendencies; she founded a hospital for female lepers, and she treated the nuns in the local convents with disconcerting reverence:海德薇嫁给了西里西亚公爵“长须”亨利。公爵的领地横跨今日的波兰、德国直至捷克边境,他与海德薇共育有7个子女,其中包括名字很悦耳的“鬈发”康拉德。1209年,两人宣誓禁欲,这也许并不让人意外,因为当时公爵夫人的行为已有明显的圣人倾向。她为女麻风病患者修建一所医院,对当地修道院修女的礼遇甚至到了让人不安的程度:;She used the water in which the nuns had washed their feet to wash her eyes, often her entire face. And more wonderful yet, she used this same water to rinse the faces and heads of her small grandchildren, her son#39;s children. She was firmly convinced that the sanctity of the nuns who had touched the water would profit the children#39;s salvation.;她用修女们洗过脚的水来洗自己的眼睛,常常也一并洗整张脸。更惊人的是,她也用这样的水来清洗她孙子孙女们的脸和头。她坚定地认为,使用过这些水的修女们的圣洁能让自己的后辈得到救赎。 译文属 Article/201605/443639吉安缩胸手术需要多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452230吉安祛褐青色痣要哪家医院好

遂川县人民中医院口腔美容中心But although they found this happening over and over again,但是尽管这种情况总有发生rarely did it lead to fighting.但是却很少发展成一场打斗They are descended from a solitary species,他们起源于一个独居的物种so if they blunder into one another,所以如果他们无意中闯入他人领地then it#39;s very difficult for either of them to back down,对于任意一方 退后都是很困难的because turning your back因为把背on another cat is a dangerous thing to do,朝向另一只猫是一件很危险的事and most cats will have learnt that very early on.大部分猫都在很小的时候就学到了这点They would actively defend a piece of land他们会积极地保卫一片which contains their core resources.拥有他们的核心资源的土地Cats do sometimes actually fight.猫有时真的会打斗There are actual wounds, claws and teeth get used.会有真的伤口 用爪子和牙齿But most cats will tend to try and avoid conflicts但是多数猫会尝试避免冲突because if you rely on yourself for survival,因为如果你仅靠自己生存it is not good in terms of fitness就健康而言to get yourself injured.把自己弄伤并不是件好事It#39;s incredibly costly.代价太高昂了So this is a big part of what your cat does beyond the cat flap.这就是你的猫在猫洞之外的大部分活动重点解释:1.lead to 通向;把…带到例句:Too much work and too little rest often lead to illness.过量的工作和过少的休息会引起疾病。2.be descended from 是 ... 的后代例句:She was descended from a pioneer family.她来自一个早期的开拓者家庭3.tend to 倾向,易于例句:I tend to think that she is right.我倾向于认为她是对的。 Article/201608/458591吉安割双眼皮专家 Do you ever have a choice between a glass of soda or a glass of water你有没有曾经在喝苏打水或是白水之间纠结过,and you pick the soda because ;Well, if you have a glass of soda today,就算你今天喝了一杯苏打水it#39;s not like you#39;re going to wake up overweight and unhealthy tomorrow?;明天醒来后也不会变胖,也不会影响健康,所以你选了苏打水。That#39;s basically how we all like to think.我们都会那样认为。That somehow, success only comes from doing huge, important things right.好像只有做一些大事才能获得成功。You#39;re going to only buy kale for your house at some point and become ultra healthy,有时你只会给家里买蔬菜,然后就会变得无比健康,but until then, it#39;s not like drinking this one soda will all of a sudden make you this unhealthy person in one day.但在这种情况下,喝杯苏打水不会突然在一天之内让你不健康。So you have this big paradox. On one hand, you#39;re right. The little decision doesn#39;t really matter.所以你很矛盾。一方面,你是正确的。小决定影响不大。This one decision won#39;t really affect your health in any significant way.一个决定不会对你的健康产生重大的影响。But on the other hand, it#39;s really the only thing that matters.但另一方面,它又是唯一要紧的。Because in a year, you#39;ll be the result of your every little decision compounded.因为你的选择会决定一年后的你是什么样子。So in essence, every little decision matters. And these little things are easy to do.所以本质上,每个小决定都很重要。而且这些小事情做起来很容易。When you#39;re on your lunch break tomorrow, you can make the choice to drink water instead of soda.你明天午休的时候,可以选择用水来代替苏打水。Anyone is capable of doing that. But since it#39;s easy to do, it#39;s also easy not to do and just order the soda.任何人都能做到。就是因为很容易做到,所以也很容易不去做,进而仍然选择苏打水。But what if you decide to do this little thing right? You won#39;t be any healthier the next day,但如果你决定正确的对待这件小事会怎么样呢?你明天不会比今天更健康,but after a year of drinking water instead of soda every lunch, you would see huge health benefits from it.但是如果你每餐午饭都用水代替苏打,一年之后你会从中体会到巨大的健康益处。And you can apply this to anything. What if you just 10 pages of a good book every night before you go to bed?这个道理适用于任何事情。如果你每晚睡觉前都读10页书会怎样呢?Anyone could do that. That#39;s a pretty easy thing to do. But since it#39;s pretty easy to do,任何人都能做到。是非常容易的一件事情。但是由于很容易做,it#39;s also pretty easy to just ignore it and not do it.人们也就很容易忽视而不去实施。If you 10 pages tonight, it#39;s not like you will wake up this smart, enlightened person tomorrow.如果你今晚读10页书,你不会立马变成一个聪明,开明的人。But what about a year from now? That#39;s like 15 books.但从现在起坚持一年会怎么样呢?那就是15本书。15 good books could literally turn you into a completely different person.15本书足以令你脱胎换骨。What if you do this for 4 years at college当你周围的人因为不能立刻见效而不去读这10页书while everyone else around you doesn#39;t the 10 pages because it#39;s not like they#39;re going to be any better the next day?但你大学四年坚持下来了,会发生什么呢?That#39;s like 60 books.你会读60本书。60 good books could put you ahead of every single one of your friends whether that be related to finances,60本好书可以让你在经济、relationships, or just overall happiness.人际关系或整体幸福感方面超越你所有的朋友。So again, you have this paradox. On one hand you can fall for the unsuccessful mindset of,所以,你很矛盾。一方面你陷入了一种失败的心态,;Well, it#39;s not like this little decision matters.; But in reality, the little decisions that we make is all that matters.“小决定好像不会起什么作用。”但是事实上,我们做的小决定都至关重要。Every little decision of yours will be compounded at the end of the year and who you are will be the result of it all.你所做的每一个小决定都会在年底体现出来,你会成为这些决定的产物。Now here#39;s the thing... I think it#39;s just human and okay to indulge in things...是这样…我认为人类可以沉迷于某件事…I do it all the time. It#39;s not like I#39;m this little robot who does everything e une right.我就经常这么做。我并不是像机器人一样做着各种被设定的“正确”的事情。But I#39;m at least more aware of how I think about the little things.但至少我更清楚自己对这些琐事的看法。I have a vision of who I want to be in a year, and I ask myself with every little decision,我预计在一年之内要变成什么样的人,每做一个小决定都会问一下我自己,is this going to move me closer to that person or not?这个决定是否会让我离目标更近?And the answer isn#39;t always yes, but at least I#39;m aware of it,并不都是肯定的,但至少我会问问自己,and at least I try to align more of my little decisions with that vision.至少我尝试着每做决定的时候都会想想我的目标。And the more I can answer yes, the more I realize that I#39;m closer to being that person at the end of the year.肯定的回答越多,我就更加意识到我离年底想成为的样子更近了一步。But the surprising realization for me has been how many times the answer is no.但是否定的次数很多这让我很惊讶。No, this isn#39;t moving me to where I want to be in a year.不,这并没有让我离年底的目标更近一步。And this is perhaps the most important lesson of the slight edge.这可能是轻微边缘最重要的一课。A huge lesson of taking responsibility for where you are in life.也是对你的人生定位负起责任的重要一课。When you get to the end of the year and you#39;re unhealthy,到了年底你不健康的时候,having been conscious about all your little decisions will at least make you realize why you#39;re unhealthy.你知道自己这一年做了什么决定,所以你也明白自己为何不健康。You#39;re no longer going to blame your poor health on how your job didn#39;t pay you enough to eat healthy,你不会责怪工资太低无法保障你的健康饮食,you#39;re going to realize that it#39;s because you decided to buy the soda over the free water every single day at lunch.你会知道你之所以不健康,是因为每天午餐的时候你决定买苏打水而不是免费的白水,It#39;s because you decided to buy the more expensive bag of cookies是因为每次购物的时候你决定买更贵的饼干instead of buying the cheaper bananas every time you went shopping.而不是便宜的香蕉。 Article/201707/517025井冈山大学临床医学院打溶脂针多少钱

吉安县手臂激光脱毛多少钱疯狂英语900句 01-14相关专题: /200704/12453 新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson52:At the office在办公室766. Please have a seat. 请坐。767. How do you feel about working on weekends? 你觉得周末上班怎么样?768. The yacht#61557; market is slow this time of the year. 一年中的这个时候,游艇市场很低靡。769. You haven’t made a single sale in the past 3 weeks. 过去的三个星期里,你一笔销售业务也没有做成。770. I’ll try to help you make a dent in some of that work. 我会尽量帮你着手其中的一些工作。771. How does this fax machine#61558; work? 这传真机效果如何?772. Is the repairman#61559; coming to fix the photocopier? 修理人员来修复印机了吗?773. I’m going on a break to get some coffee. 我要休息一下,去喝点咖啡。774. These accounts need to be paid immediately#61560; . 这些账单要马上付。775. I heard there’re going to lay off some people this quarter. 我听说这个季度要裁一些人。776. Sales have gone way up this month. 这个月销售上升很快。777. I left the papers on my desk. 我把文件放在桌子上了。778. We need to cut costs somewhere in this office. 我们办公室必须削减开了。779. Has the outgoing#61561; mail left for the day? 要寄出的邮件今天寄出了吗?780. Can someone answer that phone? 有谁能去接一下电话吗? 【生词解读】1. yacht n. 快艇;游艇2. fax machine 传真机 3. repairman n. 修理工4. immediately adv. 立即;即刻;马上5. outgoing n. 外出;流出;出 /200902/17094吉安保仕柏丽医院医学整形美容中心好不好永新县妇幼保健人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱




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