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Having a sense of humor – and bringing it out in others – can help you in every area of your life. Learn why it’s so important to lighten up.You Will NeedLaughter Sitcoms, comedies, and funny s A laughter club (optional) Laughter yoga (optional) Step 1: Increase your sex appeal(提高自己的性感指数)Increase your sex appeal by finding the funny side of situations; research indicates that a good sense of humor makes a person more sexually attractive. And be sure to poke fun at yourself: Self-deprecating humor is the most seductive kind of all.Women especially find a good sense of humor attractive in a partner.Step 2: Get ahead at work(提高工作效率)Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously at work. Executives with a good sense of humor get promoted more quickly and earn more money than somber peers, according to one report.Step 3: Improve your health(生活更快乐)Improve your health by finding things to chuckle about every day: Research shows that laughter improves the function of blood vessels, may boost the immune system, and might even help prevent heart disease.Step 4: Improve your outlook(完善你的外在)Find things to laugh out loud about: Studies show that hearty laughter – even if it’s forced – reduces stress and increases endorphins. One study found that endorphin levels rose 27% in subjects who were simply anticipating seeing their favorite funny .Get laughing with the help of a laughter club, where people get together to laugh out loud. Or try laughter yoga.Step 5: Feel less pain(减轻痛苦)Watch a comedy if you’re hurting. Laughter can help you withstand pain.Step 6: Lose weight(减肥)Laugh off your weight woes. Laughter burns calories; do it 15 minutes a day and you could chuckle off up to two pounds a year. And that’s no joke.The average preschooler laughs over 100 times a day, compared to just 15 times a day for the average adult.201001/95016。

  • \The Four Nations Womens Football Tournament being hosted in southwest Chinas Chongqing city continued with the hosts taking on the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea in the last match of the round robin tournament.The DPRK has a reputation for being the most powerful team in the tournament and Chinas head coach, Hao Wei, adjusted the squad to help counterbalance the side. Ma Xiaoxu was moved up in the line-up to forward.With the two teams playing fairly evently, key Chinese player Xu Yuan had to leave the field because of injury, and that threated to be the turning point. The DPRK looked dominant. The second half became even more aggressive. Both Ma Xiaoxu and DPRKs Yun Hyon-Hi had the chance to break the deadlock, but to no avail.The game finished in a scoreless draw. The two sides are long time rivals and China hasnt been able to beat the DPRK in 5 years. The DPRK are the only team from the competing nations that have booked their tickets to the London Olympics.Despite the draw, the DPRK claimed the four nations title with 2 wins, 1 draw and 7 points. China finished runners-up with 1 win against Mexico and 2 draws for five points in total.2012年国际女足四国邀请赛再燃战火,面对与自己实力、排名皆很接近的韩国女足,中国女足与对手0比0互交白卷。上半场双方破门乏术,而下半场双方频频调兵遣将但难有建树,此役过后中国队1胜1平积4分,而最后一战就在本周日,对手是本届四国赛实力最为强大的朝鲜女足。201202/172005。
  • Your kitchen can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. If you use commercial cleaning products, you may be causing damage to you, your family and the environment. Follow these steps to organically kill kitchen bacteria.你的厨房可能是细菌和其他微生物生长的温床。如果使用商业清洁产品,可能会对你,家人和环境造成损害。遵循以下简单的方法,使用有机环保的方法消灭厨房细菌。Step 1: You will need1.你需要3% hydrogen peroxide3%的双氧水plastic spray bottle塑料喷瓶Step 2: Half And Half2.配制溶液Fill up a plastic spray bottle with half water and half hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide will kill bacteria like e-coli and salmonella and will leave your kitchen odor free.向一个塑料喷瓶中装满同样比例的水和双氧水。双氧水可以消灭大肠杆菌和沙门氏菌,并且消除厨房里的异味。Step 3: Back Off Bacteria3.击退细菌Spray your hydrogen peroxide solution on counter tops, cupboards and appliances. The solution will remove stains and prevent bacteria and germs from sping to your food and your family.在橱柜顶,砧板和电器上喷洒双氧水溶液。这种溶液可以擦净污渍,防止细菌和微生物传播到食物和家人身上。Step 4: Done.4.完成。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Salmonella Naturally.感谢收看“怎样天然消除沙门氏菌”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/241913。
  • Flying across one or more time zones can cause jet lag, making it difficult to stay awake during the day and fall asleep at night. While a person usually recovers from jet lag after 3 or 4 days, it is often necessary to recover faster.飞越一个或多个时区会造成时差反应,白天难以保持清醒,夜间难以入睡。通常一个人可以在三到四天的时间里克时差反应,然而,现实情况却需要你更快地恢复。You Will Need你需要Twelve to 16-hour fast12到16个小时禁食Healthy meal健康的餐饮Eating and sleeping pattern进食和睡眠模式Steps步骤Step 1 Set a time1.设定时间Determine what time you want to wake up and eat breakfast in the new time zone.确定自己在新的时区想要什么时间醒来,什么时间吃早餐。Step 2 Fast2.禁食Avoid eating anything for the 12 to 16 hours before you want to wake up.在你想要醒来的时间12到16个小时之内不要吃任何东西。Step 3 Eat3.饮食Eat a healthy and nutritional meal with high caloric value after your 16 hour fast. This overrides your normal sleep cycle and resets it.16个小时的禁食之后吃一些健康有营养的东西。这样可以推翻正常的睡眠规律,重新设定。You can use this method if you are changing shifts at work.如果你的工作需要轮班,也可以尝试这种方法。Step 4 Be consistent4.坚持Keep a consistent eating and sleeping pattern until you need to switch it again.保持一致的饮食和睡眠习惯,直到你需要重新调整。In 1965, Randy Gardner set a world record for going 264 hours, or 11 days, without sleep.1965年,嘉德纳 (Randy Gardner)创下了世界纪录,264个小时,或者11天,没有睡觉。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/236948。
  • Learning how to invest money based on your attitude towards investment risk will allow you to stay on course with your financial objectives. This tutorial will advise you on why it is important to establish your financial goals before establishing how you want to invest your money.基于自己的投资偏好而学习如何进行投资将能更容易使你获得预期财富回报。本期视频将告诉你在投资之前设定预期目标的重要性。I am going to talk to you about how to make your money work for you, which is all about ensuring that you have proper diversification within your investments, where the performance is driven by the asset allocation. It is really important that when you invest money, you work with a professional. One of the key reasons is that you establish and understand your attitude to investment risk.我来告诉你如何让你的钱为你产生更好的效益,这主要是确保不把鸡蛋放在一个篮子里的策略。当然专业的指导也很重要,因为一个重要的原因是你能了解自己的投资偏向。What that means is going through an analysis process to establish your views that if things work well, or do not work so well, how you will respond. That, then, establishes how far you are prepared to go with respect to your investments. A good way to start to find a professional is to search on the internet where it will likely take you straight to the unbiased sites.这是一种测试过程,看你对一件事情的反应和对策。然后就是你有多久的犹豫期。可靠的方式是通过互联网搜索,进行精确的测试。You will find a financial adviser within your local area. Having established your attitude to investment risk, the asset allocation, that then follows, needs to match the same. What this means is ensuring that if you are a cautious investor, you have a cautious portfolio.你会找到当地的咨询师。在了解自己的投资风险态度之后,接下来是资产配置的问题。也就是说如果你是一个相对保守的投资者,你将会建立相应保守的投资策略。If you are adventurous, you will equally have an adventurous portfolio. Beyond that, it really is important to ensure that the portfolio is rebalanced and rebalanced regularly to ensure that it remains on course with your stated objectives. An example of re-balancing is ensuring that your asset allocation remains on course throughout the life of the investment.如梭是进取型投资态度,则是相应的进取型的投资组合。最重要的是要确保这些投资策略与你的预期目标相一致。重新评估投资组合的一个重要方面就是检验它的连贯性,是否贯穿投资活动始终。What this means is that certain asset classes over-perform or under-perform against others, which means that if you are a cautious investor, for example, you could suddenly find yourself to be adventurous. This is not something you want, so the re-balancing ensures that everything is tweaked regularly to make sure you remain on target. So remember, the key thing is to ensure proper diversification of your investment, leading towards asset allocation, and then ensuring that the portfolio is rebalanced regularly.也就是说,通过全部资产中某些超过预期或者未达到预期的表现-如果你是谨慎型投资者-能及时发现自己在冒进投资。这样的表现不是你想要的,所有经常进行投资再评估能确保你所采取的策略达到预期目标。所以关键的三点是;合理的资产配置,资产配置的原则,定期再评估资产配置组合。And that is how to make money work for you. .以上就是本期内容。Thanks for watching How To Make Your Money Work For You谢谢收看“钱生钱有道”教程。201208/193990。
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