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Youtube求救Teenage girl cry out for help on Youtube, the help did come at last, but will the girl be safe afterwards? I need some help. I didn't wanna do in this way...This 16-year-old girl from Florida has gone online hoping someone will hear her plea."Here I have to turn to this to make a , to post on the Internet for somebody to hear me and help me coz' I was raped by a 23-year-old man, and nobody wants to help me”The Rape Abuse and Incest National Network says more and more alleged sex abused victims whose cases never make it to court have been seeking justice online. But this is the first time a teenager has posted a ."All I’m asking for is someone out there in the world,anyone, anyone is watching this and listening to me. Please, please help me.”"such a good girl”This is the girl from that Crystal. We are not using her last name. She told us she grew up with a troubled mother, and a father who was in and out of jail."I didn’t think I was gonna live to be 13. But I did. I have lived a really hard life and it's made me the person I am now.Crystal says when she was 15, she met then 23-year-old Casey Mundling at a party. She recalls a night of drinking and doing drugs. Then she says she passed out."When I passed out in the middle of the night, and I wake up to a man and me, it’s not right.”She says that first time turned into many more. And it only became harder for her to stay away from him."When I was telling him to stop, he’d whisper my ear that he love me, that he was always gonna to be there for me and I'm beautiful…”But when her strange farther found pictures of Crystal posted on her Myspace page, posing with her 23-year-old boyfriend, he tracked her down. That’s when she told the Orange County sheriff's office about her relationship with Mundling. "Are you telling the truth?”"Yes. I’m telling the truth. He raped me and took advantage of me. And for those people who don’t believe me in the world, they don’t have to believe me.”Last November, police arrested Mundling, for having sex with an underage girl. They charged him with lewd or lascivious battery. Crystal and her father thought the case would be prosecuted since Florida law states: "A 15-year-old cannot give consent to having sex." But then, just two weeks ago, Crystal learned her case was dropped. "God, the day that they dropped my charges that I thought I was gonna die, I had an emotional breakdown, I cried for hours.”01/60201Here are some happy vampire bats. What's causing all this giddiness? A great, big, fat meal has arrived. You can practically hear these bats going "Oh, boy! Oh, boy!" Better yet, the victim is asleep. This is gonna be like, well, taking blood from a sleeping pig.The bats have heat sensors in their noses. This thermal process lets us see what the bat sees. The bat wants to feed where the pig's skin glows white hot. Let the dining commence. Like two wildcatters fighting over a fresh oil strike, these bats battle over a particularly rich feeding spot. Four vampire bats, one sleeping pig. Why doesn't the pig wake up? Because the bat's teeth are razor-sharp and cut painlessly. The bats can sip to their hearts' content with the pig none the wiser. The bat's saliva actually prevents the blood from clotting. As the bat sips, the blood runs up a glue on the underside of its tongue. Mother Nature thinks out everything. These vampire bats can feast for a full half hour, drinking half their weight in blood. In a month of feedings, five vampire bats can guzzle almost a gallon of pig's blood. In this case, it's the bats making a pig of themselves, not the pig. 1. giddiness: n. 晕眩feeling slightly sick and unable to balance, because everything seems to be moving2. thermal: adjrelating to or caused by heat3. wildcatter: n. A wildcatter is a person who drills oil wells in areas that are not in advance known to be oil fields.4. razor-sharp: adj. as sharp as a razor5. be none the wiser: idiomto not be aware of something6. saliva: n. 唾液Saliva is the watery liquid that forms in your mouth and helps you to chew and digest food. 7. guzzle: v. to eat or drink a lot of something, eagerly and quickly - usually showing disapproval8. make a pig of oneself: infmlto eat too much200810/54535Indian Trade Pacts Will Contribute to Economic Integration of Region印度新签贸易协定将促成区域经济整合Two trade pacts signed recently between India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and India and South Korea are expected to promote economic integration of one of the world's fastest growing regions. The pacts also signal that India is keen to attract more investment from East Asia.印度最近分别和东南亚国家联盟及南韩签订了两项新协定。这两项新协定预计将有助于推动全球发展最快速地区之一的亚洲经济的整合。协定也显示出印度渴望从东亚国家吸引更多的投资。It took six years of hard negotiations before New Delhi could seal a free trade pact with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) this month.经过六年困难的谈判,新德里终于在本月与东盟签订了自由贸易协定。The pact with the ten ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos) was signed a week after India and South Korea concluded a separate agreement to scrap or reduce tariffs, in the coming years. 东盟有十个成员国,包括印尼、马来西亚、新加坡、越南、菲律宾、缅甸、文莱、柬埔寨、泰国和老挝。就在跟东盟十个成员国达成协定的一个星期前,印度刚刚和南韩达成了一项协议,双方同意在未来几年降低关税。Greater economic accessEconomists say the benefits which will eventually flow from these pacts will be worth the wait, as India gains easier access to an economically dynamic region of more than 600 million people. In turn, India offers South East Asian countries a market of over a billion people.经济学家说,这些协定最终带来的好处会让印度感到之前的等待是值得的。印度可以更加方便地进入这个拥有六亿多人口的充满活力的经济区,而印度给东盟提供了一个超过十亿人口的市场。The pacts are seen as a significant step in a process that has seen India gradually look beyond its traditional trading partners in the West towards the faster growing economies of several East Asian countries, which are lie closer to its shores.这两项新协定被视为印度贸易东扩过程中很重要的一步。印度的视野中不再只有传统贸易对象西方国家,它正在逐渐转向东亚这些快速发展的新兴经济体。这些国家比起传统西方贸易伙伴在地理位置上更接近印度。Rajiv Kumar, head of the Indian Council of Research in International Economic Relations in New Delhi, points out that Asia's share in India's exports has risen steadily in the last four years. He says that the free trade associations or FTAs have been signed at a crucial time, when global economic patterns are changing.新德里印度国际经济关系研究会(India Council of Research in International Economic Relations)的会长,库马尔(Rajiv Kumar)指出,过去四年亚洲市场占印度出口的比例稳定上升。他说,自由贸易联盟或者是自由贸易协定,现在签定的时机极为重要,全球经济格局正在发生变化。"We know the global economic gravity is slowly but steadily shifting toward the Pacific basin and to Asia and it will be good for India to be connected and integrated with that," said Kumar. "And, these two FTAs will be key for India to explore the Asian markets, make better use of it, and it will be key to India's interest in joining and strengthening the Asian economic community, which is in an incipient stage."“我们知道全球经济重心正在缓慢但稳定地往太平洋和亚洲转移。因此,印度加入这一进程并与之进行整合,对印度来说,是件好事。新签定的这两项协定对印度开发亚洲市场是很关键的,所以要好好利用。这对印度加入和加强亚洲经济共同体的愿望也是很重要的。这个共同体目前目前还处于初始阶段。”High expectationsHopes are high that trade between India and ASEAN, which totaled billion last year, will jump by at least 20 percent in the coming years.人们对印度和东盟之间的贸易量将会大幅度增加有着很高的期望。去年双方贸易总额为470亿美元,未来几年估计会跃升至少20%。Under the pact, tariffs on textiles, electronics, chemicals and machinery will be reduced and eventually eliminated. However imports which could affect India's crucial farm sector, such as rubber, have been excluded.根据协定,纺织品、电子产品、化学品和机械类的关税将会下降,最终将会完全取消。不过,橡胶等影响到印度农业部门进口的商品没有包含在内。India is hoping the pact will give a push to exports in it pharmaceuticals, chemicals and auto sectors.印度希望协定可以推动该国药品、化学和汽车部门的出口。S.K. Mohanty is a senior fellow at the think tank, Research and Information System for Developing Countries, in New Delhi. He says that India's rapidly growing economy has been getting much of its momentum from a huge domestic market. But he says higher exports could contribute to higher growth. 莫罕堤(S.K. Mohanty)是新德里发展中国家资讯系统研究中心(Research and Information System for Developing Countries)的资深研究员,他说,巨大的国内市场给印度经济迅速发展提供了相当的动力。不过,他表示,出口的增加将会给经济增长加速做出贡献。"Export is becoming a very important factor for India, in terms of having a very high level of economic growth and, therefore, export sector has been given high priority," said Mohanty. "So, India's persistent strategy is to ensure that its external sector is growing much faster than the rest of the economy." “出口正在成为印度追求高速经济增长目标的一个非常重要的因素。所以出口业的优先地位很高。印度所坚持的策略是确保出口业的增长速度高于其他经济行业。”Looking beyond tradeIndian policy makers also hope that the benefits of the pact will extend beyond trade and make it easier for India to attract investors from East Asian countries. India is looking for billions of dollars in foreign investment in sectors such as infrastructure. But investment has been slow to flow, as many investors worry about regulations which make it difficult to do business in the country.印度的政策制定者也希望自由贸易协定带来的好,不只是扩大贸易,还能够为吸引更多东亚国家投资印度提供便利。印度正在为基础设施建设之类的部门寻找大量的外资。不过,外资流入印度的速度很慢,因为许多投资人担心,印度的规章条例繁杂,做生意很不容易。Rajiv Kumar says the free trade pacts may reassure investors that India is changing as its economic profile grows. 库马尔说,自贸协定可能会让投资人看到,随着经济发展,印度正在变化。"These FTA's would also signal to the investors in South Korea and ASEAN that India is now, as it were, much more open to business," he said. "So we can expect more investment and technology flows. We need as much investment as we can get in infrastructure, in energy, in roads, in buildings and, even more important, we will need investment in our housing sector." “这些自贸协定还会给韩国和东盟的投资人发出一个信号,那就是印度的经济开放程度比过去提高了。我们期待更多的投资和科技流入。我们在基础设施、能源开发、修路和建筑许多方面都需要大量的外资。更重要的是,我们的住房业也需要投资。”However, economists point out that India will have to compete with China, whose goods have aly flooded Southeast Asian countries. India and East Asia will also need to build better transport and communication links to realize the full benefits of growing trade.不过,经济学家指出,印度将必须和中国竞争。中国货物早已进入东盟国家。印度和东亚之间还需要建立更为通畅的运输和通讯管道,使贸易增长的各种好处都能够充分实现。08/82207

One is the giant business, whose software powers more than 90% of the world's computers. The other is the firm, which has revolutionised the way many communicate. Now Skype is being swallowed up by Microsoft.微软,一个商业巨头,它占有世界上90%的计算机软件权力,另外这一公司已经革命性地改变了许多交流方式,现在Skype正在被它收购。 It’s just eight years since Skype started helping people to make calls over the internet for nothing,and this the third time it’s been bought and sold.这仅仅是八年自从Skype开始没有任何利益的帮助人们能通过网络进行交流。这已经是第三次它被卖和收购。Microsoft has been struggling to prove it can compete with the likes of Google and Apple.Now as it tries to make an impact on the mobile-phone world,it wants Skype to help it become a bigger force.微软一直在努力地明自己是可以与谷歌和苹果进行竞争的,就象现在微软正试着在手机世界造成一定的影响,它要Skype帮助它成为更强大的一个集团。Skype is now used by 170 million people around the world(each month),not just on their computers,but on the move-on their mobile phones and even on their tablet devices.Skype现在每个月的客户流量达到170万,他们不仅仅在自己的电脑上使用,还把这个用到了他们的手机,甚至移到他们的平板电脑上。Microsoft wants to tap in to this connected community,but it's paying a huge price for a business that isn't even profitable.微软要进入这个网络连接的团体,但它为这一甚至没有利益的商业投入很大的资金。201110/156205

The defence industry国防工业The last manned fighter最后一代有人驾驶战斗机It is the most expensive military project ever. It is plagued by delays and menaced by budget cuts. Will the F-35 survive? 作为有史以来造价最高的军事项目,一再被推迟并饱受预算削减威胁的F-35战机会有一线生机吗?Jul 14th 2011 | from the print edition LEON PANETTA is under no illusions about what Barack Obama moved him from the CIA to the Pentagon to do. The wily Mr Panetta, who took over from Robert Gates as defence secretary at the beginning of the month, is everyone’s idea of a safe pair of hands. But his greatest claim to fame (other than presiding over the plan to kill Osama bin Laden) is as the director of the Office of Management and Budget who paved the way to the balanced budget of 1998. Mr Panetta has inherited from his predecessor the outlines of a plan to reduce military spending by 0 billion by 2023. But America’s fiscal crisis (and the lack of any political consensus about how tackle it) makes it almost certain that Mr Panetta will have to cut further and faster than Mr Gates would have wished.对于奥巴马将自己从中情局调往五角大楼的意图,莱昂帕内塔可谓心知肚明。月初刚刚接替罗伯特盖茨成为国防部长的帕内塔为人老练,是个公认的值得信赖之人。帕内塔最露脸的一次(竟然不是主导刺杀本拉登的那次行动)是在担任管理和预算办公室主任期间领导有方,实现了1998年度财政收平衡。帕内塔将继续实施其前任的计划,即到2023年削减4000亿美元的军费开,但由于美国当前的财政危机(以及缺乏如何解决该危机的政治共识),帕内塔几乎肯定会用比盖茨原计划更有过之而无不及的力度和速度来削减军费。That could be bad news for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the most expensive military-industrial programme in history, and its lead contractor, Lockheed Martin. The plane is expected to come into service six years late (in 2016) and wildly over-budget. The Pentagon still plans to buy 2,443 F-35s over the next 25 years, at a cost of 2 billion. But in a parting shot, Mr Gates gave warning that although he did not think the F-35 faced cancellation, “the size of the buy” might have to be cut. 这对于F-35联合作战战斗机及其首席承包商Lockheed Martin来说可是个坏消息,F-35是历史上耗资最多的军工项目。F-35开始役的时间预计比原计划推迟6年之久(到2016年),且已经严重超出预算。五角大楼仍准备在未来25年内购买2443架F-35战机,总价达到3820亿美元。然而盖茨在离任时警告说,虽然他认为购买F-35一事虽不至于彻底没戏,但“采购规模”也许不得不缩小。201107/145804

President Obama to Visit Turkey Within Weeks美国务卿宣布奥巴马将出访土耳其 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says President Barack Obama will travel to Turkey within the next month. The visit could be seen as a sign of improvement in a long friendship between the two NATO allies that was strained by the 2003 invasion of Iraq. 美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿说,奥巴马总统将在下个月之内访问土耳其。这次访问可以被看作美国和土耳其这两个北约盟国之间长期友好关系改善的一个迹象。美土关系曾由于美国军队2003年攻打伊拉克而一度处于紧张状态。After meeting with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was keen to stress the importance of Turkey to the ed States. "President Obama asked me to send a personal message as a reflection of the value of we place on our friendship with Turkey. President Obama will be visiting Turkey within in the next month or so," she said. 美国国务卿克林顿在会见土耳其总理埃尔多安和外长巴巴詹后强调了土耳其对美国的重要性。她说:“奥巴马总统要我向土耳其领导人发出个人的信息,以反映我们对跟土耳其的友谊的珍视。奥巴马总统将在下个月之内访问土耳其。”Analysts see Obama's planned visit as a significant step in strengthening U.S.-Turkish relations, which were severely strained during the previous Bush administration.  分析人士认为,奥巴马计划中的访问是加强美、土关系的重要步骤。在前总统布什政府时期,两国关系处于严重的紧张状态。The majority-Muslim country refused to allow the ed States to use Turkey to launch attacks against Iraq, when the U.S.-led invasion began in 2003.  2003年,以美国为首的联军开始攻打伊拉克的时候,土耳其这个穆斯林占多数的国家拒绝允许美国使用它的领土对伊拉克发动进攻。The invasion itself was deeply unpopular among the Turkish public. According to opinion polls, anti U.S. sentiment in Turkey is amongst the highest in the world. But Clinton's visit is being viewed as starting a new chapter in U.S.-Turkish relations.  那次战争在土耳其民众中非常不得人心。民意调查显示,土耳其是世界上反美情绪最强的国家之一。但是,克林顿对土耳其的访问被看作美、土关系新篇章的开端。The U.S. Secretary of State paid tribute to Turkey for its Middle East peace efforts. "I offered my appreciation to the prime minister and foreign minister for the leadership role that Turkey has played in bringing Syria and Israel together," she said. 克林顿赞扬了土耳其为中东和平所作的努力。她说:“我感谢土耳其总理和外长在推动以色列和叙利亚开始对话的过程中所发挥的领导作用。”Turkey for more than a year has mediated between Tel Aviv and Damascus. But efforts collapsed with the Israeli attack on Gaza.  一年多来,土耳其一直在特拉维夫和大马士革之间进行斡旋。但是后来以色列攻击加沙,导致这一努力失败。This week, the Obama administration's sent Jeffrey Feltman, the top State Department envoy on the Mideast, and Daniel Shapiro from the White House, to Syria. The move is seen as the most significant sign yet that it is y to improve relations with the Syrian government after years of tension. 本星期,奥巴马政府派遣国务院高级中东特使菲尔特曼和白宫官员夏皮罗前往叙利亚。这一行动被看作到目前为止美国为改善跟叙利亚关系所发出的 最重要的信号。美国和叙利亚关系紧张已经有很多年了。Clinton said while issues between Syria and the ed States are being explored, they have not yet decided on concrete steps. 克林顿说,虽然美国和叙利亚正在探讨一些双边问题,但是还没有就任何具体步骤作出决定。The U.S. Secretary of State also praised the role of Turkish forces in Afghanistan. "Turkey has been a major contributor to the ongoing struggle to stabilize Afghanistan. I remember the first time I flew into Afghanistan in 2003 , the officer who met me was a Turkish officer," she said. 克林顿还赞扬了土耳其军队在阿富汗所起的作用。她说:“土耳其为稳定阿富汗局势作出了重要贡献。我记得,我2003年第一次飞往阿富汗,在阿富汗机场上迎接我的就是一名土耳其军官。”Clinton was in Israel and the West Bank earlier this week where she discussed Turkey's role in Middle East peacemaking. She also wants Turkey to be helpful in convincing its neighbors to allow their territory to become supply routes to Afghanistan where U.S. and other NATO forces are fighting a Taliban insurgency. 上星期早些时候,克林顿访问了以色列和西岸地区。她在那里讨论了土耳其在中东和平努力中所起的作用。她希望土耳其帮助说邻国,允许美国经过它们的领土向阿富汗运动供给。美国和其他北约军队正在阿富汗同塔利班反叛力量作战。03/64053

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