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福建省妇保医院吸脂手术多少钱泉州整形价格表New Zealand cherry producers are flying helicopters low over their orchards to dry off raindrops and protect thousands of tons of their product headed to Asia to feed rapidly growing demand from Chinese people.为满足中国人民迅速增长的需求,新西兰车厘子种植者正驾驶直升机在果园上空低空飞行,将准备出口至亚洲的数千吨车厘子上的雨滴吹干以保护果实。Growers in Central Otago are paying thousands of dollars an hour to fly helicopters over trees to stop rainfall from cracking fruit.中奥塔哥地区的果农正在付每小时数千美元的费用,驾驶直升机在果林上空飞行,阻止雨水破坏果实。To ensure the good quality sought by Asian buyers, the choppers have been flying just one meter above the trees, operating like fans to blow away moisture left by recent rain.为了确保亚洲买家追求的高品质,直升机刚好在果树上方1米的高度飞行,像风扇一样将近期雨水残留的水分吹干。The Chinese mainland has grown to become the second largest destination for New Zealand cherries after Taiwan in the past seven years.过去7年间,中国大陆逐渐成为新西兰车厘子的第二大出口地,仅次于中国台湾。Exports are expected to grow to around NZm this season, according to Tim Jones, chairman of Summerfruit NZ, which represents growers.据代表果农的新西兰夏季水果行业协会主席蒂姆·琼斯介绍,本季新西兰车厘子出口额预计增至约5000万新西兰元。Exporters and growers said they received constant requests for as much as fruit they could grow during Chinese New Year.出口商和果农均表示,中国新年期间,他们接到了源源不断的订单,供不应求。;The demand is phenomenal,; said Tracey Burns, who handles international cherry sales at produce exporter Freshmax.在产品出口商Freshmax负责车厘子国际销售的特蕾西·伯恩斯说道:“需求真的非常惊人。” /201702/492232泉州惠安县祛痘最好的医院 泉州自体软骨隆鼻哪里专业

泉州欧菲整形好吗In recent years, there#39;s been a switch in what society considers most important in life - no longer is wealth seen as the ultimate marker of success, but rather happiness.近年来出现了一个变化,即社会认为,生活当中最重要的东西不再是被认为是成功的最终标志的财富,而是快乐。But according to a Danish psychology professor, our obsession with happiness could have a serious dark side.但是一位荷兰心理学教授却表示,我们对于快乐的沉迷可能会产生严重的阴暗面。Svend Brinkmann from Aalborg University says forcing ourselves to be happy all the time could leave us emotionally stunted. And what#39;s more, happiness simply isn#39;t the appropriate response for all situations in life.来自奥尔堡大学的斯文·布林克曼表示,老是强迫自己变得快乐可能会使我们的情感出现问题。此外,快乐并非是对待生活当中所有情况的正确的回应方式。;I believe our thoughts and emotions should mirror the world. When something bad happens, we should be allowed to have negative thoughts and feelings about it because that#39;s how we understand the world,; he says.他说道:“我认为,我们的思想和情绪应该反映了这个世界。当坏事发生时,我们应当被允许产生消极思想,因为这就是我们理解世界的方式。”Brinkmann believes that by desperately trying to be happy all the time, when something bad does happen, we won#39;t be able to cope.布林克曼相信,当坏事情确实发生了,我们老是努力试图变得快乐是无济于事的。;Life is wonderful from time to time, but it#39;s also tragic. People die in our lives, we lose them, if we have only been accustomed to being allowed to have positive thoughts, then these realities can strike us even more intensely when they happen - and they will happen.;“生活有时会很精,但是有时也会很不幸。在我们的生命当中,会有人死去,我们失去了他们,如果我们只是习惯于被允许拥有积极的想法,那么当这些发生时,这些现实甚至会给予我们更为沉重的打击。”Of course, there are people who seem naturally to have more cheery outlooks on life, and Brinkmann acknowledges that.当然,布林克曼承认,有些人看起来天生就拥有更为乐观的人生观。But he says there#39;s a danger in happiness becoming a necessity and warns of the perils of companies insisting on employees being perpetually upbeat.但是他表示,使快乐成为一种必需品是危险的,他还警告称,各大企业坚持要求职员们一直乐观也是危险的。;I think this is a dark side of positivity. Our feelings tend to become commodities and that means we#39;re very easily alienated from our feelings.;“我认为这是积极的阴暗面。当我们的感情倾向于成为商品时,这就意味着我们会很容易和自己的情感脱节。”Because without the bad things in life you#39;d never appreciate the good, and it#39;s fine to feel sad, angry, guilty, ashamed and happy too.因为没有生活中的坏事,你就永远不会欣赏美好的事情,感到悲伤、生气、内疚、惭愧和快乐都是很正常的。 /201703/498687泉州市欧菲医学美容医院是什么等级 泉州痤疮医院

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