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My bedroom --19 :: 来源: My bedroom I have a lovely bedroom. There is a bed in my bedroom. There is a desk near my bed. There is a pink doll on my bed. I sleep with it every night. There is a big window in my bedroom. The yellow lamp is on my desk .Every evening, I do my homework under the lamp. I have a big shelf in my bedroom. There are many books on the shelf. I like ing very much. Do you like ing? You can borrow the books from me if you like? My bedroom is so nice. I like it.说我自己(Talk about me) --01 ::59 来源: 说我自己(Talk about me)  hello, my mame is ada. i am years old. i am a quiet girl. i study in lin pu no.1 primary school. my favourite food is ice cream. it’s sour. my favourite teacher is art teacher. my favourite class is art class. my favourite animal is squirrels. my favourite drink is juice. my favourite fruit is strawberries, because it’s sour.i am helpful at home. i can sweep the floor, cook the meals, clean the bedroom, water the flowers, empty the trash, set the table, make the bed, do the dishes, wash the clothes and put away the clothes.  can you be my friend ?My Hoy --19 :: 来源: I'm Wang Yu. I live in China. I like swimming, ing books, cooking, watching TV, listening to music, and riding bikes.Tell me something about you: what's your hobby?生日(Birthday) -- 1:18:57 来源: 生日(Birthday)  Today is Mary′s birthday. There are lots of Mary′s friengs are go to her home. Mary were a beautiful dress . There are lots of present her .   Amy gives she a beautiful book. Lingling gives she a birthday card . Her mother gives she a nice birthday cake .She is very happy .  They eat birthday cake . And they sing birthday songs . They say “happy birthday ”to Mary . They are play games . They are very happy .  It′s a nice night . They have a good time .

交通规则英语词汇 -- :00:50 来源: 1.交通规则trafficregulation.路标guidepost3.里程碑milestone.停车标志markcarstop5.红绿灯trafficlight6.自动红绿灯automatictrafficsignallight7.红灯redlight8.绿灯greenlight9.黄灯amberlight.交通岗trafficpost.岗亭policebox.交通警trafficpolice.打手势pantomime.单行线singleline.双白线doublewhitelines.双程线dualcarriage-way.斑马线zebrastripes18.划路线机trafficlinemarker19.交通干线arterytraffic.车行道carriage-way1.辅助车道laneauxiliary.双车道two-waytraffic3.自行车通行cyclistsonly.单行道onewayonly5.窄路narrowroad6.潮湿路滑slipperywhenwet7.陡坡steephill.不平整路roughroad9.弯路curveroad;bendroad30.连续弯路windingroad31.之字路doublebendroad3.之字公路switchbackroad33.下坡危险dangerousdowngrade.道路交叉点roadjunction35.十字路crossroad36.左转turnleft37.右转turnright38.靠左keepleft39.靠右keepright0.慢驶slow1.速度speed.超速excessivespeed3.速度限制speedlimit.恢复速度resumespeed5.禁止通行nothroughtraffic6.此路不通blocked7.不准驶入noentry8.不准超越keepinline;nooverhead9.不准掉头noturns50.让车道passingbay51.回路loop5.安全岛safetyisland53.停车处parkingplace5.停私人车privatecarpark55.只停公用车publiccaronly56.不准停车restrictedstop57.不准滞留restrictedwaiting58.临街停车parkingon-street59.街外停车parkingoff-street60.街外卸车loadingoff-street61.当心行人cautionpedestriancrossing6.当心牲畜cautionanimals63.前面狭桥narrowbridgeahead6.拱桥humpbridge65.火车栅levelcrossing66.修路roadworks67.医院hospital68.儿童children69.学校school70.寂静地带silentzone71.非寂静地带silentzoneends7.交通管理trafficcontrol73.人山人海crowdedconditions7.拥挤的人jam-packedwithpeople75.交通拥挤trafficjam76.水泄不通overwhelm77.顺挤extrusiondirect78.冲挤extrusionimpact79.推挤shoved80.挨身轻推nudging81.让路giveway8.粗心行人carelesspedestrian83.犯交通罪committingtrafficoffences8.执照被记违章endorsedondrivinglicense85.危险驾驶dangerousdriving86.粗心驾车carelessdriving87.无教员而驾驶drivingwithoutaninstructor88.无驾驶drivingwithoutlicense89.未经车主同意withouttheowner'sconsent90.无第三方保险withoutthird-partyinsurance91.未挂学字牌drivingwithouta"L"plate9.安全第一safetyfirst93.轻微碰撞slightimpact9.迎面相撞head-oncollision95.相撞collided96.连环撞achaincollision97.撞车crash98.辗过runover99.肇事逃跑司机hit-rundriver0.冲上人行道driveontothepavement 交通规则 英语词汇

人:To Be Honest or Not to Be? -- 1:58:53 来源: 人:To Be Honest or Not to Be?很有意思的人剧本,编辑强烈推荐趣味性强,并且很有意义,很有水平啊CastHonest WoodcutterGreedy WoodcutterGreedy WoodcutterGod of the Lake——————————————————————————–Scene 1 The Honest Woodcutter 诚实的伐木工人(One day, H and G were chopping firewood together in the mountain.)H: See all this hard work we’ve been doing. It’s really difficult us to make a living.G: Yes, I don’t know how many days we have to keep doing the same thing.Chop, chop, and chop.(At that time, his axe accidentally dropped into the lake.)H: Oh, no. My axe!G: It’s getting dark. We’d better find your axe quickly.H: Well, it’s O.K. You can go back first. If I can’t find it today, I will find it tomorrow.G: Hmm. O.K., I will see you later (going home alone).H: Aack, I should have been more careful. Now how can I find my axe?God: I am God of the Lake. You seem to have a problem? What happened?H: I dropped my axe into the lake by accident. Can you help me find it?God: No problem. It’s a piece of cake. I’ll be right back (disappearing).God: Is this gold axe yours?H: No, it’s not.God: O.K., just a second. How about this silver axe? Is it yours?H: No, it’s not mine, either.God: Then, this one?H: Yes, it’s mine. Thank you so much. You really saved my day.God: Young man, you are such an honest person. Nowadays it’s hard to find people as honest as you. Theree, I’d like to give you both of these two axes, the gold one and the silver one, to award you your honesty.H: Really? Aren’t you kidding?God: Of course not. We gods never lie.H: Oh, thank you so much. Today is really my lucky day. I promise I’ll work even harder. I won’t let you down.God: That’s good, young man. Good luck!Scene The Greedy Woodcutter(The following day, the greedy woodcutter went to the honest woodcutter’s home.)G: Hey, you’ve got these gold and sliver axes. Where did you get them? Did you buy them? Impossible! You are even poorer than I. Or … did you pick them up somewhere?H: No way! Something incredible happened to me just after you went home yesterday afternoon, and I got these two axes.G: Something incredible? Could you tell me what exactly happened yesterday?H: Sure. Remember we were chopping the wood and I dropped my axe into the lake? I told you to go home and not to worry about me. In fact, I was worried to death because I didn’t know how to find it. I was so worried that I cried by the lake. At that moment, God of the Lake appeared suddenly, and he helped me find my ax in the lake. I was so happy when I saw the axe I lost, but something even better happened. Just bee I left, the God gave me the gold and sliver axes as gifts.G: How nice. That was truly something incredible. I’d like to try my luck this afternoon to see if I can also get the gold and sliver axes.(The greedy woodcutter could hardly wait till the afternoon because he wanted very much to get the gold and sliver axes. The afternoon finally came.)G: (Dropping his axe into the lake on purpose) Oh, my God! I lost my axe. Without my axe, how could I make a living? What should I do? What should I do (crying)?God: Young man, why are you crying here?G: I accidentally dropped my axe into the lake.God: Don’t worry. Let me help you find it. I’ll be right back.(Then, the God went down to the lake, and a moment later, he showed up with a gold ax.)God: Is this your axe?G: A gold axe (very excited and happy)?! Yes, yes! This is the axe I lost earlier.God: Young man (with a long face), a good person has to be honest. Let me ask you again. Is this really yours?G: My God, I didn’t lie to you about the axe in your hand. I’m telling you the truth. The axe is mine.God: Young man (disappointed and shaking his head), it is important you to be honest. I know you didn’t tell me the truth. So, I won’t help you. You just go.G: Why?! Why?! Why didn’t I get the gold axe? It must be Jack’s fault. He must be hiding something from me. I’ll go talk to him tomorrow and see what he’s going to say about this!Scene 3 Having a Fight(The following day…)H: What happened? What happened to your axe? Looks like you didn’t get the gold and silver axes.G: (Holding the bad axe) It’s all your fault. You cheated me! Because of you, I lost my axe, and now I have to use this old one. You have to get me a new one or you’ll be in big trouble.H: I don’t think so. You are too greedy; that’s why you lost your axe. You deserved it.G: What!? I dare you to say that again.H: You deserved it.G: One more time!H: You deserved it.G: You brought this on yourself.(G pushed H and H tried to push him back. But H got caught.)H: Let me go! Let me go!G: O.K. There you go (pushing H into the lake).H: Help! Help! I don’t wanna die. I will give you my gold and silver axes.G: Really? But I’ve got an even better idea. If you die, both of your axes will be mine. Ha, ha, ha!H: Don’t let me die! I have to support my family you know. I have an 80-year-old mother, 7 wives, and children.G: Don’t worry. I’ll take care of all your wives, but…not your mother or your children.H: You will be caught this. God won’t let you get away with this.(Thunder in the sky and big waves in the lake…)G: O.K., O.K., (getting cold feet) I’ll help you right away. Hang in there.(Looking and finding a stick nearby) Hold on to it.(But the stick hit right on H’s head by accident.)H: Ah (going straight down into the lake)!G: I didn’t mean it. I swear I didn’t mean it. I was just trying to help him.(In the lake…H sank in coma, but showing a smiling face as if he had seen a lot of gold.)God: Isn’t that the honest young man I gave the gold and silver axes the other day? Why are you here?H: I missed you, so I jumped into the lake.God: Very cold! It’s not funny! Speak the truth.H: O.K.! In fact, I was pushed into the lake by my friend.God: Do you wish me to punish him?H: No, thanks. After I dropped into the lake, he tried to help me, but he was too clumsy and his stick hit me by accident. I’ll give him.God: What a nice man you are. I almost want to give you a good person certificate.H: I really appreciate your kind words.God: He’s so lucky to have such a great friend. O.K., I’ll give him this time.Scene A Warm Reunion G: Jack, I didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t blame me. It was really not my fault. God, please bless him (worshiping).(God of the Lake showed up.)God: Did you really not intend to hurt him?G: Of course not! I just envied that he got the gold and the silver axes. Anyway, I was just very angry, but there was no evil intention, not at all. I swear (raising his hand).God: Then, what do you think of him?G: Although he was a little stubborn, he was honest and kind-hearted. He was a friend who was worth having. In fact, I miss him a lot.(H showed up.)H: I ‘m glad you didn’t let me down. I know you were not a bad person. You just lost your head because of your greed.G: Jack, is that really you? Oh, thank God! You didn’t die. That’s great!God: Ha, ha, ha! This is really something that makes people happy. Since you two made up with each other, it‘s time me (waving his hand)…One, two, three, sleep.(H and G fell asleep by the Lade. The following morning…)G: Hey ~ wake up! Wake up. It’s morning aly!H: Oh…Good morning. Look! There are a pair of gold axes and a pair of silver axes (checking them out). Here’s also a note.G: Let me see. It’s from the God of the Lake. It says, “In order to celebrate that you two become good friends again, I decided to give each of you a gold axe and a silver axe so that you won’t have any more fight. Work hard and have a nice life.”H: We are so lucky. So, how about working hard with me?G: I don’t see why not!H: It’s a deal. Let’s work hard side by side.G: And…let’s be HONEST.Both: Yeah, indeed. “Honesty is the best policy.”人:To Be Honest or Not to Be? 英语 话剧 剧本

背水一战 势在必行-- :7:31   There's no turning back.   依字面上来看,There's no turning back.就是“没有退路”的意思,凡是遇到势在必行,决定了就不能反悔的事情,都可以说There's no turning back.说得文言一点就是“背水一战”

About Our Unims 关于我们的校 -- :7:01 来源: About Our Unims 关于我们的校  At our school we have to wear unims every day. But all my classmates think our unims are ugly. I think young people should look smart, so I'd like to wear my own clothes. If we have to wear unims, we should design our unims by ourselves. That would keep both teachers and students happy.  我们在学校每天必须穿校,可是我班所有的同学都认为我们的校是难看的我认为年轻人看起来应该精精干干,所以我想穿我自己的衣如果我们非穿校不可,那也该由我们自己来设计,这才会使师生都高兴

真相就在那里-- ::59   The answer is out there.   电视影集《X档案有句名言:“真相就在那里”The truth is out there.但是在哪里?就是在“那里”,只是必须要你自己去找而已!当有人说The answer is out there.时,代表这是远在天边,近在咫尺,只是当局者迷,你一时看不透罢了!或者是,有些问题的显而易见,但却是怎么想都想不起来时,你也可以说:The answer is out there.当然,当大家都不知道而只有你知道时,你也可以故弄玄虚地说:   The answer is out there.

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