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2019年06月17日 11:56:27 | 作者:千龙咨询 | 来源:新华社
中外最强毒舌: 该不该买苹果Apple Watch? -- :58: 来源:   中外网友站起来,一起来喷苹果表(Apple Watch)!  槽点一:它特么不防水!  @chris not even water proof. Water resistant won't even stand up to a trip to the shower and holds no guarantees at all. Here we are in and we cant even see a water proof smart watch..........  不防水啊喂!洗澡不能戴啊喂!完全无保障啊喂!我们是在年啊居然没有防水智能表啊卧槽!  PS: Sony has the smart watch 3 which is built with stainless steel and is completely waterproof.  追加:索尼智能表三代不锈钢制,防水无压力  @张帅jeremy 不防水增加了变马赛克机率,洗手粗犷和洗澡不爱摘饰品的盆友切记,古巨基们慎带  小编总结:虽然后来官方追加1米水深30分钟无压力,但是土豪们还是要小心,别泡个澡万没了  槽点二: 18小时电量  @Zantorb 18 hour battery life...? So if you wear it all day then you have to charge it every evening....  18小时电量?所以你戴一整天然后每晚TM还要充电?!  @Dunedin LG watch can last up to 3 days if used as a watch, if used checking messages and a hands free device, and a single day if treated like a new toy.  LG表当普通表用待机3天,如果查收信息做免提设备待机天,当新玩具耍待机1天  @汪云青-1975 电动车不能出城,苹果Watch不能过夜  @木木傑L-ing:-186,一天睡不够6小时都不好意思戴表——bill gates  小编总结:以后上班上学迟到了,你们可以这样解释——对不起,我的苹果表没电了……所以记得,以后要把充电宝绑在身上,随关表随充电  槽点三:万8一只表?!人傻钱多带你装X带你飞  @Cykosis Sorry fools are soon to be parted with their money  傻蛋们,你们马上要和钞票生死别离了!  @John Elliot Smith a 'Karat'? Is that like 'krap'?  小编注解:Karat作为黄金(钻石)的重量单位,krap(正确拼法为crap)意为扯蛋,废物……nice双关,get?  @预售小易:卖肾已经不够用了,这次真的要卖身才行么  @ALi_CC君:以后去饭店吃饭买单,边伸手边跟务员说"你扫我这块表"……  小编总结:以后上馆子就能看到门口招牌写着“扫表享受8折优惠”!快来扫表(biao)啊扫啊扫!所以买完苹果表后我的心情一定是这样的——   名人也来参一脚:   演员安娜·肯德里克:感谢1万美金苹果表成功为我们开启新一代黄金“鉴biao"功能!  最后英语君借用“我们一直追求完美,但是没有什么是十全十美的."送上一首打油诗:  我们只想开发好表 结果研发越来越biao  我们一直追求完美 结果却是越来越水双语:面包和爱情,可否兼得? -- 00:59: 来源: The choice between having a career or making time love is an extremely personal and individual decision. There are many factors which can affect your choice, and there are many people who have discovered how to achieve a healthy work life balance that allows them to have both.   事业与爱情之间的选择是一个非常私人的决定有许多因素能够影响你的选择,许多人已经发现了怎样获得健康的事业与生活的平衡点,从而可以鱼与熊掌兼得   Careers and love fulfill us in different but important ways. Having a solid career gives us a sense of accomplishment and self worth, aside from the practicalities of paying the bills. Many people develop their entire identity based upon what they do, elevating their career to a level of great importance in their lives.   事业与爱情以截然不同但都非常重要的方式给我们带来满足感拥有稳定的工作,除了能够让我们付各种账单的实用性之外,还可以给我们以成就感,并能够充分实现自我价值许多人正是在事业的基础上确立了自己的身份和地位,并将他们的职业提升到了生活中非常重要的高度   Then there are those who measure their success in terms of having a pleasant and rewarding home life. They develop their identities based upon the accomplishments of their children, and derive their self worth through the love and support of a spouse.   然而,也有人是以拥有愉悦、满意的家庭生活为标准来衡量自己的成功的他们将自己的身份和地位建立在孩子的成就基础之上,他们的自我价值是通过配偶的爱和持体现出来的   So what happens if you cannot or do not wish to make room in your life both? While the happiest and healthiest people have managed to develop a work life balance that allows both, it may not be everyone. Consider these factors when pondering which is more important you.   如果你在生活中无法或没有希望兼顾这两方面,那会怎么样呢?虽然最幸福和最健康的人已经设法拥有了事业与生活的平衡,做到了两者兼得,但并不是每个人都能如此在权衡哪方面对你更重要的时候,不妨考虑一下这些因素   1. Your career may be more important when you are young   1.在你年轻的时候,事业可能更重要   Many people these days focus on careers first and family later. The reasoning is that, while you are young and unencumbered, you have the time and energy to fully devote yourself to a career. If you have lofty career ambitions while you are young, it may indeed be the time to start making progress towards those goals.   现在有许多人都是先考虑事业,后考虑家庭理由是,在年轻力壮、毫无牵挂的时候,你的时间和精力可以全部投入到事业中去如果你在年轻的时候拥有远大的事业心,那的确应该抓住时机,向着那些目标前进   Once you get married and begin to build a family, much of your time and energy -by necessity -becomes devoted to your family. This is as it should be. You should not start a family unless you are willing to devote time and attention to your loved ones.   一旦你结了婚,开始组建家庭,你的许多时间和精力就必然要投入到家庭之中这是理所应当的如果你不想将时间和注意力投入到你所爱的人身上,你就不应该成家   Many people who accomplish great success in their careers when they are young, and establish themselves in a secure position, are then more willing and comtable later on to devote themselves to family. By the time they do settle down, they are more prepared to handle the responsibility.   许多人在年轻的时候就已经在事业上功成名就,在建立了稳固的地位之后,会更愿意专注于舒适的家庭生活等到定下心来成家立室的时候,他们已经充分做好了承担家庭职责的准备   . Falling in love can be better when you are older   .成熟稳重时恋爱会更好   More and more people these days are choosing to wait when it comes to making decisions about family. It is not unusual people to delay marriage until their late 30's or even their early 0's. Delaying family decisions allows you to be better prepared those obligations, and creates a better Ukelibood5 that you are in touch with your most important goals and values. You have had the opporty to completely grow up, greatly reducing the chances of feeling like you are "missing out." You have had the chance to purge the foolishness of youth from your system and are now confident with the wisdom of maturity.   如今有越来越多的人在提到成家的决定时都选择等待许多人会等到30多岁甚至0出头的时候才结婚,这已经不是什么奇怪的事了晚成家的决定可以使你对那些家庭义务进行更充分的准备,并使你更有可能实现自己的人生目标和价值你拥有完全的成长机会,可以最大限度地减少你觉得有所遗憾的可能性此外,你还有机会蜕去青春的无知,充满自信地展现你的成熟和睿智   3. Choosing Both   3.两者皆选   If you can find a work life balance that allows you to experience the joys of love and maintain a successful career, you will have a truly happy and rewarding life. A loving family at Home can help you celebrate all of your successes, and bolster your confidence through your failures. There are many people out there reaping the tremendous rewards that come with including love and work in their lives, and finding the balance that allows both.   如果你能够找到事业与生活的平衡点,能够在享受爱情的政愉同时还保持事业的成功,那么,你就会拥有真正幸福充实的人生相亲相爱的家人,不仅能够在成 功时为你庆祝,还能在失败时帮你重拾信心许多人已经找到了两者的平衡点,拥有了事业与爱情双丰收的美好人生   A life that only has room a career, or that includes a consuming love that stifles your personal development, is likely not a lifestyle that is healthy or fulfilling Our personal needs and feelings of self worth need to be met, which is normally gained from having a good career. Our hearts and souls need to be nourished , and we need companionship to support us through life, which normally are derived from loving relationships.   如果一个人的生活中只有事业,或者只有妨碍个人发展的强烈的爱情,那样的生活方式就不能算是健康的或成功的我们个人的需求和自我价值感需要得到满足,而且常常都是通过拥有一个好工作来实现的;但我们的心灵也需要得到滋养,我们需要有伴侣与我们相互扶持度过漫长一生,而这常常是通过爱情来获得的   The truly healthy and well balanced person will recognize the benefits of having both. He or she will take steps to achieve the work life balance necessary to assure the continuation of career growth while nurturing and maintaining the health of personal relationships. It is only when we can maintain this delicate balance that we are living life to its greatest potential.   真正健康、正常的人会认可同时拥有这两者的好处他必定会设法取得事业与生活的平衡,确保在保持良好的人际关系的同时,能够继续事业的良好发展只有当我们能够维持这种微妙的平衡时,我们才有可能拥有最完美幸福的生活阿加莎书迷最爱《无人生还 -- ::1 来源: Murder mystery And Then There Were None has been named the world"s favorite Agatha Christie novel in a poll.在一次民意调查中,谋杀悬疑小说《无人生还(And Then There Were None)被评为阿加莎·克里斯蒂(Agatha Christie)在全球范围内最受欢迎的小说The 1939 thriller received 1% of the votes, with Murder on the Orient Express and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd coming second and third respectively.这部写于1939年的惊悚小说在投票中以1%的选票胜出,《东方快车谋杀案(Murder on the Orient Express)和《罗杰疑案(The Murder of Roger Ackroyd)分别位居第二和第三名Fans were asked to choose a favorite to mark the 5th anniversary of Christie's birth on September.今年9月日是克里斯蒂5 周年诞辰,为了纪念这个日子,书迷应邀投票选出最喜欢的作品And Then There Were None depicts strangers stranded on an island, all accused of getting away with murder.《无人生还这本书描述了个素不相识的人被困在一座小岛上,他们都被指控杀人后逍遥法外As members of the party start to die mysteriously, the survivors realize they may be harboring a murderer among their number.这个人一个接一个地神秘死亡,幸存者意识到凶手可能就隐藏在他们当中The book - which does not feature Christie"s famous detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple - has sold more than 0 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most popular novels of all time.这本书并没有刻画克里斯蒂笔下著名的大侦探赫尔克里·波洛(Hercule Poirot)和马普尔(Miss Marple),但在全球范围内售出了超过一亿册,成为史上最受欢迎的小说之一It received 1% of the votes in the online poll, run by Christie's estate, which attracted more than ,000 respondents.在这项网上调查中,《无人生还获得了1%的票数这次投票由克里斯蒂的资产负责方发起,吸引了000多名粉丝参加Christie's grandson Mathew Prichard, who is also the chairman of Agatha Christie Ltd, said: "It has been genuinely exciting to see fans from all around the world cast their votes the World's Favorite Christie.克里斯蒂的外孙马修·普里查德(Mathew Prichard)是阿加莎·克里斯蒂有限责任公司(Agatha Christie Ltd)的董事长,他表示:“看到全球这么多粉丝参加投票,选出世界范围内最受欢迎的克里斯蒂作品,真是令人激动不已”"In And Then There Were None, my grandmother has crafted a staggeringly complex plot, which has baffled, entertained and surprised ers since it was first published in 1939 and will, I hope, do so years to come."“在《无人生还一书中,我的外祖母精心设计了一个异常复杂的情节,自从1939年首次出版以来,它一直给读者带来了困惑、愉快和惊喜的多重体验,我希望这能在未来的岁月中继续下去”The novel, which Christie adapted the stage in 193, is currently being produced as a three-part mini-series the B.193年,克里斯蒂曾将这本小说改编搬上舞台,如今英国广播公司(B)正将其拍成三集迷你电视剧The TV adaptation has been written by Sarah Phelps (The Casual Vacancy, Great Expectations) and stars Poldark's Aidan Turner alongside Douglas Booth, Charles Dance, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson and Toby Stephens.电视剧版《无人生还的剧本将由曾改编过《临时空缺(The Casual Vacancy)和《远大前程(Great Expectations)的编剧莎拉·菲尔普斯(Sarah Phelps)操刀,演员阵容强大,包括出演过电视剧《波尔达克(Poldark)的艾丹·特纳(Aidan Turner)、道格拉斯·布斯(Douglas Booth)、查里斯·丹斯(Charles Dance)、安娜·麦克斯韦尔·马丁(Anna Maxwell Martin)、萨姆·尼尔(Sam Neill)、米兰达·理查森(Miranda Richardson)和托比·斯蒂芬斯(Toby Stephens)And Then There Were None was also one of Christie"s own favorites, even though it tested her writing skills.《无人生还也是克里斯蒂本人最喜欢的小说之一,虽然它很考验她的写作技巧The novel required "a difficult technique which was a challenge and so I enjoyed it, and I think dealt with it satisfactorily," she once wrote to a fan.在给一名粉丝的信中,克里斯蒂这样写道:这部小说需要“一种很难的写作技巧,对我来说是一种挑战,所以我很喜欢它,我觉得我处理得很不错”Vocabularystranded:滞留的,陷于困境的harbor:藏有staggeringly:令人吃惊地英文来源:B译者:苏玉和SCNU编辑:刘秀红审校:刘明终于可以专心看演出了:苹果专利禁止观众在现场拍照 --30 19::30 来源: 在观看演出过程中,观众往往会对表演者进行拍照或者摄像,但是这不但会打扰到他们的表演,还是一种侵权行为而最近苹果公司的一项新专利将使得观众不能够对正在表演的人进行摄像 Many artists and comedians politely ask the crowd to refrain from snapping pictures and shooting s during their permance – only to be ignored once the show starts.许多艺术家和喜剧演员都会礼貌地请求观众们,不要在他们表演的时候拍照或者录像--但是一旦演出开始后,观众们还是会这样做Apple’s latest patent could be the solution, disabling the use of recording and photography features inside concert halls.苹果公司最新的一项专利可能解决这一问题,能够在音乐大厅里禁止使用拍照和录像等功能Using infrared data transmissions, venues would emit a signal that would hit every iPhone, preventing users from taking pictures and recording s of the stage.使用红外线数据传输技术,演出场馆将会向现场的每一台iPhone都发送一个信号,将会使得iPhone用户们暂时不能使用手机的拍照和摄像功能’In some embodiments, a transmitter can be located in areas where capturing pictures and s is prohibited (e.g., a concert or a classified facility) and the transmitters can generate infrared signals with encoded data that includes commands temporarily disabling recording functions,’ s the patent published by the ed States Patent and Trademark Office.从美国专利和商标局公布的专利说明中,我们可以看到“在某些实例中,红外线发射器可以安放在某些禁止拍照和摄像的地方(例如音乐会场馆和保密设施),而且这个发射器能够产生带有编码数据的红外信号,信号中包含的指令将使得观众暂时不能使用录像和拍照功能”Labled ’System and methods receiving infrared data with camera designed to detect images based on visible light’, this application was first filed in September .苹果公司第一次对这项技术提出专利申请是在年9月,他们这样描述到“这是一项系统方法,首先通过可见光来探明是否有人在拍照,然后再向摄像机发送红外数据”The new technology would allow event organizers and permers to set up a device on the stage, push a button and instantly hinder the audience from recording their favorite song or snapping an image of the permer their Instagram.要使用这一技术,活动主办方和表演者要在舞台上安装一台设备,下钮,瞬间观众就不能录下他们喜欢的歌曲,也不能拍下表演者的照片发到Instagram上去When switched on, the device would shoot out the signal and every iPhone in the audience would display ’recording disabled’ on the screen – but only if users attempt to take pictures or shoot a at something you shouldn’t.一旦开始运转,这台设备就会发出信号,现场观众手中iPhone的屏幕上将出现“不能摄像”的字样--但也只有在用户们企图拍摄那些不允许被拍摄的东西的时候才会这样 example, it will be disabled if you try to take a picture of the permer on stage but not if you are taking a picture of your friend dancing to the music.举例来说,如果你试图拍一张舞台上表演者的照片的话,你的手机就不能使用拍照功能,但是如果你想拍一张你的朋友随着音乐跳起来的照片的话,那就没问题This is because infrared is directional, meaning the receiver that is on stage can only hit the iPhones that are pointed directly at the device.这样的现象是因为红外信号是定向的,这就意味着只有当iPhone正对着舞台上的设备的时候,发出了信号才能够传到iPhone里去Another option of this technology would either add a watermark or blur effect to images snapped during the event – in a bid to discourage people from sharing them online.这项技术还有另外一个备选方案,将使得观众们在活动现场拍摄的照片上带有水印或者模糊效果--以此来劝阻人们不要在网上传播这些图片’In some versions, a device may apply a watermark to detected images as an alternative to completely disabling a recording function,’ explains the patent.这项专利解释说道:“在某些版本中,一个设备可以给侦测到的照片上面加上水印,以此作为替代的方法来完全禁止拍摄功能”’ example, a device may receive infrared signals with encoded data that includes a command to apply a watermark to detected images.’“举例来说,一个手机将会收到含有编码数据的红外信号,信号中含有的指令将会在侦测到的照片上面加上水印”

英文如何称呼“书呆子”? -- :5:7 来源:chinadaily 读书用功努力、一点不关心周围发生的事,你身边有这样的人吗?他们通常被冠以“书呆子”的绰号英文里,又是怎么称呼他们的呢? 1. He is a perfect type of pedant. 他是个十足的老夫子 . He looked kind of nerdy. 他看着就是个书呆子 3. I guess I’m old school. 我想我是老派的 . At university he had a reputation as a swot. 上大学时,他刻苦学习是出了名的 5. Mr. Smith is of a scholarly turn of mind. 史密先生是个有书生气质的人 6. She was always a bookworm when she was a kid. 她小时候就一直是个书虫 7. Their teacher was a bookish fellow. 他们的老师是个书呆子 8. He dismissed all scientists as a bunch of eggheads. 在他看来,所有的科学家都是一群书呆子

科比微问“打铁”啥意思 -- :3:8 来源: Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant stirred up a frenzy on social media. The 19-year NBA veteran posted an update on his Weibo , or the Chinese version of Twitter, on which he has more than 3 million followers, on June :篮球巨星科比·布莱恩特日前在社交媒体上引起一阵骚动6月日,这位19年NBA球龄的明星在其拥有300多万粉丝的微上发帖:"It's been a while since I've been on Weibo. I see there's some new web lingo. Can you teach me some? What does "da tie" mean? "“我玩微也有一阵子了,我看到了一些新的网络词汇,你们能教我一些吗?‘打铁’是什么意思?”The post immediately drew tens of thousands of comments from Chinese Web users, with some basketball fans trying to explain the catchphrase to the NBA star.这条微瞬间引发数万中国网友,不少篮球迷试图跟科比解释这个流行语的含义双语君插播科普:“打铁”是中国球迷专门用来形容投丢球的“黑话”,而科比就是以投篮命中率低著称在年月日的一场比赛中,科比正式加冕NBA第一“铁王”,总共有8次投篮不中机智的网友们是如何回复的呢?有些很科学地给出了解释:@Kyrie_basketball: da tie means miss the shot.(打铁意味着你投失了一球)@刘天宇CDUT: Da tie is Chinese. That means if you shot, you can get the voice of duang. It's so cool, right?(“打铁”是中文,意思是如果你投篮,你会听到“duang”的声音)有些吐槽科比是NBA钢铁侠:@陈军DTE:作为历史上打铁最多的人,他竟然问打铁是什么意思?好吧,打铁是你的专业和工作,是你每天凌晨点为之努力、终生为之奋斗的伟大事业@hht-泰Jason: Bro, you are the best Iron Man in NBA history.(兄弟,你是NBA历史上最好的“钢铁侠”)还有些粉丝以善意的谎言作答,让人感动:@RevenantM:Datie means you are the best player, Mr 30000, the MVP and so many legacies of you.(打铁意味着你是最好的球员,你是30000分先生,你是MVP,还有留下的无数纪录)@紫風哥:It means you are great that even you shot but don't get point, you still shot and shot. Because you are the best and I love you, Kobe.(这意味着你是伟大的,你虽然没有投进但是依然坚持投篮,所以你是最好的,我爱你,科比)最后,一起来欣赏下网友恶搞科比打铁图吧(来源:中国日报网双语新闻微信,编辑 Helen)

安吉丽娜·朱莉在伦敦政治经济学院教授硕士课程 --9 :3: 来源: 安吉丽娜·朱莉即将加入伦敦政治经济学院,担任硕士课程的做客教授 Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is to join the London School of Economics as a visiting professor on a new masters course.好莱坞女演员安吉丽娜·朱莉即将加入伦敦政治经济学院,担任一门新的硕士课程的做客教授The LSE said the course will be run by its Centre Women, Peace and Security, launched last year by Ms Jolie and Lord William Hague.伦敦政治经济学院说,该课程将由其妇女,和平与安全中心运行,这是由朱莉女士和威廉·黑格爵士启动于去年启动的The pair co-founded a global initiative to tackle sexual violence in conflict zones in .两人于年共同创立了一项全球倡议以解决冲突地区的性暴力问题It followed a film Ms Jolie directed depicting the Bosnian war.此前,朱莉女士于年导演了一部电影,讲述波斯尼亚战争的故事Her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, was set against the backdrop of the 199-95 Bosnian war in which an estimated ,000 women were believed to have been raped.她的导演处女作《血与蜜之地以199至1995年的波黑战争为背景,期间估计有000名妇女被强奸"It is vital that we broaden the discussion on how to advance women’s rights and end impy crimes that disproportionately affect women, such as sexual violence in conflict," Ms Jolie, a special envoy the UN refugee agency, said.“扩大如何提高妇女权利的讨论,以及结束严重影响妇女的不罚之罪,比如在冲突中的性暴力,是至关重要的,”作为联合国难民署特使的朱莉女士说"I am looking ward to teaching and to learning from the students, as well as to sharing my own experiences of working alongside governments and the UN."“我很期待教育学生和向他们学习,并且分享我于政府和联合国共事的经历”The mer eign secretary Lord Hague will also be joining LSE as a visiting professor.前外交大臣黑格爵士也会以做客教授的身份加入伦敦政治经济学院

英镑贬值 赴英旅游迅速升温~ -- 18:59:0 来源:chinadaily US travel firms have seen a surge in interest from customers looking to visit to Great Britain following last week's ground-breaking Brexit vote. 在上周英国脱欧公投这一具有里程碑意义的历史事件后,美国旅行社发现游客赴英旅游的兴趣上升了 Airlines and touring companies have been inundated with requests from Americans hoping to take advantage of the plummeting value of the pound against the dollar. 很多美国人希望利用英镑兑美元贬值的机会去英国旅游,航空公司和旅行社接到了大量的类似咨询 Many websites have reported traffic increases of more than 50 percent as vacationers look to cash in on the country's chaotic current condition. 休假者想利用英国的无序现状省一笔钱,不少网站的流量增加了超50% The boom has also been felt as far afield as China and east Asia. 遥远的中国和东亚地区也出现了赴英旅游热情高涨的景象 On the flip-side, several travel firms have also had more inquiries than ever bee from Brits looking at heading abroad. 另一方面,有几家旅行社还发现,英国人海外游的咨询量也上升了 Billy Sanez, vice president of marketing and communications at FareCompare.com, which analyzes airfares, said: 'Americans may want to secure a great fare, while British may be worried that higher fares will soon hit the market,' 分析机票价格的FareCompare.com网站的市场公关部副总裁比利-桑尼斯说:“美国人想使费用更便宜,而英国人担心的是今后价格更高” US and Chinese travel sites reported a jump in queries about UK holidays immediately after Britain voted to leave the European Union last week. 上周,英国“脱欧”结果一出,美国和中国的旅游网站上英国游的咨询量立刻上升 Travel agents, hotel chains and airlines say it is too early to tell if the vote will impact bookings in the longer term, but inquiries jumped as travelers hunt cheaper breaks. 旅行社、连锁酒店和航空公司均表示,从长期看公投是否会影响预订量这一问题现在下结论还为时尚早但游客想要减少假期花费,咨询量上升 Britain's decision to pull out of the European Union leaves the world's fifth-largest economy facing deep uncertainty. The pound has dropped to its lowest level in over three decades. 英国“脱欧”的决定使这一世界第五大经济体面临巨大的不确定性英镑兑美元汇率下跌至三十年来的最低点 But travelers like Wen Zhihong, from China's western Chengdu, that means lower prices. She had been planning to spend her vacation travelling with her daughter in France and Italy, but said she changed her mind after the vote. 但对来自中国西部成都市的旅行者温志红(音)来说,这意味着去英国旅游更便宜了她之前计划假期和女儿一起去法国和意大利旅游,但公投后改变了主意 'Now it seems a better idea to travel to England,' Wen, a university official, said. 这位高校主管说:“现在看起来去英国旅游更好” 'With the depreciation of the pound, hotels, plane tickets and shopping are all much cheaper.' “英镑贬值,酒店、机票和购物价格都更便宜了” Ctrip.com, China's biggest online travel agency, has aly sought to capitalise on the surge in interest, arguing this week that a summer vacation in Britain could now be a third cheaper, helping UK searches on its app triple. 中国最大的旅行网站携程网已经力图利用这次赴英游热潮携程网本周表示,去英国度暑假现在价钱能便宜三分之一,这导致其应用程序上赴英游的搜索量增至三倍

胡歌化身旅游形象大使,多面才情享誉海外 --19 :51: 来源: 作为上海旅游大使以及一位颇具热情的业余摄影师,胡歌受邀参加了此次于伦敦登喜路之家举办的《家园影像展,进一步推广了上海的城市形象,拉近了上海与伦敦两个城市的距离 Hu Ge is no stranger to cameras. The heart-throb actor starred in over TV series, two movies and released three albums during the past two years. Now the -year-old Hu Ge has discovered a new role behind the camera.胡歌对于电视观众来说并不陌生,可谓是许多人眼中的大众情人近两年来,胡歌一共出演了部电视剧,两部电影,期间还发行了自己的三张专辑前不久,三十四岁的胡歌又被赋予了一项全新的身份Hu’s photographs, featuring his home city Shanghai in East China, are being displayed at an exhibition in downtown London from June th to 18th.胡歌将相机的镜头瞄准了自己的家乡上海,并以参展艺术家的身份于6月日至18日期间携其摄影作品前往伦敦参加了影像艺术展As Shanghai’s tourism ambassador and a passionate amateur photographer, Hu was invited to take part in the "Home?Town" exhibition at London’s Alfred Dunhill Burdon House. It is one of a series of initiatives to promote the image of Shanghai, London’s sister city.作为上海旅游大使以及一位颇具热情的业余摄影师,胡歌受邀参加了此次于伦敦登喜路之家举办的《家园影像展,进一步推广了上海的城市形象,拉近了上海与伦敦两个城市的距离Hu Ge is one of the most popular stars in China with over 8 million followers on China’s Sina Weibo social network. He is also among the highest-paid stars in China. Last year, his three TV series received more than 19 billion online clicks. He is reported to have taken more than 30 advertisements in with a total endorsement fee over 0 million yuan ( million).胡歌在新浪微上拥有四千八百多万名粉丝,是中国最受欢迎的男明星之一,同时也是中国收入最高的明星之一去年,他主演的三部热播大戏收获了190多亿的网络点击量,期间获得30多家广告代言,广告代言累计收入将近两亿元(合三千万美元)The photography and graphy exhibition showcases artworks from invited artists from China and abroad that have shared their interpretations of Shanghai and what "hometown" means to them.本次影像展展示了来自中国以及其他国家受邀艺术家的参展作品,体现了他们对于上海这座城市的诠释以及对于“家园”这一主题的理解和看法Planning to capture some panoramic photos of the city, Hu climbed to the top of Shanghai Tower, over 600 meters above the ground.为了捕捉上海的全景,胡歌特地登上了上海中心大厦的顶端,站在距地面600米以上的高度俯瞰这座城市"The weather was not ideal and the tower was still under construction," said Hu. "But I was very glad to grasp a moment from the Shanghai’s developing process. ""As a Shanghai native, I feel very lucky and honored to be the ambassador. I love the city and it is an opporty me to further understand my hometown," Hu said during an interview with China Daily on Monday. "It also means responsibility since I am not only representing myself but also the city," Hu said.“拍摄的当天天气不是很好,尚未完全完工的1层还有很多施工中的痕迹,但是我很开心能够去记录和捕捉上海这座城市的发展历程作为地地道道的上海人,我很荣幸能作为旅游形象大使我喜爱这座城市,并很感激能有这样一个机会让我进一步了解我的家乡”胡歌在本周一接受《中国日报采访时如此说道,“然而我也明白,这对于我来说更意味着责任,因为现如今我不仅仅代表自己,更代表整个上海”Born in Shanghai’s Xuhui District in 198, he was admitted to Shanghai Theater Academy in 01 and immediately skyrocketed to stardom in after playing the leading actor in Chinese Paladin, a TV series based on a popular role play game of the same name.胡歌于198年出生于上海徐汇区,并于01年被上海戏剧学院录取,在年因饰演由电玩游戏改编的同名电视剧《仙剑奇侠传的男主角之后一炮走红However, one year later, Hu suffered from severe injury and disfigurement from a car accident, which killed his assistant. It took him approximately one year to recover and step back to the industry.然而,胡歌和其女助手在年遭遇了一场车祸胡歌全身多处受伤,脸部险遭毁容,与其同行的女助手则当场身亡后来,胡歌花了几乎一年的时间恢复健康,并逐渐回归影视圈In , Hu Ge had another career take-off thanks to the mega-hit TV drama Nirvana in Fire. In the series, Mei Changsu, played by Hu Ge, relies solely on his wits to avenge the betrayal of his father and fellow kinsmen after losing all his Kung Fu skills in a battle.年,胡歌凭借热播大剧《琅琊榜再一次迎来事业的巅峰胡歌在剧中的角色梅长苏在一次战斗中遭人陷害,武功全废,韬光养晦多年凭借自己的聪明才智最终为自己蒙冤而死的父亲以及家人复仇平反He won many awards at home and abroad this role, among which the most recent is the Magnolia Award Best Actor in the th Shanghai TV Festival. The TV series has also been exported overseas to countries including South Korea and Japan.凭借梅长苏一角,胡歌斩获了国内外各大奖项前不久在上海举行的第届上海国际电视节上,胡歌还凭此获得了“白玉兰最佳男演员奖”与此同时,《琅琊榜这部电视剧也远销海外,在日本和韩国都有播出"I am very happy to see that the series can be enjoyed by eign audiences. It not only showcased the quality of Chinese TV dramas but also the beauty of Chinese culture," Hu said.胡歌表示:“很开心外国观众能够这么喜欢这些电视剧,这不仅表明了中国电视剧的超高质量,还向外国朋友们展示了中国的文化”When asked about the possibility of cooperating with eign directors, he jokingly said that he wishes to have such opporties but needs to improve his English first.当被问到有没有可能与外国导演进行合作时,胡歌开玩笑地表示自己当然希望有此机会,不过前提是先把自己的英语水平再提高一下

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