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《英语剧本 -- :3: 来源: Hey, hey, watch out. Watch out. Welcome, my friend. Great to see you. Yeah, glad you made it. This can't be Ajit. He's a little man aly. - Unbelievable. - I hope you're hungry, Adrian. I'm famished. How are you, Aparna? - I made that fish curry you love. - I can't wait. She gets more beautiful every time I see her. Why is that? Strange, isn't it? But her fish curry is still awful. You were mysterious on the phone. Why didn't you attend the conference? - I will show you, Adrian, sir. - Satnam, stop "siring" me. How deep do we need to go? Eleven thousand feet. I searched all over India this thing. Used to be the deepest copper mine in the world. Remember my brother, Gurdeep? He's a student now. Namaste, Dr. Helmsley, sir. Adrian. It's just Adrian. Just don't pour too much, huh? How do you work in this heat? You've come on a good day, my friend. Sometimes it can hit 0 degrees. You have to come and meet Dr. Lokesh... ...a Fellow of quantum physics at the university in Chennai. Dr. Helmsley. So, what are we looking at? These are neutrinos acting normally. Minuscule mass, no electrical charge. They pass through ordinary matter almost undisturbed. Your message said the count doubled after the last solar eruptions. That was last week. But this happened two days ago. The biggest Sun eruptions in human history... ...causing the highest neutrino count we've ever recorded. My God. That's not what worries me, Adrian. the first time ever... ...the neutrinos are causing a physical reaction. That's impossible. That feels very good. Please, follow me. You won't believe this. This water tank goes down another 6000 feet. It looks like the neutrinos coming from the Sun... ...have mutated into a new kind of nuclear p. They're heating up the Earth's core... ...and suddenly act like microwaves. Ladies and gentlemen, as promised, no speech... ...just a thank-you... ...because tonight, with your extraordinary generosity... ...we have raised .7 million. Have a stiff drink, because I'm locking the doors... - ... and passing the hat around again. - It's okay. It's okay. - I work the White House. - I don't care. This is a black-tie event. Scotty. Hey. Adrian, I thought you were in India. What's going on? - I need yourjacket. - What? I gotta speak to Anheuser. Give me your damn jacket, please. 英语 剧本我的教室 My Claroom --19 :19:5 来源: 我的教室 My ClassroomMyClassroomMyclassroomisniceandbig . Therearetydesksandchairsintheclassroom. Therearetwoblackboardsonthewalls.Andtherearetwopictures,too. Myclassroomhaselevenlightsandtwelvefans.What colourarethefans ? Theyareblue.Attheconer,thereisa shelf , manybooksareintheshelf.Ilikethebooksverymuch.Thisismyclassroom , itisvery nice. Ilikemyclassroomverymuch .Doyouhaveaniceclassroom, too ?

五年级英语作文:How to be a Model Student --1 :00:5 来源:   i want to be a model student. what shall i do?  i should be polite. i should study hard. i should capful and helpful. i should walk in the corridors.  i should throw ruish in the bin. i should be quiet in the library. i shouldrsquo;t walk and run on the gra. i shouldrsquo;t throw ruish on the floor. i shouldrsquo;t run in the corridors. i shouldrsquo;t fight. i shouldrsquo;t be noisy in the library.

湖南长沙马王堆汉墓英文导游词 -- :: 来源: 湖南长沙马王堆汉墓英文导游词197年至197年,中国考古学家在马王堆挖掘出了西汉时期的三座墓地,吸引了国内外不少游客,这就是马王堆汉墓挖掘出来的三千多见文化遗产和一具保存完好的女子尸体,对西汉时期的政治、经济、军事、文化研究有极大的价值Good morning! Ladies and gentlemen:Today we will go and visit The Han Tombs of Mawangdui.From 197 to early 197, Chinese archaeological workers excavated three tombs of the Western Han Dynasty at Mawangdui and achieved tremendous results which attracted attention at home and abroad. The more than3,000 cultural relics and a well-preserved female corpse unearthed from the tombs are of great value in studying the politics, economy, military, affairs, culture, science and technology of the early Western Han period.Mawangdui is located in the eastern outskirts of Changsha, about four kilometers from the center of the city. centuries it was said that King Mayin of Chu of the Five Dynasties period was buried here and hence the name “Mawangdui”.merly there were two earthen mounds closely linked together in the shape of a horse saddle, thus it also called “Mawangdui”.In some historical documents it was called “Erfeimu”, and “Shuangnvfen”.The opinions about who was buried here varied widely and the truth did not come out until the excavations began in 9. It turned out that there were three tombs at Mawangdui.The eastern mound was known as Tomb No.1, and the western mound as Tomb No.. The third Tomb was located to the south of Tomb No.1 and covered up by the sealing soil of the latter so there was no visible trace of its existence. The three seals unearthed from Tomb No. “Chancellor to the prince of Changsha”,“State the Marquis of the Dai”,and “Licang” indicate that Mawangdui was the burial ground of Licang, chancellor to the prince of Changsha State and Marquis of Dai in the early Western Han dynasty, and his family. The historical records give Licang’s death as occurring in the second year of the reign of Empress Dowager Liu. He occupant in Tom No.3 is believed to be his son. Unearthed m the tomb was a wooden tablet inscribed with the burial date.The corpse in Tomb No.1 is that of Licang’s wife, whose personal name, according to an unearthed seal, was Xingzhui. A study of the stratigraphical relation of the tombs and the burial objects led to conclusion that Tomb No.1 date from about the sixth decade of the second century B.C, a little later than Tomb No.3.The three Han tombs were immense. Tomb No.1 preserved very well. Tomb No. the coffins were mostly rotted. The construction of Tomb No.3 remained that of Tomb No.1 but it was slightly smaller in size. The funeral objects unearthed are abundant. There are paintings, books, maps, weapons, musical instrument, silk fabrics and so on. Both the innermost coffins of tombs No.1 and No.3 were covered by a T-shaped.Color painting on silk. The two paintings are of similar subjects. The heavenly world, human society and the nether world are depicted. The top section portrays the sun, moon, stars, a big tree of a mythic island, celestial beings, heavenly gate guards, etc. The middle section depicts a scene of the tomb occupant offering sacrifices to gods. The bottom section represents a giant standing on the back of a pair of big mythical fish, holding up the earth. Well balanced and ingeniously composed, the paintings harmoniously interweave fairy tales with reality. The artistic skill of the paintings makes them masterpieces of ancient art. Judging from the shape, content, and the positions where the paintings were placed in the tombs, we know that they were a kind of funeral banner called “Mingjing”. These banners were used in funeral ceremonies to usher the spirit up to heaven, reflecting the superstitious thinking of the feudal rulers. 马王堆汉墓 英文导游词

  My Good Friend Lily -- :55: 来源: My Good Friend LilyMy good friend is Lily. She is twelve years old. She has big eyes, black hair, a small nose and a small mouth. She is Chinese. She speaks English very well and she can sing very well. She lives in Dongyue Park. Her parents are workers. They work in a factory. Lily is studying in her house. She has classes m Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, she goes to library, borrows new books and does her homework. She is clever and hardworking. She likes running and listening to the radio. Her favourite food is ice cream and milk. Her favourite animals are dog and cat.

  滇池风景区英文导游词 --01 :1: 来源: 滇池风景区英文导游词滇池风景区位于昆明市西南方,无可争辩,滇池是一个旅游度假中心滇池的旁边有着很多旅游名胜如云南少数民族村,大关公园,海埂公园,白鱼口 The Dianchi Lake Scenic Area is located in the southwest part of Kunming City. Dianchi Lake is, beyond question, the center of the resort. There are numerous attractions along the lake captivating tourists. Among these are the Yunnan Ethnic Villages, Daguan Park, Baiyukou Park, Haigeng Bank, Kwan-yin Hill, Xishan est Park, temples and pagodas. Towns, big or small near the lake provide visitors with an opporty to experience customs of the local people.   Dianchi Lake   Dianchi Lake is about 300 square kilometers (7, acres). It is the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan Province and the sixth largest one in China. With picturesque scenery and its location on the Yungui Plateau, the lake has a reputation as ’A Pearl on the Plateau’. Untunately, the lake has been badly polluted. Although efts have been made to save the lake, they have been largely unsuccessful.   The lake is crescent-shaped, about 39 kilometers ( miles) in length and kilometers (8 miles) in width at its widest. Its natural banks are med by mountains on all four sides. More than twenty rivers nurture the lake which has a shoreline of 3. kilometers (1 miles). Four surrounding hills contribute to the picturesque landscape, making visitors intoxicated and linger around. You may appreciate the beauty of the lake and hills from a boat, and explore this cradle of Yunnan culture.   Yunnan Ethnic Villages   The village acts as a good shortcut to understand the social customs of the ethnic groups in Yunnan. It has a natural sun-bathing area where you can escape from the heat of summer. Twenty-five ethnic nationalities have their respective villages and conduct many activities to present their unique folkways and beautiful clothes. Also you can enjoy the water screen movie and an elephant permance, have a taste of the local dishes and buy pretty handicrafts.   Daguan Park   Daguan Park is vibrant with rock gardens, pavilions, bridges and murmuring water. It is famous the longest couplets in China on the Daguan Pavilion. The Daguan Pavilion was built in the year 18. It commands a lovely view. The couplet written in the Qing Dynasty (-19), contains 180 characters brimming with literary grace. During festival evenings, gatherings take place here.   Baiyukou Park   Baiyukou Park is on the west bank of Dianchi Lake. Here a small hill looks like a white fish opening its mouth to Dianchi Lake. Near the Irregular shore line, beautiful gardens are hidden among green trees. In spring, the cherry trees are in blossom, adding luster to this serene place. Overlooking Dianchi Lake, you can see white sails of boats on the glistening lake and gulls skimming over the waves.   Haigeng Bank   Haigeng Bank is about four kilometers (.5 miles) long while ranging in width from ty meters (1 feet) to three hundred meters (98 feet). The bank, like a floating jade belt, is in fact a watershed of the Dianchi Lake. Slender willow twigs sweep the lake in the gentle breeze. In the south is a wonderful natural swimming pool which is always crammed with people in midsummer.   Kwan-yin Hill   Kwan-yin Hill is bordered by the vast lake and has an altitude of ,0 meters (6,693 feet). Lofty peaks on this hill seem to thrust themselves straight towards the sky. A Kwan-yin Temple built here in the Ming Dynasty (68-) was once a popular resort of Buddhism. Remaining are a seven-tier brick pagoda, houses, and a gate to the Kwan-yin Temple. 英文导游词。

  二年级英语作文:I like my school --1 01:8:39 来源:   Our school is Xing qi Primary School.  Itrsquo very big and beautifut. There is a big pond near the playground.There are three teaching buildings. There are fifty teachers and about one thousand students in our school. They work and study hard.  We like our school!

  话剧《老汤Old Soup -- :57:36 来源: 话剧《老汤Old SoupChina's large variety of dialects has become a selling point many local theaters. And while winning at local box offices, some theaters are bringing their works to the national stage. Beijingers get a dose of dark humor in Henan dialect as "Old Soup" takes to the stage at the NCPA.A story about trust and honor... The lead character Luo Xiaochun spends 65 years keeping a promise he made to Yuan Siye as he lay on his death bed. Bee his own death, Luo finally fulfills his duty, by passing on a secret soup recipe.Play "Old Soup" in Henan dialectA tragic comedy, the play takes advantage of the humor and dialect of Henan Province, and combines dancing with traditional permance."Henan dialect is a special character of our plays. It's humorous and down to earth. Combined with our traditional permances, the play is very unique," said Fan Jun, board member of Henan Song Dance Permance Group.Located in central China, Henan Province has abundant art and cultural resources. Yet the province imports most of its plays. Having "Old Soup" land on Beijing's stage is a major achievement theaters in the region."We want to create something that is close to the people, close to their everyday lives, close to their happiness and sorrows. We'll keep exploring," Fan Jun said. The play is scheduled to tour all over the country. But bee leaving Beijing, it will hit the stage at Peking University next Tuesday. 老汤 话剧大学生 -- :7:31 来源: 大学生Michael: 泽泓Scolfield: 仲铨Lincoln: 桂帆T-bag: 捷驰宿舍3人:M:(ing book) "rules students" the book is so hard to understand,it's a little boring..Scolfield,what are you doing ?S: (刚开始没应答,忙于dota) i'm dota ing...Oh,no..I lost again(中文说:队友不给力啊).what a day! I lost five times today.I couldn't dota any more..And Lincoln ,what are you busy with ?大学生L: nothing,just watching .M: which kind of are you watching ?I guess it's American,right?L: Yeah,American .. of course.clever boy,you know I like American movies very much.but this movie I'm watching is not that funny.Hey..guys,it's holiday ,is there any fun we can have?S: Say..I remember there's a party tonight at E5.M: Oh,yes,I almost gorget it.there's a fellowship gathering tonight,which can be a goodchance to make some friends..you know..L: with some beautiful girls,right?S: Yeah,that's really wonderful,you know ,I like this kind of gathering party..pretty girls are everywhere..M L :haha..we know what you mean.L : all right.it's a deal.four of us should go to the party together.M: OK..but where is T-bag ?S: T-bag..T-bag 进来L: T-bag,where have you been?M: we have a good news .S: Yeah,there's a party tonight,and we can have fun ,would you come with us?T-bag: (装悲剧ing..)sorry ,I don't want to,I'm not in a good mood.L: come on ,man,what's wrong with you?T: oh,well it's about my father;my family told me that he got hurt when riding a bike. S、M、L: it's really a pity.3人将进入PARTY场地时:S: look at those four beautiful girls,as I say:pretty girls are everywhere!M: Yeah,you are actually right,I really wanna make acquaintance with them.L:不悦S:come on,Lincoln,we are having party..L: wait a minute ,we are having fun while our good friend T-bag is in trouble.I don'tthink it's appropriate.We're good friends.M: yeah,you're right.we should do sth T-bag.S: ..OK,GOOD BYE,PRRETY GIRLS.PPT:(决定去做某事) hours later:宿舍:T:装不爽3人进来后,T: why are you come back so early?Is the party funny?L: Yeah,the girls are prrety,but we..S: WE got sth you.M: 将一张纸递给T-BT: oh,my god ,it's a plane tiket my home,that's so sweet of you..you go to buy tiket me instead of having fun at the party..THANKS,GUYSM: dont't thank us.WE are friends ,as the > says:treat all of your friends just like your family at home.L: Yeah,we're brothers.several days later:T-bag comes backT-bag: hey,guys I'm back.L: hey,T-bag,Is evething OK?M: en..how about your father?T: well,my father's hurt isn't very serious,he'll OK in a month or not.S: en..YOU are a dutiful son.L: that's really great.T: Hey,what's are you watching just now?L: WELL,we're watching funny .S: It's Japanese not American.T: Oh,Let me see how funny it is.. 大学生 英语 话剧巴黎英文介绍 巴黎英文导游词 -- :: 来源: 巴黎英文介绍 巴黎英文导游词Paris has long inspired opinionated outbursts, from delusional to denouncing, but on one matter travelers remain in agreement: it's among the most stimulating cities in the world. Paris assaults all the senses, demanding to be seen, heard, touched, tasted and smelt. From luminescent landmarks to fresh poodle droppings on the pavement, the city is everything it should be - the very essence of all French things. If you come here expecting all you've heard to be true, you won't leave disappointed.   Paris is at its best during the temperate spring months (March to May), with autumn coming in a close second. In winter, there are all sorts of cultural events to tempt the visitor, but school holidays can clog the streets with the little folk. August is usually hot and sticky, and it's also when many Parisians take their yearly vacations, so businesses are likely to be closed.Musée du Louvre   Louvre is probably one of the most world-renowned sightseeing places in Paris. This enormous building, constructed around 00 as a tress and rebuilt in the mid-th century use as a royal palace, began its career as a public museum in 93. As part of Mitterand's grands projets in the 1980s, the Louvre was revamped with the addition of a 1m (67ft) glass pyramid entrance. Initially deemed a failure, the new design has since won over those who regard consistency as inexcusably boring. Vast scrums of people puff and pant through the rooms full of paintings, sculptures and antiquities, including the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Winged Victory (which looks like it's been dropped and put back together). If the clamor becomes unbearable, your best bet is to pick a period or section of the Louvre and pretend that the rest is somewhere across town.Eiffel Tower   This towering edifice was built the World Fair of 1889, held to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution. Named after its designer, Gustave Eiffel, it stands 3m (ft) high and held the record as the world's tallest structure until 1930. Initially opposed by the city's artistic and literary elite - who were only affirming their right to disagree with everything - the tower was almost torn down in 19. Salvation came when it proved an ideal platm the antennas needed the new science of radio telegraphy. When you're done peering upwards through the girders, you can visit any of the three public levels, which can be accessed by lift or stairs. Just south-east of the tower is a grassy expanse that was once the site of the world's first balloon flights and is now used by teens as a skateboarding arena or by activists bad-mouthing Chirac.Avenue des Champs-élysées   A popular promenade the ostentatious aristos of old, the Avenue des Champs-élysées has long symbolised the style and joie de vivre of Paris. Encroaching fast-food joints, car showrooms and cinemas have somewhat dulled the sheen, but the km (1mi) long, 70m (35ft) wide stretch is still an ideal place evening walks and relishing the food at overpriced restaurants.Centre Georges Pompidou   The Centre Georges Pompidou, displaying and promoting modern and contemporary art, is far and away the most visited sight in Paris. Built between 197 and 1977, the hi-tech though daffy design has recently begun to age, prompting face-lifts and closures of many parts of the centre. Woven into this mêlée of renovation are several good (though pricey) galleries plus a free, three-tiered library with over 00 periodicals, including English-language newspapers and magazines from around the world. A square just to the west attracts street musicians, Marcel Marceau impersonators and lots of unsavoury types selling drugs or picking pockets.Notre Dame   The city's cathedral ranks as one of the greatest achievements of Gothic architecture. Notre Dame was begun in 63 and completed around ; the massive interior can accommodate over 6000 worshippers. Although Notre Dame is regarded as a sublime architectural achievement, there are all sorts of minor anomalies as the French love nothing better than to mess with things. These include a trio of main entrances that are each shaped differently, and which are accompanied by statues that were once coloured to make them more effective as Bible lessons the hoi polloi. The interior is dominated by spectacular and enormous rose windows, and a 7800-pipe organ that was recently restored but has not been working properly since. From the base of the north tower, visitors with ramrod straight spines can climb to the top of the west fa?ade and decide how much aesthetic pleasure they derive from looking out at the cathedral's many gargoyles - alternatively they can just enjoy the view of a decent swathe of Paris. Under the square in front of the cathedral, an archaeological crypt displays in situ the remains of structures from the Gallo-Roman and later periods.Sainte Chapelle   Lying inside the Palais de Justice (law courts), Sainte Chapelle was consecrated in 8 and built to house what was reputedly Jesus' crown of thorns and other relics purchased by King Louis IX earlier in the th century. The gem-like chapel, illuminated by a veritable curtain of th-century stained glass (the oldest and finest in Paris), is best viewed from the law courts' main entrance - a magnificently gilded, 18th-century gate. Once past the airport-like security, you can wander around the long hallways of the Palais de Justice and, if you can find a court in session, observe the proceedings. Civil cases are heard in the morning, while criminal trials - usually reserved larceny or that French speciality crimes passionnel - begin after lunch.Musée d'Orsay   Spectacularly housed in a mer railway station built in 1900, the Musée d'Orsay was reinaugurated in its present m in 1986. Inside is a trove of artistic treasures produced between 188 and 19, including highly regarded Impressionist and Post-impressionist works. Most of their paintings and sculptures are found on the ground floor and the skylight-lit upper level, while the middle level has some magnificent rooms showcasing the Art-Nouveau movement. Nearby, the Musée Rodin displays the lively bronze and marble sculptures by Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin, including casts of some of Rodin's most celebrated works. There's a shady sculpture garden out the back, one of Paris' treasured islands of calm.Cimetière du Père Lachaise   [R-p5]Established in 18, this necropolis attracts more visitors than any similar structure in the world. Within the manicured, evergreen enclosure are the tombs of over one million people including such luminaries as the composer Chopin; the writers Molière, Apollinaire, Oscar Wilde, Balzac, Marcel Proust and Gertrude Stein; the artists David, Delacroix, Pissarro, Seurat and Modigliani; the actors Sarah Bernhardt, Simone Signoret and Yves Montand; the singer édith Piaf; and the dancer Isadora Duncan. The most visited tomb, however, is that of The Doors lead singer, Jim Morrison, who died in Paris in 1971. One hundred years earlier, the cemetery was the site of a fierce battle between Communard insurgents and government troops. The rebels were eventually rounded up against a wall and shot, and were buried where they fell in a mass grave.Place des Vosges   The Marais district spent a long time as a swamp and then as agricultural land, until in King Henry IV decided to transm it into a residential area Parisian aristocrats. He did this by building Place des Vosges and arraying 36 symmetrical houses around its square perimeter. The houses, each with arcades on the ground floor, large dormer windows, and the requisite creepers on the walls, were initially built of brick but were subsequently constructed using timber with a plaster covering, which was then painted to look like brick. Duels, fought with strictly observed mality, were once staged in the elegant park in the middle. From 183-8 Victor Hugo lived at a house at No 6, which has now been turned into a municipal museum. Today, the arcades around the place are occupied by expensive galleries and shops, and cafés filled with people drinking little cups of coffee and air-kissing immaculate passersby.Bois de Boulogne   The modestly sized Bois de Boulogne, on the western edge of the city, is endowed with ested areas, meandering paths, belle époque cafes and little wells of naughtiness. Each night, pockets of the Bois de Boulogne are taken over by prostitutes and lurkers with predacious sexual tastes. In recent years, the police have cracked down on the area's sex trade, but locals still advise against walking through the area alone at night.Outer ?le de France   The relatively small region surrounding Paris - known as the ?le de France (Island of France) - was where the kingdom of France began its th-century expansion. Today, it's a popular day-trip destination Parisians and Paris-based visitors. Among the region's many attractions are woodlands ideal hiking, skyscrapered districts endowed with sleekly functional architecture, the much-maligned EuroDisney, elegant historical towns and Versailles, the country's mer political capital and seat of the royal court. The latter is the site of the Chateau de Versailles, the grandest and most famous palace in France. Built in the mid-00s during the reign of Louis XIV, the chateau is a keen reminder of just how much one massive ego and a nation's wealth could buy in days of old (eat your heart out, Bill Gates). Apart from grand halls, bedchambers, gardens, ponds and fountains too elaborate to discuss, there's also a 75m (50ft) Hall of Mirrors, where nobles dressed like ninnies could watch each other dancing.Canal Saint Martin   The little-touristed Saint Martin canal, running through the north-eastern districts of the Right Bank, is one of Paris' hidden delights. The 5km (3mi) waterway, parts of which are higher than the surrounding land, was built in 18 to link the Seine with the much longer Canal de l'Ourcq. Its shaded towpaths - specked with sunlight filtering through the plane trees - are a wonderful place a romantic stroll or bike ride past locks, metal bridges and unassuming but well turned-out Parisian neighbourhoods.  Paris has two airports, Aéroport d'Orly, south of central Paris, and Aéroport Charles de Gaulle, in the north, is a major international hub, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a flight, regardless of where you're flying. Paris is also famous its sophisticated underground system, known as Metro. No matter where you are, chances are that there's a metro station within a few blocks.  Europe is famous its fascinating cultural background and the same is true to Paris. Why shall you wait? It's well worth visiting it. 巴黎 英文 介绍

  实用口语:和外籍邻居打交道的口语对话-- :7:36   对话 (一)  A: Hello  B:Yes, who is it  A:My name is Lee Ren De. I’m your next door neighbor  B:Oh really. My name is Ding Hui  A:Nice to meet you  B:Nice to meet you too  A:I have a problem  B:What problem  A:I’m baking a cake my girlfriend, but I ran out of sugar. May I  please borrow a cup of sugar from you  B:Sure  A:Thank you so much  B:You’re welcome  A:喂  B:唉,是谁呀?  A:我叫李仁德,我是仅挨你家的邻居  B: 是吗? 我叫丁慧  A:见到你很高兴  B: 见到你很高兴  A: 我有个问题  B: 什麽问题?  A: 我在给我的女朋友烤蛋糕,但我没有糖了我可以向你借一杯糖吗?  B: 当然可以  A: 太谢谢你了  生词和词组  next 下一个  door 门  Next Door 下一个门,也就是紧挨ぴ的邻居  Neighbor 邻居  Bake 烤  Girlfriend 女朋友  Run out 用完了,没有了  ran 是run的过去式,跑  Borrow 借,借用  对话 (二)  A:Hi, I’m Lee Ren De  B:Ding Hui  A:I’m your neighbor down the street  B:Okay  A:My son is your son's friend at school  B:Oh yeah!  A:My boy would like to invite your son over to our house tonight a  sleepover  B: No problem. What time should he come over  A:How about 7 o’clock  B:That’s great. Should he have dinner first  A:No, that’s okay. I think the boys want to order pizza  B:When should I pick my son up  A: Don’t worry. I’ll bring him home after lunch tomorrow  B:Great  A:Good-bye  B:Good-bye  A:Oh! I got one more thing  B:What’s that  A:Are you going to the school play next week  B:Yes I am  A:Maybe we can carpool  B:That would be great  A: 嗨,我是李仁德  B: 丁慧  A: 我是街那边你的邻居  B: 是嘛  A: 在学校里我的儿子是你的儿子的朋友  B: 噢,是吗?  A: 我儿子想请你儿子今晚来我家过夜  B: 没问题他什麽时候来?  A: 七点可以吗?  B: 太好了,他要先吃晚饭吗?  A: 不用了,我想他们要订比撒饼  B: 我什麽时候去接我的儿子?  A: 不用担心,明天午饭后我把他带回家  B: 好啊  A: 再见  B: 再见  A: 噢,我望了一件事  B: 什麽事?  A: 下礼拜你去看学校的话剧吗?  B: 去呀  A: 我们可以一起开车去吗?  B: 那太好了  生词和词组  down 在.下面  street 街道  down the street 在街道的那边,也是在一条街上比next door 要远得多  invite 邀请  tonight 今天晚上  sleepover 过夜, 这是专门描写小孩想在他们的朋友家过夜的词  should 应该  What time should he come over. 他什麽时候来?  Should he have dinner first. 他是不是应该先吃饭?  think 想, 认为  order 订,订货  I think the boys want to order pizza. 我想孩子们想订比撒饼  例子:  He thinks it is too cold outside. 他想外面太冷了  I think we need to buy some apples. 我想我们应该买些苹果  We think English is interesting. 我们认为英语有意思  When should I pick my son up. 我什麽时候接我的儿子?  pick up (用车)接  bring 带来  after 在..以后  lunch 午饭,午餐  Don’t worry. I’ll bring him home after lunch tomorrow别急,明天午饭  后我把他回来  play 搞哪种体育运动,玩,话剧  School Play就 学校学生演的话剧很多学校一年都有一次话剧演出  carpool 轮流出车,集体乘坐小学生英语日记() -- ::36 来源: 小学生英语日记()  It is very hot and wet today and is called sauna weather.  During my mom did the cooking in the kitchen, I saw her head was sweaty.I told her I could help her and she accepted.  After cooking,we were all sweaty .However, mum and I all felt happy. She said I was growing up and became her good assistant.   Happy day.

  My Best Friend -- :53: 来源: My Best FriendHello! Everyone. I’ll introduce my best friend to you. Her name is Zhou Xun. Her English name is Zoe. I like her English name better. Zoe likes it, too. Zoe is a lovely girl. She is not tall. She is very thin. She has a round face and two small eyes. Her hair is short. She often wears a pink dress, because pink is her favorite color. She always has a smiling face, so everyone likes her very much.Zoe is a clever girl. She’s our monitor. She works hard at school everyday. She likes to ask and answer the questions. Her copybooks are clean and tidy. Her handwriting is very beautiful. She is good at English and math. She is a top student in our class.Zoe is a versatile girl. She can play the piano. She can draw pictures. She can tango. She can swim. She can do everything very well.Zoe has a big dog. Its name is Xiao Xiong. they are good friends. I like it, too.Do you like my best friend, Zoe?

  时间总是跟我们作对-- ::59      Time is always against us. 抱怨时间不够   against就是“跟……相反,跟……作对”,所以Time is always against us.这句就是“时间总是跟我们作对”也就是在抱怨时间不够时,常常会脱口而说的一句话例如答应老师放学前把作业交出来,没想到时光飞逝,转眼就放学了,这个时候你就可以感叹地说:Time is always against us.。

  Go to the Countryside 到乡下去 -- :5:37 来源: Go to the Countryside 到乡下去  This summer I will spend my holiday in the countryside. I think to stay in the countryside is better than in the city. There are so many buildings. people and cars in the city. But in the countryside I can enjoy a quiet life. There, the air is fresh, and the water is clean. The trees are green and the birds are singing. I can go swimming in the lake. What's more, I can climb the hills. And it will be good my health. Above all, I can learn more about nature. So I want to go to the countryside a change.  今年夏天我想到乡下度假我觉得呆在乡下比呆在城里好城里的高楼、人群和汽车太多了,可是在乡下我能享受一种安静的生活那里空气新鲜,水也洁净那里的树是绿的,鸟儿在歌唱我可以在湖里游泳,而且,我还可以爬山这对我的健康有好处最重要的是,关于大自然,我能学到更多的东西所以我想去乡下换个样

  A Job --19 ::5 来源: Rose left the school and went to a college to learn typing when she was seventeen years old. She passed all the examinations quite well. Rose was looking a job and it's not very hard her because there was a growing need typists at that time. Rose lived with her parents. She went to a company which was close to her parents' house and said to the manager," I want this job but how much will you pay me?" The manager said, " I will pay you twenty seven pounds now and thirty pounds after three month." Rose said after she thought a few seconds, "Ok, I will start after three month."


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