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2019年07月20日 16:26:29 | 作者:城市新闻 | 来源:新华社
美国弗吉尼亚州大洪水,人死亡 --6 :6:56 来源: 至少人在弗吉尼亚州的洪水中死亡,包括一名8岁男孩和一个幼儿 At least people, including an eight-year-old boy and a toddler, have died in flooding in West Virginia, according to state officials.至少人在西弗吉尼亚州的洪水中死亡,包括一名8岁男孩和一个幼儿,政府官员发表声明说Heavy storms and flooding have caused widesp damage throughout the state, said Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.暴雨和洪水在全州造成了大面积的破坏,州长Earl Ray Tomblin说A state of emergency was declared in of the state’s 55 counties.该州的55个县中,个都宣布进入紧急状态Rescue efts were under way about 500 people trapped in a shopping centre while officials continued to search others stranded in devastated areas.对困于购物中心的500人的救援工作正在进行,官员们还在继续搜索其他困于受灾地区的群众The flooding has destroyed more than 0 homes and knocked out power thousands after a storm system dumped nine inches of rain on parts of the state.洪水已摧毁超过0座房屋,在该州的某些地方暴雨倾泻达9英寸,导致电力中断The governor said 0 National Guard soldiers were carrying out search and rescue efts as well as health and welfare checks in eight counties across the state.州长说,0名国民警卫队士兵在执行搜索营救工作,同时也有8个县正在展开健康安全检查工作A church pastor told the AP news agency an eight-year-old boy slipped, fell into a creek and was swept away.一个教堂的牧师告诉美联社,一名8岁男童滑倒后掉入小溪被冲走The boy’s mother attempted to save him but lost her grip on the child, according to Harry Croft, pastor at Marwin Church of the Nazarene at Wheeling.这个男孩的母亲试图救他,但没能抓住,根据Wheeling的Marwin Church of the Nazarene(教堂)的牧师Harry Croft说The child’s body was found about a half-mile from where the family lives.男孩的尸体在离这家半英里处被找到The body of a four-year-old boy was also recovered a day after the child slipped into a creek swollen with flood waters.另一名四岁男孩的尸体也在他滑倒掉入小溪,被洪水冲走后的第二天被找到Ravenswood Fire Department official Bob Bibbee said the toddler was with his grandfather when he fell into the water in Jackson County.Ravenswood消防部门的官员Bob Bibbee说,Jackson县的这位幼儿在掉入小溪时与他的爷爷在一起The grandfather jumped into the creek to try and save the boy, but was overcome by the rushing water.爷爷跳入小溪去救那个男孩,但被激流压倒Governor Tomblin called the flooding "among the worst in a century some parts of the state".州长Tomblin说这次洪水“对于该州很多地方都是0年来最严重的一次”自杀:俄国女孩之死引发全国争论 --7 19::6 来源: 近日,俄罗斯著名的社交网络VK上涌现出很多自杀团体,许多青少年相继以相同方式终结了自己的生命这其中的联系众说纷纭 It’s a day like any other day in a provincial city in central Russia. A -year-old girl is getting y to go to school. Suddenly her phone rings.这一天,同俄国中部省会城市的任何一天无异一个岁的女孩正准备去学校忽然,她的电话响了The next minute she is out of the door, saying she’s meeting a friend and they will go to school together.下一刻,她走出家门,说要去见一个朋友,他们将一起去学校Later the same day, when her mother turns up at the school, there is no sign of her daughter.同天晚些时候,当她的妈妈到学校时,却不见她的女儿No-one has seen her.没人见过她Then the mother’s phone rings, and she can tell by the ring tone that it’s her daughter’s phone.随后,母亲的电话响起,通过铃声,她能辨别出那是她女儿的手机"Where are you, darling?" she asks with relief.她宽慰地问道:“亲爱的,你在哪里?”"It’s not your daughter," a strange voice replies. "I’m a doctor from AE. Your daughter is dead."一个陌生的声音回答道:“我不是你的女儿我是急诊室的医生你的女儿死了”She had taken her own life.她终结了自己的生命In the weeks and months that followed, the mother discovered how her daughter had been immersed in an online subculture of suicide involving images of self-harming, alternative reality games and a cult surrounding a -year-old girl who had killed herself in a violent fashion.在随后的数周数月中,她母亲发现了自己的女儿如何沉浸于一个线上自杀亚文化群,该网站包括自虐图片,逃避现实游戏,以及一个岁的女孩以暴力的手段以祭礼终结自己的生命This is the tragic story at the heart of a long, front-page called Groups of Death in independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta on May.5月日,独立报纸《新报在显著位置用长篇专题文章刊登了这则名为《死亡群体的悲剧故事Written by correspondent Galina Mursalieva, it alleges that Russia’s most popular social network VKontakte (VK) has numerous groups used by Svengali-type figures to encourage vulnerable young people to kill themselves.这篇报道的撰稿记者是Galina Mursalieva,宣称,俄罗斯最受欢迎的社交网络VK拥有大利用量斯文加利型人物的群体,鼓励易受伤害的年轻人自杀These groups are regularly closed down, but others quickly spring up in their place.这些群体经常被关闭,但是其他同类型的会迅速涌现The piece claims that a spate of at least 80 recent suicides can be linked to these online groups. Four of the deaths, including the one described above, occurred on the same day last December and in roughly the same manner.文章声称,近期近80起自杀事件可能和这些线上群体有关包括上述事件的四起自杀事件都于去年月同天以近乎相同的方式发生Groups of Death has had an extraordinary impact. In little over a week, it has been viewed more than two million times and has sparked a stormy debate on social networks and beyond.群体性自杀影响重大一个多星期以来,访问量已经超过0万人次,在社交网络上引发了激烈的争论One of the reasons it has gone viral is undoubtedly the emotional intensity of Galina Mursalieva’s writing. But that has been singled out as one of its main shortcomings, too.它迅速走火的原因之一无疑是Galina Mursalieva所写的情绪压力但这也被挑选为主要缺陷之一Critics have accused her of treating a complex subject with tabloid sensationalism and allowing her personal involvement in the story to cloud her judgement.批评人士控诉她用小报哗众取宠的姿态面对这一复杂的话题,并且以个人身份参与故事本身,蒙蔽了判断In particular, they question the emphasis that the writer and the bereaved parents have placed on the internet as a cause of juvenile suicide.他们尤其质疑作者和受害者父母强调互联网是青少年自杀的元凶A follow-up investigation by the Lenta.ru website presented a more nuanced, although no less disturbing, picture of internet subculture.Lenta.ru网站的后续调查呈现了一个更加微妙,但也同样令人疑惑的互联网亚文化群肖相It suggested that the people running the VK groups were not much older than their teenage members, and in many cases were exploiting suicide cults to boost their own egos or even earn money from online advertising.该调查显示,运营VK团队的人和青少年差不多大,很多情况下,他们利用邪教自杀来来提升名气,通过线上广告赚钱But Lenta.ru also admitted that at least some of the deaths mentioned by Novaya Gazeta could be linked to online grooming.但是Lenta.ru也承认,至少《新报提到的一些死亡事件可能和线上诱拐有关日本男童森林走失“管教方式”引热议 -- :50:37 来源:chinadaily 近几天,日本一位7岁的男孩引发全球媒体关注搜索队员们在山区搜索走失男童5月日,他与父母和在北海道一处森林附近的公园游玩时,因向周围车辆和游人扔石子而被父母惩戒,在回家途中被强行叫下车,独自一人被留在森林里几分钟后,家人开车回来却发现这个男孩已不见踪影由日本警方、消防、政府公务员等组成的搜索队伍四处寻找,6月3日上午,终于在北海道最北部的一处军队训练营找到了他该事件在日本国内和国际媒体中广泛传播,同时也引发了人们关于父母该如何管教孩子的讨论我们先看一下有关该事件的相关报道:Yamato Tanooka was left behind on the family’s way back from a day trip to Nanae. Tanooka’s father said his son was misbehaving, throwing rocks at cars on a nearby road.田野冈大和是在一家人从七饭游玩返程的路上被丢下的他的父亲表示,儿子一直很顽皮,往旁边道路上的汽车扔石子To punish him, his parents left him in the est, driving 550 yards away, and returning minutes later. By that point, Tanooka was aly gone.为了惩罚他,他的父母将他留在森林了,开车走了550码(5米),几分钟后就开回去了到那时,田野冈大和就不见了Tanooka was left without food or water, wearing just navy shorts, a black pullover and red sneakers.田野冈大和当时身边没有水或食物,只穿了蓝色短裤,黑色套头衫和一双红色运动鞋The mountainous area is also home to wild bears. Search efts have intensified after rescuers found fresh bear droppings.他所处的山区常有野生熊出没搜索人员在附近发现新鲜的熊粪便之后加强了搜索力量The boy was found Friday morning by a soldier in a military drill area on the northernmost main island of Hokkaido.周五早晨,一名士兵在北海道最北部的一处军事训练营找到了这名男孩The boy suffered some dehydration and was getting an intravenous drop, but besides some minor scratches on his arms and feet, no serious risks to his health were found, a medical doctor who had examined him was ed as saying.男孩有点脱水,正在接受输液治疗给他做身体检查的医生表示,除了胳膊和双脚有些轻微擦伤之外,没有发现严重的健康问题男孩被找到,搜索人员开心鼓掌这件事被媒体报道之后,引发了很多人关于孩子管教方式(child discipline)的讨论虽然各个国家因为文化和传统的不同,管教孩子的风格也不尽相同但是,大体上基本都可以分为惩罚(punishment)和奖励(reward)这两种惩罚(punishment)又分为身体惩罚(physical punishment)和非身体惩罚(non-physical punishment)身体惩罚就是我们常说的“体罚”,具体方式我们就不细说了我们来说说常见的几种非身体惩罚方式:Time-outs(隔离独处):通常的做法是让小孩在墙角自己站一会儿(corner time),即“面壁”;或者把小孩独自关在自己的房间,类似我们说的“关小黑屋”Grounding(禁足):这是针对年龄稍大一点的青少年的惩罚方式,一般做法是孩子放学回家以后,限制其出门玩耍的自由,在家的时候,也会限制他们使用电脑、电视等设备Scolding(责备):对孩子的不良行为进行责备和批评另外,不少家长还会使用一些非惩罚类的管教方式(non-pive discipline),常见的方式包括:Praise and rewards(表扬与奖励):孩子表现好的时候就给予一些称赞和认可Natural consequences(顺其自然):允许孩子犯一些错误,然后自己从错误中吸取教训比如,孩子忘记带午饭去上学,中午吃饭的时候就会饿肚子,这样他以后就会记得带午饭了该事件中,男孩的父母使用的就是time-outs(隔离独处)的管教方式,但是因为男孩并没有待在原地等他们回来而导致后续的一系列事件转折,导致不少人都质疑,把孩子留在一个熊出没的地方到时算管教还是虐待(abuse)幸好,这个7岁的男孩安全被找到了(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)曼彻斯特德比鸟巢爽约 中国球迷内心很崩溃 --9 ::56 来源:chinadaily 曼联与曼城俱乐部原定于国家体育场“鸟巢”举行的比赛在开场当天宣布取消,从全国各地奔赴北京的球迷内心是崩溃的:“宝宝不能接受宝宝心里苦!”两家俱乐部的CEO表示,暴雨导致球场状况糟糕,此举是为保球员的安全鉴于中国庞大的商业市场和粉丝数量,两队未来都不会放弃再次前来踢球The chaos surrounding the cancellation of Monday’s Manchester derby in Beijing will not deter either club from touring the Far East in future, according to ed executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and his City counterpart Ferran Soriano.原定于周一在北京进行的曼彻斯特德比被取消曼联的执行副主席艾德?伍德沃德和曼城的首席执行官费兰?索里亚诺都表示,由此造成的混乱并不会阻碍两家俱乐部未来继续来远东巡回比赛The game was called off less than five hours bee kick-off due to the awful state of the pitch at the Bird’s Nest Stadium following overnight downpours.因前夜暴雨导致鸟巢体育馆的球场状况不佳,比赛在距离开场不到五小时宣布取消It highlighted the problem of playing pre-season games during the rainy season here after ed and City both experienced severe problems with the pitch on their visit to Hong Kong three years ago.曼联和曼城队都在三年前造访香港时因球场而遭遇严重问题,本次更突出了在雨季进行季前热身赛的问题However, the huge commercial spin-offs in China make it more than worthwhile. ed have an estimated 1million fans here, while City’s decision to sell a percent stake in their parent company to a group of Chinese investors £65m in December underlined their bold plans in the Far East.然而,在中国产生的巨大商业效应明这一切是绝对值得的曼联在这里有大约有1.1亿球迷,而曼城去年月以.65亿英镑向中国投资者出售母公司%的股份,也显示了其在远东的大胆计划Theree, it was no surprise to hear both clubs insisting that they will be happy to return to the region in future despite the problems they have encountered over the past few days.,尽管过去几天里碰到一些问题,听闻两家俱乐部强调他们很愿意在未来重回此地也并不奇怪Woodward said: ‘The recent torrential rain would have caused problems anywhere in the world and has left the pitch unplayable.伍德沃德说:“最近的暴雨在世界任何地方都会带来麻烦,导致球场无法进行比赛”‘We know our fans in China will, like the players and staff, be saddened by the cancellation of the match, but I am sure they appreciate that the players’ safety has to be the top priority.“我们明白,我们的中国粉丝会因比赛取消而难过,球员和工作人员也是一样但我相信,他们理解球员的安全必须放在首位”‘I am sure we will return to the Bird’s Nest in the future to give them the chance to see the team in action.’“我可以肯定,将来我们会重返鸟巢,让他们有机会看到球队的比赛”While ed flew home from China on Monday, City will carry on to Shenzhen, where they meet Borussia Dortmund on Thursday.周一,曼联从中国返英,而曼城将继续开赴深圳,于周四对阵多特蒙德Soriano, City’s chief executive, said: ‘We know how much everyone was looking ward to the game, but we understand that this bad weather is beyond anyone’s control, and that the rain has made it totally unsafe to play on this pitch.曼城首席执行官索里亚诺表示:“我们知道大家对比赛有多么期待,但我们明白,糟糕的天气无人可以掌控大雨之后,在这个球场上踢球毫无安全性可言”‘It has been a pleasure and an honour to experience such a warm welcome from the people and supporters here in Beijing, and we remain committed to playing here in the future.’“在北京受到群众和持者们如此热情的欢迎,我们很高兴也很荣幸将来也会继续来这里踢球”The playing surface at the Bird’s Nest resembled a patchwork quilt after desperate attempts were made to ensure the first Manchester derby to be staged on eign soil went ahead.为确保首场在国外打响的曼切斯特德比顺利开展,主办方不顾一切进行了努力,但鸟巢的球场草皮还是有如拼布床单But the match was called off just after 7am UK time following a pitch inspection and 90 minutes of talks between delegations from clubs and organisers of the International Champions Cup.比赛在英国时间上午7点后宣布取消此前,国际冠军杯的主办方和俱乐部代表进行了90分钟的谈话并检查了场地The ICC insisted that the 50,000 fans who paid between £60 and £300 tickets will be reimbursed, but many were upset when they learned of the decision to cancel the game after reaching the stadium.国际冠军杯方面表示,花费了60到300英镑买票的5万名球迷将获得退款但许多到达场馆后得知比赛取消的粉丝感到非常失望ed fan Hu Mu Lin said: ‘I am angry because I had a ticket and now they can’t play the match. We drove here by car and it took six or seven hours with my father and my friend.’曼联的粉丝胡木林(音)说:“我很气愤,因为我买了票可现在他们不能比赛了我和我的父亲和朋友开了六七个小时的车到这里来”City supporter Sun Zhenbo, who had travelled 700 miles from Suihua, added: ‘We have come to Beijing especially this. I don’t know how this has happened. We cannot accept it. It took us eight hours by train to get here and then we walked two hours from Tiananmen Square to get to the stadium.’持曼城的孙振(音)从700英里外的黑龙江省绥化市赶来,他补充道:“我们特地为了比赛来到北京我不知道怎么就取消了这让人无法接受我们花了八个小时坐火车来京,又从天安门广场走了两个小时才到场馆”The bad weather also ced ed’s team flight to divert to Tianjin on Saturday night, while Jose Mourinho’s pre-match press conference was initially scrapped and then moved outside because of the intense humidity.糟糕的天气还迫使周六晚曼联队乘坐的航班转飞天津而何塞?穆里尼奥的赛前发布会一开始被取消,而后因新闻中心太过潮湿而转移到了室外*************************************许多中国球迷是特地跑来北京看比赛的,但是却等来了这一让人崩溃的结果来看看微上网友的反应:就爱巴蒂:北京欢迎你,用菜地感动你MuzicDog:鸟巢嘛 本来就是放鸽子的地方二分之一的双子星:球票还能退,外地球迷的机酒怎么办肯定还有不少学生党,存了大半年零花钱,就这么没了蒋天林Trevor:有些人可能抽调了一个月的休息时间赶来北京看比赛,却因草皮问题把比赛取消二沙小少爷:我觉得至少搞个见面会,全队出来和大家见见面说几句话也好然后主办方全额退票UlyssesCat:所以,整个北京城找不到第二块符合要求的场地了???Minsky-千江万湖都是水:场地不行,踢不了球,那改成演唱会也行啊你咬我吖77:这个主办方太业余了,场地如果不行应该好几天前就通知,下午才通知人家一句话不踢了,谁倒霉还是球迷呗从全中国各地跑过去就为了看场比赛,你们拿球迷当礼拜天过了?你大爷我叫小宇:我觉得两队最好直接踢点球Leon耶:真的心疼球迷CR7的小老太:这届天气不行,场地不行,俱乐部也不行不是我们的错安东毛-:球迷是最可爱的人,他们本不应该被这样辜负_瓦系乌暗熊:真的当初是有想着去看的,还好成本太高放弃了,要不现在肯定哭着回来公子姜_为了_楚宇潇_奋斗:说取消就取消 你咋不上天呢 诚意那 信誉那隔壁卢叔叔下面给你吃:一面懵逼的看着鸟巢*************************************各类比赛中的“德比大战”到底指什么?In many countries the term local derby, or simply just derby means a sporting fixture between two teams from the same town, city or region, particularly in association football.在很多国家,本地德比(local derby)或者德比(derby)都指来自同一个小镇、城市或地区的两队伍之间的体育比赛,尤多见于足球联赛A soccer game between two rival teams is also sometimes referred to as a "derby." A derby is the soccer equivalent of the sort of game that is called a "crosstown rivalry" in North American sports.两相互竞争的球队之间的足球比赛有时也叫做德比足球比赛中的德比相当于北美体育比赛中的“同城竞技”The phrase most likely originated from The Derby, a horse race in England, founded by the th Earl of Derby in 80, since at least as early as 180 'derby' has been used as a noun in English to denote any kind of sporting contest.德比这个说法很有可能来源于80年第世德比伯爵在英格兰开创的赛马活动The Derby早在180年时,德比一词就在英语里用作名词来指代任何一种体育比赛英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮

[文化]单反买不起?手机拍照一样美翻了(双语) --3 :39:3 来源:sohu 相片不好还在怪相机?那你就错啦!原来,只用iPhone就能够让你用三脚猫的摄影技术拍出让世人震惊的大师级照片iPhone摄影奖(IPPAWARDS)的获胜者们就向我们明了这个事实 Think that you need a fancy camera to take a good picture? You are WRONG! Turns out an iPhone is enough to shock people with your sick photography skills, and the winners from the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) can prove so. 就在最近,第九届年度IPPAWARDS落下帷幕获奖作品从简单的风景照片到可爱的动物照片——都是那么都是令人惊叹不已下面就让我们一起来欣赏一下吧 Just recently, the 9th Annual IPPAWARDS ended, and the winners have been announced. From simple landscape photos to photos of adorable animals - all of them are absolutely amazing. Take a look yourselves below. 一等奖《旅行 Fugen Xiao From Guangdong, China, 1st Place, Travel 那束光仿佛来自天堂,太美了! Beautiful light. 二等奖《日落 Yongmei Wang From Chongqing, China, nd Place, Sunset 你确定我的手机也是iPhone? 总冠军 Siyuan Niu From Xinjiang, China, Grand Prize Winner 三等奖 《动物们Junbiao Cai From Guangdong, China, 3rd Place, Animals 如果你把眼睛眯起来看,就像很多黑人和白人牵着手 If you defocus your eyes, it looks like many black and white people holding hands. :) 一等奖 《建筑 Jian Wang From Beijing, China, 1st Place, Architecture 三等奖 《旅行 Shiyang Han From Beijing, China, 3rd Place, Travel 像是用乐高拼出来的 Like lego land 一等奖 《人民Xia Zhenkai From Guangdong, China, 1st Place, People 二等奖 Robin Robertis From Carlsbad Ca, ed States, nd Place 一等奖 《自然 Junfeng Wang From Shanghai, China, 1st Place, Nature 看来如今拍照已经不全看设备了,就算只用智能手机,只要善于发现美的世界,你也能拍出“单反”照片 English Source: BoredPanda 到底什么秘诀能让手机变单反? 小编很快就会揭晓了!

令计划一审被判处无期徒刑 -- :5:33 来源: 昨日,原中央统战部部长令计划在天津出庭受审,被判处无期徒刑令计划表示当庭从判决,放弃上诉 Ling Jihua pleaded guilty and "decided not to appeal", state media reported.据中国国家媒体报道,令计划当庭承认罪行并“决定放弃上诉”Ling was in effect chief-of-staff to Mr Hu, but was demoted in amid a high profile anti-corruption campaign.令计划是胡锦涛总书记时代的领导班子成员,在年爆发的针对高层的反腐调查中落马His downfall came after reports of an alleged cover-up over his son, who died alongside two semi-clad women while driving his Ferrari in Beijing in .据报道,年令计划之子在北京驾驶法拉利时死于车祸,同车的两名半裸女性一并遇难而令计划意图掩盖丑闻,此后遭到降职The court in the northern city of Tianjin held a closed-door hearing on 7 June, Xinhua reported.据新华社报道,天津市中级人民法院对本案进行了不公开审理Ling was convicted of taking .57m dollars (8.71m pounds) in bribes and to have used his influence to secure property deals and promotions his associates, among other favours, the state news agency said.新华社报道显示,令计划被控收受万美元(合871万英镑)的贿赂,利用自己的影响力操纵房地产交易,帮助特定关系人升职及其他罪行Descent from power落马过程Until the scandal involving his son, Ling had been tipped promotion to the party’s Politburo.令计划在儿子的丑闻曝光前已经进入了中央政治局Instead, he was moved from head of the Central Committee’s General Office - in effect chief of staff to China’s leader - and appointed to the less influential post of head of the ed Front Work Department.随后,令计划被免除了中央办公厅主任一职,改任中央统战部部长The identity of those inside the Ferrari was never revealed and censors blocked online comments mentioning the crash. Ling was accused of trying to cover up the scandal.车祸遇难者的身份从未对外公布,网上相关也全部遭到屏蔽令计划被指控意图掩盖这起丑闻The authorities announced an investigation into him in late , and he was expelled from the Communist Party and arrested in July .中国当局于年年底宣布对令计划进行调查令计划于年7月被开除出党并遭逮捕President Xi Jinping has overseen a campaign against corruption since coming to power in late and many high-profile political figures have been jailed.习近平总书记于年上任以来发起了大规模反腐运动,大批贪官锒铛入狱

口袋妖怪游戏有毒: 两男子为“抓精灵”跌落悬崖 -- 19:53:00 来源: 本周三,美国两位男子因玩口袋妖怪太入迷,跌落悬崖且玩且珍惜,这款游戏真的有毒吗? LOS ANGELES -- Two men suffered moderate injuries when they tumbled off a seaside cliff north of San Diego while reportedly playing Pokemon Go, fire officials said Thursday.洛杉矶——本周四,在美国北部的圣迭戈市,消防官员称:两男子因玩“口袋妖怪”太入迷,不幸跌入海边的悬崖,并受到了中度损伤The pair fell after climbing a fence and disregarding warning signs in order to get on the bluff in Encinitas, Calif., said Fire Marshal Anita Pupping.在加利福尼亚的恩西尼塔斯,当地救援队队长安妮塔·帕伯说,两人为“抓精灵”无视警示牌,强行翻过围栏One of the men told sheriffs’ deputies that he and his friend were playing the smartphone augmented-reality game Pokemon Go when they fell over the cliff’s edge, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Pupping said she could not confirm the report. The names of the victims were not released.据圣地亚哥联盟报称:两人中的其中之一告诉治安人员说,他们跌倒到悬崖边上时,他和他的朋友正在玩一款叫作“口袋妖怪”的增强现实游戏帕伯说,该消息未被实此外受伤者的名字也未公布Pupping says one of the men tumbled about 50 feet. His companion fell about 80 to 90 feet, landing on the beach at 1 p.m. Wednesday. “The fire department had to extricate them with ropes and harnesses and such,” said Pupping.帕伯说,本周三下午一点,其中一名男子坠落约50英尺,他的同伴则坠落80-90英尺跌至海滩上救援人员不得不使用绳索和吊带等进行解救Pokemon Go has become a summer phenomenon, a game played on smartphones in which characters are projected on the screen amid the player’s actual surroundings.今年夏天,口袋妖怪火爆街头,这是一款基于智能手机的游戏,它的人物凸现在手机屏幕上,并且处在玩家周边的真实环境中The goal of the game is to capture the animated figures. Unlike past app-based games, Pokemon Go is being credited with coaxing kids and adults to exercise by having to walk to play. But it also has landed players in hot water.该游戏的目标是抓住这些可爱的小精灵和过去的基于手机应用的游戏不同,口袋妖怪以诱导孩子和成人通过走路玩游戏的方式进行锻炼而广受赞誉但是它也会把你带到火坑里去One player reportedly found a body while playing in Wyoming, some have been robbed and other players have become involved in traffic accidents, according to news reports.据新闻报道:因玩这款游戏,据说一位玩家在怀俄明州的的时候发现了一具尸体,一些玩家被抢劫过,还有一些玩家被卷入了交通事故In Encinitas, those who try to play on the cliffs are asking trouble.在恩西尼塔斯,那些非得在悬崖上玩的人真的是自作孽“We’d like people to stay clear of all the bluffs, overhangs and cliffs,” said Pupping, though she was not able to confirm if the two men were indeed playing Pokemon Go at the time of their fall.帕伯说:“希望大家能够远离悬崖峭壁”,虽然她也不是十分确定这俩男子跌落悬崖的时候,是不是真的在玩口袋妖怪Both men were taken to the Scripps La Jolla Trauma Center treatment.目前,这两位男子已被送往斯克里普斯拉霍亚创伤中心接受治疗

双语:比尔盖茨变身圣诞老人送神秘大礼 --6 ::3 来源:    the second straight Christmas, Microsoft co-founder William Henry "Bill" Gates III made a Redditor very happy not only by granting her Christmas wish, but also by donating to worthy causes in her name.  连续第二个圣诞节,微软创始人之一威廉·亨利·“比尔”·盖茨三世让一名Reddit(社交新闻网站)的用户非常开心,不仅仅是因为比尔盖茨实现了她的圣诞愿望,还因为他用她的名义进行了捐助  Gates played a Secret Santa in this year's Reddit's Secret Santa gift exchange, an online gift exchange since that connects Internet strangers.  盖茨扮演今年Reddit网上神秘的圣诞老人进行礼物交换——这是从年就开始的在陌生网友之间进行的在线礼物交换活动  His beneficiary, a 5-year-old Loki fan named Calid7, got not just her wish—a Loki helmet—but also a book of pictures of Africa and a donation in her name to a vaccine program children in poor countries.  他的受益人——网名叫Calid7的5岁洛基粉丝,不仅拿到了梦寐以求的洛基头盔,得到了一本非洲新书,还有以她名义为贫穷国家的儿童捐助的疫苗项目  "The amazing human being Bill Gates sent me a Loki Helmet which i have been dying to own ever since the first Thor movie came out!! He my 'pie in the sky wish' that i filled out in my questionnaire and fulfilled it! I also got an amazing coffee table book of gorgeous pictures of Africa (somewhere i desperately want to go, its on my bucket list!) with an inscription and a Giant microbes polio virus stuffed animal!," Cali7 said.  “了不起的比尔盖茨送了我洛基的头盔!我从第一部《雷神电影开始就好想好想要的头盔!!他读到了我在问卷里填写的‘天上掉馅饼愿望’并实现了它!我还拿到了一本超棒的包含非洲壮观景色的茶几书(我超想去非洲的,这个愿望都上了我的遗书清单!),带有题词!还有一个小儿麻痹症病毒微生物的填充物!” Cali7说  She was particularly pleased with the donation Gates made in her name to Shot@Life, a program that provides vaccines children in poor countries.  她对比尔盖茨用她的名义向Shot@Life捐助尤其感到高兴,Shot@Life是一个向贫困国家儿童提供疫苗的项目  "(I) can't even begin to describe how incredible it makes me feel knowing that he made this donation in my name! I always donate what i can charities, it really makes me glow!" she said.  “我甚至不能描述,当我知道他用我的名字捐助的时候有多么难以置信!我总是尽我可能捐助慈善机构,这真的让我兴奋极了!”她说

马克·扎克伯格的社交媒体账户被黑客攻击 -- ::0 来源: 扎克伯格的Instagram、推特、领英和Pinterest的账号遭到短暂地黑客攻击 He might run the world’s biggest social networking site, but not even Mark Zuckerberg is immune to being hacked.虽然马克·扎克伯格统治着世界上最大的社交媒体网站,但也无法对黑客攻击免疫The Facebook founder’s s on sites including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest appear to have been briefly compromised on Sunday.这位脸书创始人的包括Instagram、推特、领英和Pinterest的账号在周日显示遭到短暂地黑客攻击A hacker group called Ourmine, which has more than 0,000 Twitter followers, claimed responsibility.拥有万名粉丝的名为Ourmine的黑客组织称这起事件为其所为The group bragged about the alleged hacks in a tweet and invited Mr Zuckerberg to contact them.该组织在推特上自夸了这起所谓的黑客行动,并要求扎克伯格联系他们"Hey @finkd we got access to your Twitter Instagram Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us."“嘿,@finkd,我们进入了你的推特、Instagram和Pinterest账户,我们只是测试你的安全性,请联系我们”Engadget posted a screengrab of the alleged hack of the Facebook chief executive’s Twitter :瘾科技网站发布了脸书CEO推特账号被所谓黑客攻击后的截屏:The Twitter has since had the offending tweets deleted. Mr Zuckerberg has not sent a tweet from the since .该推特账号从此把这些冒犯的帖子删除了扎克伯格自年就没有用此账户发布信息Developer Ben Hall tweeted a screenshot of Mr Zuckerberg’s "hacked" Pinterest page.程序员Ben Hall在Pinterest页面上发布了扎克伯格“被黑客攻击”的截屏The B understands that Facebook’s security systems prevented Mr Zuckerberg’s Instagram from being accessed. The photo-sharing service is owned by Facebook.B了解的情况是,脸书的安全系统防止扎克伯格的Instagram账户被访问该图片分享务网站为脸书所有Some reports suggested that the hack of LinkedIn may have been responsible the breach.一些报道称年领英遭黑客攻击可能导致了该安全系统的崩溃Last month it was reported that 7 million LinkedIn username and password combinations stolen four years ago were being sold on the dark web 5 bitcoins - worth about $,300 (1,595 pounds).据报道,上个月,四年前1.亿被盗的领英用户的用户名和密码组合在黑网站上以5比特币被出卖,价值300美元The passwords were encoded, but in a m that appears to have been relatively easy to unravel.这些密码是被编码的,但从形式来看显得相对容易解开The , on which he has posted just 30 images, has more than 600,000 followers.这个只发布了30张图片的账号拥有60万粉丝

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