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Huangdi Culture黄帝文化Huangdi is considered to be the founder of Chinese civilization as well as its first ancestor.He lived about 4 thousand years ago, during the time of patriarchal clan community,他生活在大约4000年前的父系氏族社会时期,and was the mystical chief of one of the strongest tribes in the middle valley of the Yellow River.是黄河流域最强大地部落之一的神秘首领。During this period many tribes came to settle around the reach of Yellow River engaging in farming.在这段时期,许多部落来到黄河沿岸安营扎寨,从事农业。The different tribes clashed with each other over land disputes as each tribe sought to have more farmland.因为每个部落都想要获取更多的土地,不同部落之间会因为土地问题起冲突。Since the constant warring caused much suffering to the people, Huangdi decided to put an end to this chaotic situation.当接连不断的战争使人民受苦受难时,黄帝决定终结这样混乱的局面。He worked out a moral code and trained his army.他制定了一套道德准则并训练了军队。With his army, after warring 56 battles against other tribes,他依靠自己的军队打败了56个部落,Huangdi conquered a wide area along the Yellow River and was made chief of the tribal union.征了黄河沿岸的一大片区域,成为了部落联盟的首领。Because his tribe honored the virtue of earth, he was given the title, Yellow Emperor,after the yellow color of earth, the symbol of farming.因为他的部落尊敬黄土大帝,他就被成为“黄帝”,“黄帝”代表着大地的颜色,是农业的象征。As the Yellow Emperor,he is remembered as having done many great things.作为黄帝,他因做了许多好事而被人铭记。He coined bronze money, practiced medicine, invented boats, raised silk-worms and divided his realm into provinces.他创造了铜钱、行医、造船、养蚕,还将他的领土划分区域。The story goes that when Huangdi was 110 years old,a yellow dragon appears in the sky,summoning the emperor to heaven on behalf of the king of heaven.传说黄帝110岁时,天空中出现了一条黄色的龙,代表玉帝将黄帝召唤至天庭。When the emperor riding on the back of the dragon is about to leave,当黄帝骑上龙背准备离开时,his subjects who were reluctant to let him go, drag him back by his clothes.他的臣民不愿意他离开,拖住他的衣把他拽回。However, all that was left were only part of the emperor’s clothes and hat.然而最终留下的仅仅是黄帝的衣衫和帽子。In commemoration of Huangdi, his descendents buried his remains at Mt. Qiaoshan,为了纪念黄帝,他的子孙后代将他留下的东西埋在了桥山,where they built a mausoleum in honour of him, in present day Shanxi Province.在那里,也就是今天的陕西省,他们建造了陵墓来缅怀黄帝。Tradition passes down from then that every year on the fifth day of the fourth lunar month (the Qingming Festival, also known as the Festival of Pure Brightness)传统自那时流传,每年农历的四月五日(清明节),Chinese people of Huangdi’s origin, will remember him by coming to visit his mausoleum which has become the symbol of the Chinese nation.中国人作为黄帝的子孙,通过参观皇帝的陵墓来纪念他,而这已经成为了中华民族的一个象征。 /201508/393938ArcelorMittal will launch a new high-strength automotive steel later this year, throwing down the gauntlet to its rivals in the race to make cars lighter.安赛乐米塔尔(ArcelorMittal)将于今年晚些时候发布一款新型高强度汽车用钢,此举将在降低汽车重量的竞争中向对手发起挑战。The world’s biggest steel producer by tonnage said that its new grade, called Usibor 2000, would be about one-third stronger than those currently available for carmaking.这家全球产量最高的钢铁制造商表示,这款新型用钢被称为Usibor 2000,其强度将比现有的汽车用钢高出三分之一左右。“It’s lightweight because the material is so strong that you need a lot less of it to achieve the same functionality,” said Greg Ludkovsky, head of research and development at ArcelorMittal.安赛乐米塔尔研发部门总监格雷格#8226;路德科夫斯基(Greg Ludkovsky)表示:“它有助于减重,因为这种材料强度非常高,要实现同样的功能需要更少的用钢。”Tightening regulations on exhaust emissions in the fight against climate change are forcing automakers to improve their fleets’ average fuel efficiency. Alongside improvements in internal combustion engine technology and developments in electric vehicles, one of the main ways is by reducing mass.在应对气候变化的努力中,针对尾气排放的监管力度加大,这正迫使汽车制造商提高汽车的平均燃油效率。除了内燃机技术的改进和电动汽车的发展,主要的方法之一是降低汽车重量。While steel remains the material of choice in automotive, there is increasing competition from other substrates, such as aluminium and plastic composites, which can offer weight advantages.尽管钢材仍是汽车的首选材料,但它正面临其他板材日益激烈的竞争,例如具备重量优势的铝塑复合板。This was illustrated when Ford switched to aluminium for the body of its 2015 F-150 pickup truck, the best-selling vehicle in the US for more than three decades.福特(Ford) 2015款F-150皮卡改用全铝车身就表明了这点,这款车型是30多年来美国最畅销的。ArcelorMittal said that for applications requiring complex shapes, its Usibor 2000 product would bring potential weight saving of up 10 per cent on the previous best steel grade. It is more than three times stronger than leading automotive aluminium alloys, according to the company. Launch is expected by the end of this year in Europe and mid-2017 in the US.安赛乐米塔尔表示,对于构造复杂的形状,其Usibor 2000产品将令部件重量潜在比以前最好的钢材品级减少10%。据该公司称,这种品级用钢的强度是领先汽车用铝合金的3倍多。预计这款产品将于今年底在欧洲发布,2017年年中在美国发布。 /201606/448017

Google Chrome has finally fixed a huge annoyance for its users. Chrome has removed the keyboard shortcut that makes the ;backspace; key return to the previous page.谷歌Chrome浏览器于日前终于解决了用户的一大困扰。Chrome浏览器已经移除了一键盘快捷键,此“退格键”主要用于返回前一页。This ;feature; caused problems for many people who would inadvertently lose a whole bunch of information that they had just entered into a form.这一“特点”引起了一系列问题,会造成用户在不经意间丢失了刚刚填写的一大堆信息。For example, if you were filling out a survey or other web form and pressed the backspace key when you weren#39;t actually focused in one of the text boxes, Chrome interpreted the backspace as a ;back; button which would cause you to lose all of the data you had just entered.例如:你正在填写一份调查问卷或者其他的网页表单,在未锁定文本框的情况下按下退格键,Chrome默认退格键即为“返回”按钮,造成刚刚输入的所有信息丢失。Google engineers wrote, when they first announced that the fix was coming at the end of July, that years of user complaints have finally driven them to get rid of the shortcut.谷歌工程师写道,7月底他们第一次宣布对此进行修复,多年的用户投诉终于促使他们取消了这一快捷键。Although some hardcore shortcut fans have complained heartily about this move, Google engineers said that the number of people suffering, plus the relative ease of switching back, make the change worth it.尽管习惯使用该快捷键的人强烈抱怨此次修复,但谷歌工程师称,不习惯这一快捷键的人数众多,再加上切换回来相对容易些,所以这一改变是值得的。We#39;re definitely aware of the frustration that this causes users who have come to rely on the shortcut, a Google product manager, Tyler Odean, writes. ;However for users who don#39;t understand the behavior of the shortcut, which is the majority of users, the loss of data is also super frustrating and they are less equipped to understand or prevent their frustrations.;“我们的确意识到这将使得依赖此快捷键的用户十分沮丧,”谷歌产品经理泰勒·奥丁写道。“但是对于不懂得如何使用此快捷键的大多数用户而言,数据的丢失也超级沮丧,他们更无法理解或避免这种沮丧感。”People who like the shortcut can either switch to using other ones (like alt+left arrow on Windows, command+left arrow on Mac) or install a Chrome extension that makes backspace go back again.那些习惯使用快捷键的用户要么使用其他快捷键(像Windows操作系统下alt+左箭头键,Mac操作系统下command+左箭头键),要么安装Chrome扩展版继续使用“退格键”。This fix has officially started rolling out for Chrome users and a spokesperson tells us it should be ;at 100% soon.;此修复已正式面向Chrome用户推广,一位发言人告诉我们,这应该很快就会“百分百”的实现。 /201608/460092

A China-made wearable robot that can assist disabled people with walking is expected to enter the market in one to two years, according to its developer.我国已自主研发出一款可以帮助残疾人行走的可穿戴机器人,其研发方称,该款机器人有望在一两年内投入市场。The Fourier X1, developed by Chinese technology startup Fourier Intelligence, was unveiled to the public in Shanghai last month.Fourier X1机器人由我国科技初创企业傅利叶智能研发,于上个月在上海正式对外发布。Gu Jie, chief executive officer of Fourier, said that the Fourier X1 weighed 20 kg and applied industrial design into the exoskeleton. It can assist with walking for people who have had a stroke or spinal cord injuries. The robot has four batteries inside that enable it to walk for seven hours.公司首席执行官顾捷表示,Fourier X1重20公斤,外骨骼采用工业设计,可帮助中风或脊髓损伤的人行走。该款机器人内置4块电池,可行走7小时。He said that the company aimed to make the robot more affordable than foreign models such as Israel-made ReWalk and Japanese-made Cyberdyne currently on the market.他表示,该公司旨在使该机器人相比起目前市场上其它的外国机器人--如以色列研发的ReWalk、日本研发的Cyberdyne,要更加实惠。Prices of the Fourier X1 robots are expected to be at least a third cheaper than similar foreign models, which are sold between RMB600,000 and RMB1m each.目前,国外同类产品的单套售价为60-100万元,预计Fourier X1的价格至少比其便宜1/3。Gu said the company was working to test and improve the robot#39;s various functions such as sitting, standing, walking and climbing stairs.顾捷称,公司正在测试和改进其坐、站、行走、上下楼梯等多种功能。 /201704/502372

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