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短语:垃圾箱着火,没得救了~ -- ::6 来源:chinadaily 钱钟书说,老年人恋爱,就像老房子着火,没得救英文中有个类似的表达,也可以用来描述失控的状态,就是垃圾箱着火 Dumpster fire refers to a person, organization, or situation that is hopelessly and disastrously out of control, or something very difficult that nobody wants to deal with. “垃圾箱着火”指的是某人、某个机构、或某种情况处于绝望境地,或者处于灾难性地失控状态也可以指某件事很棘手,没人想处理 例句:This project is a complete dumpster fire. 这个项目完全就是垃圾箱火灾 In entertainment or sports, dumpster fire refers to a laughably poor permance usually caused by: 在或体育领域,“垃圾箱火灾”指的是表现差得可笑,通常是因为如下原因: 1. Lack of planning, preparation or talent. 缺少计划和准备,或缺乏人才 . Random events that effectively sabotage the eft (i.e., technical problems). 足以破坏掉努力的随机事件(比如技术问题) 例句: Dumpster Fire is the kindest thing I can say about Oakland's game against San Diego. 奥克兰队对阵圣地亚哥的这场比赛就像一场垃圾箱火灾,这已经是最仁慈的说法了欧洲杯:英格兰球迷与警方发生冲突 -- :5:5 来源: 马赛警察在欧洲杯开始的第二晚,动用催泪瓦斯疏散英格兰球迷,这些球迷在醉酒后向警察扔掷酒瓶 Police in Marseille have deployed tear gas a second evening to disperse England fans gathered ahead of the Euro football championships.马赛警察在欧洲杯开始的第二晚,动用催泪瓦斯疏散英格兰球迷Officers in riot gear clashed with fans who threw bottles at police in the streets of the Old Port district.防暴警察在老城区的街头与那些向警察扔掷酒瓶的球迷发生冲突B 5 live sports presenter George Riley said a group of England fans had appeared to be goading either the police or locals in the area.B 5体育节目主持人George Riley说一伙英格兰球迷似乎招惹了警察或当地人France won the opening match in the tournament beating Romania -1.法国队在揭幕战以比1战胜罗马尼亚队The fresh clashes in Marseille began outside a pub in the same area that had been affected by trouble on Thursday and continued well into the night.冲突发生于马赛一家酒吧外,那片区域周四也发生过动乱,但夜间已被平息One England fan and one local man were arrested in the early hours of Friday after police had moved in with tear gas.周五凌晨,警察动用催泪瓦斯来到该区域后,一名英格兰球迷和一名当地人被捕George Riley said the group he had seen gathering on Friday evening appeared "quite menacing", which prompted the 5 live team to leave.George Riley说周五晚上这伙人来势颇汹,B 5台团队离开B Newsnight producer Alex Campbell, who is also at the scene, tweeted: "Most England fans here are simply drunk and singing. But the glass bottles aimed at police are becoming more regular."B夜间新闻制作人Alex Campbell,也在现场,他推文说:“这些英格兰球迷基本喝醉了,他们在唱歌,扔向警察的酒瓶也越来越多”He later added: "Police just took their moment to charge England fans, who have now been pushed back. Some into a side road."后来他又附上:“警察已掌握时机并冲向英格兰球迷,球迷们在后退,有些已退到辅路”B Newsbeat presenter Ben Mundy said police had earlier told bars in the Old Port area to stop serving English fans beer because they were singing loudly.B新闻调查主持人Ben Mundy说警察早些时候曾告知老城区的酒吧,要他们停止向英格兰球迷提供啤酒,因为他们的歌声实在太吵This had antagonised them and made them more aggressive, he said.这惹恼了球迷们,使他们变得更具攻击性,他说Police injured警察受伤On Thursday four French policemen were injured as they moved in on England fans, the news website France Bleu reported. Many of the fans had been drunk, it said.周四有四名法国警察在接近英格兰球迷时受伤,新闻网站France Bleu报道称,他们大多都喝醉了After the tear gas was released, the police restored calm to the area at about :30 local time.在动用催泪瓦斯后,警察在当地时间点30使这里恢复平静There had been no damage to local property, they said.没有造成当地财产损失,他们说English fans are in Marseille ahead of England’s game with Russia on Saturday.英格兰球迷提前来到马赛,为周六晚英格兰与俄罗斯的对阵加油助威母亲节:送给妈妈的18句最美专属“情话” -- :: 来源: 母亲节是一个极其特别的日子在这一天,你应该让你的母亲明白她在你心中的意义非凡小编在此特此推荐一些送给妈妈的最美专属祝福Motherrsquo;s Day is a very special day, meant telling your mother how much she means to you, and not saying, rsquo;Oh, shit thatrsquo;s today?rsquo; when she calls you.母亲节是一个极其特别的日子在这一天,你应该让你的母亲明白她在你心中的意义非凡,而不是在她给你打电话时,你却下意识脱口而出,;该死,母亲节居然是今天么;If you are in risk of mentioning the latter this Motherrsquo;s Day, herersquo;s a helpful list filled with nicer, heartfelt sentiments you should use instead. You want your mother to know you care about her, not that the day in her honor never crossed your mind.如果在母亲节,你很可能会像上述后者一样言语不当,那么敬请参考今天小编特此推荐的一些送给妈妈的最美专属祝福你要让你的妈妈感受到你很关心她,而不是给她留下你从来没有将这个节日放在心上的印象1.Happy Motherrsquo;s Day, Mom.1. 妈妈,母亲节快乐. Thank you everything you have done me, I really appreciate it.. 谢谢您为我做的一切,真的谢谢您3. I bought you this necklace.3. 妈妈,我为您买了一条项链. What were you thinking dinner? Itrsquo;s totally your choice tonight.. 晚上您想吃什么?今天全凭你做主5. I love you.5. 妈妈,我爱您6. Here, I brought you breakfast in bed. The orange juice doesnrsquo;t have any pulp in it.6. 我把早餐给您端来了刚榨的橙汁,里面没有果肉7. You inspire me everyday, Mom.7. 妈妈,是您每天给予我力量8. I remembered Motherrsquo;s Day because you are important to me.8. 我会每年都记得母亲节这一天,因为您对我很重要9. Good news, the wine store was still open, so I bought a ton of Prosecco.9. 太好了,酒店还开着门,我买了好多普罗塞克(一种全球知名的意大利葡萄酒). Mothers donrsquo;t receive anywhere near the amount of respect and recognition that they should.. 其实,我以前对你不够敬重,以后我会尽量做到. I know you said not to get you anything, but we got you something anyway.. 您总说没有为我们做什么,但事实上我们从您那里得到了许多东西. I hope I can be half the parent you were to me, Mom.. 妈妈,我今后也要做一个母亲,就像您对我一样.Here is a coupon book I made you. It never expires and one of the pages is redeemable one free hug.. 这是我给您的一本专属优惠券它终生有效,每一页都可以折现成一个免费的拥抱. Letrsquo;s look through that old photo book together, Mom.. 妈妈,我们一起翻翻旧相册吧. You are an amazing person.. 妈妈,我觉得您特别伟大. Hey dad, I have Fatherrsquo;s Day marked on my calendar as well, and I plan to make that day just as special.. 老爸,我也在日历上把父亲节这一天做了标记对我来说,那个日子和今天一样重要. I am always just a phone call away.. 只要您一个电话,我随叫随到18. I am not going to ask you money.18. 我不是来朝您要钱的背负万众期待的窦靖童能成为下一站天后吗? --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:她的母亲是乐坛天后王菲,她的父亲是摇滚怪才窦唯,卓越的音乐基因让人们对她抱有非同一般的期待现在“整个华语乐坛都在等她长大”的窦靖童终于正式出道了专注自己的音乐,不迎合主流,偏爱小众,窦靖童是否能复制父母昔日的辉煌? many years, Leah Dou’s biggest claim to fame was being the daughter of musicians Faye Wong and Dou Wei. Only recently has the 19-year-old stepped out of her parents’ shadows, by starting her own career in the Mando-pop world.多年来,窦靖童的名气来自于她的父母——歌手王菲和窦唯不久前,这位19岁少女正式进军华语乐坛,开启了自己的歌唱事业,逐渐摆脱父母的光环Her debut album Stone Café, released on April , features songs that Dou wrote in English – an artistic choice seemingly aimed at shirking mainstream acceptance in her native China. And yet, Stone Café has succeeded in attracting widesp attention, in part thanks to Dou’s musical pedigree.月日,她发行了自己的首张专辑《石头咖啡馆,该专辑收录了窦靖童创作的首英文歌曲选择英文歌似乎出于艺术方面的考虑,试图逃避融入中国主流(音乐)可是《石头咖啡馆还是成功吸引了大众的广泛关注,成功的部分原因可能要归功于窦靖童的身份Critics and listeners alike have praised Dou’s creativity and vocal range, but still, she undisputedly owes some of her popularity to her pop diva mother and her rock star father, both legendary in their respective fields.乐评人和乐迷们一致盛赞窦靖童的创造力和音域,但是不可否认,她之所以如此受欢迎和她的天后老妈和摇滚老爸不无关系他们都是各自的领域里的传奇人物Dou has struck out on her own musical path though, leaning heavily toward niche genres. “Her music merges together the characteristics of alternative pop in the 1990s and the elements of modern indie pop,” a music critic wrote under the pen name Aidiren in his review the Beijing Times.尽管如此,窦靖童却选择了属于自己的音乐之路,风格偏向于小众音乐笔名爱地人的乐评人在《新京报的一篇上写道:“她的音乐融合了世纪90年代另类流行音乐的特点和现代独立流行乐的元素”She has also been uncompromising when it comes to her artistic vision, at least publicly. Her songs are not designed to be earworms, tailor-made heavy rotation on the radio and online.在艺术视野上,她毫不妥协,至少对外表现出是这样她的歌不以成洗脑歌为目标,更不去迎合电台、网络热门金曲风格Even Dou’s mother focused on traditional, plaintive love songs such as Vulnerable Woman (《容易受伤的女人) to build her fan base early in her career, bee she transmed into an eccentric songstress. Dou skipped this process altogether.就连她的妈妈王菲在转型为特立独行的歌手之前,也曾专注于传统的伤心情歌(如《容易受伤的女人)为自己建立粉丝基础窦靖童完全跳过了这一步“I only care about conveying what I feel like in my music,” she told Southern Metropolis Daily. “If something I want to write happens to be widely accepted, that’s good. But if not, I just don’t care.”她告诉《南方都市报:“我在乎的是通过音乐传达我的感受如果我写的东西碰巧被大家接受,那很棒如果没有,我也不在乎”Even her public image is at odds with the mainstream. Large swaths of the Chinese public hold conservative opinions about gender, but Dou nevertheless dresses in a bold, androgynous fashion. She cropped her hair and dyed it pink, and both her arms have tattoos.她的公众形象也和主流毫不沾边大部分中国公众的性别观念还很保守,但窦靖童的衣着却走的是大胆中性时尚风她剪了短发,还把头发染成粉红色,她的双臂上都有纹身Dou’s album is named after a college canteen named Stone Café, which was located upstairs from one of her classes when she was enrolled in a Calinia arts school in . She spent her time there exploring various types of music. Most of the songs on her album were composed during that time. Writing in English was more “comtable”, she told the newspaper.窦靖童的新专辑取名自一家名为石头咖啡馆的大学餐厅,这家咖啡馆在她年入学的加州艺术学院的教室楼上她在这里花了不少时间学习各种类型的音乐专辑中的大部分歌曲也是在这一时期创作的用英语创作更“舒”,她告诉《南都记者However, listening to English might not be as comtable Chinese listeners. It remains to be seen whether Mando-pop fans will embrace Dou’s unique brand of music, with the same level of enthusiasm that propelled her parents to stardom.不过对中国听众来说,听英语可能就不那么舒了华语乐迷会不会像推崇她的父母那样接受窦靖童独特的音乐风格,还有待观察[学英语]“直男癌”用英文怎么说?(双语) --30 18::5 来源:sohu 欢迎大家来到学英语时间平时我们在中文里常说某某人已经是“直男癌”晚期啦,在英语里怎么表达呢?有图有真相,下面赶快跟着小编开始学习吧! 1. Mansplain 直男癌 -Colin mansplained that women do not make 75 cents to a man's dollar equal work. He mansplained that men and women take on different careers, and engineers typically get paid more than kindergarten teachers. Women are welcome to go to engineering school. (科林是典型的直男癌,他认为干同样的活儿女人就应该挣得比男人少他还说,女男分工不同,工程师们本来就比幼儿园老师挣得多,欢迎女性报考工程院校) -Donald Trump mansplained that Hilary Clinton was doing well because she was playing the woman card.(特朗普对希拉里很不屑,认为她表现不错只是因为她在打女性牌) -King Joffrey Baratheon mansplained to his mother that smart women do as they are told. (King Joffrey Baratheon教育他妈妈说,聪明的女人就该听话) -The father mansplained that women should do more household chores so that men can concentrate more on work.(那位父亲是典型的大男子主义,认为女人就应该多干家务,这样男人才能专心干事业) -It is mansplaining to say that women are bad drivers!(嘲笑女人是马路杀手是“直男癌”的说法) 【中文】直男癌 【解释】(Of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing. .Ball in one's court 轮到某人采取行动作反应了 -After making an error at work, Ben's boss said the ball was in his court to fix it. (Ben的老板告诉他,自己犯的错自己负责) -Rosalyn told Edmund that the ball was in his court to make their relationship work. (Rosalyn告诉Edmund,在他们的关系上,主动权在Edmund) -Nikki had the ball in her court after she found out her boyfriend was secretly carrying a lot of baggage. (Nikki发现男朋友悄悄拿了好多行李,就看她要怎么处理了) -Terrorists are targeting police and innocent people nowadays and the ball is in the government's court to come up with a method to deal with it. (如今恐怖分子针对警察和无辜平民发起袭击,政府有责任找出应对之策) -The husband lost his job again and the ball is now in the wife's court to decide whether she should go and find a job. (丈夫又失业了,现在是妻子做决定的时候了:自己要不要出去找份工作) 【中文】轮到某人采取行动作反应了 【解释】The decision is up to you 怎么样,现在大家都会说了么? 持续关注我们的CRI 英语环球广播,跟着小编一起学习,相信小伙伴的英语水平一定会越来越高的

中国洪灾:武汉再发暴雨红色预警 -- :19: 来源: 一场暴雨使武汉变成了泽国,大片城区被淹,而武汉最近又发布了暴雨红色预警,形势堪忧 Transport links and water and power supplies in the city of million are severely affected, and some residents are trapped in their homes.暴雨使得武汉这座千万人口城市交通瘫痪,供水、供电也被严重影响,部分居民甚至被困在家中Flooding has killed more than 180 people and caused chaos across China.暴雨目前已经使得180人丧生,并在中国多地导致了混乱Police in neighbouring Anhui province even warned that alligators from a farm there had escaped due to the flooding.邻近省份安徽的警方甚至发布了警告,说由于洪灾影响,一家养殖场的多条鳄鱼出逃了Wuhan’s meteorological office released the red alert on Wednesday. It said to expect wind and rain, and flooding in both urban and rural areas.武汉气象局在周三的时候发布了暴雨红色预警据说,武汉将同时经受暴雨和大风天气,郊区和市区都将遭受洪灾Chinese media is reporting that more than 560mm (1.8ft) of rain has fallen over the past week, the heaviest ever in the history of the city, which is on the Yangtze River.据中国媒体报道,在过去一周里,武汉降雨量达到了560毫米(约合1.8英尺),是武汉有史以来最大的降雨量Roads and metro stations were inundated with water, and trains cancelled.公路和地铁站都被洪水淹没了,火车也被取消Water supplies have been cut off in some areas, and one residential district experienced a complete power black-out, according to local media.据当地媒体报道,部分地区的供水被切断了,还有一个居民区的供电完全中断Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, to oversee relief and rescue operations.总理李克强来到了武汉,视察救援抢灾行动Meanwhile, China’s President Xi Jinping, has ordered the army to step up its relief efts across the country.于此同时,国家主席习近平作出指示,命令军队加快在全国范围的救援行动Amid the crisis, official figures the number of dead have fluctuated. On Wednesday state television put the overall toll at about 0.由于此次洪灾危机的影响,官方死亡人数不断上升本周三,中国国家电视台披露死亡人数0人左右Social media is awash with pictures of torrents of water thundering through metro stations, submerged cars and buildings, and firemen rescuing stranded people from across fast-flowing rivers that had previously been residential streets.社交媒体上满是洪灾的照片,奔流不住的洪水雷鸣般涌向地铁站,汽车和建筑都被洪水淹没,消防官兵穿过湍急的河流拯救受困群众,而这些河流之前是居民区的街道Police in Anhui shared a notice from Wuhu County’s tourism bureau, which said that alligators had escaped from a farm due to the flooding. The notice said people were still trying to verify how many alligators had escaped.安徽警方转发了一份来自芜湖县旅游局的通知,据称由于受洪灾影响,一家养殖场的多条鳄鱼逃脱通知指出,人们仍然在试图核查到底逃跑了多少条鳄鱼It is not the only animal story to have grabbed the public’s attention. On Tuesday a rescue team saved 6,000 pigs which had been stranded at their farm.在这场洪灾中,安徽的鳄鱼并不是唯一吸引公众注意力的动物周二,一救援队成功转移了养殖场里受困的6000头猪Photos of farmers emotionally bidding the animals farewell had been widely shared on social media.养殖场农户挥泪诀别的照片在社交媒体上被广泛传阅

从绿巨人到惊天魔盗团:一直是好人 -- 18:7:36 来源:chinadaily 你当然不会拥有这样的肤色、这样的肌肉,但是有没有想过你身上也拥有同样的力量? 演完“绿巨人”之后,马克;鲁弗洛(Mark Ruffalo)说:我和绿巨人其实很像啊,因为我们生活中都是“老好人”!而且,每个人身上都隐藏着一个浩克,那是一种让人害怕,让人想要隐藏的力量所以,你会如何应用这力量?你会选择成为什么样的人? 他因主演大卫;芬奇导演的电影《十二宫,而与小罗伯特;唐尼成为好友; 如果他俩没有成为好基友,“钢铁侠”就不会力荐马克在《复联1中扮演“绿巨人”;如果他没有出演这个角色,他就不会被公认为是最成功的一版“绿巨人” 当有记者提问:绿巨人的角色教会他什么的时候,马克回答说: ;Well, it's a very interesting relationship between, I think, the Hulk and Bruce Banner. I think it captures people's imagination because I think we all have a Hulk inside of ussomewhere or another that we're pressing down or afraid of.; 重点是,你将如何面对自己,如何面对社会,如何应用自己的力量和愤怒 关于这个问题,马克哥给我们做了最好的诠释——“老好人”并不是毫无原则、没有立场、随波逐流的“烂好人”;正相反,他们勇敢为弱势群体发生,他们一直在呼吁、在行动 ,马克给自己的定义是—— “I'm a husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change advocate with an eye on a better, brighter, cleaner, more hopeful future all of us. ” 他关注气候变化、环境保护、性别平等等重大问题,并且不遗余力为之发声、行动似乎只要一涉及这些,平时温和善良的马克就会和绿巨人一样,瞬间变身,拥有惊人的力量 近日,马克;鲁弗洛随电影《惊天魔盗团再次来华宣传,全方位立体展示了什么样的人才够资格配得上“老好人”三个字: 爱岗敬业 拍戏过程中又学魔术,又苦练动作戏就不说了;单说在《惊天魔盗团宣传活动上,他全力配合,穿上中国饰,大打太极(此处可以有掌声);不仅大方现场换装,还在红毯上与粉丝亲切合影,全程耐心微笑,暖化人心 友善亲民 在北京,马克展现出超级英雄“接地气“的一面:不仅亲自坐地铁去买茶叶,还专门在社交媒体上发图大赞北京地铁,干净整洁还便宜 乐于尝试 讲真,乐于尝试当地美食是一件可以好感的事,还能迅速拉近人与人之间的距离谁不喜欢乐观积极、心态开放、敢于尝试的家伙呢? 重视家庭 对,好男人不能光忙工作,还要同时照顾家人看看,马克跑宣传行程也不忘带上全家一起旅行,全家人不仅一起游览了故宫、长城,还一同品尝了北京烤鸭和火锅,好感度满点有木有!(加分项:大叔的儿子也很帅呢) 赞扬肯定 马克对一同出演这部电影的小伙伴们不吝溢美之词: 说到杰伦小公举,他说:;Jay Chou is so easy and cool, and so naturally giftedas an actor and a natural musician.; 说到新加入的丽兹;卡潘,他说:;She is deliciousto watch... She is funny, she is beautiful, and she is talented.; 这种花式夸人的技巧,小编给你99分,扣一分因为怕你骄傲

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