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一个繁忙的星期天(a busy sunday) -- :: 来源: 一个繁忙的星期天(a busy sunday)  hi, i'm shao ying. i'm going to have a busy sunday.  in the morning, i'm going to the zoo by bike. i want to see the monkeys. then , i'm going to the bookstore. i'm going to buy a new english book. in the afternoon, i'm going to visit my grandparents with my mom.  it is far, so we are going by bus. in the evening, we are going to watch tv together.  how about you?。

我的寒假 My Winter Holiday -- :7:19 来源: Asa student, I expect the winter holiday very much, because I don’t have to go toschool every day. So I can sleep and get up late. But this winter holiday, I amnot very happy. I didn’t do well in the final exam. It makes my parentsdisappointed. I feel sorry to them. Besides, I got ill the whole winterholiday. I caught a cold at first and then had a fever. I had to see a doctorevery day. My parents worried much about me. Because of the illness, I didn’t havea good time during the New Year. Now, I am a little better. I hope I could bewell soon, because the new term is beginning. I don’t want to go to school withillness. 作为一个学生,我很期待寒假的到来,因为这样我就不用每天上学了,也能晚睡晚起但是这个寒假,我过得不是很开心期末考试我没有考好,这让我的父母很失望,我觉得对不起他们此外,一整个寒假我都在生病起初是感冒,后来又发烧我每天都去看医生,父母很担心我因为生病,新年我都没有好好过现在,我好了一些,我希望我能快点好,因为新学期马上就要开始了,我不想带病上学。

Elephants 大象 -- :1:3 来源: Elephants 大象  Elephants are the biggest animals on land. They have long noses, and we call the noses trunks. Elephants use their trunks to get food and put the food into their mouths. Elephants have very long and strong teeth. and we call the teeth tusks.  People in some countries teach elephants how to work man. Elephants use their trunks and tusks to pull trees along and lift heavy logs.  Most of the children like elephants, because they think elephants are kind and friendly.大象是陆地上最大的动物象长着长长的鼻子,我们叫它象鼻象用象鼻取得食物,然后放到嘴里象长着又长有坚硬的牙,我们叫它象牙有些国家人们教大象为人干活象用鼻和牙拖树,举起沉重的圆木大多数孩子喜欢大象,因为它们认为大象温和,友好。

一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl) -- :18: 来源: 一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl)  Eva likes English very much. She works hard. She s English every morning. She likes speaking English.  She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening.  Does she like dancing? No, she doesn’t. But she likes drawing and singing. Her parents like her. And all the teachers and her friends like her, too.。

河北赵州桥英文导游词 河北赵州桥景点英文介绍 -- ::00 来源: 河北赵州桥英文导游词 河北赵州桥景点英文介绍赵州桥位于河北省赵县,又名安济桥,大石桥,横跨洨水南北两岸赵州桥建于隋朝,由李春设计建造,00多年来,历经了地震、洪水和交通的洗礼The whole commentary of Zhaozhou Bridge includes three parts:Part one: IntroductionThe Zhaozhou Bridge is also known as the safe crossing bridge and the Great Stone Bridge. It crosses the Xiao River in Zhao County. It is named after the nearby Zhao County, which is known as Zhao Zhou in history.Zhaozhou Bridge is designed and built by LiChun from 6 to 6 during the Sui Dynasty, has stood the tests of earthquakes, floods and traffic more than 00 years. It is the world’s oldest single-arch stone bridge still in use today and with the reputation as one of the Four Treasures of North China.Part two: Creative construction.Characteristics:1) It has only one main arch and this arch has a span of more than 37 meters, which is a great creation in the world history.) The bridge has two small side arches on either of the main arch, they serve two important functions: First, they reduce the total weight of the bridge and save the structural materials. Second, in time of flood, they cooperate with the main one allowing water to pass through, thus weaken the flood’s impact on the body of the bridge itself.3) This design also improve the general look of the bridge, contributes to its beauty, so people compared the bridge to a new moon rising above the clouds” and “a long rainbow hanging on a mountain waterfall”.Part three: Beautiful stories and famous folk songThere are many legends about the design of this bridge.According to one legend, the bridge was built by LuBan, who is a excellent architect, he managed the sheep turn into stones and built the bridge in o single night.In another story, the bridge was put to the test by two immortals who crossed it at the same time. One is ZhangGuolao, he rode his lovely donkey with the sun and moon in his bag, and the other is ChaiWangye, who crossed the bridge with the Five Famous Mountains. LuBan was worried and saved the bridge by plunging into the water and supporting the structure.A folk song: Xiao Fang Niu (Ask the tourists if there is anybody would like to sing the song, the guide should teach the visitor to sing the typical and beautiful folk song, which can exert an outstanding effect on and response from the tourists) 河北 赵州桥 英文。

生活大爆炸第一季第九集英语剧本 --6 :9:36 来源: 生活大爆炸第一季第九集英语剧本-Leonard:Okay... the x-tens are online.好...X-连通了-Howard:Gentlemen, I am now about send a signal from this laptop hrough our local ISP racing down fiber-optic cable at the speed of light to San Francisco bouncing off a satellite in geosynchronous orbit to Lisbon, Portugal,where the data packets will be handed off to submerged Trans-Atlantic cables terminating in Halifax, Nova Scotia nd transferred across the continent via microwave relays back to our ISP and the x-ten receiver attached to this... lamp.并把X-接收器连接到这个...台灯先生们,我现在要从这台笔记本上发送一个信号,从我们的本地网络出发经由光纤电缆,以光速抵达旧金山,经由地球同步卫星到达葡萄牙首都里斯本,数据包从跨大西洋海底电缆传递出去中转于加拿大新斯科舍省的哈利法克斯市,经由微波形式横跨大陆传送回我们的本地网络上,-Sheldon:Look at me. Look at me. I've got goose bumps.goose bumps:鸡皮疙瘩 goose:鹅 bumps:肿块,隆起物看看我,看看我,我起鸡皮疙瘩了-Howard:Are we y on the stereo?stereo:立体声,音响音响接好了么?-Raj:Go stereo.试试音响(01 电影"01太空漫游"经典配乐他们在模仿电影中猩猩进化的片断)-Penny:Hey, guys.嘿伙计们-together:Hi. Hello.嗨你好-Penny:It's a little loud.声音有点大 -Howard:No problem-- turning it down.没问题,关小点San Francisco, Lisbon, Halifax... and voila.旧金山、里斯本、哈利法克斯…瞧(法语)-Penny:Okay, thanks.好,谢谢-Leonard:Hang on, hang on. Do you not realize what we just did?hang on:等候 realize:意识到等等,等等,你不会没发觉我们刚做了什么吧?-Penny:Yeah, you turned your stereo down with you laptop.stereo:音响 laptop:笔记本电脑你们用笔记本把音响声关小了-Sheldon:No, we turned our stereo down by sending a signal around the world via the Internet.via:经过,通过 Internet:因特网不,我们是通过网络发送了一个信号,信号周游世界一圈把音响声关小了-Penny:Oh. You know, you can just get one of those universal remotes at Radio Shack.universal:通用的 remotes:遥控 Radio Shack:美国第三大电子零售商你可在Radio Shack买个万能遥控 (美国第三大电子零售商)They're really cheap.真的挺便宜的-Leonard:You don't get it.get it: 明白了,做到你不明白Howard, enable public access.enable:使能够 access:通道Howard启动公用通路-Howard:Public access enabled.enabled:激活的公用通路启动了-Penny:Boy, that's terrific. I'll see you.terrific:棒极了宝贝,太棒了,回见-Leonard:No, hang on, hang on.别,等等,等等See?瞧见了么?-Penny:No.不懂-Sheldon:Someone in Szechwan Province, China is using his computer to turn our lights on and off.Szechwan:四川(中国) Province:省 turn onoff: 打开 关闭中国四川省有个人在用他的电脑开和关我们的台灯-Penny:Well, that's handy.handy:方便的呵,那可真方便Um, here's a question: Why?呃,问题是为什么?-together:Because we can.因为我们有才-Sheldon:They found the remote-control cars.remote:遥控 control:控制他们找到遥控汽车了-Penny:Well, wait, wait, what's on top of that?on top of:在…上边等一下,那上面是什么?-Leonard:Wireless web cams. Wave hello.wireless:无线电 web cams:摄像头 Wave:挥手无线摄像头,打个招呼-Howard:The monster truck is out of Austin, Texas,monster:怪物 truck:卡车 Austin:奥斯汀郡 Texas:德克萨斯州那个怪物卡车是得克萨斯州奥斯汀郡的人在控制and the blue Viper is being operated from suburban Tel Aviv.Viper:蝰蛇 operate:操纵 suburban:郊区 Tel Aviv:特拉维夫(以色列港市)蓝色的蝰蛇是特拉维夫郊区的人在开-Sheldon:You may want to put on slacks.slacks:宽松裤你应该把睡裤穿上-Penny:What?什么?Ew, stop it.让它停下No! Leave me alone!leave sb. alone: 离某人远一点,让他一个人呆着别!离我远点!-Leonard:Who's running the red Corvette?Corvette:轻巡洋舰谁在操纵那辆红色考维特?-Howard:That would be me.是我-Sheldon:You know, in the future when we're disembodied brains in jars,disembodied:无实体的 brains:大脑 jars:罐子你知道,未来当我们只剩下大脑被装在罐子里,we're going to look back at this as eight hours well wasted.look back:回顾 waste:浪费回顾这八小时完全是浪费时间-Raj:I don't want to be in a jar.我可不想被装在罐子里I want my brain in an android body.android:机器人我希望我的大脑放在机器人体内Eight feet tall and ripped.ripped:瘦八英尺高(相当于米) 肌肉强壮-Howard:I'm with you.我也这么想I just have to make sure that if I'm a synthetic human,synthetic:合成的,人造的只是我得确定,如果我是人造人,I'd still be Jewish.Jewish:犹太人还能是个犹太人I promised my mother.promise:承诺我向我妈保过-Raj:I suppose you could have your android penis circumcised,suppose:料想 android:机器人 penis:生殖器 circumcise:割除我想你可以给你的人造小弟弟行割礼but that's something your rabbi would have to discuss with the manufacturer.rabbi:拉比(犹太人的学者) discuss:讨论 manufacturer:制造商不过这事儿你们的拉比(犹太人的学者) 得和制造商谈谈-Sheldon:Not to mention you'd have to power down on Saturdays.not to mention:更不用说 power down:断电 Saturdays:每周六更别说每周六你们还得断电 (犹太人周末不工作为安息日)-Leonard:Sheldon, why is this letter in the trash?trash:垃圾Sheldon这封信为什么会在垃圾桶里?-Sheldon:Well, there's always the possibility that a trash can spontaneously med around the letter,trash can:垃圾桶 spontaneously:自然的 m:形成我想也有可能垃圾桶是环绕着这封信自然形成的but Occam's Razor would suggest that someone threw it out.Occam:奥克姆(姓氏) Razor:剃刀 threw:throw的过去式,仍但用奥坎氏简化论解释的话有人把它给扔了 (Occam's Razor 如无必要勿增实体)-Leonard:It's from the Institute Experimental Physics.Institute:协会 Experimental:实验 Physics:物理学这是物理实验协会的来信They want us to present our paper on the properties of super solidspresent:介绍 paper:论文 property:特性,性能 super solids:超立体他们想让我们在玻色-爱因斯坦凝聚的主题会议上at the Topical Conference on Bose Einstein Condensates.Topical:主题的 Conference:会议 Einstein:爱因斯坦 Condensate:冷凝物发表有关超固体特性的研究成果-Sheldon:I know, I it bee I threw it out.我知道,我看过才扔的-Leonard:Okay, if I may drill down to the bedrock of my question:drill:钻 bedrock:基岩 drill down to the bedrock:刨根问底好,我能刨根问底问问吗?why did you throw it out?你为什么把它扔了?-Sheldon:Because I have no interest in standing in the Rose Room of the Pasadena Marriott in front of a group of judgmental strangershave no interest in sth. sb.: 对…不感兴趣 interest:兴趣 Pasadena:帕萨迪纳(美加州南部城市,因玫瑰碗剧场和玫瑰花车游行而闻名) Marriott:万豪国际酒店集团 judgmental:审判的 strangers:陌生人因为我没兴趣站在帕萨迪纳万豪酒店的玫瑰厅里在一群品头论足的陌生人面前,who wouldn't recognize true genius if it was standing in front of them giving a speech.recognize:认出 genius:天才就算眼前就站着一个真正的天才在演讲他们也绝对察觉不到Which, if I were there, it would be.如果我在那儿,就会是这样-Howard:I don't know, Sheldon.我不觉得啊SheldonThose Topical Conference on Bose Einstein Condensates parties are legendary.parties:派对 legendary:传奇的,名扬四海的 玻色-爱因斯坦凝聚的主题会议的派对可是充满传奇色啊-Leonard:get the parties.别管那些派对了-Howard:get the parties? What a nerd.nerd:呆子别管派对? 真是个书呆子-Leonard:Are there any other honors I've gotten that I don't know about?honors:荣誉 我还得到了什么荣誉是我不知道的?Did UPS drop off a Nobel Prize with my name on it?UPS:包裹运输公司 drop off:落下 Nobel Prize:诺贝尔奖金 联合包裹是不是掉了份印有我名字的诺贝尔奖-Sheldon:Leonard, please don't take this the wrong way,take sth. wrong: 误解Leonard请别理解歪了,but the day you win a Nobel Prize is不过你得诺贝尔奖的那天,the day I begin my research on the drag coefficient of tassels on flying carpets.drag coefficient:牵引系数,阻力系数 coefficient:系数 tassels:穗,流苏 carpets:地毯就是我开始研究飞毯流苏的阻力系数的一天-Raj:Ooh, the only thing missing from that insult was "your mama."insult:辱骂那场挑衅唯一缺的就是一句“你妈妈的”-Howard:I got one.我来说Hey, Leonard, your mama's research methodology is so flawed...methodology:方法 flawed:有缺陷的嘿Leonard,你妈妈的研究方法论太烂了...-Leonard:Shut up, Howard.闭嘴HowardSheldon, we have to do this.Sheldon我们必须这么做-Sheldon:No, we don't.不,我们不用We have to take in nourishment, expel waste,nourishment:食物,滋养品 expel:排出 waste:废物我们必须做的只有汲取营养,排出垃圾,and inhale enough oxygen to keep our cells from dying.inhale:吸入 oxygen:氧气 cells:细胞 dying:死亡吸入足够的氧气来保持我们的细胞活性Everything else is optional.optional:可选择的,非强制的其他都是可有可无的-Leonard:Okay, let me put it this way: I'm doing it.put it this way: 这样表达好的,这样说吧,我要做这个报告-Sheldon:You can't. I'm the lead author.lead:领导 author:作者你不能,我是第一作者-Leonard:Come on, the only reason you're the lead author is because we went alphabetically.alphabetically:字母顺序的行了吧,你是第一作者的唯一原因是我们名字是字母排序的-Sheldon:I let you think we went alphabetically to spare you the humiliation of dealing with the fact that it was my idea.spare:免除 humiliation:羞耻 我让你认为我们是字母排的是为了让你接收事实时免受羞辱,事实是这是我的主意Not to put too fine a point on it,not to put too fine a point [an edge] on it: 不客气[直截了当,坦白]地说坦率地说,but I was throwing you a bone.throw a bone : 把令人失望的东西给了某人【但此处意为让某人捡了便宜】 throw:仍 bone:骨头是我让你捡了个便宜You're welcome.不用客气-Leonard:Excuse me, I designed the experiment that proved the hypothesis.design:设计 prove:明 hypothesis:假设有没有搞错,是我设计了实验验了假设-Sheldon:It doesn't need proving.根本不需要验-Leonard:So the entire scientific commy is just supposed to take your word?entire:整体的 scientific commy:科学界 commy:社会,团体 be supposed to:应该,理应所以整个科学界就这么接受你的理论?-Sheldon:They're not supposed to, but they should.他们不一定会,不过他们应会-Leonard:All right, I don't care what you say,好吧,我才不管你说什么,I'm going to the conference and I'm presenting our findings.conference:会议 present:介绍 findings:(调查或研究的)结果我要去参加会议发表我们的发现-Sheldon:And I bid it.bid:禁止我不准你这样-Leonard:You bid it?你不准?-Sheldon:If I'm not taking credit our work, then nobody is.taking credit :因…而得到好评如果我不去领我们的工作成果荣誉那就没人可以去领-Leonard:So you admit that it's our work?admit:承认那么你承认那是"我们"的工作-Sheldon:No.不Once again, I'm throwing you a bone.再说一遍,是我让你拣了便宜And once again you are welcome.然后再说一次,不用客气-Howard:Oh, no, he didn't!不,他没说过!(企图催眠)-Penny:So, how's it going with Sheldon?那么你和Sheldon怎么样?Are you guys still not talking to each other?你们还是没说话吗?-Leonard:Not only is he still not talking to me,他不仅不跟我说话but there's this thing he does where he stares at you and tries to get your brain to explode.stares at:盯着 brain:脑 explode:使爆炸当他看着你时还老做一件事,想让你脑袋爆炸You know, like in the classic sci-fi movie Scanners.classic:经典 sci-fi:science fiction的缩写,科幻你知道,就像经典科幻小说"夺命凶铃"一样Like... bzzz...像...嗞...咻...Never mind.别管它了How about this one?这件怎么样?It says, I know my physics, but I'm still a fun guy.physics:物理学 fun:有趣就像在说我物理很棒但我还是很风趣-Penny:Wow, I didn't know they still made corduroy suits.corduroy:灯芯绒 suits:西装哇噢,我都不知道现在还有人做灯芯绒西装-Leonard:They don't. That's why I saved this one.现在没有了,所以我才留着这一套-Penny:Okay, well, let's just see what else you have.好的,呃让我们看看你还有什么Okay, here, take this...好的,拿着这个...And this, and this, and these...还有这个,还有这个,还有这些...-Leonard:Is this all stuff you want me to try on?stuff:东西 try on:试穿不会这些都要试吧?-Penny:No, this is stuff want you to throw out.throw out:扔掉不,这些是我希望你能扔了的Seriously, don't even give them to charity.Seriously:严肃的 charity:慈善团体我说真的,连捐都不要捐,You won't be helping anyone.捐了也帮不了任何人What's this?这是什么?-Leonard:That's the Bottle City of Kandor.那是Kandor瓶中城You see, Kandor was the capital city of the planet Krypton.capital:首都 planet:行星 Krypton:氪星是这样的Kandor是氪星的首都It was miniaturized by Brainiac bee Krypton exploded,miniaturize:使小型化 explode:爆炸在氪星大爆炸前被Brainiac缩小了,and then rescued by Superman.rescue:营救 Superman:超人然后被超人拯救了-Penny:Oh. Nice.噢,不错啊-Leonard:It's a lot cooler when girls aren't looking at it.没有女孩看着它的时候感觉可酷多了-Penny:Here, why don't you put these on while I find a shirt and a sport coat that match.shirt:衬衫 coat:外套 match:使相配这儿,穿上这条裤子试试我再找件能搭配衬衣和运动外套-Leonard:Great, I'll be right back.太棒了,我马上回来-Penny:Where are you going? Just put them on.你去哪? 穿上不就得了-Leonard:Here?在这儿?-Penny:Oh, are you shy?你不是害羞吧?-Leonard:No, I'm not shy.不,我可不害羞-Penny:Don't worry. I won't look.别担心,我不会看的-Leonard:I know you won't look. Why would you look?我知道你不会看的,你为什么要看?There's nothing to see... Well, not nothing...又没什么好看的... 呃,也不是什么都没有...-Penny:Sweetie, put the pants on.pants:裤子亲爱的,把裤子穿上-Leonard:Putting them on.穿上穿上-Penny:So, you know, isn't there maybe some way you and Sheldon could compromise on this whole presentation thing?compromise:妥协 presentation:报告那么你知道难道就没个办法,能让你和Sheldon在发表的事上妥协的么?-Leonard:No, no.没有,绝对没有Scientists do not compromise.科学家不会妥协Our minds are trained to synthesize facts and come to inarguable conclusions.train:训练 synthesize:综合 inarguable:不容争辩的 conclusions:结论我们受到的思维训练是处理事实,得到不容置疑的结论Not to mention, Sheldon is bat-crap crazy.not to mention:更不用说 crap:废物 crazy:疯子更别说Sheldon是个破疯子-Penny:What is this?这是什么玩意儿?-Leonard:Oh, careful.小心点That's my original series Battlestar Galactica flight suit.original:原版的 flight:飞行 suit:装那是我的原版太空堡垒卡拉狄加太空-Penny:Oh, why didn't you wear it on Halloween?Halloween:万圣节噢,你万圣节为什么不穿它?-Leonard:Because it's not a costume. It's a flight suit.costume:戏 flight suit:太空因为这不是戏,这是太空-Penny:Okay, all right, moving on.好了,我知道了,继续Oh, wow, a paisley shirt.paisley:(苏格兰)佩斯利涡纹旋花呢哇噢一件Paisley牌的衬衫-Leonard:Uh-huh, it goes with my corduroy suit.go with: 与…相配 corduroy:灯芯绒嗯哼,和我的灯心绒西装是配套的-Penny:If you mean they should end up in the same place, then I agree.如果你是说它们应该放一起那我同意Is this your only tie?tie:领带这不会是你唯一的领带吧? 生活大爆炸 英语剧本。

秋日赏枫景,就来安徽黄山 --6 :: 来源: 秋日赏枫景,就来安徽黄山“停车坐爱枫林晚,霜叶红于二月花”,这是杜牧的《山行里的诗句,也是千百年来传诵至今的写景名句,入秋了,最近天气晴朗,不如就去安徽黄山看看红似火的枫叶吧!Photo taken on Oct , shows the red autumnal leaves at the Huangshan Mountain scenic spot in Huangshan city, East China's Anhui province. 安徽黄山。

中国名胜古迹英汉对照 --9 19:7: 来源: 桂林山水:Guilin Scenery with Hills and Waters   秦始皇兵马俑: Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses Figurines   HuaQING hot spring华清池   drum tower鼓楼   Great GOOSE pagoda大雁塔   the West Lake西湖   泰山:Mount Taishan   庐山:Mt. Lu天安门及广场 Tian'anmen and Tian'anmen Square   故宫 The Palace Museum   天坛 The Temple of Heaven   颐和园 The Summer Palace   长城 The Great Wall   (八达岭长城 The Great Wall at Badaling   居庸关长城 The Great Wall at Juyongguan Pass   慕田峪长城 The Great Wall at Mutianyu   司马台长城 The Great Wall at Simatai)   明十三陵 The Ming Tombs   北海公园 Beihai Park   雍和宫 Yonghegong Larmasery   白云观 The White Cloud Taoist Temple   北京孔庙 Beijing Confucius Temple   国子监 The Imperial College   潭柘寺 Tanzhe Temple   圆明园 The Ruins of Yuanmingyuan   周口店北京猿人遗址 Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian   中华民族园 Chinese Ethnic Culture Park   世界公园 Beijing World Park   中华世纪坛 China Century Altar   桂林山水 the Landscape of Guilin   杭州西湖 the West Lake of Hangzhou   故宫 the Imperial Palace   苏州园林 the Gardens of Suzhou   安徽黄山 Mount Huang of Anhui   长江三峡 the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River   台湾日月潭 the Sun and Moon Lake of Taiwan   河北承德避暑山庄 the Summer Mountain Resort in Chengde, Hebei   陕西秦始皇陵兵马俑 Terra Cotta Warriors   半坡遗址 Ban Po Villige Remains 中国 名胜古迹 英汉对照。

熊猫基地(Panda Base) -- :8: 来源: 熊猫基地(Panda Base)  I went to the Panda Base with my classmates last week. It was raining, but we were very happy.  There were many pandas in the Base, one was eating bamboo, another was sleeping, they were so enjoyable. I took a picture with this lovely pandas.  When I back home, I wrote a Report about pandas.  I had a dream this night, a panda was in my dream, It was playing and smiling at me.。

纯的-- ::59   I want some whiskey straight up.   我想要些纯威士忌   Whiskey里最著名的就是Scotch.苏格兰有世界上最多的酿酒厂,生产最纯正的Scotch.这种酒饮用前至少要在木桶里酿造三年Scotch这个词就来自“苏格兰人”(Scottish).   straight up的意思是only, not mixed--“纯的”.。