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Business this week一周商业要闻Aug 3rd 2013 |From the print editionThe American economy grew at an annualised rate of 1.7% in the three months to June, compared with 1.1% in the previous quarter. Companies restocked their inventories faster than expected, offsetting government spending cuts imposed by the “sequester”. The Federal Reserve said it expects growth to pick up further despite the fiscal drag.今年三至六月,美国经济年增长率达到1.7%,而上一季度增长率仅为1.1%。企业补充库存的速度远比预期要快,抵消了由“自动减赤计划”而造成的政府财政缩水的部分。美联储表示尽管面临财政障碍,但仍希望经济有进一步增长。The latest numbers reflect a change in how American GDP is calculated. From now on the figures, revised all the way back to 1929, will include intangibles like Ramp;D spending. The tweaked method, meant to capture the shape of modern economies, swelled output by 3.6%. It also reduced federal spending as a share of GDP.最新一组数据反映了计算美国GDP的新方法。它对从1929年至今的所有数据都进行了修正,将诸如研发费用出的无形资产纳入其中。调整后的新方法旨在更好地了解当今经济发展的情况,通过它计算出的GDP增长率比旧方法计算出的增长率增加了3.6%,此外,联邦政府出也不再作为GDP计算的参考依据。The recovery in American house prices continued apace. The Samp;P/Case-Shiller index for the 20 biggest cities rose by 12% year on year in May, the biggest rise since March 2006.美国房价继续迅速回升。今年五月,国内前二十大城市的标普希勒房价指数同比上涨12%,这是自2006年3月以来出现的最大涨幅。The unemployment rate in the euro zone stood at 12.1% in June, with 24,000 fewer jobless than in May, the first dip since April 2011. Around19.3m people remain out of work.今年6月,欧元区国家失业率达到12.1%,失业人口比五月减少约2.4万人,这是自2011年4月以来首次出现减少的情况。但是,目前仍有大约1930万处于失业状态。The IMF warned that Greece may need an additional euro10.9 billion (.5 billion) in bail-out loans from euro-zone partners by the end of 2015. Paulo Nogueira Batista, a Brazilian who represents 11 Latin American countries on the IMF’s board, abstained from approving a new euro1.7 billion (.3 billion) tranche of rescue loans to the country. Mr Batista argued that the fund’s outlook forAthens is too rosy and that the debt may not be repaid.国际货币基金组织(IMF)警告称,截至2015年底,希腊可能还需要其他欧元区成员提供109亿欧元(约合145亿美元)的救援贷款。在IMF董事会中代表11个拉美国家的巴西官员保罗·诺盖拉·巴蒂斯塔弃权反对通过向希腊政府提供新一波高达17亿欧元(约合23亿美元)的救援贷款计划。巴蒂斯塔认为人们对提供给希腊的救援贷款的前景过于乐观,而且这笔债务很可能无法偿还。Mad Men广告狂人Publicis, a French advertising giant, and Omnicom, an American one, announced a billion “merger of equals”. The combined firm, which will pipBritain’s WPP to become the industry’s biggest, hopes size will give it an edge in the growing market for data-driven digital ads. Investors were cautious: transatlantic consolidation is likely to throw up a host of problems, not least keeping PepsiCo and Coca-Cola sweet under one roof.法国广告与传媒剧透阳狮集团(Publicis)与美国奥姆尼康集团(Omnicom)宣布以350亿美元的价格进行“对等合并”。这两大传播集团合并后就成为全球第一大传播集团,规模大大超过英国WPP集团。它希望通过在日益发展的市场上扩大规模,从而赢得数据驱动数字广告的优势。对此投资者们都十分谨慎,他们认为跨大西洋兼并很可能会出现一系列问题,尤其是如何在众口难调的情况下保持各自的一贯风格。Perrigo, an American pharmaceutical company, said it would buy Elan, an Irish biotechnology firm, for .6 billion. The deal will allow Perrigo, which makes private-label remedies for Walmart, among others, to lower its tax burden by benefiting fromIreland’s low corporate rate.美国制药公司百利高透露将以86亿美元的价格收购爱尔兰生物技术公司Elan。百利高公司为包括沃尔玛在内的公司生产自有品牌的药品。通过此次收购,它将从爱尔兰较低的公司税率中获利,从而大大降低其税务负担。Saudi Arabiaawarded infrastructure contracts worth .5 billion to three Western-led consortiums. They will build a metro system in the capital,Riyadh.沙特阿拉伯与三个受西方国家领导的财团签署了高达225亿美元的基础设施建设合同。他们将在沙特首都利雅得建造地铁系统。Peter L#246;scher resigned as boss of Siemens after the German engineering giant had to issue a surprise profit warning in late July. Joe Kaeser, hitherto the chief financial officer, takes the helm. The firm’s second-quarter revenues fell year on year, though by less than analysts had feared.7月底,德国电子产品巨头西门子集团发布了令人震惊的盈利预警。随后,其首席执行官彼得·罗旭德辞职。现任首席财务官乔伊·凯撒接任该职位。该公司第二季度的收益同比有所下降,但是并没有糟糕到分析家们所担心的程度。The EU and China averted a trade war by settling an antidumping spat over solar panels. The European Commission put a floor on the price of Chinese panels that was much lower than expected. In return, the Chinese withdrew their threat to retaliate against wine and polysilicon imports fromEurope.中国与欧盟妥善解决了太阳能电池板的反倾销争端,成功避免了一场贸易战。欧盟委员会给出了中国向欧洲出口的太阳能电池板的最低限价,远远低于预期价格。作为回报,中国取消了针对从欧洲进口的酒类和多晶硅而采取的相应的报复性措施。Power failure电力故障JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay 0m to settle allegations byAmerica’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that the bank had manipulated power markets in parts of theed States. Days earlier the bank said it would leave the business of trading physical commodities altogether.根大通公司同意付4.1亿美元就美国联邦能源委员会指控其在美国某些州操纵电力市场一事达成和解。几天前,根大通表示将全面退出实物商品交易市场。American authorities brought criminal charges against SAC Capital, a hedge fund at the centre of an insider-trading probe. The move came days after its boss, Steven Cohen, was charged in a civil case for failing to supervise employees, some of whom aly await criminal trials. Mr Cohen has not been named in the indictment, which makes references only to SAC’s “owner”. Both Mr Cohen and SAC deny the charges against them.美国当局对赛克资本管理公司提出刑事指控,因为该公司管理的对冲基金是一起内幕交易调查的关键。此前,赛克资本管理公司的董事长史蒂文·科恩因未能监管好员工而在一民事案件中遭到指控,而其中一些员工也面临刑事审判。起诉书中暂未定性科恩目前的身份,只是称其为赛克资本管理公司的拥有人。科恩和赛克资本管理公司都否认这些指控。Barclays, a bank, announced a £5.8 billion (.9 billion) rights issue to help plug a £12.8 billion capital hole and meet a 3% leverage ratio set by its British regulator. Deutsche Bank said it plans to reduce leverage by shedding assets worth euro250 billion (0 billion).巴克莱日前宣布发行58亿英镑(约合89亿美元)的配股以帮助填补128亿英镑的资金空缺,进而达到英国监管当局设定的3%的杠杆比率。德意志表示计划通过剥离2500亿欧元(约合3300亿美元)的资产以降低经济中的杠杆率。In Americaa judge ruled that the Federal Reserve’s cap on “interchange fees” that retailers pay on debit-card transactions is too high and must be lowered. The American Bankers Association said the decision would have “disastrous consequences” for banks, for which the fees are an important source of revenue.美国一名法官裁决美联储给使用借记卡交易的零售商设定的手续费上限过高,须适当降低。美国间协会表示此决定会给带来“毁灭性后果”,因为手续费是各大收入的重要来源。Uralkali, a Russian producer of potash, pulled out of the Belarus Potash Corporation, one of two cartels that control exports of the stuff, which is used to make fertiliser. Uralkali suggests that the unravelling of the arrangement could send potash prices tumbling by 25%.俄罗斯碳酸钾出产商乌拉尔撤出两大碳酸钾联盟之一的白俄罗斯钾肥公司,该公司控制着这一用于肥料生产的原料的出口。乌拉尔公司负责人表示它的退出将使钾肥价格下降25%。201308/251872Business商业报道Motivating workers激励员工Ranked and yanked评级与封杀Firms that keep grading their staff ruthlessly may not get the best from them.那些总是无情地把员工分个三六九等的公司或许并不能得到最好的效果。Mayer: whos for the chop next?Mayer:谁是下一个要开除的?IT IS a brutal management technique in which bosses grade their employees performance along a vitality curve and sack those who fall into the lowest category.老板们对雇员们的表现按照活力曲线来评定,然后把最差的一些炒掉鱿鱼的管理方法实在非常残酷。Known as ranking and yanking, it had its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s.这个被称为评级与封杀的做法在19世纪80和90年代达到了全盛期。In America its popularity faded somewhat after it was seen to have contributed to the fall of Enron.在美国,实施该策略的公司因其被认为促成了安然公司的破产曾大量减少,Now it is back in the headlines.不过现在这个字眼又重新见诸报端。On November 8th All Things D, a tech-industry website, reported that Yahoo staff are increasingly unhappy about a quarterly performance review introduced last year by the new boss, Marissa Mayer.在11月8日,技术产业网站All Things D报道说,雅虎的员工们对于新老板Marissa Mayer去年引入的季度表现评估正日渐不满。The grading exercise is said to have cost 600 of them their jobs in recent weeks.据说,这种评估行为导致几周内就有600人没了工作。Four days later, Microsoft announced that its own, equally unpopular system was being scrapped.四天以后,微软宣布废除它自己同样不受欢迎的评价系统。In a memo, Lisa Brummel, Microsofts head of human resources, said there would be no more ratings and no more curve.在一份备忘录上,微软人力资源主管Lisa Brummel说道,再也不会有打分和曲线了。The firm would implement a fundamentally new approach, designed to encourage teamwork and collaboration.微软将会启用一个用来鼓励团结合作的崭新的方法。Many firms, from Amazon to PwC, still use some version of what management theorists also call stack ranking to sort the sheep from the goats in their workforce.从亚马逊到普华永道的许多公司依然在使用许多管理理论家称作员工排序的方法来挑选出不够格的员工。However, many of them enforce it more flexibly than seems to have been the case at Microsoft or Yahoo.然而,其中大多数的公司在实行时要比微软和雅虎这些公司有弹性的多。Even General Electric, which pioneered the technique during the uncompromising reign of Neutron Jack Welch, has since softened its approach.甚至在中子弹杰克韦尔奇治下首先采用这种管理方法的通用电气近年来也软化了实行方法。The reason such gradings have not died out entirely is because employers still need to find ways to fairly evaluate their employees and have a basis for compensation differences, says Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School.这种评分策略没有完全消失的原因在于老板们仍然需要找到公平评估雇员的方法并据此确定报酬差异。This is especially true when there is a wide gap between the remuneration of top performers and the rest.当顶级员工的工资和其他人差的很多的时候,这尤其显得很重要。To avoid lawsuits claiming unfair discrimination, firms need to be able to show they have a clear basis for decisions on pay and bonuses.这话来自于哈佛商学院的Robert Kaplan。为了避免不公待遇和员工歧视的诉讼,公司在决定酬劳和福利的时候需要有明确的根据。Ranking and yanking is more logical in investment banks, law and accountancy firms and big consultancies:评级和封杀在投资、法律和会计公司以及大型咨询公司这些行业中要更合理一些:their business model is, in a sense, built on recruiting large numbers of junior staff and motivating them with the prospect of becoming a partner, even though in practice only a few of them can ever make it.他们的业务形式在某种程度上就是建立在招收大量新员工然后用成为合作人的目标激励他们努力工作,虽然实际上只有极少数人能够做到。In other types of business, the evidence suggests that it may work at first, if a firm needs to cut away dead wood.但在其他行业中,有据显示这个方法在公司想要除去公司的赘余部分时还是能管用一段时间的。But the benefit can disappear and turn into a cost if the ranking and yanking is done repeatedly, says Denise Rousseau of Carnegie Mellon University.但是如果重复进行下去,就会由使公司收益变为带来损失。卡耐基梅隆大学的Denise Rousseau如此说道。You can quickly end up with the people in the bottom quartile being average performers rather than poor performers, she notes.很快,处在评估表底部的人就会是一般员工而非业务糟糕者她解释道,There is nothing wrong with being average in an above-average workforce.在一群极其优秀的员工中成为普通一员可没什么不对的。A lot of good work is done by average people.众多的优秀工作都是由普通人做成的。If a large proportion of the workforce doubt the fairness of the grading system, and fear being among an arbitrarily imposed a of underperformers, many may try to jump before they are pushed:如果员工中较大一部分人怀疑评价体系的公正性,并且担心被随机地划分为不合格员工,其中不少就会尝试在被开除之前跳槽:staff turnover may thus be higher than is desirable.人员流动程度就会比期望的更大。Worse, employees may look for ways to game the system, as happened at Enron, where workers conspired to inflate their results to secure their bonuses or escape the axe.更糟的是,雇员会想法设法利用体系的规则,正如安然事件中发生的那样,员工们串通起来夸大自己的成果来保自己的奖励或是避免被开除。That is not the sort of teamwork and collaboration that is wanted.这可不是我们想要的那种团结合作。 /201311/265975

Its the middle of october现在是十月中旬and its exciting cause the leaves are changing colors,多么振奋人心的季节 树叶正在悄然变色and ...and the smell of pumkin is in the air.空气中弥漫着南瓜的气息And so you know whats on everythings mind?你们知道大家都在盼什么吗Christmas, and...圣诞节You can never start your christmas shopping too early圣诞购物永远没有为时尚早的说法especially if youre shopping for me.特别是你们在为我扫货的时候And neiman marcus just came out with their annual fantasy gift guide.所以neiman marcus的年度梦幻大礼指南已经火热出炉了It costs anywhere between 1100 dollars and 2 million dollars for their fantasy gift.这些梦幻大礼的定价在一万一千刀到两百万刀之间Theyre perfect for people whose fantasy is to go broke.简直就是为那些梦幻着破产人士而量身打造的嘛I checked it out before the show做节目之前我去查了查这些大礼and I gonna share some things that I...接下来要和大家分享一下I thought maybe youd be interested in buying.我想你们可能会有兴趣收入囊中的Heres the cheapest item right here,its 11000 dollars.第一件单品是最便宜的 价值11000刀Its called the CICLOTTE,它叫CICLOTTEand its a luxury exercise bike made in Italy.是由意大利制造的土豪级建设自行车Its the Ferrari of things youll never use.这是自行车中的法拉利 却永远都派不上用场It has the state-of-the-art design, carbon fiber handles.它设计一流 配备了碳纤维的手把If you padel hard enough, you can go back in time如果你踩得够快够给力 快到时光倒流and not buy this bycicle.你就能回到过去不必买它了 注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/266105

At last, this compromised, sycophantic, creepily self-exonerating historian stands tall, brimful with pride in his Judaism, and says in a phrase I find genuinely moving—We have become the teachers of men in the greatest of things.最后,这一妥协,奉承,令人毛骨悚然,兼具自我责备之心的历史学家最终赢得了胜利,他的犹太教满怀骄傲之情,而说着一句令我真正感动的话,我们成为了男性的榜样,做出了最伟大的事情。Given the hammer blows of the Roman legions, and coming as they did after century upon century of blows from Egyptians, the Syrians and Babylonians, there would have been scant reason to suppose that the Jews would survive as a people. And yet, 2,000 years later, the Jews are still here. How. Well, one answer can be found back at the Arch of Titus, not something thats here, but something thats not.对于罗马军团的打击,就如同他们几个世纪来对埃及人,叙利亚和巴比伦人所做的一模一样,这是我们认为犹太人生存下来的理由。然而,2000年后,犹太人仍在这里。在提图斯的拱门处可以找到,这里没有什么东西留下,但绝不是空无一物。When Josephus describes the procession of loot and prisoners parades through the streets of Rome, he says, and last of all of the spoils was carried, the laws of the Jews. But where are the laws. Where are the Torah scrolls. Conspicuously, tellingly, they are absent.当约瑟夫描述掠夺和囚犯游行的队伍走在罗马的大街上,他表示最后所有的战利品是犹太人的法律。但法律在哪里。律法的卷轴在哪里。明显的是它们已经不在了。What were scrolls of law anyway. Just so many words on parchment, not really worth the time of a sculptor or the cost of the marble. But words copied, memorized, internalized, made unforgettable, will beat swords any time. You cant hold words captive. The Roman Empire has come and gone, but go into a synagogue any Saturday, and youll still hear those words.什么是法律卷轴。只是羊皮纸上的很多单词,不是雕塑家倾注的大把时间或大理石的价值。仅仅是复制,记忆,难忘,会使得剑刃折断的话语。你不能囚禁语言的奴隶。罗马帝国来去匆匆,但只要在任何一个周六进入会堂,你仍然会听到这些话。201404/291908On the arch, dedicated to Vespasians son and co-general, Titus.在拱门处,维斯帕先的儿子和将军提图斯浴血奋战。You can see the triumphant Romans making off with the loot from the temple, including the giant Menorah.你可以看到胜利的罗马人从神庙中搬走战利品,包括巨大的烛台在内。And among the loot, was Josephus himself, carried to Rome and installed in the Flavian family compound.而在战利品中,约瑟夫将自己带到罗马,并且受命于弗拉家族。But no one in Rome thanked him for doing the right thing.但是罗马没有人因为他所做的事情而感谢他。The kind of people youd expected him to hang out with, historians, philosophers, playwrights and politicians, all despised the Jews.你会希望同历史学家,哲学家,剧作家和政治家一起出去,而单单唯独犹太人例外。And they didnt mind saying so.他们不介意这样的说法。At some point, Josephus had had enough of all this ignorance and gloating.在某些时候,约瑟夫已经受够了这一切的无知和幸灾乐祸。About 20 years after he wrote the Jewish Wars, he took up his pen again, this time to explain with patient dignity and a note of firm defiance and over considerable length just what Judaism was and what it did.大约20年之后他写了关于犹太人的这场战争,再次拿起笔的他这次以耐心和坚定的无视以及相当大的篇幅来解释犹太教是什么,它做了什么。201404/288212

Finance and economics财经商业Buttonwood金融市场Where theres money, theres risk哪里有货币,哪里就有风险Events in America show that no asset is copper-bottomed在美国发生的事情显示出没有资产是毫无风险的。A GOVERNMENT with debt denominated in its own currency need never default, or so the theory goes.一个拥有以本币为计量单位的债务的政府需要的是永不违约,大概这个理论是可以实现的。It can simply print more money to pay off the debt.它能简单地印刷更多的货币来付它的债务。In practice, however, countries do default on local-currency debt: six have done so in the past 15 years, including Jamaica, Russia and Ecuador.但是实际上,国家不履行本国货币债务:在过去十五年已经有六个国家这样做了,包括牙买加,俄罗斯和厄瓜多尔。Before this weeks budget deal, markets had feared that America could join the list, if only in a technical sense.在本周的预算计划前,市场已经担心美国会加入这个名单,但愿在技术层面上。From the point of view of a creditor, however, the ability of a government to print money is of little comfort if the result is higher inflation or currency depreciation.然而,从一个债权人的观点来看,一个政府的印钞能力是没有用的,如果结果是对国内投资者更高的通货膨胀率或者对国外投资者的货币贬值。Investors who bought Treasury bonds in 1946, when yields were around current levels, did not suffer a formal default.在1946年国库券年收益率与现在的水平差不多的时候,购买它的投资者没有遭受正式违约。But over the following 35 years they lost money in real terms at a rate of 2% a year.但是在后续的三十五年他们以每年2%的利率实际上亏钱。The cumulative real loss was 91%.累积的实际损失是91%。By that standard, Greek creditors, who recently suffered a 50% loss via default, were lucky.跟据这个标准,最近因为违约损失50%的希腊债权人是幸运的。Given this baleful history, the idea that sovereign debt is risk-free is puzzling.考虑到这个可怕的历史,认为政府债务无风险的观点是令人费解的。When it comes to the purchasing power of an investors money, what does it matter if the loss comes in the form of a formal default or erosion in real terms?那么当提到投资者资金实际购买力时,如果损失以正式违约或者实际侵蚀的形式发生时,这有什么差别呢?The answer to that conundrum may be that default happens suddenly, whereas inflation and depreciation are slower, giving investors more time to adjust by demanding higher interest rates to compensate for their losses.对于这个难题的可能是违约突然发生,然而通货膨胀和货币贬值是缓慢的,这给了投资者更多的时间去调整,通过要求更高的利率去赔偿他们的损失。This is particularly true in the case of short-term debt, such as Treasury bills; inflation is unlikely to do serious damage to a portfolio in the course of a few months.这个在短期债务中更有现实意义,如国库券;通货膨胀极少有可能在几个月的过程中对投资组合产生严重的损害。Twenty years ago there was much talk of bond vigilantes who would respond to irresponsible fiscal policies by forcing up the interest rates on government debt.二十年前,有许多关于通过抛售国库券来要求更高年收益和约束美国政策制定者的国际投资者的事迹,他们通过迫使提高政府债务利率来应对不负责任的财政政策。With the bond vigilantes on the prowl, any short-term real loss suffered by investors would be recouped in the form of higher real rates as the governments debt was refinanced.随着他们伺机而动,投资者遭受的任何短期实际损失会由于政府债务再筹资而以较高的实际利率的形式收回来。But by buying bonds in the name of quantitative easing, central banks are influencing interest rates of all maturities these days.通过以量化宽松的名义购买债券,中央这些日子在影响所有的到期利率。By holding down bond yields, the authorities are employing a policy some have dubbed financial repression, in which real returns on government debt are reduced.通过压制住债券的年收益率,管理者运用一项政策引入金融抑制,由此政府债务的实际回报减少了。The idea is to make investors buy riskier assets, such as equities and corporate bonds.这个构想是让投资者购买有风险的资产,例如股票和公司债券。In effect, the bond vigilantes have been neutered.实际上,债券市场秩序维护者们保持了中立。One way of protecting the real value of investors bond holdings is to buy inflation-linked debt.保护投资者持有的债券实际价值的方法之一是购买通胀挂钩债券。The repayment value and interest payments on such bonds are normally tied to a well-known inflation index.关于这类债券的回报价值和利息付一般地说是与一个著名的通货膨胀指数相联系的。But even these bonds may not be completely risk-free; it is possible to imagine that future governments may find ways to redefine the inflation measure for their own benefit.但是即使是这些债券也不是完全无风险的;很有可能可以这样想象未来政府可能为了他们自己的利益找到方法去重新定义通货膨胀措施。And foreign buyers of inflation-linked bonds are still at risk from currency depreciation.并且通胀挂钩债券的外国购买者仍然面临来自货币贬值的风险。Inflation-linked bonds are extremely attractive to pension funds, since they are a neat match for the funds liabilities.由于通胀挂钩债券与养老基金的责任非常匹配,它们对养老基金来说非常有吸引力。So such bonds are snapped up quickly and tend to trade on low real yields; sometimes, those yields are even negative.所以这些债券很快被抢购一空并且有不正当利用低实际收益率的趋势;有些时候,这些获益率甚至是消极的。An asset is hardly risk-free if it guarantees a real loss.一个资产很难无风险如果它保实际损失。The concept of a risk-free asset is quite useful in finance.无风险资产的概念在金融上是非常有用的。For a start, it provides the base from which other assets can be priced.首先,它提供了其他资产的定价基准。Corporate borrowers pay an interest premium over the risk-free rate; equities have offered a higher long-term return than government bonds to reflect their higher risk.公司融资者在无风险率上付利息费用;股票提供一个比政府债券更能反映他们的高风险的长期回报。But what is the true risk-free rate?但是什么是真正的无风险率呢?Multinational companies can borrow at a lower rate of interest than some governments: compare Apple with Greece, for example.跨国公司可以以比一些政府更低的利率借款:例如,比较苹果公司和希腊。And although America is the worlds biggest economy, its government does not borrow at the cheapest rate on the planet:尽管美国是世界上最大的经济体,它的政府并不以这个星球上最便宜的利率借钱;Japanese yields have been lower for many years and German long-term yields are now significantly below those of Treasuries.日本的年收益率已经愈来愈低很多年了而且德国长期年收益率现在很明显的比国库券低。Where America does have a substantial advantage is that it borrows in the worlds reserve currency—the dollar—and that its debt market is by far the most liquid.美国实质上占优势的地方是它借的是世界储备货币并且它的债券市场是目前流动性最好的。The result is that Treasury bills, in particular, play a vital role in the system as cash equivalents and as collateral for short-term loans and derivative contracts.这样的结果是,尤其是,国库券作为现金等价物和作为短期贷款和衍生品合同作的担保物在这个系统里起了一个至关重要的作用。Treasury bills are seen as risk-free in this context in that they are instantly and universally acceptable to all participants in the system.国库券因为它们对这个系统里所有参与者迅速和广泛的接受而在这个环境里被看为是无风险的。They are the oil that lubricates the global machinery of finance.他们是润滑全球金融机器的油。That was the real risk of the latest stand-off: not that America would not pay its bills, which it could easily afford to, but that the system would grind to a halt.这个才是最新平衡的真正风险:不是美国不付它自己很容易付的账,而是这个系统会慢慢停滞下来。 /201312/270431

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