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安福县人民中医院隆胸多少钱吉安保仕柏丽医院治疗腋臭多少钱吉安市保仕柏丽整形医院疤痕多少钱 After that climb,it is a good opportunity for a quick fire and cook up my rat.爬上来后 就有机会生火 烤老鼠吃Normally,youd skinned guts right out of this.通常来讲 你可以像这样扒掉鼠皮掏出内脏But the problem of doing that is you lose a lot of the good nutrits in the skin.但这么做有个问题 就是你吃不到鼠皮上的营养了So I gona do that she is just cooked the whole and this is what the local would do.所以我就拿整只老鼠来烤 这也是当地人采用的做法And then gut it after with and then the hairs off in the flames.掏出内脏 然后用火烧掉鼠毛 There you go.Now you see the body is beginning to swell,好了 现在它的身体开始胀起来make it easier to gut it as well as make it popped and the guts just come out nicely.只要身体烤爆就更方便掏出内脏 内脏自然就流出来了The fact is the other thing,the locals often eat,is the head thats given to the hunter as a prize.事实上还有一样东西 当地人经常食用的 就是鼠头 它也是送给猎人作为礼物Aslo they often need the brain out of it as well.他们还经常 把鼠脑剥离出来Here you go. Rat brain hors doeuvre.Overrated.Oh, thats the back bone.好了 鼠脑开胃菜 名过其实了 吃到脊骨了As I get higher,the landscape is changing dranatically.随着我越走越高 地面景观变化很大See a lot more pines up here,they good indicate getting on the higher ground.这边松树更多 这标志着我已经身处高地These things grow expose tree,rocky soils,这里长了松树 地面没什么遮蔽 还有石质土also as much thin the soil as well,definitely get towards to the ridge line.土层也很薄 很明显我接近山脊了201607/4574092016 has been hot. So hot in fact that its ;very likely; it will be the hottest year on record.2016年一直很热。事实上很可能是有记录以来最热的一年。This is the third year in a row that weve had extreme highs — 2014 and 2015 also had record-breaking temperatures. And a report from the World Meteorological Organization predicts the trend is just going to continue.这是连续第三年面临极高温度,2014年和2015年同样有创纪录的温度。世界气象组织的一份报告预测,这一趋势正在继续。The organization reports temperatures are about 1.2 degrees Celsius warmer than preindustrial temperatures.世界气象组织报道,气温将比工业化前水平高出约1.2摄氏度。And thats pretty significant because it puts Earths climate really, really close to the threshold noted in the Paris Climate Agreement signed last year. In that deal, countries pledged to work together to cap temperature increases at 1.5 degrees Celsius.这是非常重要的,因其使地球气候非常接近去年在巴黎签署的气候协议临界值。在巴黎协议中,各国承诺共同努力将升温控制在1.5摄氏度之内。The report says an El Nino event is partly to blame for the heat wave. The event caused sea levels to rise 15 millimeters between November 2014 and February 2016 and contributed to coral bleaching.报告称,厄尔尼诺事件是造成热浪的部分原因。事件导致2014年11月至2016年2月间海平面上升15毫米,并促进珊瑚漂白。Earlier this year, carbon emissions hit a milestone Earth might not ever recover from. 今年早些时候,碳排放量达到一个里程碑地球可能无法恢复。译文属。201611/479597井冈山市人民医院去痘印多少钱

吉安保仕柏丽美容医院激光去痣多少钱Many people think that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs stopped with self-actualization.很多人认为马斯洛需求层次理论的最高层次是自我实现这个层次And that’s not actually true.事实上这并非正确He had another piece that was on top of self-actualization and that was self-transcendence.在自我实现这一层次之上它还提出了更高层次那就是自我超越He just didn’t publish it widely before he passed away.只不过在他逝世之前没有将之公布It was something he started working on towards the end and so he published the hierarchy of needs before he finished his work on self-transcendence.自我超越是他临近逝世才开始着手研究的 他在完成对自我超越的研究之前就使需求层次理论公之于众He was one of the first people really to track flow and to track some of the more interesting and advanced altered states that human beingscan get to.他是首批开始真正研究心流和研究人类能达到的更有趣更高境界的人之一Things that you would find the terminology really similar to things that you’ve heard advanced meditators describe.你会发现这个术语和资深冥想者所描述的很接近And so he was working on self-transcendence. And he just didn’t publish it.所以他确实在研究自我超越 他只是没有公布而已So there’s actually another level on top of that hierarchy of needs.所以在那个需求层次理论上面还有一个层次And so when I think of human psychology I really think of human psychology as a spectrum and it’s not a series of islands or unique locations.当提到人类心理学时 我会把它想象成一个光谱 它不是一群岛屿 或者一系列独立的地方It’s really sort of a spectrum.它真的有点像光谱And on one end you have what I call areas that require human support.在光谱的一端你会看到我称之为需要他人持的区域So this is when people are facing severe stress, severe anxiety and depression.所以这是当人们承受着很大的压力或者在极其焦虑和抑郁的状态下And then in the middle is what I call the human condition.然后中间部分是我称之为人类状态And so that is loneliness, happiness, connection, empathy.也就是孤独 幸福 联结 共情The human condition is where we learn how to deal with our first heartbreak and the first time that we fall in love.人类状态是我们学习如何处理第一次心痛和第一次坠入爱河的状态The human condition is where we deal with sadness and betrayal and loss.人类状态是我们处理悲伤 背叛和失去的状态Basically all the things that happen to you as you grow up through life.基本上包括了所有你生命成长中要面对的事The full spectrum of human emotion. That is the human condition.人类情感的整个光谱 这就是人类状态And there’s an infinite number of songs on the radio and poems and art that’s about the human condition. So that’s there.无数的电台歌曲 诗歌和艺术所描述的都和人类状态有关 就是这样And then on this other side which I think really maps to self-transcendence然后另一边是我认为非常符合自我超越和马斯洛and Maslow’s later work is the part of the people in the world who are really pushing on human psychology and what are the limits?后面的工作是这个世上一些人致力于推动的人类心理学它的局限在哪?Where are our boundaries? What is the frontier of human psychology?我们的界线是什么 人类心理学的边界又是什么?And I think a lot of direction that we get is from the contemplative communities around the world我觉得很多方向都来源于世界各地的冥想团体who really have been exploring and pushing on human psychology for as long as humans have been organized.他们确实在探索和推进人类心理学从人类有组织活动时就开始了And pushing on what it is, what does it mean to be human.他们探索人类是什么 成为人意味着什么The other day I talked to a guy who now has three Guinness Book records on endurance sports.前几天我跟一个至今在耐力运动上已经有三次吉尼斯纪录的人聊天And he meditates the entire time.他一生都在冥想And he just swam the English Channel in a Speedo and he meditated the whole time.他就穿着一件泳衣就游过了英吉利海峡 他一直在冥想So, you know, people are using mind training, meditation and other things to push into abilities that right now, today, one could say are limited to the few.所以人们正在运用思维训练 冥想或者其他类似的训练来促使自己向至今在这个世界上只有少数人才能达到的水平努力But with the advent of things like transformative technology但是随着像自我超越这样的技术的出现there’s the ability, the possibility, the potentiality of these extraordinary states, abilities and conditions to be available to a much wider group of people.有很大的潜力和可能 使更多的人群能够达到这样超凡的状态和能力And the reason why I think it’s relevant is what would make it significant, relevant and actionable我之所以认为它是相关的 有意义的和可行的is that when I think about the world today and the challenges facing mankind I don’t think the problems are technical.是因为我认为人们面临的最大的挑战不是技术上面的落后I think they’re human. So last summer I went to Singularity University.而是人类自身的问题 所以去年夏天我去了奇点大学I took time out of everything that I’m doing to go into their graduate studies program and it was a fantastic program.我花时间尝试了他们研究生项目的每样东西 那是个精的项目I love Singularity University.我喜欢奇点大学And the way that the program is set up is that it’s this ten-week program以及它这个为期十个星期的项目and you’re in class from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every night早上九点到晚上十点上课 有一次参观了and there’s just a parade really of some of the most extraordinary people on the planet working either in exponential technologies.这个星球上一些最非凡的人正致力于;指数技术;So AI, robotics, 3D printing, bioinformatics, everything you could imagine.如人工智能 机器人 3D打印 生物信息学 你能想象到的任何的东西And people who are on the frontlines of the challenges facing mankind.和那些致力于研究人类所面临的前沿问题Like the people who are working on the water problems.比如那些努力解决水资源问题的人The people who are teaching in the refugee camps.那些在难民避难处教书的人The people who are trying and working legitimately, sleeves rolled up on the ground.那些光明正大地尝试和努力的人 正捋起袖子苦干The thinking around SU is it’s the place where exponential technologies are applied to the grand global challenges that are facing mankind and that being the purpose and the use for them.奇点大学是一个应用;指数技术;的地方应用到人类面临的全球危机中这成为使用这些技术的目的So for me when I was there my questions always centered on what is your biggest challenge to what you’re trying to accomplish.当我在那儿的时候 我所问的一直围绕着:你最大的挑战是什么以及你想要试图实现什么And the answers were not technical. The answers were human.都和技术无关 而是和人类自身有关It was about fear, one’s own or the people around you.这是关于恐惧 你自己的或是身边人的They were all human problems and it was interesting to spend the entire summer there它们都是人的问题 这值得你花费整个暑假去学习because you definitely walk away with the feeling that the problems aren’t technical.因为当你离开时 不会再觉得是技术上的问题We always figure it out.我们总是可以解决技术问题We got a man on the moon and we have alternative energy and there’s so many other things that are happening so fast.我们把人送上了月球 我们拥有可替代能源和好多其它东西它们发生得很快Changes coming hard and fast just from year to year if you see the difference in the quality of the robots at the robotic competitions.改变一年比一年来得更有力和迅速 如果你见识过机器人竞赛的质量的话It’s dramatic year after year after year.一年一年又一年 变化实在太快了And so really the challenge facing mankind is human.所以真的 人类面临的挑战只是自己It’s can we get past the fear, aggression, anxiety, stress.我们能否克恐惧 挑衅 焦虑和压力Can we get past that inner dialogue that takes us off track,我们能否克内心的挣扎either makes us miss out on game day, not perform,它使我们飘飘然 它使我们错过比赛机会 无法发挥makes us unable to create collaborations and cooperate with other people.它使我们无法和别人沟通和合作Because we do have very real challenges as a species and the only way that we’re going to solve them is together.因为作为一个物种我们确实有很多挑战唯一的解决方法就是团结起来We have some very serious conversations that we have to have about everything from genetic engineering to what do we do with a lot of the technologies我和他们深入交流了一些必须讨论的话题从基因工程到如何应用这么多种that are coming online whether its algorithmic accountability or a variety of things.网络上的技术 包括算法问责制和各种话题And so the way that I see my work and the way that I see transformative technology因此我看到了我的方向和超越技术是指is that if we could use the technology to understand ourselves better,我们能否应用技术去更好地理解自己 如果我们应用技术if we can use the technology to start to deliver and help people mimic the experiences of meditation去开始传播和帮助人们模仿冥想体验 这样的话so that people can be calmer, happier, understand themselves better人们可以更沉静 更快乐 更了解自己silence the critical voices inside themselves that stir up a lot of trouble.排除内心那个挑剔的带来麻烦的声音And if they can also connect to other people better then we can get busy doing the work如果他们还能跟其他人更好地联结 我们有信心投入这项工作that needs to be done to create the future that we’d like to have for ourselves去创造我们更喜欢的未来and for our children and our communities on the planet.也为了我们的孩子和这个地球上的人们So that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.这就是我现在所做的原因201706/515180吉安第一人民医院绣眉手术多少钱 Get struck by him,hes gonna inject you with his mix of hemotoxic and neurotoxic venom.一旦被它咬了 你就被注入一种混合了 血毒素和神经毒素的毒液You get hit, you probably got half a day before youre brown-b dead.若是被咬了 在你死翘翘前 估计也就剩半条的命了Okay, its coming back. When it come back,were gonna move together, on three.它又要过来了 等它过来时 数到三 我们一起离开One, two, three, lets go. Lets go.一 二 三 撤Tell you what,Get an encounter like that,and it definitely just slows your pace a bit.跟你说 一旦遇到这种情况 你一定要放慢脚步Makes you a little bit more wary.Lets stay together. Well move.要更谨慎一些 跟紧我 继续前进Its only a matter of time before I come across an all-too-familiar challenge 估计不久后 我就会碰到那再熟悉不过的挑战another waterfall, swollen by the typhoon.另一个因为台风而满溢的瀑布See if we can climb down this bit.Go real steady.Use the vine.看看还能向下一点吧 很牢固 抓紧藤蔓Hang on. This hasnt quite gone to plan here.Still an overhanging.等等 这超出了我的计划 是条悬挂的藤蔓It is quite a long way down, as well.我已经很向下了Problem is, I dont know how deep that water is.问题是 我不知道水有多深Theres good clarity in it, you know?But round trip.b-b-b-b-buh!但是很清澈 荡秋千喽 啦 啦 啦I hang up this rope.Have to go for this!我荡了起来 要开始了At least I know its deep enough!Go on, then!起码水很深 你也跳吧201607/456097吉安市保仕柏丽整形医院口腔美容中心

吉安市中心医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 This mind-controlled robot could open a new world for people with disabilities.这个通过意念控制的机器人可以为残疾人打开一个新的世界。And unlike its predecessors, this one doesnt require a brain implant.不像它的前身,这个不需要大脑植入。Research subjects wear an electroencephalography cap, which records brain activity and turns thoughts into movement. 研究对象戴上脑电图帽记录大脑活动,并将思想转变成行动。Humans do the thinking, and the robot does the work. 人类负责思考,机器人负责工作。Researchers say this technology could help people who are paralyzed or have limited motor function due to conditions like muscular dystrophy, stroke and spinal cord injuries. 研究人员表示,这项技术可以帮助瘫痪或由于肌肉萎缩症,中风和脊髓损伤等条件限制运动功能的人。译文属。201612/484976万安县激光去除雀斑费用吉安妇幼保健医院韩式三点多少钱



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