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9. Im afraid youve got the wrong extension.恐怕您接错分机了。还能这样说:Im afraid your extension number is wrong.Sorry, I think you are switched to the wrong extension.应用:be afraid of doing sth./that...担忧或忧虑;恐怕;be afraid for sth./sb. 担心……10. Could I speak to Sue, extension 6225?我可以找6225分机的苏吗?还能这样说:May I talk to Sue, extension 6225?Can you help me to connect with Sue, extension 6225?谚语:Be swift to hear, slow to speak.听宜敏捷,言宜缓行。11. The line is free right now. Ill put you through.不占线了,我帮您接过去。还能这样说:The line isnt engaged. Ill connect you.The line isnt busy now. Let me get you through.应用:put away 抛弃,舍弃;put out 熄灭;逐出;put to 驶向岸边;put up a bluff 故弄玄虚12. Getting to you cost me rather long time.好不容易才给你打通。还能这样说:I spent a lot of time connecting you.It took me quite a long time getting you through.应用:at any cost 不惜任何代价,无论如何;free of cost 免费;know to ones cost 亲自体验到 /201305/237680

  Todd: OK. Were back with Jeanna. You wanna talk about your summer vacation.好的,吉娜。能谈谈你的暑假吗。Jeanna: Sure. I went to Las Vegas, Nevada; Reno, Nevada; Tahoe, California; and San Diego, California and I went to Disneyland.好的。我去了内华达州的,里诺,和加利福尼亚州的塔霍湖,圣地亚哥,我还去了迪斯尼乐园。Todd: Wow! Sounds like a really good time.哇!听上去你玩得很愉快。Jeanna: Yeah, it was. It was a lot of fun.是的。我玩得很有趣。Todd: What was the best place?最棒的地方是哪里?Jeanna: Probably Las Vegas. It was the most interesting.也许是。那里最有趣。Todd: OK. why was it the most interesting?好的。为什么那里最有趣呢?Jeanna: It was just really busy and there was always stuff going on. Ya know, never resting.那里很繁华,总有各种活动,你知道,那里从来不闲。Todd: OK. Ah, for example what stuff is going on? Like, what did you do?好的,例如什么活动,你在那里做什么?Jeanna: Well, we went shopping a lot, in a lot of different casinos that had malls in them, we went and visited the Hoover Dam.我们经常购物,在不同的里都有购物中心,我们还去了胡佛水坝。Todd: Oh, wow! Its pretty big.哇!水坝很大。Jeanna: Yeah, really big.是的,很大。Todd: Thats a lot of water. Did you go swimming?那里有很多水,你游泳了吗?Jeanna: No.没有。Todd: Can you swim in the Hoover Dam?能在胡佛水库里游泳吗?Jeanna: You can swim in the reservoir.能在蓄水池里游泳。Todd: I mean in the reservoir. Yeah. OK. How did you get to Las Vegas?我就是说在蓄水池里。好的。你怎么到的?Jeanna: By plane from Oakland to Las Vegas.从奥克兰搭乘飞机到的。Todd: OK. How long did it take?路上花了多长时间?Jeanna: About an hour and forty-five minutes.大约花了1小时45分钟。Todd: OK. Do you think youll go back to Las Vegas someday in the future?好的。Jeanna: Hopefully.希望如此。Todd: OK. Great. Thanks a lot Jeanna.好的。谢谢你,吉娜。Jeanna: Youre welcome.不客气。注:译文属原创,,。 /201209/200204

  Todd: OK, hey, Marion, how are you feeling today?嘿,你今天感觉怎么样?Marion: Im realy tired. Kind of, I dont know, my throats really scratchy, so maybe Im coming down with something.我觉得很疲劳。我不清楚,我的喉咙很刺痛,也许我得了什么病。Todd: Oh, no. Thats terrible. Are you taking anything for it?不。这太糟糕了。你吃药了吗?Marion: Actually, I am. I had a private student last night and she told me some wild formula to do. And she asked me to take coca-cola, boil it, add some ginger, and then drink it, however, Im caffiene sensitive so it kept me up pretty much all night, so Im really tired today.其实,我吃了。我的一个学生昨晚私下告诉我一些秘方。她要我用可口可乐煮姜,然后喝掉这些姜汁可乐,但我对咖啡因很敏感,所以我一整完都睡不着觉,所以今天感觉很疲劳。Todd: How did it taste?姜汁可乐喝着口感如何?Marion: It wasnt bad. If it was probably mid-afternoon, I would love it, but 11:30 at night it kept me up.味道不差。如果是中午的话,我肯定很爱喝,但晚上11:30喝酒睡不着了。Todd: Oh, no.哦,不。Marion: Yeah.是啊。Todd: Are you going to try it again, but maybe in the morning?你还想再喝吗,换成早上喝?Marion: No I think Im just going to stick with the regular cold syrup, and just take that.不,我想我还是喝普通的感冒糖浆好了。Todd: Yeah, that stuff tastes terrible.但是糖浆味道很差。Marion: It does.But a plenty of water afterward. It is all right.没错。喝完感冒糖浆后得喝很多水。没关系。Todd: I think you will feel better, Marion.祝你早日康复,玛莉安。Marion: All ritht, thanks.谢谢。come down with 得上……病stick with 继续,坚持注:译文属原创,,。 /201305/239412。

  9. The b is not so fresh.面包不太新鲜了。还能这样说:The b goes stale.The b is stale.应用:fresh hand 无经验者,生手;green and fresh 未熟练的,幼嫩的,初出茅庐的10. Are there any regional snakcs in Yichang?宜昌有没有什么特色小吃?还能这样说:Does Yichang have any regional snacks?What regional snacks does Yichang has?应用:go snacks 均分,分派;cocktail snack 小点心(花生、干酪类)11. Our specialty is spicy hot noodles.我们的特色小吃是香辣面。还能这样说:Our special snack is spicy hot noodles.Spicy hot noodles are the specialty here.应用:a bit hot 有点不讲理;blow hot and cold 动摇不定,拿不定主意,反复无常12. Sichuan food is special for its spicy taste.四川菜以辣味为特色。还能这样说:Sichuan food specializes in spicy taste.The characteristic of Sichuan food is hot and spicy. /201407/314305

  这是宣萱接受一个新加坡的电视台采访。她在新加坡有参演英语电视剧。谈剧中演出的角色,还对比了一下在香港拍电视剧与在新加坡拍剧的不同。香港明星的英语虽然比内地明星好很多,因为不少有留学经历,但是由于粤语母语的影响,能说纯正英腔的应该凤毛麟角。 /201207/192467

  14. Ski boots are very expensive.滑雪靴很贵。还能这样说:The price of ski boots is very high.Ski boots cost a lot of money.应用:the boot is on the other foot 情况变得与原来相反;give the boot 解雇某人;put the boot in 狠踢某人;残忍无情;in the boot 在行李箱中15. I love skiing through the woods.我喜欢在林间滑雪。还能这样说:I like skiing in the forests.The woods is a good place for me to ski.应用:dead wood 无用的或不需要的人、材料或文件;not see the wood for the trees 见树不见林;out of the woods 没有麻烦或困难16. My parents are enthusiastic skiers.我的父母是滑雪迷。还能这样说:My parents are crazy about skiing.My parents are mad at skiing.17. He turned his ankle while ice-skating.他溜冰时扭伤了脚踝。还能这样说:He hurt his ankle while he was skating.He twisted his ankle when he was skating.应用:out of turn 不合时宜地;轻率地;as things turned out 正如事后表明的那样,果然如此;turn round and do so 说得或做得令人不快;turn against sb. 与某人反目或为敌18. In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed.在薄冰上溜冰,安全取决于速度。还能这样说:When skating on thin ice, our safety depends on our speed.When skating on thin ice, the slower, we will be safer.谚语:More haste, less speed.欲速则不达。 /201401/271634

  9. Is there any place selling the medicine?有卖药的地方吗?还能这样说:Could you show me how to get to the drugstore?Can you tell me where the drugstore is?应用:sell sb. down the river 欺骗某人;sell under the counter 私下出售,非法出售;sell for a song 以极低的价格出售;sell in gross 批发10. Where is the mens shop?男装店在哪儿?还能这样说:Would you like to show me the mens shop?Could you tell me where the mens shop is?应用:shop作名词:商店,店铺,车间,工厂;作动词:购物,逛商店11. When does the store close?商店什么时候关门?还能这样说:When is the store closing?What time does the store close?应用:have ones eyes closed 看不见;不管,不理会;close down 关闭,停歇;(夜的)降临,(电台的)停止广播;bring sth. to a close 结束某事物;break sb.s close 侵占某人的土地;bring to a close 算完,结束12. Do you bring enough money?你带足钱了吗?还能这样说:Is the money enough?Are you lousy with money?谚语:Money unmakes its makers.赚得金钱,损了德性。13. What do we need to buy for the supper?我们需要为晚餐买什么?还能这样说:What food is needed for the supper?Which kind of food should be bought for the supper?谚语:No song, no supper.不劳动者,不得食。 /201401/272148


  1. Now let me tell you the office rules first.让我先给你讲下办公制度。还能这样说:I will give you an introduction of the office rules first.You should have knowledge of the office rules first.应用:lost and found office 失物招领处;office of entry 入境办事处;register office 职业介绍所;注册处2. The Human Resources trains all the new employees.人力资源培训所有的新员工。还能这样说:Human Resource Department is organizing the training for the new staff members.All new employees should be trained first by the human resources.谚语:Grasp all, lose all.样样都抓,样样失掉;贪多必失。3. Please memorize your employee number.请记住你的员工编号。还能这样说:Please keep your employee number in your mind.Please dont forget your employee number.应用:get sb.s number 晓得某人真正的动机;back number 过期;special number 特别刊号;winning number 获奖号;lucky number 吉祥数4. Be sure not to be late or absent.务必不要迟到或缺席。还能这样说:Make sure that not to be late or absent.Please on time.谚语:Long absent, soon forgotten.别久情疏。 /201410/332866

  Li: Hello everyone. My name is Yang Li and this is The English We Speak.莉:大家好。我是杨莉,这里是地道英语节目。William: Hi there. Im William Kremer.威廉:大家好。我是威廉·克莱默。Li: So whats todays word–?莉:那今天要学的词是什么?Muffled shouting from outside the studio and banging on the door.演播室外面传来低沉的喊叫声和重重的敲门声Li: Eh?莉:什么?William: What on earth is all of that hullabaloo about?威廉:这些嘈杂的声音到底是怎么回事?Shouting and banging stops.喊叫声和敲门声停止了。Li: Ah... I think its stopped.莉:啊……好像没有声音了。William: What was it? It sounded like a crowd of people outside the studio!威廉:那是什么?听起来演播室外面好像有一群人!Li: I dont know. Id be interested to find out. But I have to say, there is something else that Im even more curious about...莉:我不知道。我倒是很有兴趣弄清楚。不过我必须要说,还有让我更感兴趣的事情……William: Oh right. Whats that?威廉:好吧。那是什么?Li: What was that word you used just now, William? Hulla...?莉:威廉,刚刚你用了哪个词?Hulla……?William: Hullabaloo.威廉:是Hullabaloo嘈杂。Li: Oh, thats it.莉:对,就是这个。William: Hullabaloo. You spell it H.U.L.L.A.B.A.L.O.O. Hullabaloo. It means a loud noise or commotion.威廉:嘈杂。拼写是H.U.L.L.A.B.A.L.O.O,嘈杂。意思是吵闹的声音或是混乱。Li: Hullabaloo (wrong pronunciation).莉:嘈杂(发音错了)。William: Hullabaloo.威廉:是嘈杂。Li: Hullabaloo (correct pronunciation).莉:嘈杂(正确的发音)。William: Exactly, yeah.威廉:没错。Li: Lets hear another example of this word being used.莉:我们再来听一个应用这个单词的例子。I tried to quieten the class down, but there was such a hullabaloo that no-one could hear me!我试图让全班安静下来,但是吵闹声太大了,根本没人能听到我的话!Li: So in that example, a teachers class was making such a hullabaloo that no-one could hear her. Is this word used in any other ways, William?莉:在这个例子中,一名老师教授的班级太吵闹了,以致于没人能听到她的声音。威廉,这个词还有其他用法吗?William: Well, the word hullabaloo can imply anger and disapproval. Can you imagine lots of people shouting because theyre angry? Have a listen to this example:威廉:喧闹这个词可以表示生气和不同意。你能想象许多人喊叫的原因是因为他们很生气吗?来听下面这个例子:That actor was so angry with the films director and producer that he refused to do any promotional work. But then when he didnt go to the premiere in L.A., there was such a hullabaloo from his fans that he had to apologise.那位演员对电影导演和制片人极其不满,所以他拒绝参加宣传工作。他没有参加在洛杉矶举行的首映礼,这使得他的粉丝非常生气,所以他不得不进行道歉。Li: So in that example, a film star didnt go to a premiere and there was a hullabaloo from his fans because they were angry with him.莉:在这个例子中,一名电影明星没有参加首映礼,所以他的粉丝因为生气而吵闹。William: And in that situation, hullabaloo doesnt mean lots of loud noise, but maybe some angry blog articles and some harsh words in the press.威廉:在那种情况下,hullabaloo这个词就不是吵闹声的意思了,而是指表达不满的客文章和新闻中的尖锐话语。Li: William, I must say, hullabaloo is a very strange sounding word! Where does it come from?莉:威廉,我必须要说,hullabaloo这个词发音太怪了!这个词起源于哪里?William: Well, no-one really knows for sure. But some people think it comes from people going ;Hullo! Hullo! Hullo!;威廉:嗯,没有人确切知晓。不过有些人认为这个词来自人们说的“Hullo! Hullo! Hullo!”Li: Really? Thats very–莉:真的吗?那真是非常……Shouting and banging starts again.喊叫声和敲门声再次传来。Li: Oh, our own hullabaloo has started again!莉:哦,我们这边的吵闹声又开始了!William: Right. Im going to see what they want!威廉:是啊。我要去看看他们到底要干什么!Gets up and opens studio door.起身去开演播室的门。William: Whats all this noise? Were trying to record a programme here!威廉:这些噪音是怎么回事?我们正在这里录节目!Fan 1: Is Yang Li here?粉丝1:杨莉在里面吗?Li: Hello, yes? Who is it?莉:你好,我在,请问是谁找我?Fan 1: Yes! She is, she is!粉丝1:她在,她在里面!Fan 2: Oh brilliant! Hi Li! Hi!粉丝2:哦,太棒了!你好,莉,你好!Fan 3: Were your biggest fans! Can we have your autograph?粉丝3:我们是你的忠实粉丝!你能给我们签名吗?Li: Oh well, I...莉:哦,我……William: Oh Li, I didnt know that you had a fan club! Well, I think wed better end the programme there! Goodbye!威廉:哦,李,我不知道你有粉丝俱乐部!嗯,我想我们最好结束节目!再见!Li: Where do you want me to sign? And do you want me to write something special?莉:你想让我签在哪里?想要我写一些特别的东西吗? /201407/311117


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